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Found 37 results

  1. I can't find anything specific on this. According to FAQs, Warscrolls and the like get overwritten by ones published at a more recent date, but unless there's something explicitly saying that an older feature is getting overwritten (like with the MP Realm Artifacts), is it still viable? Would I be able to use mercenaries in an army that's otherwise operating on GHB 2020 rules? Ideally, I'd like to find some kind of official ruling on this in the event it comes up in any games I might play in the future.
  2. Good morning all, I thought it was time I got a thread together to gather all my thoughts and progress on my Ironjawz army (perhaps branching into Destruction in a broader sense). I will be including modelling, painting, army lists, battle reports etc etc, I didn't want to do it as a separate blog or anything as I like the idea of keeping it within this Destruction sub forum (which for my money is the best part of the forum at the moment - some great chat, really enthusing me for this army). Hopefully @Ben and the Moderators are cool with this decision. As well as this thread, you will also be able to hear about my exploits on my podcast - The Black Sun. You can find all the most recent episode on this forum, or check out iTunes or www.theblacksun.co.uk - It's not family friendly like most of the other podcasts out there, but is entertaining I like to think. Also I am reasonably active on Twitter, and usually like to post photos of most my games etc. Follow me @the_black_sun I do actually have armies for all 4 of the Grand Alliances in AoS and whilst I am working on all of them simultaneously in various ways, I've definitely noticed my focus begin to increasingly shift towards Destruction. Disclaimer - when the Dark Aelves are released in whatever guise they may be, I am likely to abandon ship and spend all my time in the Order sub forum, being that they are my true Warhammer love, but for now, I'm all about the Ironjawz! I've always been a fan of Orks in Warhammer 40,000 but have never actually played Orcs & Goblins in WFB. So whilst the detractors and troggoths bemoaned the pseudo 40K look of the Ironjawz, I think for me this aesthetic really drew me in and got me going green. So I have already actually played a bunch of games with Ironjawz, having gone "all in", as they say, on the release, but these were all at 100 SCGT points and included a Magma Dragon just to make up the points (oh, and its pretty good!). I figured with the impending release of the General's Handbook, now was a perfect time to draw a line under what's gone so far and start afresh with the new system. We won't get into all the recent allegiance nonsense, you can read about that in other threads. Suffice to say, the Battleline "unlocks" for Ironjawz and the Destruction traits and artefacts make for a pretty nice combination. I'm not saying Ironjawz are going to be out there winning events (certainly not with me using them, if my abysmal results at Call to War are anything to go by!) but I am hoping and somewhat confident they can be competitive...and we have a pretty extensive thread on that right here in this forum! So this is pretty much just an introductory post for now. I have already painted some models (not as many as I would've liked); Megaboss Krunk, who can be found in the gallery and 5 Brutes. I will take some better photos and add them to this thread as soon as possible. I am reasonably happy with the level of the paint jobs and whilst not my best work, believe the army will look nice upon the table. I've intentionally kept the basing quite plain, though I am consider scraping off some areas and adding the flavour of the month; Agrellan Earth, just to add some interest. Using my 40K Ork bitz box I have been able to customise my models and this combined with some reposing has allowed me to make all 20 Brutes so far individual. Just a bit of a shame I got my Gore-gruntas after the Brutes as mixing in their Jagged-Hackas would've been super cool. Considering another 10 Brutes just for this purpose. This weekend (Thursday night to Sunday) I am attending Bossfest, a camping, drinking, gaming extravaganza. Whilst there will be various games being played, I am hopeful of getting in a good few games with Da Black Sunz, which will be the only AoS army I'll be taking. These will be my first games under the General's Handbook and will be played to 2,000 points using the Matched Played Battleplans. Many people in attendance will be practising for my 1 day event, Rain of Stars, which is removing the army restrictions and adding a sideboard (as the event is two weeks after the book drops), so we will also allow that over this weekend, therefore some of the armies I play may not be exactly true to the book. However, this should allow for some solid competition and really stress test the army. The list I use personally will be General's Handbook legal though. For now, my pool of Ironjawz models is; Maw-krusha (happy to use as Gordrakk or Megaboss), Megaboss, Warchanter, Shaman, 20 Brutes, 10 Ardboyz, 3 Gore-gruntas. I am not adverse to buying more though! 