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Found 46 results

  1. Clan Prepnik marched out of its aqshian farm to raid and plunder Idoneth Deepkin fishes... Was defeated and fled back to its farm quick-quick! I did a 2000-point battle against Idoneth Deepkin today. This was my army (one WLC missing in the picture): The list was: Including fresh recruits from Clan Skryre A warlock bombardier converted from a Spire of Dawn warpfire thrower kit: SPELLS, ALL THE SPELLS FOR BOULDRAK YES-YES And of course some humble farming rats devoted to Clan Prepnik The opponent was Idoneth Deepkin. His list was more of less the following: The Skaven troops are boxed in a metal box and the spells in a small shoe box. All 2000points in a backpack! THE BATTLE BEGINS The scenario is Shifting Objectives, the first main objective lands on the far right of the picture, and Idoneth gets the first turn Turn 1 - Fish The whole army runs for the objectives. They do some shooting and kill 2 clanrats on the far left, and 6 on the far right. End of turn, Idoneth controls all 3 objectifs and scores 5 points Turn 1 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is ready to unleash some cunning tricks on the clueless fishes. The plan is to Skitterleap the Arch-Warlock against his will in the middle of a Akhelian Corps to dump a Balewind Vortex and Soulsnare Shackles before scurrying away through a Gnawhole. Grey Seer Bouldrak rolls a double 1 on Skitterleap. He manages to get on top of a Balewind Vortes though, which is next to useless. Shooting phase: An overcharged WLC deals 4 damage to the Eidolon (down to 12 life), but 4 damage to itself too. The other WLC damages an Allopex. Oh boy that Idoneth rule that only the closest unit can be targetted is complicating placement! The Stormfiends get boosted with Vigourdust Injector, Deranged Inventor and a Warpstone Spark and wipe an Allopex. Movement phase: Bouldrak can't let the objectives go away! He sends two units of clanrats to a certain death to claim some points! 20 clanrats charge the main objective to score 3 points, and 20 other clanrats charge the Eidolon to score 1 more point: End of turn: 4 points for me and 5 for the Idoneth. I get to start turn 2!!! The main objective remains the same (far right) --- Turn 2 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak Grey Seer Bouldrak is now ready to unleash the cunning combo of skitterleaping the Arch-Warlock on top of the main objective to lock the Akhelian Corp. Grey Seer Bouldrak fails miserably with a 1 and 2. Note to self: Consume warpstone tokens to make the combo work, even if it means dying! There is absolutely no spell to range. I can't cast anything besides a shield on the bombardier and a mystic shield. Shooting phase: Stormfiends receive vigordust, deranged inventor and a spark again. They send the Eidolon back to the very bottom of the abyss with 17 damage despite the save, the ward save, and the boat wreckage ward save. Sidenote: The Eidolon was named Alain Deleau (translation: Alain From the Water) due to his ressemblance to French actor Alain Delon A cannon cleans the other Allopex, making the left flank totally empty and the objective secure. On the far right, clanrats get wiped so the main objective goes back to the Idoneth. 1 more point for me. Total of 5 for me and 5 for Idoneth. Turn 2 - Fish The Idoneth leaves the central and right objectives (secured already) and rush Grey Seer Bouldrak on his vortex, the 20 clanrats in the center and the 15 Acolytes (who did not do anything since the beginning) Note to self: Use the acolytes! But the Stormfiends were better positioned so they received all the buffs. The Acolytes movement is cool (run and shoot) but it was not enough to threaten the Idoneth. Grey Seer Bouldrak dies escapes through a Gnawhole back to his farm 19 clanrats die! Not 20 but 19!!!! 3 Acolytes die. I decide to use the arch-warlock CP (left on the picture) to save the single clanrat instead of the Acolytes for some cunning plan!!! Wait-see! 4 points more for Idoneth, for a total of 9. I get to start the third turn! The objective again stays on the far right... --- Turn 3 - The Mighty Skaven Horde of the Magnificient Grey Seer Bouldrak The Arch-Warlock casts Warp Lightning Vortex on top of the Akhelian Corps, but it is too late in the game to make a large impact... Here comes the cunning plan! Which I realized later on that in fact it was not supposed to work... The single rat that was saved Turn 2 is 6'' from the gnawhole. The Arch-Warlock is 11'' from the Gnawhole. I spend another command point to run to the gnawhole, and teleports the single rat on top of the unattended main objective to score 3 points. But later on I realized this was not supposed to work because of the Gnawhole teleporting is for the beginning of the movement phase... My mistake Shooting phase: The stormfiends wipe the 20 thralls and the Souldrender. The WLC wipe 3 Ishlaen Guards. Looking good! I score 4 points for a total of 9. Turn 3 - Fish Idoneth has a Leviadon, a Tidecaster and 3 Ishlaen Guards left. The boosted Leviadon rushes the Stormfiends and kills 4 of them! Misery! With no hero nearby, the 2 other run away... The arch-warlock dies. The Tidecaster charges and kills the single clanrat that was securing the main objective. End of turn, 4 more points for the Idoneth, for a total of 13. I am left with 2 WLC, a warlock bombardier, and 6 Acolytes. We decide to stop there. The WLC don't have enough movement to secure objectives. The Acolytes are locked into combat with an Ishlaen Guard. There was no way I could win on points, even if I somehow got a triple turn and wiped the Idoneth player. Summary The battle was very close and tense. Each turn saw some big and important units being wiped on each side. Despite the double turn, Idoneth getting the first turn and the first 5 points really got me in a bad position. I had to do several suicide moves to catch up on points. My army lacks mobility. I don't feel the Acolytes and Gnawholes are enough. Gnawholes were locked by the Idoneth player anyway. On the other hand, Idoneth had plenty of mobility. I need to get either a Doomwheel or a Warp Grinder team. Stormfiends were absolute beasts! What really did the difference was their huge survivability. They managed to wipe an Eidolon, 2 Allopexes, 20 thralls and a Soulrender before losing a single model! As a consequence, I babysitted them heavily instead of the Acolytes, thereby making the Acolytes quite subpar. The problem with the Acolytes is that they cannot survive a charge. They can wipe a single unit but then have to pray for not being charged back by another unit nearby. On the other hand, the stormfiends can stay in the center and absorb the hits (as long as they can be immuned to battleshock). I'm considering adding 3 more stormfiends for a total of 9 and a warp grinder instead of the 15 acolytes. But I'm still hesitating... I need to take more risks with magic. Failing Skitterleap twice made my endless spells useless. Next time I will make the grey seer consume warp tokens to make sure the spell gets through. I feel it is crucial to at least have a chance to land a WLV or shackles early. I think I will have the opportunity to take revenge next week. Any idea about what to change in terms of units or strategy? Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the battle report. I don't get much opportunities to play unfortunately, as I live very far from any player group or GW shop. I spend much time theorycrafting and painting but not much actually playing. My strategy and placement still need improving... Cheers
  2. Hey guys! Realized I should probably post my batreps that I've been making. I play Skaven, Gloomspite and LoN. I've been making a habit of doing overhead time lapse videos of my games and doing commentary with my opponents afterwards. It's been a ton of fun and I really think it's made me a better player for having to go back and analyze my gameplay. Fair warning, it isn't a traditional batrep style where we show dice rolls or anything, they're usually 30min and just an overview of how the game went, what worked or didn't work, and what we might've changed in hindsight. I'll post my batreps on this thread, hope y'all like them!
  3. I am proud to present you one of my greatest treasures: Prince Rodrik's Band of Questing Knights Yes, you can trust your eyes. These are the original miniatures (well at least 6 of 8 ) from the Battle Report "The Folly of Prince Rodrik" from White Dwarf No. 305 (pages 34-47). I bought them directly from GW employee Andrew Hoare, who built and painted 4 of them. He put the knights on eBay in August 2011, but just listed them as "Unique painted and converted Bretonnian foot knights". I spotted and identified them as the original knights from the WD battle report. So I was quite lucky to get them. They are absolutely unique. Before you ask, I already tried to find out what happened to the other two knights. Here's the answer I got from Andy Hoare: Here is the page from White Dwarf 305 that shows them: Here are some more detailed pictures of each knight: Prince Rodrik: Eduard the Enviable: Pietre, Beloved of Yordane: Fabien the Sophist: Roland the Bold: Harold the Filthy:
  4. Battleplan: Knife to the Heart Armies: Beasclaw vs Ironjaws Points: 2000 Ironjaws 1 Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (Ethereal Amulet) 1 Megaboss 1 Grot Shaman 10 Brutes 5 Brutes 3 Gore Gruntas 10 Ardboys 10 Ardboys +Redtooth and Brutefist or something battalions and Maw endless spell Beastclaw Raiders: Allegiance: Beastclaw Raiders (Shyish) Frostlord on Stonehorn (420) - Artefact: Ethereal Amulet Huskard on Thundertusk (360) - General - Trait: Everwinter's Master - Pelt of Charngar 4 x Mournfang Pack (320) - Gargant Hackers 2 x Mournfang Pack (160) - Gargant Hackers 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) 2 x Mournfang Pack (160) 2 x Frost Sabres (40) Braggoth's Beast Hammer (230) Total: 1970 / 2000 Pre-battle strategy: Opponent left 20xArdboys and 5 Brutes to his objective and other units to the right. Seeing I had no chance to break through that 55 wound Save 4+ wall even with ALL my army attacking it, I went for minor victory. Put 2 non-battalion mournfangs to the left to bait the Brutes to charge and then counter charge and attack from the wings. 1st ROUND Beastclaw: had to go first. Did not do much, just moved some inches and used Huskard's bird. Ironjaws: Shaman Mystic Shielded Brutes and moved to the right with Gruntas, Brutes and both Megabosses. Others just huddled around the objective. 2nd ROUND Ironjaws: I won the initiative roll, but Beastclaw is too slow to get to charge range, so I gave initiative to orruks. Brutes, Gruntas and Megabosses moved forward, Brutes and Gruntas were close enough to make the charges. Brutes charged my two non-battalion Mournfang and blocked the from Gruntas. Brutes attacked, two guys with special weapons killed both Mournfang with ease. Brutes reroll all misses against Beastclaw. Beastclaw: Didn't get to re-roll wounds, moved 3" instead. Used a bird against Maw-Krusha, Huskard iced 1 Grunta - actually I wanted to kill Brutes, but just said the wrong unit name... Moved Frostsabres to block Grunta move to objective, 2 Mournfangs and 3 Beastclaw Gruntas charged Brutes, Frostlord charged Maw-Krusha, did 5 mortal wounds. Frostlord attacked, could not kill Maw-Krusha, regardless of +1 to hit and re-rolling 1s to wound. But finally killed him thanks to battalion one time power to attack once more. Brutes killed Mournfangs and wounded Gruntas. Megabosses attacked Frostlord, almost killed him due to my rolling seven 1s and two 2s. Great... My Gruntas kill two Brutes. 3rd ROUND Ironjaws: Didn't win priority. Ironjaws killed one Grunta with Maw endless spell, which left a hole for Brutes, who retreated to my objective and had more models than me around it, so MAJOR LOSS for Beastclaw. SUMMARY: Cannot really see how to win that battle plan with Beastclaw. Just not enough bodies and not enough damage output. Maybe just stay arounf my own objective and hope for kill points. My clear mistake was leaveng the hole for Brutes to retreat. Even 1 model would have blocked it, but my Huskard was just a bit too far away. Also half of my army was too far away and could not keep pace with Ironjaws - I know it sounds weird, but Beastclaw is not really fast army. 9 inch move is nice, but no boosting whatsoever, Ironjaws clearly outpaced them and in last game the Breyherd did the same. I think next time I might try to exchange Huskard and cats against second Frostlord. Or Troggoth Hag.
