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Found 17 results

  1. Earlier on I posted an image of the original Skyfire model I painted. I have finished the Shaman to go with them now as well. This was a super cool model to paint. Came together really quickly and I was really happy with it. I cut a few corners to speed up the painting so areas like the robes are just the undercoat with no touch ups, just a few edge highlights, and there are a lot of areas that are deliberately not painted (under the disc, underside of the robes etc. As this is a relatively quick gaming army I am trying not to get caught up on all the details, but I still want it to look neat and tidy. One of the things I did was to paint the disc in sections this time which was an awful lot faster and easier than trying to paint them once they were all glued together. I enjoyed using one of the Shattered Dominion Hero bases for it as well as I have a few still lying around. I am most pleased with the feathers on this guy. I think they came out really well and hopefully it can be utilised on the Lord of Change which is up next...
  2. Putting a general question to the community, and apologies if this has already been addressed or discussed: Has anyone used or purchased the painting mat and brush wallet available at this years Games Workshop Store Birthdays - wondering if they are worth investing in, or if they're of any use
  3. For the Realm of life table I wanted to add in a piece that called back to the Old World, so I thought that an Elven Waystone dedicated to Allarielle would be a nice way of doing this. It could be kept standing through the powers of the wanderers and have some magical effect that bolstered the Sylvaneths power. One of the challenges with making this from blue foam is keeping all the angles consistant. To solve this I b cut a rectangular block and then cut a wedge from a a second piece to make sure the angle would be consistent. Each time I made an angled cut along he long sides I kept the off cut and taped it back on so that I was always cutting from a rectangle. This meant that the shape would be consistent throughout. I cut the waystone and the square base together and joined these with cocktail sticks and silicon glue. I drew on a lot of the detail with a pencil to make the indented pattern and then glued on some half beads and the elven letters that I cut from a stencil. The top of the waystone was decorated with a small circular gourd that came from the lake town house kit from The Hobbit range. The Plinth was made from thin slices of blue foam that I laser cut. I was able to engrave on the stone shapes and runes which saved a lot of time. I had to play around with the power setting n the machine to get a good effect though. When this had finished I glued them all together onto a hardboard base. The edges were sanded and I cut the edges with a craft knife to roughen the stones appearance. I also cut some steps from cardboard that I could glue down. Painting was a quick job. First I gave the whole thing a coat of blue tester pot paint from B&Q before spraying it all with greys and browns. I did the waystone and the plinth separately. Then I drybrushed the whole thing with Wrack white and Terminatus Stone before spraying the half beads and the top gourd with a bright blue to create the OSL effect. Its a bit non specific, but it does the job. I then edge highlighted a lot of the stone work and drew on the cracks in the steps with a sharpie and white paint. The final step was to glue the whole piece together and add some flock, tufts and bushes.
  4. I had this conversion knocking around my painting desk for a while as my Budget of Sigmar 2 Army got shelved as I worked on the Tzeentch army for the South Coast GT. I had always planned on it being the leader of the force. It is on a big 60mm base with the mystical rocks hanging around him. The conversion was done with the 40K Cult Mechanics hero and mixing it with Blight Kings parts. The most challenging part was drilling out the head to make the space for the Blightkings head. As I started painting it I was not very happy with where it was going which was why it never got finished earlier. However I was happy with how the overall scheme came out with a couple of provisos. The green rocks are probably too distracting and need to be smaller, but this is a change I am loathe to make because of the fact that they are metal and it would be a pain to do! The other is changing the colours of the tentacles under the model. The white is too bright and distracts from the rest of the model. I had some good feedback from Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly about changing them to a green, and I think he's right so that will be something that I will go back and sort out shortly. Otherwise I am pleased to get another Budget of Sigmar 2 model finished.