2 more boxes of Gore-gruntas are definitely happening after assembling some this past weekend - amazing models. It's worth pointing out that aesthetics are definitely a consideration to me in this army. Here is the list(s) I am currently considering for the weekend; Da Black Sunz - 2,000 points Gordrakk - 700 Megaboss - 140 Warchanter - 80 Weirdnob Shaman - 120 10 Brutes with Jagged Hackas - 360 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 5 Brutes with Choppas - 180 10 Ardboyz - 180 Ironfist - 60 Total - 2,000 points Nice to hit the 2,000 points dead on really! That seems a challenge in of itself under General's Handbook. The main change I am considering is dropping Gordrakk for a baby Cabbage. The 180 point difference is nice as it allows another battleline unit - in this case Gore-gruntas (mostly just to get all my models on the table). If I wanna keep the big man in there, I can also include the Gore-gruntas by dropping 5 Brutes. What do people think on this? Seems small to me! I'll leave it there for now. This afternoon I'll add my thoughts on Command Traits and Artefacts! Thanks for reading, Chris
  3. Guerilla wargaming have posted a video om youtube where they go into detail with the ghb2019. While watching this video I specially noted some strange changes in the terrain rules. When placing faction terrain you must set it up more than 6" from the tableedge, 6" from other terrain and 3" from objectives. If other restrictions to placing exists both apply. Is this even playtested? The most obvious inconsitency would be skaven gnawholes. They MUST be placed within 6" of tableedge according to the armybook but now also HAVE to be placed outside 6" of tableedge. And what about terrain placed later in the game like nurgle and Sylvaneth threes? If this rules apply for them they surely often cant be placed. Sylvaneth an already weakfaction (New book) will be almost useless while relying in terrain to function.
  4. What are you hoping to see in GHB2019? Here's my wishlist: 1. Seasonal rules. I think it would be cool if they added battalions and stormhosts/enclaves/etc. that would only be around until the next GHB. If they get popular enough they can be released in a permanent supplement, or added to the armys next battletome. 2. Stop reprinting allegiance abilities for the same armies over and over - Seraphon, Ironjawz, Flesheater Courts, and Fyreslayers need updated battletomes! 3. Replace Relocation Orb from the Matched Play battleplans 4. The number of artifacts should be determined by the game size, not by the number of battalions in your list. 1 artifact at 1000pt, 2 artifacts at 1500pt, 3 at 2000, and 4 at 2500+. The cost of battalions should be just about adding power/utility to those units. 5. "Monstrous Cavalry" kits that come with 2 models and a hero option (Dracoths, Pusgoyles) should have their minimums reduced so people can build the hero options without having an "extra" model in the kit. For example, Fulminators should be 120 for 1 model instead of 240 for 2. 6. More city allegiance rules similar to the Firestorm supplement 7. Massive Regiment discount for Kharadron Arkanauts
  5. So I'm checking out the leaked Generals Handbook thingies trying to determine where I want to take my hobby in the near future. I'm fatally attracted to big beastly models of monsterously prodigious size and power. You could say a Timmy. The Beastclaw Raiders is a sub-faction of Ogors where they piled the Stonehorns, Thundertusks, Yheteens, Frost Sabres and Mournfang Cavalry. But there's a few units I don't understand where I can find the stats for or what they do. They are Leader characters called Frostlords and Huskards on Thundertusks or Stonehorns respectively. They cost ~100 points more than their Battleline counterparts the Stonehorn and Thundertusk Beastriders (which I presume to be the normal models). Are they the same, simply paying a premium for becoming leaders? Are they something I've missed? Is there new models in the pipeline?!