  5. Battle Report Khorne vs Tzeentch 2000 points Knife to the Heart – Realm of Shysh This was my first game in AOS2 and second game ever against Tzeentch (although I didn’t know my opponent would be Tzeentch so I took a “take all comers list”). There is so much pre-game set up at the moment its nuts! We more or less randomly decided on the Realm of Shysh and so got up to speed with the additional command abilities and spells (neither of which ended up being used). The realm effect was +1 bravery to all which was hilarious since most of our units were bravery 10 daemons and 2/3 of our scenery was Sinister (-1 bravery) and so was instantly negated. The only other scenery of significance was an arcane (+1 to cast/unbind) building in his territory and a mystical (6+ ward save) wood in mine. The Tzeentch player had to choose 6 or so spells from his Lore, plus command traits/artefacts, get up to speed with his allegiance ability including new summoning rules and his battalion ability while I brought him up to speed with my artefacts/traits plus blood tithe and its new summoning rules and the effects of my battalion. There were no endless spells and we didn’t bother with the realm spells as Tzeentch had enough going on already! We chose the Knife to the Heart battleplan for its simplicity and I won the roll off for choosing a side. I’m sure the more games you play the faster this gets but it took about an hour before we felt ready to play. My list was a variation on a similar list used in my last Tzeentch game which you can check out here; (http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/15769-help-khorne-vs-tzeentch-2000-points/). I ran the Gore Pilgrims Battalion as I believe its our only competitive option and pretty much a must have in the magic heavy meta of AOS2. From the previous list I dropped chaos knights for bloodletters and adjusted for AOS2 points increases, arriving at something very similar to the Swedish Khorne list from the recent 6 Nations event but with 5 x flesh hounds instead of the 2nd Khorgorath; Allegiance: Khorne Wrath Of Khorne Bloodthirster (320) - General - Trait: Immense Power - Artefact: Deathdealer Bloodstoker (80) Bloodsecrator (140) - Artefact: The Brazen Rune Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Killing Frenzy Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest (100) - Blood Blessing: Blood Sacrifice 30 x Bloodletters (320) 5 x Flesh Hounds (100) 10 x Blood Warriors (200) - Goreaxes - 1x Goreglaives 10 x Bloodreavers (70) - Reaver Blades 5 x Wrathmongers (180) 1 x Khorgoraths (90) Gore Pilgrims (200) Total: 2000 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 1 My opponent ran the Changehost Battalion which allows him to swap two units on the battlefield with each other as long as they are both within 27” of the Lord of Change. I’m not sure of the trait/artefacts, although I know the Lord of Change was -1 to hit in melee, and his list was as follows; Allegiance: Tzeentch Lord Of Change (380) The Changeling (200) 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200) 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (200) 3 x Flamers Of Tzeentch (160) 3 x Flamers Of Tzeentch (160) 3 x Flamers Of Tzeentch (160) 10 x Blue Horrors Of Tzeentch (100) 10 x Blue Horrors Of Tzeentch (100) 3 x Screamers Of Tzeentch (100) Changehost (180) Total: 1940 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 The above gave him 4 casters but he was unfamiliar with endless spells and so elected to stay 60 points short for the extra command trait. Photos of the setup are below; Khorne stretched out in a line ready to swarm forward with bloodsecrator and slaughterpriests sitting on mystical terrain near my objective, while Tzeentch’s Lord of Change sat in the centre of his zone surrounded by Pink & Blue Horrors, Screamers and Flamers. With all the info to process at the start my opponent forgot that he could deploy his battalion in one go (at least I think he forgot) and deployed unit by unit. This meant I finished set up first and so elected to go first in round one. I considered letting him go first for a moment to maybe generate some blood tithe for me to use in my first turn but then decided I needed the banner down for rerolling successful casts and to get my Bloodletters into combat before they were mortal wounded into oblivion. A bit like winning the coin toss in test cricket; 9 times out of 10 you bat first, on the 10th time you consider bowling first, then bat first anyway. But I digress… The Changeling was setup in my deployment zone, as he does, and halved the movement of my bloodletters. My hero phase: bloodsecrator banner down, bloodstoker whips the letters, Bloodthirster used command ability to allow letters to run and charge, then used my second command point to use the ability on himself. Slaughterpriest blessings all went off (thanks to gore pilgrims rerolls), +1 save on the Bloodthirster, +1 to hit on the letters and the reavers were blood sacrificed for a blood tithe point. No one was in range for Blood boil/bind except for the Changeling but I couldn’t see him yet. Movement Phase: Flesh hounds and blood warriors ran up the left flank, Khorgorath ran up the right. Bloodstoker ran to be within 3” of the Changeling to reveal him at the end of the phase, reavers moved towards him in order to charge. Priests moved up slightly, ensuring they stayed within 8” of the banner, letters and Bloodthirster ran forward and prepared to charge while the wrathmongers ran up behind the letters. Shooting Phase: Nil, the only two units with shooting attacks ran/were out of range anyway. Charge Phase: Reavers charge the Changeling, letters charge into the centre of the Tzeentch lines engaging both units of horrors and two units of flamers. The Bloodthirster failed to make the distance and sat there looking like a numpty. Combat Phase: Letters only had a couple of models in contact with the flamers so I put all my attacks into the horrors. They destroyed one unit of horrors but only 5 were in range of the second unit and killed 8 out of 10. Casualties were removed such that the last 2 were out of combat. The Reavers rolled well but the Changeling saved 4 out of 5 wounds on 5+ and hung around, doing no damage in return. Battleshock Phase: only the Horrors needed to take a test and my opponent used a 1 from his destiny dice to bring back D6 models (4 if I recall correctly). Blood Tithe Accrued: 2 Fate Points Accrued: 36! Tzeentch turn 1; My opponent used the changehost ability and swapped both units of flamers out of combat for a unit of pink and blue horrors respectively. He then used all 3 of his command points to pop the Lord of Change’s command ability 3 times, giving +3 to cast. Most of his spells and all of his shooting were then put into the Bloodthirster and letters, killing 8 letters and taking 6 wounds off the Bloodthirster. It was at this point I thought to myself that I should have given the Brazen Rune to the Bloodthirster. The reroll successful casting from the banner prevented one spell while the Bloodthirster’s +2 to unbind stopped another which certainly helped limit the damage. The lack of rend on the flamer’s shooting seems odd and the letters made a few 5+ saves to keep the damage suffered from them reasonable. There was very little movement to do, other than moving the flamers into position and retreating the horrors from combat with the letters. At the end of the phase he used 30 fate points to summon 30 Blue Horrors into the back corner, thanks to the position of the Changeling. He then used a 5 & 4 from the destiny dice pool to make the charge with them, engaging the reavers, bloodsecrator, Bloodstoker and slaughterpriest. The reavers put all of their attacks into the changeling and killed him this time while the heroes fought off the blue horrors, killing 8, while they took 2 wounds off the bloodsecrator. A few of the Bloodletters were just able to pile in against a unit of blue horrors and killed 6. The summoned unit of blue horrors needed to take a battleshock test and a 2 from the destiny dice pool was used to ensure none fled. Blood Tithe Accrued: 3 Fate Points Accrued: 10 Tzeentch won the priority roll for round 2 and elected to go first. At this point I was really wishing I had given the brazen rune to the Boodthirster! A very similar turn for the Tzeentch player although no units were swapped around or summoned and he only had one command point for +1 to cast. All of the spells and shooting again went into the Bloodthirster and Letters. I used the brazen rune to auto unbind the Bolt of Tzeentch to prevent D6 mortal wounds on the Bloodthirster which proved to be a crucial decision. The remaining spells and shooting took him down to 2 wounds. He could have shot more at the thirster and probably finished him off but instead decided to try and reduce the bloodletters down to less than 20 models to remove their +1 to hit bonus, managing to kill the 3 models required. The summoned blue horrors killed a reaver and the bloodsecrator before losing several models to attacks from the Slaughterpriest and Bloodstoker. The bloodletters piled into the pink and blue horrors in front of them but only a few models were in combat and failed to wipe out either unit, taking a couple of casualties in return. In Battleshock some summoned horrors fled, as did the reavers while the bloodletters rolled a 1 and recovered D6 models to take them back above 20 :-) Blood Tithe Accrued: 5 Fate Points Accrued: 20 “ish” Khorne turn 2 proved to be a swinger. The Bloodthirster gave his command ability to the flesh hounds while the 3 slaughterpriests blood boiled most of the summoned blue horrors. I also blood sacrificed the Bloodstoker who took the full 3 wounds. The Bloodstoker whipped the Wrathmongers who then ran up behind the bloodletters. The Bloodthirster moved up behind the letters to ensure he would be able to charge and hit something before he died while the flesh hounds ran forward ready to charge the unit of blue horrors in the arcane building, followed behind by the blood warriors. The khorgorath ran up the right flank and was in range to make the tzeentch objective in my next turn. At the end of my movement phase I was finally ready to utilise the Khorne allegiance abilities and did my first ever summon, using 5 blood tithe (which wasted the 1 point I had gained at the start of my turn by blood sacrificing the stoker) to bring in a skull cannon behind the letters… and promptly rolled a 1 for its shooting attack… I would have used 6 BT to summon 10 x flesh hounds but there was nowhere to place them were they could even attempt a charge. Some allegiance ability we have… Anyway here is where I got lucky. The Bloodthirster rolled a 9” charge which meant he could fly over the letter/horror scrum and plonk right in the face of the Lord of Change. The two slaughterpriests who had moved away from the banner now charged back in against the remaining summoned blue horrors at the back and the flesh hounds made their charge on the blue horrors. Knowing he was sure to die I went first with the Bloodthirster against the Lord of Change. With his command trait I was -1 to hit, so 4+ (but with rerolls against heroes) and because he was down to 2 wounds he was 4+ to wound. He rolled like a champ and his 6 attacks caused 3 wounds. The Big Chicken had a 6+ save thanks to my -2 rend, which he failed, although he had mystic shield and rolled two 1’s, but failed both rerolls as well. I then rolled two 5’s and a 4 for damage. Now if you refer to my list you will note the thirster had immense power and the daemon artefact death dealer for +2 damage. That means my incredible rolling with my 2 wound remaining Bloodthirster had caused 14 wounds and outright killed the lord of change! At this point my opponent could see that the remaining summoned blue horrors would die a quick death to the 4 khorne heroes attacking them ensuring I would hold my own objective, his 3 units of flamers had some 20 bloodletters, 5 wrathmongers, 10 flesh hounds and 10 blood warriors bearing down on them and he was basically powerless to stop the khorgorath taking his objective in my next turn which would signal the end of the game. We could have played it out but he had somewhere to be and we called it there with another glorious and bloody victory for the blood god!!! Some takeaways from the game; As stated earlier there is a ton of stuff to remember at start up. Some quick reference cards are definitely a good idea as flipping through the books or PDF’s on a laptop is tedious and can really interrupt the rhythm of the game; The realm rules didn’t have a huge impact and that is probably the way it should be, but then why bother with them at all? Its surely enough to worry about your own command abilities/spells/allegiance abilities/battalion abilities without taking into account a realm specific command ability or spell on top. Remember my opponent forgot about deploying his battalion in one go and I’m fairly certain he would have taken first turn if given the chance. Hard to say if this would have changed the outcome however it was certainly a factor in how the game played out; Khorne has strong unbinding but against an army with so much bonuses to cast its still hard to stop most spells from getting through. I’m very glad that I used up the brazen rune when I did as it kept the Bloodthirster alive for his devastating, game winning charge. This artefact is probably a must have in games like this; Gore Pilgrims is still the business. The Letters really do need the extra attack to do proper damage as the wrathmongers just can’t keep up. The reroll to cast probably saved me from 2 or 3 spells which was handy. Incidentally losing the bloodsecrator when I did meant the blood letters had to take battleshock which ended up bringing them back above 20 models; I really like this list. It has as much unbind as you can probably bring while retaining the punch of the letter bomb, not to mention the Bloodthirster who hits like a truck when using that command trait/artefact combo for +2 damage. The Khorgorath and Bloodwarriors didn’t see any action but they will play their part on another day. That being said, getting the slower melee troops into combat takes time and I’m unsure how to resolve that; Summoning is tricky to get right. Most of the heroes in this list hang back with the Bloodthirster the only one rushing forward and he was almost killed before my second turn. Had he died anything I summoned would have been near the back of the table and near useless for the next 2 turns. Would that have been worth it at the expense of an action or two from the original blood tithe table? Probably not. As you saw the summoned skull cannon did nothing the turn it arrived and I could have used two blood tithe earlier to unbind another mortal wound causing spell. I normally would do that but I was determined to summon something meaningful in my first game of AOS2; For my opponent’s benefit, I don’t think his list was a good match up for me. Slightly better placement of the changeling would help him not get found in turn 1, although admittedly I did make it hard to place him where he could be effective. Had the changeling survived into Tzeentch’s turn 2 he could have summoned more blue horrors in my backfield which may have turned the tide on my objective, especially once the bloodsecrator went down. More heroes would also have been good given they are needed for summoning and he did regret not summoning a herald or two when he had the chance. However there is not much you can do when a Bloodthirster with 2 wounds makes a 9” charge and causes 14 wounds in one swing! Be sure to finish him off next time would be the way to go. Against an opponent with more experience I may have been in trouble but for now, in AOS2, Khorne seems OK. Great game, great opponent, blood for the blood god and skulls for the throne of Khorne!!!
