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  1. Thank you so much, i'll probably go for this list. One last dumb question, if i may (because i'm kind of on a tight budget right now). Do you think it would work to replace the Shadow Warriors with a Gyrobomber (80) and a Gyrocopter (70) and switch the Helstorm Rocket Batteries for Helstorm Volley guns? The Volley Guns over The Rockets would free up 30 points, so i could take the Gyros and get to exactly 1k. Because then i could just grab the Greywater start collecting box twice and just add 3 Helstorms and a Runelord. So if 3x Volley Guns, 1x Gyrocopter and 1x Gyrobomber could perform even just remotely as well as 3x Rocket Batteries and 10 Shadow Warriors i'd safe lots of money. If my changes suck i'll run it just as you wrote it down, sounds really good.
  2. I just thought about the second list again, because it would be by far the cheapest to build i think. If i were to take the gamble and actually field a Greywater Batallion, i'd go with: 1x Cogsmith (60) 3x10 Ironbreakers (330) 3x Helstorm Rocket Battery (390) Greywater Battalion (120) which would leave 100 points open. If i were to go that route, would you recommend a Warden King or a Runelord with the remaining points? I think having the Warden King as an additional fighter would be important with only 30 frontline troops, but the Runelords ability to dispel also seems pretty important to me. Just a theoretical question tho, i'll probably go with the first or third army anyway. Being completely new i just cant really tell how important dispelling would be, if i had to decide between the ability and combat stats. Especially at 1000 points i have no idea how much magic i actually have to expect.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'll go with one or three then. Not sure about the City yet, i dont have a battletome so far.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Sorry, i didnt write the second list clear enough. I wouldn't take one unit of 30 Longbeards but 3x10. So i'd fill battleline requirements and could split the army into 3 groups of 10 Longbeards, 1 Cannon and 1-2 Heroes each. Would that make it much better or are the other 2 lists still superior? In the third list i made the same mistake, i want to field 3x5 Pistoliers there
  5. Hey guys, I'm completely new to the game and want to get started soon. I want to start off with a 1000 point army for Cities of Sigmar and thought of three lists so far: The first one would be dwarfs: 1 Warden King (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 1 Cogsmith (60) 30 Ironbreakers (240) 30 Longbeards (270) 2 Helblaster Volley Guns (240) for exactly 1k. The second one has even more artillery focus: 1 Warden Kind (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 2 Cogsmiths (120) 30 Longbeards (300) 3 Helstorm Rocket Batteries (390) for exactly 1k. The third one would be mixed and more mobile: 1 Freeguild General (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 30 Handgunners (300) 20 Longbeards (200) 15 Pistoliers (300) for overall 990. Could you please give me some feedback if those armies would be any good and which one you'd expect to perform better? I intend to upgrade whichever i pick to a Greywater Battalion with 4 artillery pieces, once i assemble a 2k army. Any input would be highly appreciated.
  6. Hey guys, i'm completely new to AOS and want to start with my first 1k army soon. I've been thinking about the folloing army list for starting off: Commander: Freeguild General (100) Heroes: 3x Battlemage (330) Units: 2x10 Freeguild Guard (160) 10 Greatswords (140) Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) Battalion: Hallowheart (140) This would bring me to exactly 1k points for a starter army. Would this be somewhat decent? I feel like it could be way to little infantry to protect the mages and the artillery. Should i drop the Helstorm for more frontline? How would you set Hallowheart up for a cheap 1k army?
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