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  1. But what asthetic for the main troops? Hmm... Looked like they had halberds
  2. Suffice to say, I organize a group order every few months of miniatures for a few friends. One of those friends has a large amount high elves. He knows I want to paint high elves because of our group Facebook message stream. He knows I don't have a hell of a lot of hobby money. He decided to work with me on a payback method that doesn't take a lot of such money, and leans more on trading what little I have to trade. He's sending them prior to payment because he trusts me because I run the group order
  3. So, by a situation too crazy to explain, as soon as USPS gets them here I will be in possession of close to 3k (current) in high elves. Counts as = yay
  4. Any rumor of the plaguewind mortar coming back?
  5. Except of course, that they are on an 11 month timer
  6. As much as we have disagreed in the last few days, I find myself agreeing to you.
  7. Have any citation as to where this god beast is described?
  8. Highly unlikely they would squat seraphon. They've always sold well due to the dinosaurs riding dinosaurs asthetic. Furthermore when AoS released the seraphon the getting started sold like literal hotcakes.
  9. I apologize for overstepping. It will not happen again.
  10. Last chance to buy in this configuration? With these square bases?
  11. 2nd hand groups on FB. Recasts maybe. THANK YOU. Granted, I'm using dragon blades as conversion fodder in general, but same stuff applies. AoS is not a separate game. The opener/world creation is ****** SIGMAR flying through the void of existence on the core of WHFB world. Also THANK YOU. Same to he Skyre acolytes.
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