  5. Event Title: South Coast GT 2017 Event Author: Dan Heelan Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 04/21/2017 04:00 PM to 04/23/2017 07:30 PM This is the UK's largest singles Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event, returning again for its 8th Year. Date for SCGT2017: 21st - 23rd April 2017 This thread will contain updates & info, the main central source of info is here: heelanhammer.com/SCGT South Coast GT 2017
  6. Dan Heelan

    South Coast GT 2017

    This is the UK's largest singles Warhammer: Age of Sigmar event, returning again for its 8th Year. Date for SCGT2017: 21st - 23rd April 2017 This thread will contain updates & info, the main central source of info is here: heelanhammer.com/SCGT
  7. For my South Coast Army I needed Kairos to lead my troops. Although he has lost the ability to change the turn roll he is still a good leader. Once again the model was a real joy to put together. I tried to keep the staff separate this time to make sure that the painting was a bit easier this time. I sprayed the model Macragge Blue, then used a baby blue spray paint and some white from a can to pick out the chest and heads. I used spray cans for the purple on the wings and also to do the feet. This gives some nice gradients if you are careful, and means that the base coat is quite effective strength away. All I had to then was wash areas and dry brush and then pick out all the sharp points. However the areas like the gold and the staff took a lot longer than I thought this time. I think I spent five or six hours picking these all out and finishing them off over the last week. I now have two more to do for my trip to Portsmouth so I've got to keep going. The next one I think will be mostly green and purple! If you have any comments or questions let me know below.
  8. Welcome to the first Legacy of Ink and Blood entry. Posed shot during match set-up: Warriors of Chaos enter the Blood Forest. Terrain from the Fanticide Range by Architects of war / Alien dungeon (R.I.P.) Scenario Setting: The Realm of Life is steadily growing poisoned, tainted with the blight of Chaos and their troops who revel in miasma and disease. Vast black shardes of volcanic rock have jutted from the despoiled lands once lush with green. Many portions of the majestic forest have withered and fell to decay. Once a haven for the Nobler races, their people now wage war at the borders attempting to stifle the majority of the approaching armies. It is on the borders of Ghyran, in a key strategic location, where rival factions of the same evil ilk collide. Battle Report 1: Watchtower Scenario Chaos Grand Alliance Clans Pestilens vs. Clans Verminus Realm: Ghyran, the Realm of Life Matched play points per side: 800 After several practice games using Stormcast Eternals and a smattering of different Aelves and Khorne units, my friend Phil and I felt well versed in the rules of AoS. It was time to begin our consecutive ongoing battles. Phil's army consisted of primarily Clans Verminus Battle line units, but included Rat Ogres and others from various Skaven hordes. Since any units under a Grand Alliance are playable in an Age of Sigmar army, he was able to field the points despite having a rather modest collection for our first encounter. Despite being unde 1k, we followed the guidelines of the Generals Handbook for a Vanguard sized game. These smelly beasts were led by a Skaven warlord as well as a Wizard. A Doomwheel accepted the role of his main heavy-hitter in the fight. My Pestilens chaos force was led by Epidemius, and consisted of Plague Bearers x 10, chaos Warriors x 20, some Hounds and the like. A giant gargaunt, intoxicated and unpainted, led my way. The watchtower Scenario is in the first Age of sigmar hardcover book. Phil was the Guardian with his Skaven infesting the objective with a unit of Clan Rats. In this case, the watchtower simply was replaced with a suitable piece of forest ground, affording removable trees for aesthetics. My Pestilens were the invaders. My objective was to eradicate and clear the woods, including using the Lure Them Out command ability to ensure success. We agreed ahead of time to end the game at the end of turn 4, as Age of Sigmar is a scenario based system and this would prevent a war of attrition. Whoever had the most models within the objective terrain would constitute the victor. As you will see reading on, this simple stipulation coupled with unique the command ability for each force produced a very climactic ending. Round One: As the Guardian, Phil placed an entire unit of Clan Rats in the objective to hold it firm. We missed in the instructions that he also could of included a Hero as well. While the back-placement kept him safe, make a note for your matches, as increased muscle up front is an important option for the defender. This was compensated, however, by the fact that he placed both of his separate Battleline units into one large group. We both made numerous rookie errors during this first battle, and they seemed to only enhance the fun! He opted as the guardian to take the first turn, and began advancing his troops to reinforce the woods. This was an important time for his placement, and he chose well, being able to see where I had positioned my forces on the opposite edge of the 4' x 6' table. For my deploy, Epidemius and accompanying Warriors of Chaos took the center, storming toward the skittering eyes of the defending rodents. On the left flank was the Gargaunt, and to the far right you can see my Chaos Hounds advancing with intent to engage the Doom Wheel and prevent it from supporting the central battle. With a move of 10" and a guaranteed run of another 6", they made impressive headway with that intent. This careful positioning and advancement adequately reflects the beginning of the battle. More to follow soon as these mutually repulsive armies clash in the second round! also forthcoming is a bit of fluff and backstory about our Hero's and their loyal troops. Thanks for reading.