  6. Sometimes you arrange a 2000 point casual game in your local GW and someone brings Nagash, Arkhan & 2 x Morghast… To be fair I had tailored a Khorne army to smack around his Tzeentch army last time we met so all is fair in love and war ? At first I was dismayed as I only had a fairly run of the mill Stormcast force, using the hammerstrike battalion but with very little in the way of unbinding/mortal wound protection and was clueless as to how I would take down Nagash let alone his friends. However AOS is first and foremost an objective game which means on your day anyone has a chance if they play to the scenario. We used Open War cards and the scenario was to burn the 3 objectives in your opponent’s half for the win. Given the objectives only needed to be destroyed at the end of your turn if they were uncontested and not held, this meant Scions of the Storm had the potential to be decisive so I was not without hope. With this in mind I placed both units of liberators in the sky together with the prosecutors and of course the 2 units of retributors from the battalion. On the table went both units of Judicators, one on either flank, along with the Vanguard Raptors and all 4 heroes. Nagash stood proud front and centre with Arkhan on his right and the Morghast on his left, assorted units of skeletons and grave guard sitting behind on the objectives or awaiting their time in the grave. I won initiative and gave Death the first turn. This proved a good move as offensive spells were out of range and I needed a double turn somewhere if I was to be any chance. Nagash came strolling forward, quite rightly without a care in the world, as did Arkhan and the Morghast. My heroes put out their buffs and then it was onto movement. I’ve had games where units have stayed in the clouds until turn 4 or 5 and been next to useless however this was a game where I would have killed to have a until come down late onto an objective. Of course both liberators and the prosecutors all passed their roles and came down straight away… sigh… I sent some liberators to the far left corner and used the other unit to screen my judicators on the left, supported by the Lord Castellant and Celestant on foot. The Judicators on the left shot at Arkhan and did a couple of wounds. Seeing as the prosecutors came down I figured I would go all in with the hammerstrike on Nagash, although I held back the Celestant on Dracoth figuring I needed him alive as long as possible. After being shot by Judicators and Raptors, missed with the Dracoth breath (as I would all game) and forgetting to shoot with the prosecutors (my bad), and being hit by the first super charged retributor unit, Nagash had taken 8 wounds… just 8 more to go ? Nagash struck back and wiped the second unit of retributors before they could swing and there the combat ended. Death started round 2 where Nagash proceeded to cast spell after spell with glee, healing wounds and nerfing my forces along the way. I did have the spellshield for unbinding but with +3 to casting rolls I think his lowest roll was 11… sigh… Then in combat something unexpected… Nagash retreated (that’s good) But the Morghast charged the Retributors instead (that’s bad). Arkhan also withdrew and charged the Liberators who had dropped into the Death territory while a unit of grave guard hit them from the other side. The Morghast wiffed and only killed a single Retributor, taking 5 wounds in return, while only a single Liberator fell to Arkhan (allowing him to heal the wounds caused earlier) and the grave guard. My turn 2 and my shooting and retributors made short work of the Morghast (they’re not so tough) while my liberators and judicators on the left continued their advance down the flank. The Liberators in combat with Arkhan and the grave guard again stood tall, losing another member but holding strong. It was here that I won initiative for a crucial double turn heading into round 3. The Celestant on Dracoth and Prosecutors charged the skeletons sitting on the right hand objective while the retributors stupidly charged Nagash. In hindsight I should have just used the retributors to screen the objective from Nagash as they died horribly in melee as the previous unit had. The liberators on the left continued to hold off Arkhan while I successfully cleared the skeletons off the objective and burned it at the end of my turn to take the lead. At the bottom of round 3, Nagash did his spells, then charged and killed the Celestant on Dracoth while another unit of grave guard accounted for the prosecutors. Arkhan finally moved away from combat with the liberators back to the centre with a view to start heading towards the objectives in my territory. I won initiative turn 4 and sent the remaining unit of liberators into combat with the grave guard on the left while the Judicators pulled back to block Arkhan’s path to the objective. At the bottom of turn 4 Nagash moved back towards the right flank however it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to reach my 2 objectives in the right corner. Arkhan charged and killed the Judicators on the left and now had a clear line to the objective, guarded by a single Gryphhound. Not much for me to do in round 5, killed some graveguard and attempted to retreat the lord castellant onto an unmarked objective but he fell several inches short. Had he made it I would have burned it for an unassailable lead. Remember how I said it would have been nice to have a unit come down from Scions at this point? Our allegiance ability seriously sucks… In the final turn Arkhan made his charge on the poor gryphhound, burned the objective and we came away with a draw! The primary lesson out of this was always play the scenario! My opponent was guilty of chasing after my units in his backfield and losing site of my objectives until it was almost too late. Nagash is killable however I really struggle to see what Stormcast could bring that would do enough damage, and if you don’t take him out he has so many options for healing up wounds. The constantly returning skeletons and graveguard are a pain but they don’t really do much. Overall an enjoyable game and at least I can say I fought Nagash and lived… mostly…
  7. There is a topic discussing general concepts with LoN, combos and such, but I wanted to start a specific topic reporting on how people are doing with the new tome - an organization of battle reports. Lets share how the new lists are working out and report on things that seem to be working, or that aren't. In the pre-week with leaked rules I played 1000 point lists. First I bombed hard with Arkhan, doing nothing into a harsh double turn and failed all my 4+ for Ama. Orb. Then I played an aggressive Neferata list that was doing really well but we ran out of time. This week I had the opportunity to play my first cohesive 2000 point game. I played against a list that has been causing me a lot of trouble. Lots of Dracoth Calvary backed by Bow Judicators. This list melted Nagash a few weeks ago, and was the same list that crushed my Arkhan list last week. His list: Lord-Celestant on Dracoth, - Drake-Kin (5+ to reduce incoming damage to 1) - Staunch Defender (everyone is 2+, re-rolling 1s) 2 Fulminators x2 2 Tempestors x2 5 Judicators x3 3 Order Battlemages My list: Nagash - Dread, Transferrence, Orb Necromancer -Fading Vigor - Grave-Sand Timeglass Cairn Wraith -Tgheist Mantle 2 Archai 30 Skeletons 5 Grave Guard x2 6 Spirit Hosts We tried Malign Portents / Realm of Shyish. All it really amounted to was that terrain was causing -1 bravery if you are too close, and I prevented one mortal wound on some spirit hosts. He forgot to use his points to bring back a Dracoth, which would have been pretty crazy. With less drops I got to dictate the turn, which was immensely important (and a wonderful and rare occurrence for a Death player). I made him go first and taunted him into shooting Nagash (Archai were far in the back). He scored a few wounds on Nagash and through to the Archai as well. He had no choice, he had to move his Dracoth line forward. Even if he hadn't he would have simply delayed the game. He had to cover some ground and hope for the turn roll. On my turn I started with Dread on a Fulminator unit, into Hand of Dust to cause 2 wounds and heal Nagash to full. Then I cast Fading Vigor on the other Fulminator unit, did an Arcane bolt on the General for 1 wound plus another 2 for the Timeglass to put him at 4. Lastly I cast Mystic Shield on Nagash and Danse macabre on a useless Grave Guard Unit. After moving up about 8", I summoned 6 Spirit Hosts with Nagash and 30 Skeletons with the Necro. The Spirit hosts made a long charge into the Fading Vigor Fulminators and a Tempestor unit, causing about 9 mortals to kill a Tempestor and almost a Fulminator. They really struggled with their reduced attacks and my 4+ reroll 1 save, and I took only 5 wounds. I lost the turn roll, but i was planning on handing it over anyway to stagger the turns. Half his Dracoth were tied up and the other half had a wall of skeletons to get through. The mages tried to cast but were all shut down by Nagash. In shooting he hit me with mortals on the Hosts, on the skeletons, Nagash. He really went to town on the Skeletons, -I think he was afraid of the mass of bodies. He didn't charge them, but he took out nearly 20 of them in shooting. In combat he tried to pound on the Spirit Hosts but only got them down to 3 models. On my turn the same spells went off, Nagash fully healed. I rolled an 11 for Orb and caused 9 mortals which really hurt his Dracoths. First I used a gravesite to get a Host Fully Healed, then I put one back with Nagash, then the second gravesite, I rolled a 3 to get the unit back up to 5. I healed a lot of the skeletons, getting them back up to above 20. I realized that I can still use Transferrence even if I have no models to heal within 6" of my enemy just to do the wounds, and killed his general. His Tempestors were at -3 bravery and I rolled a 9 with a T-gheist shriek off my Wraith to kill one. Nagash shot off a couple Judicators then made a huge charge into his Judicator back line, and the Archai Charged a Tempestor to still stay within 3" to protect Nagash. My opponent called it before combat started. He was likely going to have 3 judicators and a Tempestor left (assuming they pass battleshock), and 3 cowering mages. I had only lost 8 skeletons and 1 spirit host.
  8. Hi, we filmed our first Shadespire report for Ye Olde Battle Reps the other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHzDPm7cBdc I'm sure we made some mistakes so if you have any comments about rules or anything else please feel free to comment on the video or here. It looks like a great game and we hope to upload many more reports in the future. Hope you enjoy!
