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  1. I don't agree with your answer. Eltharion's special rule Spirit Armour says: Mortal wounds definition from the core rules: Finally look at the the Luminark's Searing Beam of Light: 1. It is an attack with a missile weapon, so it is covered by Spirit Armour. Check. 2. It inflicts mortal wounds which inflict damage per mortal wounds definition. Check. So the damage inflicted by the attack of the missile weapon is halved per Eltharion's Spirit Armour (rounding up).
  2. Here's an update about my current collection. The second number shows the change since August 2020. Grand Alliance Order 67000 +3000 Aelves 200 Cities of Sigmar 54000 +6000 - Anvilgard 37000 +1000 - Greywater Fastness 37000 +1000 - Hallowheart 39000 +1000 - Hammerhal 37000 +1000 - Har Kuron 13000 +13000 - Mis
  3. I think this is because they would have been forced to create a new sub-faction for using the bonegrinder as your general. Which doesn't invalidate the mercenary rules from GHB 2019.
  4. A friend built this great Duardin themed Hurricanum from scratch for his Tempest's Eye army. It's absolutely amazing!
  5. Here's my latest update after GHB 2020 and Errata. I decided to split the collection in regular units and legends. The second number shows the change since October 2019. Grand Alliance Order 64000 -65000 Aelves 200 -44800 Cities of Sigmar 48000 +3000 - Anvilgard 36000 +4000 - Greywater Fastness 36000 +4000 - Hallowheart 38000 +3000 - Hammerhal 36000 +4000
  6. I discussed the Battlemage's point increase with my fellow players and at first we couldn't imagine a reason for this. But now we think that the only reason could be the new realm rules. At the start of the game you roll a dice and the winner chooses the realm where the battle takes place. As a Cities of Sigmar player you have a 50% chance of winning this roll and thus deciding that the battle takes place in the realm where your Battlemage is from and thus granting him a +1 to cast bonus. So you always have a 50% chance to get the bonus. In my opinion it's still not worth a 20 points increase
  7. Your stats are incorrect. The Colossal Maw column in the damage table should be 4, 3, 2, 1, 1. There is no ability selected to increase the maw's damage. There isn't even an option available to do that. Savage frenzy only increases the number of attacks.
  8. That's wrong, the shield adds +1 to the save characteristic, not to the save roll. So it's possible to have a 2+ save with the shield. Otherwise the shield option would be completely useless.
  9. He came with a standard shield. On the picture above he is shown with Repanse's unique shield as it shows a fitting heraldry.
  10. Their rules and the scenario used (from 6th edition) were printed in the White Dwarf mentioned above.
  11. Bretonnia had a lot of cannons until 4th edition WHFB. They were removed in 5th edition (to distinguish them from the Empire I think). Here are some examples from my collection: Bretonnian Organ Gun, released 1990: Pot de Feu (released 1990) and there are a lot more.
  12. Loremaster is still valid, but this could change with GHB 2020.
  13. If your opponent allows you could just field 50% more points in matched play to have a fair matchup with Bretonnia. So play with 3000 points of Bretonnia against a regular 2000 point army for example.
  14. It's a game mechanic thing. Just think that you just had a single D6 roll instead of two separate to-Hit and to-Wound rolls. Assuming that there is no 1+ (and thus no 100% chance) you only have 5 different probabilities to succeed: 16.7% for 6+ 33.3% for 5+ 50.0% for 4+ 66.7% for 3+ 83.3% for 2+ With two separate rolls there are a lot more different probabilities to display: 2.8% for 6+/6+ 5.6% for 6+/5+ or 5+/6+ 8.3% for 6+/4+ or 4+/6+ 11.1% for 6+/3+, 5+/5+ or 3+/6+ 13.9% for 6+/2+ or 2+/6+ 16.7% for 5+/4+ or 4+/5+
  15. K'Daai Fireborn? Yes, why not. They have both the CHAOS and DAEMON keywords. Btw. I created a Battletome Cover for the Legion of Chaos Ascendant as there is no regular Battletome:
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