  6. What are you hoping to see change in GHB2018? Which units are you hoping get some point changes? Justify your reasons! Game Systems: New Allegiance-Neutral Spell Lores More "City" Allegiances similar to the Firestorm campaign The number of artifacts you can bring is no longer tied to Battalions. Instead, the number of artifacts is based on the game size: Up to 1000 points: 1 artifact Up to 1500: 2 artifacts Up to 2000: 3 artifacts 2500+: 4 artifacts. Point changes: Dire Wolves: 60 > 80 10 wounds with a 5+ save for 60 points that is fast, has 11 attacks @ 4+/4+ (with a charge bonus) and its SUMMONABLE so it can be healed and resurrected? for only 60 points?? These puppers are just a little bit too cost effective. Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers: 100 > 80 100 points for 6 wounds and lackluster damage. They want to get in melee but they crumble once they get there. I think these guys are due a small buff! Vanguard-Hunters: 140 > 120 They have a cool deployment ability, but their poor attacks are not good enough to justify their cost. Chameleon Skinks: 120 > 100 These guys used to have a cool niche that justified their cost, but now that Seraphon have their teleportation battle trait there are very few reasons to bring them, and even less reason to spend 120 points for 5 wounds and 10 bad shooting attacks. Skink Starseer: 200 > 140 I didn't understand why they increased him to 200 after they added the rule of 1 that made it so his insight couldn't effect turn order rolls. Slanns can now also take a command trait to cast his signature spell, further diminishing his value. At 140 he would be nearly double the cost of a Skink Starpriest, which I think is fair. Frostlord on Stonehorn: 460 > 440 Frostlord on Thundertusk: 460 > 440 Huskard on Stonehorn: 380 > 360 Huskard on Thundertusk: 380 > 360 Beastriders on Stonehorn: 360 > 340 Beastriders on Thundertusk: 360 > 340 Yhetees and Frost Sabres are now Battleline if you have Beastclaw Raiders allegiance, instead of being tied to specific generals. It's no secret that Beastclaw are struggling right now. The changes to the Destruction battle trait have hampered the speed of Thundertusks and the warscroll errata made it a lot easier to kill the Stonehorns. I think slight cost reductions on their expensive monsters and opening more Battleline options will help re-invigorate this faction. The changes to Frostlords put them in line with the cost of a VLOZD, which is a similarly threatening monster. Warscroll Updates Saurus Guard: 1 wound > 2 wounds; 100 points > 120 points. Stormfiends: For every 3 models in the unit, 1 can take a Warpfire Projector; 300 points > 260 points
  7. So anybody get the Warlord Edition of the Generals Handbook? Can the Triumph and Treachury cards be added to the Open War cards? Like used together to add something extra to the battle? I felt tempted by the cards and just ordered it. Yeah, it's expensive and the info is included in the book but I gave in and bought it.
  8. Hey all! So I've been playing around with this allies system a bit with my SE, Empire and Nurgle forces. I lean heavily in favor of my Empire these days and I do like the idea of taking my hurricanum with my Stormcast. But... has allies taken away the ability for Empire to field artillery en mass? I mean, I have 5 Empire Great Cannons, 2 hellfire volley Gun, a mortar, a Rocket Battery and a Steam Tank but am I now only able to take 20% of my list as Iron weld arsenal? Can I still field my Empire Great Cannons as freeguild (as technically they are not the Iron weld arsenal ones) meaning they don't count towards my use of allies points? Not to mention I want to fit my Hurricanum into my list which is near impossible to do if your taking Iron weld arsenal gear. My fear is I have just stumbled across the one thing to come with GHB2017 that kills my love of the Empire after having so much AWESOME stuff in it Note: I am not hating on GHB2 at all, I love the book, love the whole thing, yes even allies! lol.