  9. So, despite my initial years-long hesitation to start an army that is one dimensional and very expensive, I ended up buying and being gifted some Everchosen this holiday season. I thought I would start a write up of various battle reports, army configurations, tactics I find useful and not, and eventually photos once the army is painted. So far they are all just primed black but I have played two games and will share the experience. Firstly, I will lay out the models and the three army configurations I have planned. The first revolves around the Overlords of Chaos battalion, which can be quite exciting and plays some psychologial games with your opponent. Essentially it allows Archaon to predict turn order, so I always know who is going next and when and if the double turns will fall. It also allows Archaon to mark an ememy unit for one Varanguard to reroll all hit and wound against. Very interesting battalion. The second list throws in a Warshrine for useful buffs and a nice bubble of protection from mortal wounds, which is helpful for the Varanguard, as well as a small unit of warriors for objective grabbing. The third list puts in Bel'akor instead of the Warshrine+Warriors for a few extra spells, a sweet ability, and some extra fluff. List 1 Archaon the Everchosen, Grand Marshal of the Apocolypse Gaunt Summoner of Tzeench 3 units of Varanguard, one unit with each weapon choice 10 Marauders with hand weapons and shields Overlords of Chaos battalion 2000 pts List 2 Archaon Gaunt Sumoner 3 units of Varanguard 5 Chaos Warriors with hand weapons and shields Chaos Warshrine 1990 pts List 3 Archaon Gaunt Summoner Bel'akor the Daemon Prince 3 units of Varanguard 2000 pts I used list 1 in my first game vs Beastclaw Raiders, without the Marauders as I didn't have them built yet, in the Total Conquest scenerio. My opponent had Frostlord on Stonehorn with Master of Everwinter and an artifact that adds +1 damage to his Frost Spear, a Huskard on Stonehorn, a Butcher ally, Thundertusk Beastriders, and two units of 4 Mournfang with Gargant Hackers. I finished deploying first, placing Archaon and two units of Varanguard (Ensorcelled Weapons and Fell Spears) on my right flank just south of the objective, along with the Gaunt Summoner 3" away from Archaon to take full advantage of the battalion bonus. My other unit of Varanguard with the Daemonforged Blades took up position on my other flank to capture the other objective. My opponent deployed similarly with one unit of Mournfang, his Thundertusk, and his Huskard across the board from Archaon, while his Frostlord and another unit of Mournfang were across from my unit of Deamonforged weapon Varanguard. With Beastclaws you can never be too sure how far they will move, with the potential +3" move from Everwinter and the ability to run and charge Stonehorns, but despite that I made my opponent go first. I was out of range of the Thundertusk so I wasn't too worried. He rolled on the Everwinter table, and like I feared he rolled the +3" move. With his Butcher he cast a Mystic Shield on his Mournfang, and even pulled a +1 to hit out of the Cauldron, which he put on the Mournfang as well. After his Frostlord's command ability went up he moved up his Mournfang on my right to block off a choke point in the terrain while his Huskard followed closely behind. Luckily he was unable to make a charge with the Mournfang, but they were in a very good position, blocking access to his heavy hitters and all buffed up for my charge. The Thundertusk ran up to an objective and grabbed it. His Frostlord and second unit of Mournfang moved up around the centerpiece terrain (a giant mountain we have) and Line of Sighted my Gaunt Summoner and Archaon and positioned themselves for a potential counter-charge. The Butcher ran to grab the other objectibe and just made it with a nice run roll. In the Shooting phase the Huskard sent out his Hawk for Archaon but rolled low so I picked the Gaunt Summoner to suffer the mortal wound, as I had taken the Chaos Talisman, but he didnt save it and lost a wound. End of turn one for my opponent and he scored 2 victory points. My turn one, first thing I did was use the Overlords of Chaos battalion ability and secretly rolled a dice. I rolled a 5 (on a 4,5,6 I go first in the next battle round) and was pleased but tried to keep my best poker face on. My opponent was laughing at the rule and thought it was a really interenting mechanic. Next I used Archaon's Warlord Without Equal command ability, which lets Varanguard reroll charge rolls so it actually has a nice use and a fun mirror to the Frostlord. Then I marked the unit of Mournfang ahead of me with the Overlords of Chaos ability to reroll all failed hit and wounds with my Fell Spears Varanguard, put a Mystic Shield on the same unit, then used Arcane Bolt and Fractal Mindstorm on the Mournfang. I managed to get a few mortal wounds, but killing off a Mournfang is no joke and he only lost 4 wounds. In the movement phase I placed Archaon and the Gaunt Summoner on the objective and 18" away from the Thundertusk. I didn't need to worry about getting shot thanks to the foresight from Overlords of Chaos, so I planned on blasting it with magic next turn. The two units of Varanguard next to Archaon moved up to get into position for a charge on the buffed Mournfang unit while the third unit of Varanguard grabbed the other objective. I forgot the shooting attack from the Gaunt Summoner for the entire game, so I went right on to charges. I was excited to see what they could do in their first fight so the buffed unit of Varanguard charged and... rolled a 4. Needing an 8, I rerolled as per Warlord without Equal and.. rolled snake eyes. Lame. No combat for my buffed Varanguard. Next the second unit of Vananguard charged and.. rolled a 4 again. They were further away and needed a 10 so I rerolled and... failed again. Lame. No Varanguard combat in turn one. Because I knew I had the next turn I threw caution to the wind and charged the Grand Marshal of the Apocolypse and he easily made the roll with an 11. Time to show the underlings how it's done. My opponent and I are good friends who got into the hobby together with Age of Sigmar and Beastclaws were his first army so I knew what to expect from the Mournfang after almost two years of playing against them . Archaon went first and killed off 2 Mournfang dealing 9 wounds and puking in them with the Nurgle head of Dorghar for 2 mortal wounds! The Mournfang swung back and unfortunately lived up to expectations by not scoring any wounds on Archaon at all. Battleshock time, and of course the Mournfang rolled a 6+2 from the Crown of Domination. Luckily they had their banner bearer so he could reroll 6s for battleshock. He needed to roll a 3 here but just missed the mark by rolling a 4 and off runs the useful banner bearer. At least he helped before he ran. I got 2 victory points here to tie it up. At this point we were both dying from anticipation of the Overlords of Chaos dice, and I definitely took some pleasure in revealing my 5 for the double turn! Knowing it was coming was really exciting for both of us, as it's a pretty unique mechanic. I took turn two. In my hero phase I rolled for the Overlords Dice again, as the Gaunt Summoner was just barely in range of Archaon's gigantic base, and rolled another 5. No double turns for my friend. Next I marked the other unit of Mournfang with the battalion's other ability and tried another mystic shield. No luck this time. Fractal Mindstorm also failed, but Archaon pulled off another badass move and blasted the Thundertusk for 3 mortal wounds with Arcane Bolt and severly took down its effectivness. After Warlord without Equal I moved on to the movement phase. I decided to move my Daemonforged Blades unit of Varanguard off my objective and hunt down the Butcher across the board. I knew they would be able to make it into combat my next turn so it was a risk I was willing to take, since double turns were out of the picture next turn. The Gaunt Summoner moved 6" away from the objective to make some room for the advancing Varanguard. I decided to play a little mind game with my friend and retreated Archaon from combat with the last Mournfang and moved closer to my Gaunt Summoner, making my opponent think he had a double turn and would be able to get both Stonehorns on him. Really I was anticipating what he would do in his turn, which was go to block off my advancing Fell Spears Varanguard, so Archaon could buff and charge in my next turn. My unit of Encorcelled Weapons Varanguard got into position to charge the Mournfang, only needing 3" so they better not fail this time! The unit of Fell Spears Varanguard moved up to attempt a charge on the second unit of Mournfang 8" away. Chaege time, and the Encorcelled Weapons Varanguard made the 3" and prepared to take care of the last Mournfang. The Fell Spears unit charged and rolled a 10! That was all the charges so I moved on to combat. The obvious choice was attacking with the Fell Spears unit so I started there. With the rerolls and the charge bonus against an unbuffed Mournfang unit they hit really hard, killing more than half the unit. My opponents turn to swing and I explained the Varanguard's once per game ability that lets them pile in and attack twice so he no choice but to try to attack the Fell Spears unit before they took the last two Mournfang off the board. He swung into the Varanguard and almost killed one of the Fell Spears, but couldn't quite manage it. I attacked with the Enscorcelled Weapons Varanguard and defeated the last Mournfang before he could attack and moved on to finish the first unit. The Fell Spears attacked again with their ability, no better time to use it than buffed on the charge, and killed one more Mournfang. At the end of that bloodbath the final Mournfang fled from battleshock and I was up to 3 points. My opponents turn and he rolled the reroll saves on 1 on the Everwinter table. He somehow managed to pull a +1 to hit from the Cauldron again and put it on the Frostlord, along with a Mhstic Shield. Even with the nurf, a buffed up Frostlord is no slouch and I knew a fierce stomping was coming. He threw up his command ability and went to movement. The Thundertusk stayed put on the objective while the Huskard and Stonehorn manuvered around the centerpiece mountain to get some Charges off, while the Butcher tried to put as much distance between himself and the Daemonforged Blades Varanguard as possible. In the Shooting phase he sent out his hawk again and rolled low again so the Gaunt Summoner took another mortal wound and failed to save it. The Thundertusk took a Frost Blast shot at my Ensorcelled Weapons Varanguard, but only got 2 mortal wounds. The Arcane Bolt from my turn really paid off. He used the Chain Trap and Harpoon next but didn't score any wounds. In the Charge phase the full weight of two Stonehorns crashed into my Fell Spears Varanguard and did 7 mortal wounds from the charge alone, then the Frostlord preceded to crush the rest under his massive horns and stomps. End of turn 2 and he scored 2 more points, bringing it to 4-3. I revealed the Overlords dice and it was my turn next! My friend and I had a good laugh because he had been sure of the double turn and was planning on double charging Archaon next, but it was not to be. In my hero phase I used the Overlords dice again and rolled a 4, so next turn would be a mine again. The Gaunt Summoner and Archaon both tried to blast off the Thundertusk with magic but only managed a few mortal wounds. I managed a Mystic Shield on Archaon to finish off the hero phase. In the movement phase I moved up the Daemonforged Blades to get in range of the Butcher, the Encorcelled Weapons to get to the Thundertusk, and Archaon positioned for a charge. Everyone made the charges and on to combat. Archaon piled in with the Huskard and attacked first. Amazingly, he managed to drop the Huskard in one round of combat and was free from retaliation! The Frostlord was just over 3" away. The Thundertusk took its swings at the Enscorcelled Weapons Varanguard and managed to kill one with its Tusks. The Encorcelled Weapons wiffed on their rolls and couldn't kill the Thundertusk, and so had to use their special ability to kill it with a second round of attacks, while the Daemonforged Blades made short work out of the Butcher. I snagged 3 victory points here putting it at 4-6. In my opponents turn he rolled reroll saves again on the Everwinter table, put up his command ability, and tried to charge Archaon. Double 1s! He gets to reroll and does so but.. double 1s again! I reveal my dice, its my turn, so we decide to call it. Good game with an interesting new army! Fighting against Beastclaws is usually a roller coaster. Sometimes they kick serious butt and other times they wiff completely. I think this game was the latter with some seriously bad dice rolls. It was fun using the Overlords battalion ability, and I definitely want to try it again. I was very impressed with all the abilities from the Varanguard, for such a small model count the army has lots of cool synergy and rules. Only thing it lacked was objective holders, and next time I wil remedy that with Marauders. Next game was against the same opponent but with his Dark Elf Army! He brought in Malekith for the epic fluff, so it should be an excellent game!
  10. So the weekend just past was exciting. I travelled to Linköping to play a 1500 point AoS tournament at Defcon with a focus on good games and good experiences (a "soft" scoring tournament). Army composition: 1500 (1-4 Heroes, 2+ Battleline, 0-2 Artillery, 0-2 Behemoths, 300 p allies) My Army: I wanted to be friendly but I didn't take a list that wouldn't work out at all (so I knew it for sure wasn't 100% friendly) and I trimmed down my current 2,000 list to 1,460 and took away the Castellant so that I'd not have a stupid save on the SD and took a relictor instead (mainly for LC shenanigans and fun): LCoSD, Mirroshield, Staunch Defender, Didn't care about mount trait Lord Relictor, Lightning Chariot Lord Relictor, Lightning Chariot 5 Liberators 5 Judicators 20 Vulkite berserkers 2 Fulminators Match scoring: Open War Cards - 3 battle points for achieving the objective (both could unless it was exclusive) and 2 battle points for sudden death (both could claim this - even if the card said 'the match immediately ends and you win'). There was unique deployment conditions, and a twist for rounds 1-3 and a change in twist for the last 2 rounds. The organisers drew the cards for each of the 5 matches for the whole group. Then we had the scoring that decided the tournament winner which you awarded at the end by giving points (3, 2 and 1) to your top 3 opponents judged by their painting standard, sportsmanship, how cheesy their list was and how much fun you had in general during the game. Note - I liked this tournament format . Everyone played to win but it wasn't just about who had the best list and the most experience with the GHB scenarios. It was more who had the experience, know-how and list flexibility. And even if you had those things and won, if you weren't someone who stands out as extra, super nice sportsman 4 other really nice opponents (I mean, EVERYONE was awesome) you weren't going to win the tournament. You'd just know you played well and stretched your ability with the list or faction you took (which is a reward in itself). I'll include reports for each match. I have done a few of these here and the way I was doing them took so much time I couldn't get them all up. So now I'm going for the format - short description and highlights in text then a splurge of pics. I think that'll let me share more reports on the boards instead of dreading the idea of adding them (they were taking up to an hour before ha!). Match 1 - versus @Lysandestolpe and his sexy, sexy Khorne army (he already has his reports up here and they're also awesome). This was my match of the tournament. It had everything I wanted in the classic grudge match - the starter set taken to the next level - and ended dead even with literally nothing 'achieved' (oh how we tried) but our respective gods were drunk with satisfaction. Mayyybe mostly Khorne considering his aims and desires are sort of cheating in a wargame. The main objective was to kill a 'messenger' (in my case a relictor, in his case a model in one of his big troop blocks). The sudden death was to have no enemy in your deployment zone and to have some in your opponent's deployment zone end of game. Highlights include: My Stardrake just dying after charging (so no save bonus) alllll the reavers and taking 5 wounds and then getting blood boiled and finished by the reavers the next turn; Dwarves who would not die; A fulminator somehow managing to execute many khorgoraths; the epic "pray-off" of the priests (2 relictors and 3 slaughterpriests with a 90% prayer success rate or something); the full block of remaining reavers steaming into the messenger relictor and leaving him on 1 wound only to have me succeed with lightning chariot to escape and heal up with healing storm; experiencing blood bind for the first time; and finally the priest throwdown in the middle at the end where the relictor was blood bound, rolled a 1 for his run, didn't get blood boiled, took 3 slaughterpriest charges and fended them all off with the help of his converted pigeon (surely how it went down). Result - 0 - 0 Pic spam below:
