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  1. Mohojoe

    For sale UK

    9 river trolls and 40 goblins £80 6 idoneth eels £40 3 golfags mercenaries £20 Greenskins bnib £12
  2. Yep. The trouble with huge apocalypse events is that you have to keep one upping them and you write yourself into a corner. Far better to have a small scale story leading to a revelation.
  3. Mohojoe

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Glad you have started this, was thinking of something similar myself but I'm lazy. As for what I'm doing, I'm going full trolls to start with. Get a good feel for the army and then I may add in some more competitive ****** units to up the win rate. I'm super excited for the release. Been wanting a good looking elite monstermash army for a while.
  4. Mohojoe

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    I'm going full trolls. "Well actually you will find it's stronger to take a unit of gobl..." *SLAP* , I said, I'm going full trolls.
  5. Mohojoe

    Mohojoes mega sale!

    Lots has sold and a few bits added
  6. Mohojoe

    Mohojoes mega sale!

    Old starter set and loose orcs nowsold
  7. Mohojoe

    Mohojoes mega sale!

    Hi all, I've been given a loaf of stuff from someone quitting the hobby. I'm based in the UK but happy to post elsewhere if you cover the postage. Anyway, on to the models, everything is brand new and still wrapped in celophane unless stated Start collecting ironjawz £40 Mawkrusha £50 Ironjawz megaboss £15 Ironjawz weirdnob shaman £12 Moonclan goblins £15 Arachnorok spider £30 Savage Orruks £22 Orc Boyz (No cellophane) £15 20 part painted moonclan goblins on mdf bases £10 6 idoneth deepkin Eels built in sub assemblies £40 More may be added Message me with any enquiries etc.
  8. Mohojoe

    The Painting Contract - December 2018

    It's my birthday on the 1st and I'm looking at starting some deepkin for the occasion. Gonna start simply with 6 eels and stretch goal will be probably an akhelian king, but subject to change. I actually finished last month's pledge and painted extra to boot! Here's a quick paint job on one of my favourite old school minis
  9. Mohojoe

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Hey all, trying to get a functioning Army together to play some games. Currently have a star drake, relictor, 2 fulminators and 10 sequitors. I'm thinking of splitting sequitors into two groups of five and adding a Lord arcanum on foot and a unit of judicators, a heralding and a castellant. Anyone got any better suggestions?
  10. Mohojoe

    Proxy models in Matched Play

    Just throwing in my perspective into the ring. I don't get to play often so I'm more than happy to play against most stuff. Sure, I would prefer if people put in the same effort as I did but I know that's out of my control. In a tournament, usually the TOs set a boundary on what is allowed. All models painted with at least 3 colours and based etc. Proxies being used at a tournament I do not agree with (I'm aware your post was just about pick up games) as this competitive setting doesn't call for it. At the end of the day I want to play more games and meet more people so proxy away, just don't take the ******
  11. Mohojoe

    The Lunar Nomads - A Stormcast Tale

    I think that's a fantastic idea!
  12. I would like to see a more I'm depth look at the factions. Wanting to fight all the time is great for a background faction but if they are to be a big player we need to see characters, religion, mythos and all the boring bits in between. Although short there was a great small story in the hammerhal audio books where a group of stormcast save a band of barbarians from an orruk hunt. Not much was particularly said but detail went into the voices and the descriptions. Their attitude had a drunken swagger that struck a chord more than the usual idiotic brutes and attention was paid to their evolution. However I'm also aware that there are some strong minded fans with their own firm views of what an ork/orruk should be and some level of that needs to be continued.
  13. Beneath a sky resembling an oil spill, the footfall of the Lunar Nomads rang out against a cobbled road. Their gold and crimson armour would have at one point been illuminated with the moonlight refraction, however after two and a half decades of carving their way through the land of the forsaken, it had lost it's previous lustre. When they had first arrived in these lands under a flurry of holy lightning, they had been freshly forged and brimming with anticipation for service of their Lord. The years in servitude had dulled not only their armour but also their zeal as fresh faced green soldiers were turned into gnarled and bitter veterans, under the pressures of this hostile land. At the head of the march was Carthan Kelvar, the Lord Celestant of the Lunar Nomads. Carthan was a pragmatic man who lead through example rather than hollow words. In battle he was the foremost in the ranks and while resting he always took first watch, never to be seen asking anything of his company that he wouldn't first put himself through. After so long from holy Azyr this was the figure head that drove the Lunar Nomads. Their mission had been to forge ahead of Sigmars forces and claim a realmgate deep in a Shyish citadel. At first the mission had seemed straight forward as they found minimal resistance between them and their prize. It was only upon activating the portal gates that they had discovered it's true nature. Purple lightning had erupted from the twin pillars and the entire company had been swallowed up with a feeling resembling being drowned in hot had before being thrust out the other side in a twisted shadow realm. Where Shyish had been a crumbling husk of its former glory, here ethereal towers loomed and the air tasted metallic. The portal had crumbled to dust behind them scattering to the winds as piercing screeches echoed through the shadow citadel halls. Many of their number had fallen in that first attack. Banshees had assailed them from above, drifting from the great stone rafters and descending upon startled prey. Great azure lightning burst from each warrior struck down by the ghostly fiends as Sigmar reclaimed his tortured souls. Carthan hastily organised his warriors into a retreating shield wall, with liberators and judicators in alternating lines. As crackles of lightning arrows pierced the apparitions, the judicators flowed backwards through the ranks and the liberators forced back their adversaries with shield and hammer. Holy sigmarite weapons smashed banshees out of existence as the company retreated out of the citadel. The bitter sting of a crushing defeat at the hands of such a trap and the loss of so many companions had shattered the companies morale but it was nothing compared to the realisation that they had been cut off from Azyr. No reinforcements arrived and try as they might they could not make contact with the God King. They had been cursed.
  14. Mohojoe

    newly dead and coven throne, how do they work?

    I think it's a pretty open and shut case with the mounts wording to be honest.