  9. NOTE:This isn't meant to pick on anyone (i can't pick on anyone because I haven't even bought my first army) and is not meant to be a counter argument against Horde Players rejoice thread.This is just something interesting I found while looking for my first army.Feel free to correct me if I make"anymistakes" Earlier this day while debating should I choose beastclaws or flesh eaters for my first army, I found an article called "massive regiments horde players rejoice" and (no offense to the creator of the thread, he just said what was going to be in the new handbook).It was bombarded with people (again, no offense) saying that this is the end and hordes are OP now.With my limited knowledge of AOS and economics i would like to disprove that: 1. This isn't a videogame: In video games, OP strategies are a HUGE problem, because people can get away with them.It isn't the same in wargaming. Except for tournaments, nobody has to up with those douchebags. Also I am willing to bargain there isn't a lot of people with INSANLY OVERPEWUUUUVERD lists because of casual nature of AOS (again I have no experience but I think I got that one right). 2.THE COST (dramatic music): I heard GW minatures are a bit expansive (cough cough) but almost every horde army (except for probably flesh eaters because of their awesome start collecting box and the fact that they get 20 ghouls for 20 pounds and skeletons get 10 guys for 15 pounds) is insane.Let's take deathrattle: the backbone of their army are skeletons.I saw many complaints about 40 man skeletons being OP for their bonuses.10 skeletons are 80 points, so 40 skeletons are (correct me if I'm wrong) 320 points.on GW website, skeletons are 10 pounds for 10 guys.So in order to make a 40 man unit you need 60 pounds!Being only 320 points you would need at least two of them, so thats 120 pounds!For what?640 points of skeletons that require a lot of paints and are not interesting to paint.For 120 pounds, I can afford (need 15 pounds but some hero will pay for that) Icewind Assault box, that comes with around 1500 points of interesting to paint OGRES ON MAMMOTHS.Not only that,you can also try a lot of different weapons and configurations.I think I many would go with Icewind Assault. So I think that now i can make an argument that for 2k deathrattle army, you would need 300+ pounds, not including bottles of agrax earthshade and ushabti bone. I didn't make this argument to make all death players seem like rich douchebags, I just wanted to say that it seems pretty funny how people make this into such a big deal.I just wanted to say that If you ever lose in a tournament because some guy with 120 skeletons and n'gash destroyed you, just remember what kind of money he spend on them. Also that is a pretty big IF because I don't understand how somebody can be mentally stable after painting 120 skeletons for just ONE army.
  10. Hey all- I'm building some online tools for AoS in a similar spirit to TonyP's amazing Warscroll Builder (scrollbuilder.com). I noticed that WSB doesn't support the GA:Death "Beasts of the Grave" versions of the Terrorgheist and Zombie Dragon - only the FEC versions of both. Azyr, the army builder included with GW's AoS app, seems to support both and provides point values for both versions (320pts for both models under both FEC and BotG factions). Oddly, the GHB doesn't include any points for the 'Beasts of the Grave' faction and the GHB 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata/update didn't either (https://www.games-workshop.com/en-EU/Rules-Errata). Neither of these BotG warscrolls are mentioned specifically in any of the FAQs. Two main things I'd love to get your thoughts on: - From a Rules perspective: what I gathered reading through some older posts here was still some split opinions on whether the BotG version was supported/valid for Matched Play (last thread around Dec 2016). No question, GW could be clearer by including their BotG points in an updated 'Pitched Battle Profiles' errata or directly FAQ'ing these two models. However, the question of whether they are valid for Matched Play seems more definitively settled now as Azyr includes both versions and points them both. Is that the general consensus? Is Azyr is now *the* definitive resource in these sorts of questions? - Practical reality: Do folks generally come across the GA:Death / 'Beasts of the Grave' version of these models 'in the wild?' Do you use them in your lists? Has this somewhat confusing difference been a source of contention in any games you or your friends have played? All this to ask, what is worth supporting on my end as a tools developer! Thanks for your time and help!