  11. 3000 Point Battle Report; Khorne vs Stormcast We decided to have a go at the second siege scenario from GHB17 (slightly modified), then promptly forgot to apply the pre-battle siege rules! Oh well… A fairly traditional Stormcast force (lots of liberators, retributors, judicators, prosecutors, etc) led by Vandus Hammerhand attempted to defend a fortified ruin against my horde of Khorne (mix of Slaves to Darkness, Bloodbound and Daemonic troops). The scenario had about 1/3 of the Stormcast force in reserve (consisting of prosecutors, liberators and some heroes). Rather than come on with a 5+ role we allowed the Stormcast reserves to use Scions of the Storm to deploy instead. The Khorne force needed to secure both objectives in order to win, with the Stormcast winning a minor victory if they held one of the two objectives after 5 turns (major victory if they held both). The table was 6ft long but only 3ft wide with the battlefield set up as a narrow corridor so adaptation would be required to account for this. As you can see from the photos the Stormcast set up in two rows; a screen of liberators and retributors as close to the enemy territory as possible with a second line of Vandus, Judicators and Vanguard Raptors sitting in behind. The first objective was between the two lines with the second objective 9” off the back, in the middle of some large ruins. The Khorne horde used two screening units of bloodreavers on each flank with a block of 10 chaos knight in the centre, supported by a chaos lord on daemonic mount and bloodstoker. 30 Bloodletters sat on the left flank, supported by 5 Wrathmongers, a Bloodmaster, 2 Slaughterpriests, Bloodsecrator, Skullcannon and a Wraith of Khorne Bloodthirster. On the right flank sat 5 Skullreapers, 10 Bloodwarriors, a Khorgorath and 3 Bloodcrushers. 3 units of 5 flesh hounds were deployed at the rear to basically prevent any stormcast units dropping in behind and slowing the advance. TURN 1 Stormcast took the first turn, shot the skullcannon to bits (didn’t even get a chance to miss this game!) and then immediately charged with their front line. The bloodreavers on the right were wiped out but only about half of the reavers on the left. This suited me fine as it cleared the way for the bloodletters to charge the stormcast frontlines and ho boy were they vicious! Supported as they were they had 3 attacks each, hitting on 2’s (rerolling 1’s), mortal wounds and extra attacks on 4+… whatever they touched was deleted off the board and it was glorious. I also used a bloodtithe point so my chaos lord could use his command ability on the knights (reroll charge and +1 to hit) and with the bloodstoker wipping them the chaos knights plowed through the centre while the skullreapers and korgoraths became a bit stalled on the right flank. TURN 2 Devastatingly (for my opponent) I won the priority role and so the carnage continued. The bloodthirster's command ability to run & charge allowed the bloodletters to charge Vandus and that was the end of him, claiming the first objective in the process. The knights, skullreapers & Khorgorath mopped up the rest of the stormcast frontline, clearing the way for a 3rd turn charge. In reply the stormcast ranged troops pulled back to cover and started to thin out the bloodletters. The majority of stormcast reserves came down and formed a second line of defence on the flanks. TURN 3 I again won priority which resulted in the Khorne forces advancing further forward to engage the recently dropped reserve troops. Due to different movement speeds and narrowness of the battlefield the horde had started to spread out and momentum was stalling. The Bloodcrushers, Bloodwarriors and Wrathmongers found their path blocked by the advance units while the slaughter priests and flesh hounds had been left far behind. For the first time it was looking like I might run out of time to claim the last objective. In the stormcast turn I used bloodtithe to heal wounds across the board and rolled a series of 1’s.... standard... The bloodletters were shot off the board and the remaining combats were short and brutal as the stormcast reserves wilted under the onslaught, however their job of holding up the advance for a turn was done. TURN 4 Another priority won by Khorne but crucially the chaos knights did not have enough movement or physical space to get around the lone Lord Relictor blocking their path to the ruins. They charged and killed him but it meant there was only one turn left to try and reach the final objective. By now the skullreapers had made it most of the way there but had to scale the sides of the ruins and couldn’t get enough models into combat to threaten the defending retributors. The Bloodthirster had surged forward on the left flank and killed whatever was in front of him but was losing wounds (and therefore movement) in the process. The Stormcast shooting took the bloodthirster down and prepared themselves for the final push. TURN 5 Priority won again for Khorne and the chaos lord charged and wiped out the vanguard raptors. The chaos knights charged and killed the remaining unit of Judicators while the skullreapers continued to battle with the retributors. A couple of Stormcast heroes and retributors remained on the ruins securing the second objective and held out for the minor victory! Oh well… Khorne cares not! THOUGHTS & LEARNINGS Just one more turn! In all seriousness this was always going to be tough for the stormcast given the proximity at the start and the number of troops in reserve. I didn’t give enough thought to reaching that final objective by turn 5 and in hindsight should not have used my fastest troops, the flesh hounds, as backfield deployment negaters. Could also have been more tactical with bloodtithe instead of using it to heal back up I should have been using it to move units in the hero phase. Although he won the minor I think in hindsight my opponent might have set up a little further back to prevent a first turn charge and he will definitely focus fire on the bloodletters next time! A good reminder that AOS is foremost an objective based game and my opponent deserves credit for hanging in there after the carnage of the first 2 turns. Buffed up bloodletters are that good I’m scared GW will nurf them in the next round of Q&A. Until then let the blood flow! And I definitely need to get myself a 6’ x 4’ table!
  12. Hey guys, Attended our last tournament at Southern Wargamers for the year. This was the first tournament since the Generals Handbook 2017 has dropped, and I was looking to try out my Free Peoples. Since I am 99% sure I'm going to be attending Cancon next year (Australia's largest tournament), I made some last minute changes to my list so that it was more similar to what I think my final form will be. This meant assembling, undercoating and getting a base coat on 13 more miniatures one day before the tournament! Ultimately, my list for the tournament looked like this: Freeguild General - Sigmarite Weapon, Shield, Stately War Banner - General - Indomitable Freeguild General on Griffon - Greathammer and Shield, Armour of Meteoric Iron Gunmaster 20x Freeguild Guard 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen 10x Freeguild Handgunners 20x Freeguild Guard 10x Freeguild Handgunners 10x Freeguild Greatswords 5x Freeguild Pistoliers 3x Demigryph Knights Hellblaster Volley Gun Cannon So the changeup from my previous lists are the addition of 20 Freeguild Guard, a Gunmaster and Hellblaster, changing the 20 Handgunners into 2 lots of 10, and dropping a Freeguild General and a Cannon. This allows for another tanky unit, which also gets the benefits of a great company. It means I can afford to be more aggressive with one if need be. We did not know the scenarios before the tournament, they were rolled for each round. Game 1 - Sylvaneth - Scorched Earth I started the tournament up against a Sylvaneth list. He had the extremely tanky Treelord Ancient, Branchwych, 30x Dryads, 2x5 Tree Revenants, 2x3 Kurnoth Hunters with bow and 6x Kurnoth Hunters with Scythes and a Household battalion. The game started fairly well, he managed to teleport his Ancient and Treelord forwards but the Ancient failed the charge. The Treelord went in and was quickly felled by my shooting. The big trees teleport close to the Free Peoples lines Sadly, this was followed up with a lot of whiffing on my left flank. The cannon failed to dent the Treelord, the Freeguild General on Griffon went into him and whiffed completely. Something he would continue to do in the next few combat phases. Ultimately, the game was decided when I failed to keep someone on my centre objective. My opponent managed to summon more Wyldwoods near the board edge, which allowed his Scythe Hunters to teleport in as well as the Tree-Revenants. Because of this, I started migrating some of my units towards that section to hopefully give some relief and stall them out one turn before burning my objective. I moved my unit off, then moved my Freeguild General off as well. So it basically came down to losing by 1 point later on. He left his right objective really weak as the Tree-Revenants disappeared to provide additional support (and ultimately burn my left objective). My army eventually made it across the board, and stole his objective for 1 turn, and then burnt it in the 4th turn. We were only going to get 4 turns in the game, and sadly I didn't manage to roll high enough to draw on the objective points. Ultimately my Griffon also fell, after whiffing for like 3 combat phases straight, he got a miracle phase where he dealy like 10 wounds all at once, but the rest of the army failed to finish off the Ancient over 2 turns. So a bit disappointing start to the tournament. Definitely a learning experience, and I still haven't quite worked out how I'm going to play Scorched Earth. I think one poor thing I did was put all my fast stuff on one flank. It meant when that flank fell into trouble, I didn't have anything mobile to quickly scoot over and help. Major Loss Game 2 - Death with Nagash - Duality Of Death This game was against a majority Deathrattle army led by Nagash. He had a 40 Skeleton unit, 2x20 Skeletons, 20 Grave Guard, Nagash, a Necromancer and 2x Wight King (1 with banner). I felt I had the advantage in this matchup as my Griffon can take the objective turn 1. Especially if I kept him away from Nagash who could potentially one-shot him. Since I had more drops, this didn't end up being too much trouble. The Free Peoples line prepare for battle As it so happened, the game was a bit of a non event. He got the first turn and moved up as fast as he could. Sadly for him, his Wight King was not close enough to the objective so would not be scoring turn 1. In my follow up turn, my Griffon General took the objective closest to him. The rest of the line moved up, and I scored the first point of the game. Immediately after, I got the double turn which basically secured the game. The line moved further up, and started shooting the enemy units. The Demigryphs managed to get a charge into his Wight King and Skeletons near his objective. This ultimately decided the game, as the Demigryph's for the first time managed to do 2 things! The first was actually kill the Wight King in a single go, that was pretty amazing and not expected (Only just I might add), and that was only with 2 of them too boot! The third one attacked the Skeleton unit (Which had Danse Macabre on them) and killed 3 Skeletons which prevented them getting the +1 attack. In his turn, there was not enough room for Nagash to get close enough to the objective. The army slowly moved around, but basically, the Death just couldn't get to objectives fast enough. Nagash wipes out the Demigryphs and moves onto the Swordsmen The rest of the game the Death basically marched towards their deaths. I had moved up far enough that my Crossbows and Handguns were in range, and I could just hold the line with them now. So the Skeletons just marched and marched, but got shot and shot. Nagash did wade through a chunk of the army after he knew he couldn't catch up, but that was game as he couldn't catch me after 3 turns of scoring to his zero. Major Victory Game 3 - Order - Knife to the Heart The last game was against a mixed Order army. Mainly Free Peoples with a few random extras. His list was composed of a Freeguild General with Stately War Banner, Freeguild General on Griffon, Bretonnian Lord, 30x Freeguild Guard with Halberds, 2x10 Freeguild Handgunners, 20x Freeguild Greatswords, 5x Freeguild Outriders, 5x Grail Knights, Steam Tank, Hellstorm Rocket Battery. The game started off a bit concerningly. His Hellstorm took out my cannon crew, his Griffon took out the Pistoliers and his Brettonian Lord took down the Demigryph Knights. In retaliation my shooting managed to make a huge dent in his Freeguild General on Griffon and mine took out his Outriders. I then won the initiative roll, and my Freeguild General went after his backline which was extremely fragile. I took out his Griffon, and did a few wounds to the Steam Tank. I initially thought I might be able to auto-win by taking on the Handgunners, but reading that it only came into effect from turn 1, I went after the Hellstorm instead and finished it off. At this point, my opponent knew he was in trouble with a rampaging Griffon in his backline and his own Griffon downed. He kinda threw caution to the wind, and charged everything into the line which ultimately did not go well for him. Now you see a Steam Tank... soon you won't... He quickly doubled back his Freeguild Guard (Slowed down by the deadly terrain), while his Greatswords engaged my Freeguild Guard. They both slowly whittled each other down, while my other Freeguild Guard and Crossbows gave chase across the board to the enemy objective. At the end of the day, the Freeguild General on Griffon managed to kill all 30 Freeguild Guard, before being joined by the infantry to claim the objective on turn 5. The long slog had paid off, and I had tabled my opponent apart from his Freeguild General. I do feel sad for my opponent. I outranged his army, so ultimately he had to engage me. And engaging a line of Freeguild Guard which has extra shooting phases is just nasty. Even if he had won the initiative for turn 2, I think the only difference would've been a Minor rather than a major. Major Victory So that was it for the day, I managed to come in fourth place out of 12 players. I'm happy with the result, but feel that I probably got off a bit easy on my matchups after losing the first game. The 2nd game was almost an automatic win. I think if I had played against Stormcast or Tzeentch I would've been in a bit of trouble. Overall I like how the army played, but definitely need to get a bit more prepared for moving and having my army out and ready to go. I was comfortable with the amount of models I was moving around (even if I was sloppy sometimes), but the army setup in round 1 took a lot of time (and is the only game we didn't finish). That being said, I am considering changes. Two things I'm currently considering are getting more heroes. The current thought is to swap out the Gunmaster + Hellblaster Volley gun for a Warrior Priest and a Battlemage. The cannon could be a stronger piece also, but it's easy to transport (Which will be important going interstate). Hopefully I get more games done in the next 2 months, as I'm going to need a lot of practice for Cancon.
