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  1. You are not alone. It's similar here. I have 10 Tomb Banshees and 13 Cairn Wraiths for the same reason.
  2. https://wizkids.com/attackwing/bahamut-2/
  3. I created a list with units that probably get squatted and how they could be used as alternate units that will probably still exist: Unit Use as Warrior Priest Excelsior Warpriest or Freeguild General Witch Hunter Freeguild General War Altar of Sigmar Celestial Hurricanum or Luminark of Hysh Unforged Grimwrath Berzerker Warriors Longbeards Quarrellers Freeguild Crossbowmen Thunderers Freeguild Handgunners or Irondrakes Archmage Battlemage or Sorceress Loremaster Battlemage or Sorceress Archmage on Dragon Sorceress on Black Dragon Drakeseer Sorceress on Black Dragon Swordmasters Executioners Freeguild Archers Freeguild Guard or Shadow Warriors Cannon Helblaster Volley Gun Organ Gun Helblaster Volley Gun Gunmaster Cogsmith White Lion Chariots Drakespawn Chariots White Lions Wildwood Rangers Dragon Noble Anointed or Freeguild General Dragonlord Dreadlord on Black Dragon Dragon Blades Drakespawn Knights Reavers Dark Riders Skywarden Scourgerunner Chariots or Grundstok Gunhauler High Warden Freeguild General on Griffon Chariots Scourgerunner Chariots Skycutters Scourgerunner Chariots or Grundstok Gunhauler Spireguard Black Ark Corsairs, Darkshards or Dreadspears Spellweaver Battlemage or Sorceress Wayfinder Nomad Prince Waystrider Nomad Prince Waywatcher Nomad Prince Glade Guard Shadow Warriors I am not sure about the units from Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower whether they get squatted or not. If so I would recommend the following alternatives: Unit Use as Mistweaver Saih Sorceress Tenebrael Shard Assassin Excelsior Warpriest Freeguild General
  4. I expect my Cities of Sigmar force to be at least 80,000+ points and 3,000+ miniatures, so I won't be able to post a picture that shows all of them as the miniatures won't fit on my table... 😆
  5. Right, but their profiles got removed again by GHB 2019 errata (except Master with Battle Standard).
  6. of course I would save my wife and my two children first, then my Green Knight and the Bretonnian 5th edition army book cover converted Knight (which is my avatar here).
  7. Time for another collection update: The total just passed the 88% mark. But today I achieved a milestone as Grand Alliance Death is at 100% now! This means as of now I own everything from the Death Grand Alliance, which includes all Flesh-Eater Courts, Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt and also the compendium units from Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. Grand Alliance Death total is more than 40,000 points currently. There is also a Youtube video from some weeks ago that shows my whole collection (even though it's in German you can still enjoy all the miniatures):
  8. Right, I use him as a Dragonlord.
  9. That's a really bad comparison example. The Slaughterpriest is not out of scale, but is supposed to be really huge, like a 2m+ tall human. Compare him to other Blades of Khorne models like Bloodreavers for example and you will see that he is much taller than them although they are both AoS releases.
  10. Short answer, I hope so and I am quite sure we will benefit from it more or less. Long answer: Cities of Sigmar will include 7 allegiances. We can be quite sure that these will be one for each of the 7 cities from the Firestorm expansion. But what does this mean to Bretonnia? Hammerhal, one of these 7 cities from Firestorm, currently allows you to use any ORDER unit (except SERAPHON) within their allegiance. This means you are allowed to use all Bretonnian units in a Hammerhal army. When they don't change the prerequisite, then Bretonnia could possibly get a fully usable allegiance ability. This would be the best possible outcome. But to be honest, I doubt that they don't change that. But even when they change faction keywords that are allowed in certain city armies, there is still much room to play Bretonnians as FREE PEOPLES or ORDER DRACONIS for example. So there will be something usable whatever they do. Question is only to what extent. This really makes me hope that with the battletome release cavalry will perform as well as it is supposed to which is good news for us.
  11. Just wanted to share this picture of my rebased Bretonnian force: I even converted a Bretonnian Lord on Dragon to be used as a Dragonlord:
  12. I don't think "Battleline if"will be based on allegiances, but will be tied to your general like this: Phoenix Guard: Battleline if General has the ANOINTED keyword Dragon Blades: Battleline if General has the ORDER DRACONIS keyword Greatswords/Demigryph Knights: Battleline if General has the FREE PEOPLES keyword etc.
  13. There's no difference between higher damage characteristic and higher chance to hit. Both inflict more damage when calculating average damage. The Field Trebuchet for example does double damage on average against 7+ models compared to a single model. 7+ models include 20+ models, so it's even better.
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