  11. First of all @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) and I would like to thank everyone that attended Partners in Chaos. We both really enjoyed running our first event and that is in no small part down to all you guys & gals. So, thank you! Here is a quick run-down of the final standings and all of the award winners: 1st: Facehammer/Eskimo Bros. 2nd: Pride of Lyons 3rd: Double D...eath Monty's Wooden Spoon: Dr. C0cksniff & The Rhodfather Best Chaos: Ninja Badgers Best Death: Double D...eath Best Destruction: The Black & White Minstrel Show Best Order: Face-Doggers Best in Show: Ian Gilmore Best Opponent: Matt Arnold Final Standings: I think it's safe to say that with how much Gary & I enjoyed the event we will be looking to run more in the future. With this in mind it would be great to get feedback from all those who attended, letting us know all the positives and any negatives that you think would could improve upon for our next events I'd also like to say a very quick thank you to Scott 'The Boss' Lines for supplying the boards, Matt Bennett for volunteering his time to help us set up the hall and Gary's lovely wife Amy for taking some awesome photos of all of the Best in Show army nominees. Don't hold me to this, but I will be looking to get a quick write up of the event and post all of those awesome photos to our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/AgeofSigBrah so you can all see her great work. You can also contact us on twitter: Andy - @AndyTalent Gary - @GaryHennessey The Podcast (but mostly Gary) - @AgeofSigBrah Age of SigBrah - Ep. 37 'Knobbing About' covers some of our thoughts on the event as first time organisers in Gary & I, as well as @Chris Tomlin from an attendees point of view; so be sure to check it out. Thanks again to everyone who attended and to all those help us out through our first event. Hope to see you all again soon for event number 2 'Growing Shadow'
  12. I was wondering on peoples opinion on what is over costed in the generals handbook for death? Why would make it come competitive? i personally think the morghasts are overpriced at 240. and nagash is almost unplayable at his current points. what do you guys think?
  13. Event Title: 40kBrawl Presents Bugman's Brawl! An AoS 2000pt Tournament Event Author: 40kbrawl Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/25/2017 09:00 AM to 02/25/2017 06:30 PM Wish I found this forum sooner! 40k Brawls first Age of Sigmar tournament on February 25th in Salisbury, Wiltshire is closing in so fast and we still have a couple of spots left. 2000pts using the The generals handbook for army composition. Measure from bases for movement, range etc. Missions are 3 missions from the handbook with 1 secondary objective - all explained in greater detail in the pack. Have a read and sign up when you're done - it's going to be a good one! Sign up thread is below, Spaces only secure once payment is received. Facebook event page; https://www.facebook.com/events/1811382895774788/1901588050087605/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1486237645928633 PayPal of £15 to 40kbrawl@gmail.com 1. Jake Valten Harding- paid. 2. Alex Kennedy- paid. 3. Adam S-J paid. 4. Joe Shepherd- paid. 5. Elliot Haugh- paid. 6. Finn Milton - paid. 7. Laurence East - paid. 8. Liam Chamberlain - paid. 9. Sam Kha Doran - paid. 10.Chris Goldsworthy - paid. 11.James Allen - paid. 12. Tony Kirby - paid. 13. Rob Brunton - paid. 14. Ben Van Buul - paid. 15. Andy Davies - paid. 16. Rulespack; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_Jfxmy0GgVKczlZd3VKV1NKNzQ/view?usp=sharing As we are fighting before Bugman, it is only right that each player brings along a goblet to honour him! Therefore players that bring along a cool looking goblet, tankard or stein on the day to drink out of will receive and additional 2TP’s! any questions give me a shout! Simon 40kBrawl Presents Bugman's Brawl! An AoS 2000pt Tournament
  14. Event Title: Partners In Chaos Event Author: Andy Talbot Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 02/11/2017 08:00 AM to 02/11/2017 06:30 PM First Age of SigBrah Event - Partners in Chaos Partners in Chaos is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, doubles Age of Sigmar event using the General’s Handbook. It is being run by Andy Talbot and Gary Hennessey from the Age of Sigbrah podcast. Monty shall not be present… We’re sorry, but he is a cat. The event will be held on the 11th of February 2017. The venue is The Citygate Centre, 138a Holdenhurst road, Bournemouth, BH8 8AS. If you are thinking of travelling by Coach or Train, then the venue is directly opposite Bournemouth Train & Coach station. Tickets Please PayPal £40 per team to ageofsigbrah@gmail.com via friends and family. This cost covers both players in a team. Please include both players’ names in the