  13. Last night I was lucky enough to get in another game of AOS, this time against a Freeguild army being commanded by Ryan. With all the fire power facing me, this was going to be a great test to see if the the Tomb Kings could weather the storm before making it into combat. Since my last game earlier in the week I wasn't convinced at the low points level that Ushabti were a good choice. In my mind they need a Tomb Herald in order to mitigate the casualties they take and I simply couldn't afford one at this points. I settled on the following: Tomb King - Master of the Black Arts, Cursed Book Necrotect 20 Skeleton Legionnaires 3 Skeleton Chariots 6 Necropolis Knights Warsphinx Ryan was running 90+ models in the following force: General on Griffon General 2 x 30 Handgunners 30 Halberdiers 2 x Helblaster Volley Guns So much fire power and with the detachment rules I had to really pick my approach carefully. Out of simplicity we picked the same mission I played previously and set the objectives. Ryan won the roll off and put down a unit of Halberdiers. Deployment My basic idea was to always go through the scenery piece on the right and flank Ryan's force that way. It wasn't going to me a simple task however with his artillery and a unit of Handgunners happily waiting for me to advance. Now, there was two ways of playing this game, moving my heroes up to camp nearby the objectives or take the fight to the enemy. Option B, always being the preference for me. Order of deployment is listed in the photo above. I was happy for Ryan to have a large piece of terrain breaking up his deployment and it would also prevent some of his detachment shenanigans from kicking in granting extra bonuses against my charging units. The Necropolis Knights ended up in the perfect position in my mind and with the nearby Necrotect, they would have the movement capability to scale the terrain and begin their crusade of annoyance. Early Turns I gave initiative to Ryan so he wouldn't get a double turn. He activated his command ability and his battle line stood defiant. His General swooped down with his Griffon however in order to capture an early objective. Cheeky ******! There would be none of that happening. The Necrotect buffs the Snakes as does the Tomb King with his command ability. The Necropolis Knights move up 11" to get nice and personal with the Griffon general and then charge in the relevant phase. I pile-in, roll 21 dice and Ryan removes his Griffon. So like any amateur gamer trying to document his adventures, I've missed a turn, but allow me to bring you up to speed! I won the initiative grab and rather than get the ****** shot out of me for not benefit I decided to take it and keep the fight happening. The Necropolis Knights eventually would charge the Handgunners taking horrific casualties in their stand and shoot reaction (I lost around 3 snakes). I killed 10 in the following combat however and between the Helblasters and Handgunners in Ryan's turn they had a single snake left on 3 wounds and his unit was looking rather unhappy. Like the annoying person I am, we rolled off for initiative and again I had the option of taking it. It would be silly not to and I grabbed it healing a snake in the hero phase right away. All my forces slowly wandered up with Mystic Shield and the Necrotect's buff both augmenting the Warsphinx. The Warsphinx is just within range of its fiery breath and a roll of 6 for damage takes the Necropolis Knights out of combat with the unit. This frees up the Knights to charge and get into contact with both of the Helblaster Volley Guns and thanks to the Necroserpent's D3 damage, they're easily overwhelmed and destroyed. Battleshock takes care of the remaining Handgunners. Late Game Ryan brought his Halberdiers into the fight, charging my Skeleton Chariots. He swung in combat, and I was about to take 5 wounds and remove a model when the Tomb Kings allegiance ability was in range and kicked in negating 2 wounds. I did a few wounds back and brought in units to counter-charge. The Tomb King's command ability went onto the Warsphinx as did the Necrotect's. The Necropolis Knights healed another model and moved well out of range to lick their stone wounds. The Tomb King led the charge (Cursed Book helping the combat in my favour!) into the Halberdiers backed up with the Skeleton Legionnaires and the Warsphinx. The super-steriod 'warkitty' killed 3 with its 'Thundercrush' ability before mincing around 12 in the combat phase. Ryan swung back putting a few more wounds into the Skeleton Chariots but then the Tomb King stepped in and swung with his world-stopper, killing 9 Halberdiers. After the melee had finished, battle shock reduced the unit to ash. Ryan threw down some late game lead at the Warsphinx putting down a hearty 7-8 wounds onto the Warkitty. At this point with only a single hero facing off against 1200+ points still facing off against him, me controlling the objectives, Ryan conceded. Conclusion I certainly learnt a few new things in this game. Firstly, I need to make a concerted effort in reading up on my opponents Warscrolls. I could believe the sheer amount of fire-power that the Handgunners produced, what amazed me was it was on a 2+ at one stage. I need to ask way more questions during the game rather than get caught in terrible situations like that. However, lucky for me I survived it and lived to tell the tale. Secondly, playing to win isn't always the right way to play. For example, I think in this game it favoured my force immediately over Ryan's. His army is very static in nature and loses a lot of its advantages if it moves. I simply could have camped on the objectives and hung back forcing him to move his units of Handgunners in order to have any impact on the game whatsoever. Honestly, I get pissed off when people do this to me, so I wasn't going to do it to Ryan. I was hoping to convince myself about the Warsphinx and its capability but to be honest, I'm still sitting on the fence about it. I do like the fact it is a single based model and able to move into positions that 6 Ushabti simply cannot. Having some extra shooting is nice as well and being a large model it immediately paints itself with a target and Ryan did manage to ping some wounds off it late game. Thanks for reading!
  14. I have posted a lot in the let’s chat fyreslayers thread discussing my fyreslayers list which I call the Auric alpha strike list. I have played it on and off for over a year but I thought it could be quite good now with the points reduction and new allegiance abilities. So I brought it to FANATIC a “large” tournament in Sweden with 32 players and quite competitive at least at the top. I want to write some short battle reports and post a few pictures and talk about about the overall strategy with the list and some good and bad with the list. The base of an Auric alpha strike list is this: 1 Auric Runesmiter on Magmadroth, General, Exemplar of the Ancestors, Ash-plume Sigil 200 1 Battlesmith 80 1 Auric Runesmiter 80 1 Auric Runesmiter 80 30 Vulkite Berserkers 330 30 Vulkite Berserkers 330 10 Vulkite Berserkers 120 30 Auric Hearthguard 480 I usually tunnel one unit of 30 Vulkites and my Aurics. Then you have 300pt to spend on something else I tried 9 Skywardens to get some long range shooting and some long range moving with 3 grappling hooks. 9 Skywardens 300 The tournament have a little bit different scoring system. You get 15pt major win,10pt for a minor win or a draw and 5pt for a major loss then the score is adusted up and down depending on the difference in destroyed unit points. It is a 20pt must system so the score can be for example 20-0, 16-4, 12-8 etc… I will post the battle report one by one below when I get the time for it.
  15. So originally the group had organised this day to play Skirmish or Path to Glory, that went straight out the window as soon as people heard that the GHB 2017 was dropping on the Saturday. Instead, the day was filled with much fun getting in a game of the new edition. For me, I'd be bringing out my Free Peoples, a force I've been building up on the side the past year or so. I also bought some Beastmen along from my 8th days, that with a few extra models translated basically into a 2000 point force also, but they stayed in the case today. For my first outing, this was the list I was bringing Freeguild General - General - Indomitable (Add 1 to save rolls within 6" if didn't charge) Freeguild General with Stately War Banner Freeguild General on Griffon - Armour of Meteoric Iron 20x Freeguild Guard 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen 20x Freeguild Handgunners 10x Freeguild Greatwords 3x Demigryph Knights 5x Freeguild Pistoliers 2x Cannon 1x Gryph Hound Which rounded the force out to 1960 points. Some of the models were 'on loan' from my older warhammer armies, potentially to be re-based in future. Note that I forgot to pack another 10 Freeguild Guard, so in this game the Freeguild Archer models are subbing in for Guardsmen. My opponent was packing a mixed Destruction list based on his GHB1 list. His list looked something like Ogor Tyrant Moonclan Warboss with Great Cave Squig Moonclan Grot Shaman Frostlord on Stonehorn 6x Ogors 20x Moonclan Grots with Spears 20x Moonclan Grots with Bows 3x Fanatics 6x Ironguts Gargant Everyone else at the club was playing Scorched Earth, and what would you know it, we rolled it up also. Definitely happy enough with that, since it's the only scenario in the new book that's completely new. After setup was complete, the board looked a little bit like this: The armies prepped and ready for war My opponent got the first turn due to finishing deployment first, and got ready to roll with his new allegiance abilities. The stone horn revved up, and sauntered forwards 6" in the hero phase while the Ogor Tyrant was bolstered by the Moonclan Shaman with a Mystic Shield. The army for the most part ran forwards, eager to engage the enemy. Of course, I knew I had made a mistake as soon as the Frostlord surged forwards. The Frostlord managed to successfully charge the Greatswords, wiping them out before they could retaliate, and razed my side objective for an early lead. He rolled a 2, so was up to 5 points at the end of his first turn! A large hill to climb. In my turn, the Freeguild great company swerved off to the side. The Freeguild Guard were bolstered with Inspiring Presence and quickly marched to block a potential charge against the gunline from the Stonehorn. On the right flank (unseen in most pictures!), the Pistoliers stayed on the objective but moved into shooting range of the Gargant whom had surged up the field. The Freeguild General on Griffon kicked his mount forwards, eager to engage the Gargant. In the shooting phase, the cannons took a toll on the Tyrant, dealing 5 wounds but failing to take him out. The Handgunners had some of their unit still in range, but only managed to take 1 wound from the Stonehorn . In the combat phase, the General on Griffon flew over the Gargant to attack it from behind, felling the towering gargant which fell to empty ground. The Freeguild units re-organise their battleline to take on the oncoming threat My opponent then won the initiative, and chose to go first. The Tyrant bellowed at the Ogors nearby, urging them forwards. The Grot Shaman was a bit too cautious though, and wasn't particularly feeling in the mushroomy mood, and failed to cast mystic shield. In the backline, the Frostlord decided that the Cannons were tastier treats, heading around the back to take out the Free Peoples artillery. The Ogors smashed into the Freeguild line, but not before being peppered with shots from both the Handgunners and Crossbowmen, downing two Ogors before they even made it into the battle. The Stonehorn smashed into the cannons, dealing 3 wounds with it's charge to one of the cannons. The Ogors make it into the Freeguild, but without the backup of their Tyrant As it so happened, the Frostlord beat both the Crews to death but the cannons were left around. The Ogors were unable to punch through the Freeguild Guard, whom took down another Ogor in retaliation. Still, the points were counting up, the Destruction were now up to 8 points and taking a convincing lead. The Freeguild General sent the command, it was time to show these beasts what disciplines and training was worth. He swiftly sent the order to the Guard, Crossbowmen and Handgunners to hold the line. The Griffon after finishing off it's meal, swooped on after the Grot Archers on the far flank while the Demigryphs swept up the hill, looking to take on the Grot Shaman if the Tyrant was felled. In the shooting phase, huge volleys of shot and bolt were shot around. The handgunners hammered the Stonehorn, taking out 6 wounds, while the Crossbowmen split fire between the Tyrant and the Stonehorn. The Tyrant was felled, but the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds remaining. Fearing for his life, the Grot Shaman ordered the Grots to let loose the Fanatics, which crazily swung into the Demigryphs. In the combat phase, the Stonehorn finished off the cannon that was in range. The Griffon swept into the Grot Archers, but his aim this time wasn't convincing, only managing to kill a few while sending more running due to the Griffons bloodroar. The Fanatics managed to kill a noble Demigryph Knight before being savagely pecked to death. The Ogors still couldn't get through the Freeguild guardsmen, their blows being parried and blocked while the Guard dealt a few more wounds to the Ogors. Still, the Free Peoples were still far behind, with only 4 points to Destructions 8. What happened next, was that the Free Peoples won the initiative roll. However, it looked like it might be better off to let the enemy take the turn, their backup was still far off in the Ironguts, and the Stonehorn and Ogors both on their last legs. So the Destruction got to go, with the Ironguts deciding to stay in the backline. Unforeseen was the cunning Grots having the foresight to retreat from combat with the Griffon, keeping