  9. Good afternooon everyone. I have just heard of the tga.community site while listening to the Mortal Realms Podcast. Really loving the story driven and player cooperation based design that characterizes Age of Sigmar. I'm in a bit of an awkward place where I am really excited about it but none of the guys I play 40k with care at all about it. I am working on an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering that eats up time like an snowball in hell. So with no one to really play with and limited time to play I am mostly buying up the armies i'm interested in and painting where I can. My plan is to hit up the flgs and try to meet some new people to play with when things slow down a little. I did get a friend that play Necrons to did his skaven out. We have started up a narrative campaign with a hero leveling system I half-baked up. I am still writing the battle report but some of those details can be found at realmwalker.wordpress.com I am currently working on 3 main armies Some Stormcast eternals that mostly consists of the starter box, though fighting skaven I may be getting some judicator and decimators. I am also really enjoying painting and building some Khorne Bloodbound. Khornate warriors of chaos are actually my very first minaitures army collection ever. I abandoned them when everyone around me started playing 40k. I also have a sylvaneth force I am painting up. I wan to ally them with a high elf dragon and dragon princes as if a dragon is hiding in Gyhran, protected by servants of alarielle and a few surviving aelfs. We will see where the main narrative goes as far as aelfs are concerned before I finish up that part of the army.
  10. Ive had these Sisters kicking around for ages, and even though I haven't played my Wanderers for a while I spent a bit of time this weekend getting the mounts completed so i can get them off my painting table and into the 'completed' draw. As always with the Wanderers they were done fast, with a little bit of sponging and freehand to add some quick simple textures to elevate them slightly. I think I have one or two riders already completed, so I just have three left to do.
  11. For the Budget of Sigmar 2 painting challenge I need to do a character and a unit. The unit is going to be my three beasts of nurgle, which are converted and undercoated now. For the character I have my Plague Lord, which was an older model that I have rebased to fit in with the theme of the army. Its converted from the excellent Nurgle Lord kit and the Nurgle Herald kit from the Demon range.
  12. I have started working on rebasing my Empire Army now as The Freeguild. There are quite a few things that appeal to me about the army from AoS as I can use the colour scheme to add in other models. I have already done some dwarfs in the red and white scheme and I like them a lot. However one thing I wasn't sure about was the basing for the models. In the end I decided to go for the Shattered Dominion base from GW. I can also get some of the hero bases now as well. The one thing that they don't do are big model bases though. To rectify this I decided to try and create my own. I used a 130mm Hardboard base that I had lying around as a starting point. On the models I have rebased so far I have used Blood for the BloodGod in all the cracks, so for the larger base I decided I wanted a blood pool on the base. I had some of the 40K pipes lying around so I glued that to the centre. I then added in some old stone walls to the side, although this isn't really visible now that the cork bark has been added. To create the bases I used Cork tiles to represent the ground levels. I'm not usually a fan, but for my purposes here its a good choice as its flat! Once these had been glued down I used cork bark to fill in all the space. To support the top layer I used some left over pink foam. I glued on a lot of the Shattered Dominion basing pieces to represent the ground, along with a manhole cover. Once everything was dry I then attacked the base with the Vallejo basing pastes to fit all the gaps and holes. I also used some sand and gravel to get some variation into the texture. I knew that the base was going to need a whole bunch of skulls on it so I glued some in place around the top. In the pool itself I cut a lot of plastic skulls into pieces so it will hopefully look like they are submerged in the blood pool. Normally I'd use water effects here, but the plan is to just use the Blood for the Blood God paint to create the pool and add a lot of gloss varnish over the top. The final construction stage will be to cut round the base and sand it so it is circular and then glue a plastic strip round the edge to cover the big gap. I'm looking forward to getting this one painted!