message section of your transaction. If you forget, this may lead to Gary writing you an over-sexualised email asking for this information. Payment deadline will be January 1st 2017. If payment has not been received by then, the first team on the reserve list will be informed and take your place. Attendees List Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name Paid 1 Chris Tomlin Patrick O’Sullivan GWA Y 2 Matt Lyons Jenny Lyons Pride of Lyons 3 Matt Clarke Amy Clarke 4 Aaron Bailey Tom Hewitt Imaginary Trees Y 5 Matt Bennett Mike Wilson Y 6 Jan Proudly Dom Hook 7 Paul Buckler Richard Morley Dorset Doggers Y 8 Steve James James Everleigh Alcohol is Not a Thing Y 9 Wayne Holt Richard Buckler Ninja Badgers Y 10 Chris Lewis Elliott O’Neill Just Good Friends Y 11 Ben Chalk Sam Davies Children of the KoRn Y 12 Ben Smith Ben Price 13 Tom Hutchings Adam Petford #BeerFace Y 14 Rob Ellis Ian Gilmore Dr. Cocksniff & The Rhodfather Y 15 Ian Carse Steve Hursell Po-Po & The Poppers Y 16 Ricky Mee Ben Diesel 17 Russ Veal Terry Pike 18 Will (Dorset Dogger) Dave Fulbrok 19 Les Martin Laurie Huggett-Wilde Y 20 Matt Arnold Felix Andrews Y Reserve List Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Grudges 1. GWA Vs. Dr. Cocksniff & The Rhodfather 2. Pride of Lyons Vs. Dom Hook & Jan Proudley 3. Alcohol is Not a Thing Vs. Les Martin & Laurie Huggett-Wilde 4. Imaginary Trees Vs. Children of the KoRn 5. Russ Veal & Terry Pike Vs. Dorset Doggers Tournament Pack The tournament pack itself is attached. We do also cover some of the key content in episode 29 of the Age of Sigbrah podcast if you’d like to go check that out: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-lost-lighthouse/id498833603?mt=2 Partners In Chaos Partners in Chaos - Tournament Pack.pdf
  15. It took a while for Games Workshop to release a general rule book for Age of Sigmar. But when they did we got a whopper of a book. This book is a necessity for AOS players. AOS works really well with story driven narrative games. The big thing when AOS came out was that GW did a brave thing in removing points from the game. The game went from having an massive ruleset that can be difficult for beginners to a 4 page booklet. It took a couple of months for GW to release this book. And it was as if they released the new game to let us decide how it should be played. Is that brave or dumb? They had to break the game to remake it and the they developed the Generals Handbook with the help of Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp from the HeelanHammer podcast, Russ Veal from Facehammer and Ben Curry from the Bad Dice podcast. The book has 3 ways to play the game Open play Narrative play & Matched play Open play is bring anything you want. bring any amount of units, uneven armies or just arrange something with your appointment. There is rules for more than 2 player games and Triumph and treachery games Narrative play is your story driven aspect. This has 4 battle plans, themed armies and even has 2 recreated battles. It has multiple ways to run a campaign: Path to glory, map campaign,tree campaign and a matrix campaign Matched play is your points. It has points for all units for each army and even the recent discontinued armies and units. Is has tournament layouts and pitched battle for matched play games and ladder campaign rule. The last thing it has in the book is new battle traits, command traits and artifacts for each alliance. This is a great addition and gives you more choice for your army. Overall this book is a necessity for Age of Sigmar gaming. It gives you multiple ways to pay and explore the game. It encourages you to try different ways of playing and not just straight forward pitched battle. Ony thing that needs to be improved is the path to glory campaign. I was hoping for a more of a skirmish type of build with it but it was more of starting a small army and just add units onto it. Its a great book and there is supposedly another updated on coming out next year. But it's at cheap affordable price and still worth getting. I have a video up about it on my YouTube channel so you can check that out as well
  16. The General's Handbook matched play battleplans seem very simple but offer real tactical variation (as with everything in AoS). Slight tweaks, such as how objectives are captured, mean each battleplan demands a distinct approach. I'm interested in how the community approaches each one. I'll start a thread for each of the six matched play battleplans so things don't get confusing. It'll be interesting to see which ones provoke the most discussion (and I can shamelessly pick up tips...because future opponents obviously can't read this). First up, Blood and Glory. How do approach this battleplan? What has worked? What hasn't? In your experience, which unit types are vital? Which ones should be left at home?