the objective in their favour. The Stonehorn tried to smash it's way through the lines again, but was shot down by the Freeguild Handgunners stand and shoot. Additionally, the Crossbowmen of the Great Company provided supporting fire to the Freeguild Guard, shooting it's way through the Ogors who were bought down in a hail of Crossbow bolts before they could even land a blow against the Freeguild Guard. The Ogors in the Freeguild backline were finally cleared up at the loss of the Greatswords and Ironweld Arsenal, but the points were racking up, they had now accumulated 11 points to the Freeguilds 4. Now was the time for the Freeguild to take the offensive to the enemy. We would have to make sure we claimed the enemy objectives in this turn, to stall their own resources while catching up in our own. The entire Freeguild company surged up the board, with the noble Gryph Hound been relegated to supply duty keeping the middle objective. The Demigryph's swung around to the side, they would need to keep the objective on the far flank safe in future turns. In the combat phase, the Griffon managed to wipe out the far objective, finally the Freeguild had taken superior control of the battle. The points now were 7 to 11 in favour of Destruction, could they keep their lead? The army marches forwards while the Demigryph's make their detour towards the far objective Destruction won the roll off this time, and were more than happy to play on the defensive. Cautious of the blasting the Ogors had received earlier, and unsure where the Freeguild army was heading, the Ironguts backed off. If the Handgunners wanted to shoot them, they would have to work for it and the points were still racking up. the Destruction force now had accumulated 13 points, while the Free Peoples were only on 7. Still, the Free Peoples marched on. Marching the forces up and over the hill. The Crossbowmen at the doubled, their firepower would be needed in the final turn. The Handgunners moved up, blasting away at the Ironguts but not managing to get much damage through. The Demigryphs in the meantime had taken the far objective, while the Freeguild General on Griffon had swooped around to harass the Grots from the rear. The Freeguild Guard and Griffon both made their way onto the Grots holding onto the objective. The Guard managed to kill a few, while the Griffon added to the count, but at the end of the day, many Grots fled but 3 remained, crucially keeping the objective for the Destruction forces. The Free Peoples were catching up, now 10 points to 13, but were they catching up fast enough? The Grots died well, and still held the objective at the end of the fourth battle round The initiative roll would be crucial, if the Free Peoples held the initiative they would surely take the game, razing the objectives, but if the Destruction won they could still accumulate points. As it so happened, Destruction won the roll off and the Ironguts surged forwards. In a show of pure bestial fury, they smashed into the Freeguild Guard and smashed them into the ground, the Grots still held the objective and the Destruction ended with 15 points. In the final turn of the game, all focus was on the 3 Grots. If the Free Peoples could kill those Grots, they would hold 2 of the enemy objectives and be able to raze them for bonus points, if not, the Destruction would run away with the victory. The General ordered the Handgunners to stand fast, while the Crossbowmen mounted the hill. The Grots however, were short and sneaky, hiding behind the much larger Ironguts. The Crossbowmen could only slay a single Grot, while the Generals pistol failed to wound. Would the Grots win the day? The Handgunners plonked away at the Ironguts, dealing massive damage laying 3 of them out. As it so happened though, both the Freeguild General and General on Griffon managed to slam into the Grots. The Freeguild General, leading his forces, got the job done, slaying the 2 Grots. Finally it would come down to how much bonus supply could be gathered from the Destruction objectives. The dice were rolled, and in total the D3's came up as 3 and 1, meaning the Free Peoples would get a total of 6 points, bringing them up to 16 points to Destruction's 15. Victory to the Free Peoples The end of the game, the Free Peoples had snatched the victory at the final hour Wow, what an amazing first game. It was excitingly close. Losing one of my side objectives first turn was devestating, as it put me on the back foot from the start in terms of victory points. Still, I managed to claw it back right at the end of the game. Definitely some things I bought away from this game is that with my Great Company, and even having only 2 home objectives, I felt it would've been difficult to manage both keeping my own objectives while engaging the enemy. I badly misplaced my Gryph-Hound (Which was essentially useless in this matchup), and should've kept him on my far objective, freeing up the Pistoliers to go do some work. I also think it was a mistake to have all my fast stuff on one flank (Especially given the point I just mentioned). My opponent held one of his objectives with just his single Grot Warboss, a faster unit on that flank could've given my opponent more grief, potentially muddling up his battleplan even more. Putting both my cannons close by as well was also a huge mistake. I knew there was definitely the possibility of him going around the back rather than smashing into my lines with the Frostlord, and should've separated the cannons to stop them both going down in one shot from the Frostlord. I also didn't split my fire with the Crossbowmen efficiently enough at one stage during the game. I probably could've killed both the Frostlord and Tyrant with the Crossbowmen, but instead focussed more fire on the Tyrant which overkilled him, while the Stonehorn was left on 3 wounds. It didn't make a difference in the end, but something to keep in mind in future. Overall though, great game to kick off GHB 2017 with. Looking forward to getting more games done in future!
  16. Battleplan: Acquisition (from the Kharadron Overlords Battletome) Match-up: Order vs. Legion of Azorgh On the burning plains of Aqshy, Hazim the Blooded and his loyal Fireglaives approached an ancient Zharr Goroth ruin. He and his Daemonsmith, Dray the Alchemist, had been searching the ruins of an old empire for weeks, seeking enchanted artefacts and other treasures. So far, they had turned up only a few... an enchanted weapon that Hazim had claimed for himself, and a sacred duardin relic that was in Dray's possession. As Hazim began to climb the steps into the ruin, he heard cries of battle behind him. He looked back to their base camp, fortified on a nearby butte, just in time to see a trio of Judicators assault their gun-line. They opened with a thunderous barrage of hammers, battering the artillerists, and then, with a valorous battle cry, charged the Dreadquake Mortar. He readied his weapons to fight and began to look around for more enemies. Sure enough, his scouts had done a terrible job. The ruins were filled with Stormcast Eternals, but what would they want with the wreckage of the Zharr Goroth? There must be some reason for their presence. The question would have to wait for the moment. He cast Mystic Shield on his Fireglaive unit, as Dray had taught him, and prepared for battle. Meanwhile, from camp, Dray spied a unit of Retributors and their Lord Relictor marching out of a nearby crypt. While the Magma Cannon sent the winged Prosecutors back to Azyr where they belonged, Dray ordered his Dreadquake Mortar and Deathshrieker Rocket Battery to rain down devastation on their position. Lord Relictor Gladion Sunseeker did his best to heal the Retributors with his heavenly lightning, but the unit was nearly wiped out. He and his one remaining ally marched forward, intent on joining the fray. The reason for the Stormcast's interest in Duardin artefacts became suddenly apparent. Fleet Admiral Skragnir the Recalcitrant and his Arkanaut crew opened fire from the base of the butte, slaying the crew of the Magma Cannon with their Aethergold-powered weaponry. Apparently, the forces of Barak-Thryng were at work this day, presumably attempting to reclaim the salvaged duardin heirlooms. The Liberators charged the Fireglaives, fighting for control of the ruin. They slew a few, but the combination of Mystic Shield, Blackshard Armour, and the cover provided by the ruin itself rendered the duardin nigh impervious. Not so, however, when the surviving Retributor charged in, his hammer crackling with critical energy. He was furious at the destruction of his battle brothers. With little regard for the Fireglaives entrenched position, he hurled mortal wounds in all directions until the duardin, and their fearless leader Hazim, were no more. Gladion picked up Hazim's enchanted weapon, hung it on his belt, and continued the fight. There was still a sacred relic to be reclaimed. By the time Fleet Admiral Skragnir had climbed to the top of the butte, his Akanauts had been gunned down to a man. They had acquitted themselves nobly, felling both the Magma Cannon, and the Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher, and nearly destroying the Dreadquake Mortar. But the job that remained needed to be done right, so he would have to do it himself. Though Dray's Blackshard Hammer nearly sundered Skragnir's plate armour and sent him back to the spirit in the sky, the Slave Ogor had been whipped too mercilessly during the battle and contributed nothing to the melee. Skragnir set upon them with his Aethermatic Hammer, reassuring himself of his righteousness muttering under his breath "there's just no trading with some people". His devastating hammer blows demolished the Dreadquake Mortar and sent Dray flying back off of the butte. He looked on in shock, took one last puff of his pipe, and fell into the crackling lava below. The sacred scroll he had been carrying drifted slowly to Gladion's feet. Gladion collected it and gave a signal to Skragnir. Then they began the long walk to rejoin their skyfleet. Crossposted from hive fleet charybdis.
  17. So a loosely tied together battle report here for the first match I've played with my Skaven. You can find my army list here, but safe to say it's the typical Verminus Clawpack list. I played against @Ademo's death army with the following key units, 40 skeletons 2 morghasts vamp on zombie dragon 6 spirit hosts We played border war [ghoul patrol!], and I was given the first turn. Turn 1 Pimped out my 30 man stormvermin and sent them to the right-hand objective using sayl's traitor's mist. pushed two units of 10 clanrats towards the left-hand objective. The 30 unit so clan rats stayed put on my home objective - got the five points right off the bat. In response, morghasts and black knights advanced towards my two 10 man clanrats on the left and the unit of six Spirit hosts advanced towards and then charged my storm vermin on the right, and here's where it goes downhill. They manage to kill 12 storm vermin in the first round of combat, mainly with their 6's to hit mortal wound spam and the re-rolls to hit with the dread something command ability - The death frenzy I placed on the stormvermin, coupled with the gnash-gnaw meant those dead guys could throw back with 36 attacks - I managed to cause three wounds. [3+ save (mystic shield), ignoring rend, and a 5+ death save (close to vamp on dragon) is a hard thing to get through] In response, I attacked with the rest of the unit and killed another base and some wounds, before an unlucky bravery role left me with 14 storm vermin. Turn 2 @Ademo won the roll into turn two for the double turn. The two 10 man clan rats got into combat with black knights and morghasts respectively - the black knights and one of the 10 man clan rats unit, spent the rest of the game just tapping each other. The morghasts flunked combat and only killed a couple of clan rats. Combat this round saw the rest of my storm vermin wiped out, but not before I managed to reduce them to two of the 6 bases. In my turn 2, I charged the spirits with my Verminlord and flew the stormfiends across the board with Traitor's Mist, where they managed to inflict 10 wounds on the vampire lord with their warpfire projectors. The verminlord dicked the remaining spirit hosts. The clanrat left flank was still static, though the warpfire and ratling gun with the two 10 man clanrats did some number of wounds to the morghasts, killing one. Turn 3 I won the roll to get the double turn into turn three, though lacked anything specific to capitalise on. The verminlord continued up the right into some graveguard, the stormfiends tried valiantly to ****** the vampire lord in combat but lost. the 30 man clanrats faced off against the 40 unit of skeletons in the middle, and the left flank saw more black knights and clanrats playing spoons in the corner. @Ademo's turn 3 saw the 40 skeleton unit descend upon the 30 clanrats. 90 attacks, hitting on 3's, with a double pile in and attack on account of van hels is a good way to remove a large unit from the board. Without the stormvermin on the right flank, the verminlord was overrun (irony?) and my right flank collapsed. the left flank still did nothing, the 40 unit of skeletons managed to tag my home objective. At this point, it wasn't possible for me to win the game through objective points, so we finished turn four and called it a day. But well done to @Ademo for a game well played! Lessons learned? Flying, warpfire projecting, stormfiends are the bomb Stormvermin aren't good against ghosts I need some range (warp lightning cannon?) to kill vamp lords on dragons (or kill undead heroes in general) I think a combination of not focussing a lot of my attention on the death heroes (coupled with their placement) meant I really suffered to the buffs they can deal out to their units. I need to use my 10 man clanrats as more of screen than as separate unit. Great game, looking forward to the next.
  18. please delete, this was accidentally out in the wrong forum.