  13. These are copies of a discussion I've been having in a Google+ community about using Water Effects and my experiments so far. Hopefully others can add to it here. Part 1: Does anyone know any tutorials or videos for making pools and water effects on bases??? Part 2: Ok, here is the one I've started working on as a test. I've tried the Vallejo water effects first, but it isn't sitting flat. I'm going to keep adding to it. I've ordered some clear plastic beads to go in before I do the next layer and I'll top it up again. I've added some Nurgles rot to get the green tinge. Part 3: So the water effects experimentation continues. I added the microbeads to the water effects and it works but is very subtle. It also didn't really help having the sand on the bottom of the water as the bubbles and sand grit intermingle making it hard to pick them out. For the Allarielle model I think I will make the water deeper so the bottom can't be seen which will hopefully make the bubbles work better. I also think I overdid it a bit which gave a more crystalline effect in places where the beads piled up (this might make a great Ice Base...). However by continually topping up the water effects I have managed to fill the base and it does look slimy. I also popped the model I painted in the 45 minute speed painting completion for the Painting Masters (an event we did in the UK at the start of 2015 alongside the Gaming Masters) just so the base dissent go to waste. I think I'll add some more plants as its a bit bare but I', not that concerned as its a basing exercise.
  14. Here are a few photos of my Orion model that I've had lying around for a few months. After south coast I needed a bit of a break from chaos so a nice legacy (read oop) model seemed the way to go. The fine cast is good everywhere except the two hands which are shocking. I might have a play around at changing the horn hand to something else.
  15. Ben

    Warhammer Fest

    From the Warhammer World website: Everything You Need to Know! Warhammer Fest is a celebration of everything about the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000; the miniatures, the backgrounds, the stories and the games. You will encounter fantastic miniatures, seminars, in-depth demonstrations and inspiring displays. You will also be able to pick up the latest releases from Games Workshop, Forge World and Black Library, along with exclusive event only merchandise. With such a wide range of activities, you can plan your day around specific elements, or just enjoy whatever grabs your attention. Read on to discover news so far about what you can take home, what you can see and what you can do! Venue: Ricoh Arena, UK. To find out more about the venue, click here. Dates: Saturday 14th 10.00am – 5.00pm & Sunday 15th 9.30am – 4.00pm May 2016 Tickets: Adult £20 Child £10 (Children aged 12 – 16, children age 11 and under are free) Things to take Home Get an exclusive memento of your experience with event only products to use in your games and show off to your friends. Pick up something special as a lasting memento of your day or weekend experience. Event Exclusives Start Warhammer Fest with a free event exclusive bag, with some little surprises inside! You can also pick up an exclusive Warhammer Fest only t-shirt. The event is also the first place to get Forge World’s event only miniature for 2016, as well as other event only items you won’t find in stores or online. First Access Be among the first to get hold of brand new items, at Warhammer Fest before anywhere else! We can’t reveal all of the new items available for the first time, but among them are the Domitar-Ferrum Class Battle Automata and tickets for Forge World Open Day! Things to See and Do There’s a lot more to be announced and more details we’ll be confirming, but to whet your appetite. here are some highlights of what to expect. Golden Demon On Sunday, Warhammer Fest will be hosting the 2016 Golden Demon Classic Miniatures Painting Competition, the calendar highlight for miniatures painters throughout the world. If you want to compete and showcase your painting skills, or be a spectator to this extravaganza of miniatures, then this is a fantastic opportunity! Click the button to get more information about Golden Demon, including a full category guide and entry form. Seminars When you arrive at Warhammer Fest, you can sign up for free for the seminars of your choice. Each seminar will be run twice each day – so although spaces are limited, each seminar will happen four times over the whole weekend. We can’t announce all the seminar details just yet, but find out what is confirmed via the red button. Authors If you’re a fan Black Library’s books, a range of their authors will be joining us for the weekend at Warhammer Fest. You can have a casual chat, get your books signed, and they’ll also be taking part in seminars, looking in greater depth at the worlds of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000. We have announced which authors you can meet, so if that excites you, click the button to discover the details! The Activity Zone The Activity Zone found on the ground floor of Warhammer Fest will have a plethora of activities for you to drop in and out of, perfect to entertain you in any spare moments you may have on the day. Bring your miniatures for a fast and fun game on the Bring and Battle tables, drop into a Games Workshop boxed game session, and take part in the Scrap Demon Challenge Design Teams Staff from Games Workshop’s various Design Studios will all be joining us at Warhammer Fest so you can meet the dedicated teams that bring to life the worlds we all love. This is your chance to chat with them and ask any burning questions about Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000, as well as seeing their work up close and personal. We’ll be announcing more details soon. More to come!… We’ll be announcing details for all of the great things above soon, as well as even more for you to see and do at the event that we’re keeping a surprise for now. Watch the blog and facebook for details! Check out some of the highlights from the last Warhammer Fest below! - See more at: http://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/warhammer-fest-2016/#sthash.4iYcPPiT.dpuf
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