  17. Andy Talbot

    Partners In Chaos

    First Age of SigBrah Event - Partners in Chaos Partners in Chaos is a 1 day, 3 game, 2,000 point, doubles Age of Sigmar event using the General’s Handbook. It is being run by Andy Talbot and Gary Hennessey from the Age of Sigbrah podcast. Monty shall not be present… We’re sorry, but he is a cat. The event will be held on the 11th of February 2017. The venue is The Citygate Centre, 138a Holdenhurst road, Bournemouth, BH8 8AS. If you are thinking of travelling by Coach or Train, then the venue is directly opposite Bournemouth Train & Coach station. Tickets Please PayPal £40 per team to ageofsigbrah@gmail.com via friends and family. This cost covers both players in a team. Please include both players’ names in the message section of your transaction. If you forget, this may lead to Gary writing you an over-sexualised email asking for this information. Attendees List Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name 1. Chris Tomlin Patrick O’Sullivan GWA 2. Matt Lyons Jenny Lyons Pride of Lyons 3. Matt Clarke Amy Clarke 4. Aaron Bailey Tom Hewitt 5. Matt Bennett Simon Sparkes 6. Jan Proudly Dom Hook 7. Paul Buckler Richard Morley 8. Steve James James Everleigh Alcohol is Not a Thing 9. Wayne Holt Richard Buckler 10. Binx Elliott O’Neill 11. Ben Chalk Sam Davies 12. Ben Smith Ben Price 13. Tom Hutchings Adam Petford 14. Rob Ellis Ian Gilmore 15. Ian Carse Steve Hursell 16. Ricky Mee Ben Diesel 17. Russ Veal Terry Pike 18. Will (Dorset Dogger) Dave Fulbrok 19. Karl Chamberlain +1 20. Les Martin +1 Reserve List We are very sorry that this event sold out so quickly, but If you would like to be on the reserve list, then please let us know in this thread. We will be having a max of 5 teams on the reserve list. Due to us selling many of the tickets before general sale we will be running a reserve list for a maximum of 5 teams. If you would like to be on the reserve list, then please let us know in this thread. Team Member 1 Team Member 2 Team Name R1. R2. R3. R4. R5. Tournament Pack The tournament pack itself is still currently a work in progress, but we do cover some of the content in episode 29 of the Age of Sigbrah podcast if you’d like to go check that out: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-lost-lighthouse/id498833603?mt=2
  18. I'm off to Blood and Glory for my first ever tournament in a couple of weeks. Whilst I'm under no illusions and am preparing to take a beating first time round, I'm at least getting some practice in so that I might have a punt at winning a game or two. The battleplan I'm least familiar with has got to be Escalation (played it for the first time yesterday at the club!). My plan last night was to get my smashy stuff on as early as possible to try and press the advantage, which seemed to work ok. I've thought about trying to get round the edges and prevent the enemy being able to deploy at all! Does this work? How do you go about Escalation? Thanks.
  19. When fielding a Sphinx (any variety), do you make "Deathless Minions" saves first, then halve as per "Sacred War Statue", or do you halve first, then take saves?
  20. How would you play the Ghoul Patrol war scroll battalion in the Escalation Pitched Battle? The rules for the Ghoul Patrol says that they are not deployed normally, but must set them up 6" from any table edge. Most of the time that's not an issue. However, the Escalation pitched battle only lets you deploy a third of your units, then a third come on second hero phase, and the remaining come on in the third hero phase. You must deploy all your battle line units before deploying anything else. So what takes priority here? My interpretation is that in my deployment, I would only be able to deploy any other battle line units I had. Then in my first movement phase the Ghoul Patrol would appear, as per their rules. Then in my second hero phase I would deploy a third of my units, and the remainder in my third hero phase. In other words, I would assume that the battalion deployment overrides the pitch battle deployment, yet the pitched battle rules prohibit me from deploying anything else until I have deployed all my battle line units (which I can't do in deployment do to the Ghoul Patrol rule). Does that make sense, or has someone slipped something in my coffee this morning?
