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  1. I like the mixture of outrage and horror in the expression of the Tauralon. Like someone just stuck their thumb up a horse's back side
  2. I take it back over my earlier gripes on availability, credit to GW for actually making enough copies of this to meet demand.
  3. Why is it artificial scarcity? Its restricting what should be an evergreen product, ie. a starter set like Soul Wars, to a limited run. (See also Cursed City). Why would plastic production be bottlenecked? They own their own factory, and produce thousands of kits, very few of which are limited edition. Nor would export issues have any relationship to scarcity. Much of the scarcity is in their domestic market here in the UK. This is just a cynical play for FOMO, and yeah its probably working for them and their balance sheet. But honestly, I don't think its working for the community, if the Cursed City debacle was anything to go by. Them giving free copies to influencers might have had no effect on scarcity, but I personally find it quite poor taste when there are thousands of people who won't be getting a copy tomorrow.
  4. Yeah, was hoping to get at least one box from them. Not enough copies on the initial run. GW creating artificial scarity again. Meanwhile there are more than enough copies to give to every social media personality to write glowing reviews of. Sick of it tbh. The whole thing feels scummy.
  5. Yeah I'm almost certain Cities will get replaced by 'Dawnbringer Crusades', which primarily has the human freeguild stuff and maybe some new knights of azyr. Can see some parts of the range being broken up then, dwarf soup, some wanderers to kurnothi/sylvaneth and very possibly dark elves to umbraneth.
  6. I'm honestly surprised points haven't been leaked yet. That seems to have a far bigger impact on purchasing decisions than core rules changes. Personally, I haven't even wanted to paint stuff for the past month, let alone buy new kits, until I see how radically points have changed in this edition.
  7. 'Nature elf soup' sounds like wanderers are getting taken out of cities. So potentially dispossessed will go to 'dwarf soup'. Which leaves the dark elves and high elves. Har kuron has some recent lore, so that's probably staying. But I'm getting increasingly worried for my phoenix guard army. Maybe time to look at ebay while they're still worth anything
  8. I think Chaos Dwarves will be an expansion on Slaves to Darkness in the same way that Kruleboyz is an expansion on Warclans. For the same reason, kurnothi will be an expansion on Slyvaneth and Umbraneth will be an expansion on Daughters of Khaine. I think we're at saturation point now for new factions, and I expect to see new ranges added to existing armies. Can't see there being another two factions a year for the next few years.
  9. Yndrasta is my favourite ever model from GW. Everything about her is epic, including the haircut, which makes her look like a viking shieldmaiden/valkyrie. I honestly love where they've taken stormcast. These guys feel like a mix between Odin's Einherjar and Greek Hoplites. But I'm definitely going to be replacing all the helmets. The death masks seem weirdly serene, rather than grim. Find it a bit unsettling.
  10. Just noticed the face looks like a giant distended, toad-like mouth, and now I can't unseen. Like this dude's scro.tum neck covers the entirety of his torso. I went from hype to utterly zero.
  11. Definitely think they'll hike points significantly across all armies at the start of 3.0, especially if board sizes are reduced.
  12. Doubt this, mostly because of the poor English in the supposedly quoted text. "Was inflicted a wounds". Sounds like something from a non-native speaker and not something taken from a GW book.
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