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  1. hey all. I'm currently looking to get a general breakdown of LoN. I'm building a themed deathrattle army to "accompany" my bonereapers. (yes i am aware they cannot ally in.) I'm looking for uses for a necromancer or two, as well as pretty much any other unit i can shoehorn or convert in. Cheers, from the stygian fields of Hellost.
  2. Correct! Wargames Atlantic. Regarding battle damage @Dolinarius, I prefer the polished look, as if the tomb complex was sealed and undisturbed. Alternatively I see it as the king wanting his troops to look the part, and so skeletons get set to fixing equipment. Also an update. 2 chainrasps, 1 GoS and one ST painted, with a dreadblade harrow in progress.
  3. So my family got me some kavalos deathriders for secret santa. Possibly more things to come tommorow morning. Also, other updates.
  4. May I ask where you generated this table?
  5. Context is I'm looking for a casual but wrong list, and I enjoy the chainrasps minis. I was wondering if they are strong in bulk
  6. Just starting to build my nighthaunt. Is a heavy chainrasps list good?
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