  21. So I am planning out what I need to add to my Flesh-Eater Courts to make a solid 2k point list (at which point I'll likely move to a different army) but I'm curious how everyone deals with the fact that, in Matched Play, you need to set aside points to summon. I find that I usually want to spend points on what I know I'll get, not what might show up, so as a result I find that my poor Ghoul King basically has no Command Ability because it's summon a new unit, so you need to put points aside for it. How do you deal with that? Are you content with the basic command ability from the 4-page rules, or is it worth it to consider points towards being able to summon? Or does he really not even need a command ability because he's so good at everything else he does?
  22. Hi, I am a little bit confused about the scoring in Three Places of Power. The scenario states that a player controls an objective if "at the end of any move, a HERO from their army is within 3" of the objective". So if I move a HERO on to an empty objective in the movement phase, I gain control of it. But if I then charge the HERO away from the objective in the charge phase, do I lose control of the objective? It feels like the HERO should have to stay on the objective to score, but I can't find anything in the scenario description that says so. Am I just reading it wrong? So, my question simply put is this: Does a HERO need to be 3" from the objective at the end of the turn to score on it?
  23. ScottR

    the Lords of War (San Diego)

    All right the next San Diego Age of Sigmar event/tournament is set October 1, 2016. It will be held at At Ease Games. Pre-registration will be up by next Friday the 5th of August, 2016. Link to event page bestcoastpairings.com/event/lordsofwar Any questions post on this thread or e-mail me at thelnorn1@gmail.com
  24. Event Title: the Lords of War (San Diego) Event Author: ScottR Calendar: Events USA Event Date: 10/01/2016 10:00 AM to 10/01/2016 08:15 PM All right the next San Diego Age of Sigmar event/tournament is set October 1, 2016. It will be held at At Ease Games. Pre-registration will be up by next Friday the 5th of August, 2016. Link to event page bestcoastpairings.com/event/lordsofwar Any questions post on this thread or e-mail me at thelnorn1@gmail.com the Lords of War (San Diego)
  25. A few days ago I went to the 1 day event Alliance in derby run by the infamous ben curry + ben Johnson. The event was 3 games using the generals handbook scenarios blood and glory (I still believe curry named this one) border war and gift from the heavens which ill talk about later, so with regard to tournaments I've only been to the SCGT earlier in the year so I still not sure what to expect, having played stormcast for the last year I decided to take them my list was ... not the most optimized but I had it all painted, the idea was throw the retributors somewhere they need to go then use the skybourne slayers to capture objectives. Simple. So the first game was against khorne daemons... skarbrand, blood letters, bloodthirster with big axe and the run and charge bloodthirster. We played blood and glory which I ended up with a minor win; I found that this game was really about give and take. What I mean is trying to hold onto your objectives while taking your opponents made this game very interesting however I had an idea that if I didn't over stretch my forces and only held 2 objectives that I could win by killing the bloodthirsters and that's what happened. Game 2 was against allarielle who I have mixed feeling about, this was the border war scenario against stormcast and obviously allarielle. This was another great scenario I have a hunch that fast moving armies might do well in this scenario as its all about getting the objectives where your opponent has left venerable, allarielle literally went on a killing spree, killing a unit a turn with damage 5 attacks she constantly got 20 wounds through no problems; but once again I really liked the scenario. Game 3 saw a gift from the heavens... anyways my opponent in this game was using dark alves with a big block of witch elves and executioners both very scary, I played this scenario the day before at Warhammer world and found that I deployed rather centrally to give my self flexibility when the comet came down also I gave my opponent the imitative in turn 2 as I wanted to see where his came down. Again I thought the scenario favoured mobile armies or a better idea is some mobile units like marauder horsemen which also fill the battle line tax. In the end it was a major victory because I brought down the sky bourne slayers and contested his objective also the decimators killed 20 witch elves in a turn hehe, I tried so hard to hide my joy Overall for my first ever 1 day event it was awesome both bens were easy to talk to and really knew what they were doing, plus all the free snacks was awesome I totally cheated on my diet, this was my first real trial of the generals handbook and I loved it the scenarios really encourage well thought out armies relying on fast moving units but at the same time you need bodies on the table. I will defiantly be trying something interesting for Warlords in September. And a big thanks to all my opponents.
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