  19. Hello, Just started 2 weeks ago with match play AoS, and bought my own army less than two weeks ago after reading through the book for Kharadron overlords. I am no expert in battle reports, and I do this mainly for fun and as a hobby. With time I hope to get better at creating battle reports, but for now this will do. I am not doing the traditional "record everything" and talking. My battle reports I will aim for 10-25 minutes, focusing on high lights of the game phases. Fait warning, the video is fast pasted. This is due to the lack of time I had for this game. I have already reduced the speed on the clips, but can't do it further without losing to much frame rate. This battle report is my third match play game. The two first games I didn't record (well I did record the second but it went really one sided), but I did lose those two. First one I take pride in having one third of my force left, while the Stormcast, only had one hero left. Anyhow, here is my very short first AoS battle report. (I play Barak-Mhornar Skyport)
  20. Part 1: Prologue Thunder rumbled and echoed over the distant ragged mountain peaks that surrounded Wortbad. One of the moons pierced the heavy black clouds that rolled and writhed over them and silver light picked out the tops of tangled dead trees. The woods that filled most of the land between the Evernight Peaks and the village were dark and foreboding, even in daylight, at night they were full of terrors. Horrific things prowled the winding paths between gnarled and clawing branches. Spirits of the restless dead, flesh eating creatures, ghouls, ghasts, wolves, bats, vampires and worse. ~ ~ ~ The chill Autumn wind scoured Sorrow Fen and whipped the long coats and tattered robes of the Nachtjägers. Professor Fangmorder pulled his broad brimmed hat firmly down on his head and squinted with his one good eye through a small brass spyglass. After a few minutes of studying the boarded-up doors and windows of Wortbad and noting the numerous crude wards, made of string, twigs, bones and dried flowers hung from door and window frames, he closed the spyglass with a click. He turned to Grimming and nodded sombrely. “It is as ve feared. The willage is deserted again and looks wery much like it vas overrun by Deadwalkers recently.” he said with a heavy Harrowmark accent. Grimmig took a long breath, as if to ready himself. The Shaman-Priest hefted his grandhammer and said “Den dere is da Holy vork of Sigmork to be done!” with fury in his eyes. ~ ~ ~ Godfather Viktor and I are about to start a five game campaign for the Halloween season. In the past we have always aimed to play a themed game to celebrate Halloween but for lots of reasons they have never happened. This year we decided to play a mini campaign over a few weeks to make sure the seasonal game takes place, even if we can't play on the 31st of October itself!
  21. Horrors giggled as they emerged onto the abundant landscape of the Realm of Life. Trees adorned the rolling hills and an old fort, at one with the foliage emerging from it, sat ahead of them. Carcarion, an Ogroid Thaumaturge of impressive width, lumbered through the gate behind them. He was accompanied by a willowy Gaunt Summoner, his name known only to himself. More troops of the Neverending Host of Change filed and flew from the rippling realmgate. A chariot, complete with Gorebeast, rumbled forth with Skyfires on discs zipping through the air above it. Last to emerge, crackling with pent-up energy, came Stanza; Tzaangor Shamen and master of all his kind in the caves. The air was vital with magical charge. Something cataclysmic was imminent and it had brought more than Tzeench’s sons to the forest. In the distance Sylvaneth warriors and KharadronOverlords could be glimpsed through the trees. Arrows whistled into the Skyfires as the enemy moved forward, one burying itself to the hilt and whipping a Tzaangor from his floating monstrosity. Caracarion bellowed his rage and waved the host forward. The Skyfires returned fire and took down one of the Hunters in the distance. Behind them the wizards began to chant and draw upon the essence of magic that emanated from the abandoned fort. Suddenly a comet burned through the sky and crashed into the ground on the far left of the Order battleline. Carcarion could sense the magical potential of the artefact and the Overlords could smell Aether, a Khemist in their midst. There was little time to think. Skyhooks roared forth their vicious ordnance, splitting the Skyfires in two or smashing them to the ground. Soon only the Aviarch stood proud. Another comet crashed to the surface in a welter of charred wood. It narrowly missed the fort and the Horrors raced to claim it. Things were looking grim for the host though as the chariot charged forward, only to be thrown off course as wildwoods burst from the ground around it. All was not lost. The Gaunt Summoner chanted passages from his book and flames erupted amongst the Arknonauts ahead of him, half of their number succumbing to the heat which found every ******. Carcarion’s own flaming staff engulfed another company, reducing its numbers dramatically. Reality folded and blinked and suddenly there were two more Skyfires hovering besides their Aviarch. They poured their fire into the Hunters stationed near the comet and charged forward to engage them while Stanza flew into the Arkhonauts in front of them. All was not won. The Arkhonauts pushed forward through the receding fires and levelled their weapons, the Khemist roaring them on. They first destroyed the Gaunt Summoner, his form returned to the Realm of Chaos, before sending the Horrors back from whence they came. Carcarion stood firm, casting a coruscating spell to increase his might. He first destroyed the Dryads facing him and then finished a unit of Arkhonautsclose behind with the aid of Stanza. Then he turned his attention to plundering the comet for its secrets. The Skyfireswere doing the same as they spent their lives finally finishing the Hunters. Stanza flew across and took the enemy’s comet for himself. Laden with new knowledge and the spoils of war the Tzeenchian heroes returned to the Cavern of Eternal Rebirth to oversee the regrowth of their companions. They left behind a landscape littered with the dead and barely a soul alive. This was the first outing for my Tzeenchian force. It was supposed to be doubles but my partner could not make the game. I just happened to have six Skyfires and a TzaangorShamen in my box which created another 500 points to play against James’ Kharadron and Sean’s Sylvaneth. It was a very relaxed affair with all of us learning our warscrolls and Sean having his first game of AOS. We played the ‘Gift From the Heavens’ battleplan from the General’s Handbook. I was impressed with the power of the Arkhonauts’ skyhooks and the Gaunt Summoner’s spell on a horde. The ability to fold reality with my Skyfires probably won me the game. A fun matchup, it is always entertaining to play when everyone is starting out with new armies. Hobby wise my Horrors are done for the moment and will be revisited in the future. Next jobs will be to finish Carcarion, the Ogroid, and put base colours and shade on the chariot. This will more likely be a unit used as a painting project and for relaxed games because it is a bit disappointing in combat due to lack of rend. Having said that it did hold up a unit of Arkhonauts for two vital turns. Paul Twitter: @ugluk1974
  22. Played my first game with the new Khorne abilities last night. 1500 points against Stormcast playing the Gift from the Heavens scenario (an objective aka meteor lands in each half in the second turn hero phase). Below are the forces and my thoughts / experiences for anyone interested (note* my opponent is very inexperienced and I'm inexperienced with AOS so some of our decisions may not have been the best); My Force; Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (Immense Power; +1 dmg to melee wpns) 2 x Bloodsecrators (yes we played them as stacking) 1 x Bloodstoker (Talisman of Burning Blood; +1" to run&charge within 8") 20 x Bloodletters 20 x Bloodreavers 5 x Blood warriors 2 x 5 Flesh hounds 1 x Skull Cannon Stormcast Force: Lord celestant (General, luckstone) Lord Celestant on Dracoth (5+ ward save) Lord Castellant (luckstone) 3 x Units of 5 liberators 3 x units of 5 Paladins 1 x Prosecutors with javelins Hammerstrike Battalion Stormcast took the first turn and flew the prosecutors straight to the middle of the table with one unit of Paladins using the hammerstike ability to deploy in my face immediately and charged my fleshounds. I had set up a unit of 5 hounds directly opposite the prosecutors, hoping he would give me first turn and the opportunity to get a first turn charge and wipe them out, thus meaning his paladins would have to land 9" away. Sadly it wasnt to be and the flesh hounds were instantly smooshed. My Skull Cannon manged to hit and wound the Prosecutors but he made the 6 up save! :-( I charged the paladins with my bloodletters and reavers while the Bloodthirster charged and destroyed the prosecutors with a single swipe of his axe. In return the Paladins killed 9 Bloodletters! That extra damage from the battalion is nuts! One Paladin survived combat and rolled a 1 for battleshock. The bloodletter horn kicked in and he had to reroll, failed and fled! :-) Turn 2 I won initiative and my comet (objective) landed on my left side. Unfortunately the rest of the stormcast force had hung right back, waiting to see where the objectives landed. Although I had the double turn there was no one to charge so my force advanced to hold the centre ground while the remaining 5 hounds and the bloodstoker guarded my objective. The skullcannon fired at and missed the Lord Celestant. In Stormcast turn 2 his meteor objective landed to his left (diagonally opposite mine) right next to a unit of liberators. He dropped another unit of paladins on the corner where my objective was but fortunately they failed their charge and so couldnt contest it. One unit of liberators made its way up the stormcast right flank while another unit of liberators and the remaining paladins charged the bloodletters. Many were killed but the unit held (thanks to the Bloodsecrators; I was tempted to roll anyway in the hopes of rolling a 1 but decided it was better not to risk it and left them there tieing up the paladins in case he won initiative next turn). Turn 3 I won initiative again and used blood tithe for the first time ever. I had 6 points by this stage so used them on the brass skull meteor thingy. All 3 of his heros were hiding at the back in close proximity. Unfortunately I only caused 1 wound on the Celestant and failed to hit the other two heroes (actually rolled 3 x 1's so that was a fail...). The Bloodthirster used his breath on the nearby Paladins and the Skull Cannon managed to take out one as well. The Bloodthirster then charged the unit of liberators in the centre while the reavers charged the Paladins. Over at my objective on the left flank I elected to move further away from the paladins who had jumped down last turn, thus ensuring I would have an uncontested objective for another turn and potentially giving them a hard charge next turn. On the right flank the skull cannon and blood warriors continued their advance towards the Stormcast meteor. Stormcast turn 3 saw the flanking liberator units move forward. Round 3 combat saw the Bloodthirster wipe out the liberators, the paladins finish off the bloodletters before the reavers cut down the remaining paladins. Turn 4 saw Stormcast win initiative. The 3 heroes came forward with the Celestant on foot and Castellant charging the Reavers while the Celestant on Dracoth charged the Bloodthirster. The Paladins in the corner made their charge, engaging the hounds and bloodstoker at once. The Stormcast heroes performed poorly, failing to wound the Bloodthirster and only killing a few Reavers. The Bloodthirster killed the Dracoth while the Reavers took the Celestant down to 1 wound and the Castellant to 2. The Paladins killed the Bloodstoker but the hounds survived meaning he couldnt claim both objectives. In my turn my blood warriors and skull cannon were still out of range of the stormcast objective on my right flank and the skull cannon missed another shot at the Celestant. The Bloodthirster charged and destroyed the liberator unit on my left flank while the paladins finish off the hounds. At the end of round 4 the Stormcast were down to 2 heroes and 2 units, but their units were in the right position to claim an objective this round while I was not. Turn 5 saw Stormcast win initiative again but I used 3 Blood Tithe points in order for my Bloodthirster to charge the Paladins guarding my objective... charge failed. The Liberators guarding his objective charged my skull cannon but failed to wound it. In return the gnashing maw actually caused a wound and I got to shoot in the combat phase! (naturally the shot missed). The Paladins ended up charging the Bloodthirster anyway and took him down to 5 wounds; he slaughtered all but one in return. The Celestant and Castellant survived another round with the Reavers but would both be cut down in my turn. My turn 5 started and at this point he had 9 Victory Points to my 5 however If I could secure one of the objectives by the end of my turn then I would win. Sadly as the bloodthirster was still engaged with the single paladin he couldnt claim my objective. My only shot was to kill off the remaining 2 liberators attacking my skull cannon and I would claim his objective. My 5 x Blood Warriors needed to make a 6" charge to join the combat and would surely have killed the surviving lib's but I rolled 4. This left it all up to the skull cannon but its shot missed, the maw missed and the bloodletters only managed 1 wound. The Liberators survived to contest the objective and despite them being the only Stormcast left on the table, Khorne was "technically" defeated. SUMMARY Should have moved those blood warriors forward in my first turn. By holding them back a turn cost me a charge (they should have made it anyway but meh..). The Skull cannon was frustrating early (although can't blame the cannon when my opponent makes a 6 up save). Having the Gnashing Maw effect go off was a bonus, even if the subsequent shot missed. I had intended to take 30 marauders instead of the cannon, which probably would have been more useful in this battle, but hadn't built them all yet. The bloodsecrators sat at the back of the board doing nothing all game; very boring but the attack and battleshock immunity buffs are too good not to have. The Bloodthirster was immense, single handedly slaying 10 x liberators, 4 x paladins, 3 x prosecutors and a Lord Celestant on Dracoth, and he survived the battle! Overall a fun and somewhat unpredictable game. Any thoughts / comments / questions on the army lists or tactics welcome! :-) Thanks for reading!
  23. Hi, We filmed another battle report for Ye Olde Battle Reps. This time we're using fully painted armies instead of the sea of grey plastic from last time. Here it is: Beastclaw Raiders + Gutbusters vs Chaos, 2000 pts Hope you enjoy!
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