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  1. I recently bought the slaves to darkness battleforce, got carried away and then realised I was not enjoying painting them. Looking to get some ogres (my first love) instead. Because I have cracked into the box, the contents are a bit bizarre. Included is: Converted hero Converted demon prince 16xChaos Warriors 10xChaos Knights (horses assembled, riders on sprue) Gorebeast chariot (assembled) Shrine of chaos (partassembled, ogres base coated and washed) Converted manticore and chaos lord I shall add more pictures shortly. Looking to trade for most ogre kingdoms items, ideally unpainted but will consider anything, or PayPal so I can buy some ogres! Thanks for your time converted chaos lord Converted demon prince Chaos warriors
  2. I dream of option 3. Splitting gutbusters and BCR never sat right with me anyway.
  3. Long time no see! Essays and dissertations have been kicking my butt but I am working on this guy for May
  4. Hey guys, I have a tournament coming soon, its a doubles event. My partner is running Bloodbound and I have decided on StD. I have just bought the godsworn battleforce box and am wondering what you all think would be a good little list for my 1000 points. Ive not really played 2.0 (i know, I'm awful) so im at a bit of a loss on how to build. I'm guessing dispelling and hordes? I appreciate I'm not giving much to go on here but any help is appreciated!
  5. As the title says, cash or trades waiting
  6. 9 river trolls and 40 goblins £80 6 idoneth eels £40 3 golfags mercenaries £20 Greenskins bnib £12
  7. Yep. The trouble with huge apocalypse events is that you have to keep one upping them and you write yourself into a corner. Far better to have a small scale story leading to a revelation.
  8. Glad you have started this, was thinking of something similar myself but I'm lazy. As for what I'm doing, I'm going full trolls to start with. Get a good feel for the army and then I may add in some more competitive ****** units to up the win rate. I'm super excited for the release. Been wanting a good looking elite monstermash army for a while.
  9. I'm going full trolls. "Well actually you will find it's stronger to take a unit of gobl..." *SLAP* , I said, I'm going full trolls.
  10. Lots has sold and a few bits added
  11. Old starter set and loose orcs nowsold
  12. Hi all, I've been given a loaf of stuff from someone quitting the hobby. I'm based in the UK but happy to post elsewhere if you cover the postage. Anyway, on to the models, everything is brand new and still wrapped in celophane unless stated Start collecting ironjawz £40 Mawkrusha £50 Ironjawz megaboss £15 Ironjawz weirdnob shaman £12 Moonclan goblins £15 Arachnorok spider £30 Savage Orruks £22 Orc Boyz (No cellophane) £15 20 part painted moonclan goblins on mdf bases £10 6 idoneth deepkin Eels built in sub assemblies £40 More may be added Message me with any enquiries etc.
  13. It's my birthday on the 1st and I'm looking at starting some deepkin for the occasion. Gonna start simply with 6 eels and stretch goal will be probably an akhelian king, but subject to change. I actually finished last month's pledge and painted extra to boot! Here's a quick paint job on one of my favourite old school minis
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