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  1. There's no difference between higher damage characteristic and higher chance to hit. Both inflict more damage when calculating average damage. The Field Trebuchet for example does double damage on average against 7+ models compared to a single model. 7+ models include 20+ models, so it's even better.
  2. Wrong. As the hit chance increases the more models the unit has, it is definitely better against large units. Against unit of 6 or less models it does less damage as the chance to do no damage at all is higher.
  3. 5. Field Trebuchet (auto hits units of 7+ models) Demigryph Knights are not allowed in a Great Company as they are not FREEGUILD.
  4. As promised, here's more: Exalted Greater Daemon of Khorne Exalted Greater Daemon of Tzeentch Exalted Greater Daemon of Slaanesh Bull Centaur Taur'ruk Bull Centaur Renders Warpfire Dragon
  5. Here are my Forgeworld models: Kazyk the Befouled Exalted Greater Daemon of Nurgle Warpgnaw Verminlord Clawlord on Brood Horror Skin Wolves Preyton Daemon Plague Toads of Nurgle Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle Mourngul Bonegrinder Gargant Fimirach Noble Fimir Warriors More to come soon... 😎
  6. General's Handbook 2019 Pitched Battle Profiles RAW: Funny fact: This means that as long as the new Sylvaneth Battletome has not been released yet, the current Sylvaneth Allegiance Abilities are broken as you are not allowed to place Sylvaneth Wyldwoods any more as they no longer have a Pitched Battle Profile in GHB 2019 and thus makes them invalid. 🙄 The following units have a warscroll, but no Pitched Battle Profile in GHB 2019 or are errataed out: Gitmob Grots: Doom Diver Catapult Grot Rock Lobber Grot Shaman Grot Spear Chukka Grot Wolf Chariots Grot Wolf Riders Grots Nasty Skulkers Snotling Pump Wagons Snotlings Skaven: Deathrunner Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team Skaven Chieftain with Battle Standard Skavenslaves Dark Elves: Beastmaster on Manticore Dreadlord Dreadlord on Drakespawn Reaper Bolt Thrower Shades Sorceress on Dark Pegasus Sorceress on Drakespawn Orcs & Goblins: Gitboss Gitboss on Wolf Chariot Orruk Bully Beastmen: Beastlord on Chariot Centigor Warhoof Wargor Standard Bearer Other: Gaunt Summoner & Chaos Familiars Harpies Sourbreath Troggoths Grot Scuttlings (never had a PBP)
  7. An interesting choice are Dragon Blades from Order Draconis. Their points just dropped from 140 to 120 (for a unit of 5) in GHB 2019. They have equal or better stats than our Knights of the Realm. Their melee attack profiles are the same except that they have +1 attack compared to Knights of the Realm. They always reroll 1s on the save and even reroll 1s and 2s against shooting attacks. Dragon Blades even have +2 Move and +1 Bravery. Their points in GHB 2019 are 120 for a unit of 5, so they cost 24 points per model. Our Knights of the Realm still cost 220 for a unit of 8, so they cost 27.5 points per model. So you get a unit that is superior or equal in all stats and cheaper in points. Of course one could say: "Dragon Blades? But they are Aelves." Of course they are. They have the AELF keyword, but in my opinion you could easily use your Knights of the Realm models 1:1 for them . Concerning the AELF keyword you could state that they have aelven steeds which is the reason that they are faster. In the end they are just mounted knights you could easily add to your Bretonnian force and don't neccessarily need to get new models for them.
  8. You are completely right. There is no reason not to take it. The only restriction is, that Seraphon is not allowed, which doesn't matter.
  9. Order of the Blood-drenched Rose consists of 1-3 units of Blood Knights and 0-1 Vampire Lord on Nightmare, so the Vampire Lord is optional. I don't think so. As I said before all their spells would be cast on him. So the only thing that becomes useless would be the reroll for Grail Knights. The King needs the +1 to hit from the Enchantress. It's the main reason to take her actually. It's badly needed to trigger the effect of his Sword of Judgement. Edit: Just created another list:
  10. I think there is no reason to distinguish them from Knights of the Realm as there are no Knights of the Realm in the list to confuse. I analyzed your army list: I created an overall army rating calculated from average damage and effective wounds to compare army lists. Your list scored a 260.3 rating. As you said they will deal a lot of damage, but they are not very durable (only 243.68 effective wounds). I created another alternate list, actually replacing the Grail Knights with Blood Knight mercenaries: The list deals less damage than yours, but is much more durable (361.40 effective wounds).
  11. I think I would use Bretonnian Knights (Knights of the Realm for example) to proxy them, although I have the required amount of Demigryph models. Makes no difference. It was intended to have extra CPs to use the command abilities of both the King and the Freeguild General. I created an alternate full Free Peoples list: I have Bretonnian models for everything in the list:
  12. That's the lastest list I came up with. I included more Demigryph Knights as their points are reduced from 140 to 130 in GHB 2019. How do you like it? All spells from Enchantress (Mystic Shield and Divine Favour) and Damsel (Divine Blessing) will be cast on the King. Together with his Master of Defense command trait and Champion of the People ability my hope is that he survives quite a while to kill as many enemy heroes and monsters as possible.
  13. Correct numbers in red. I think you rounded your numbers after each step. I created formulas to calculate everything at once and round only once at the end. At Mounted Yeomen I made a mistake as I copied the formula from Pegasus Knights and forgot to change their attacks from 2 to 1. Your number is almost correct, the correct value is 3.04 not 3.05. Probably because you rounded between calculating steps. Demigryph Knights will have points reduction in GHB 2019, maybe from 140 down to 130 or even 120.
  14. Your Knights Errant, Knights of the Realm and Pegasus Knights were right. Here are my numbers. Average damage against save 4+: 8 Knights Errant: 3.13 / 3.65 (Damsel) / 5.00 (charge) / 5.83 (Damsel + charge) / 6.67 (King + charge) / 7.78 (King + Damsel + charge) 8 Knights of the Realm: 3.50 / 6.00 (charge) / 7.67 (King + charge) / 4.67 (Battlemage) / 7.67 (Battlemage + charge) / 9.81 (King + Battlemage + charge) 16 Knights of the Realm: 7.97 / 13.48 (charge) / 17.24 (King + charge) / 10.63 (Battlemage) / 17.24 (Battlemage + charge) / 22.07 (King + Battlemage + charge) 5 Questing Knights: 4.51 / 7.77 (Monster) / 5.74 (King + charge) / 9.81 (King + charge + Monster) 5 Grail Knights: 3.47 / 7.18 (charge) / 5.69 (Daemon/Death) / 10.14 (charge + Daemon/Death) / 4.84 (Enchantress) / 9.78 (Enchantress + charge) / 7.80 (Enchantress + Daemon/Death) / 13.73 (Enchantress + charge + Daemon/Death) / 9.07 (King + charge) / 12.78 (King + charge + Daemon/Death) / 10.86 (King + Enchantress + charge) / 15.19 (King + Enchantress + charge + Daemon/Death) 10 Grail Knights: just double all numbers above 3 Pegasus Knights: 1.92 / 3.86 (charge) 5 Mounted Yeomen: 1.58 10 Mounted Yeomen: 3.04 3 Demigryph Knights: 3.38 (Lance & Sword) / 3.67 (Cavalry Halberd) / 4.83 (Lance & Sword + charge) / 6.22 (Lance & Sword + Freeguild General) / 6.61 (Cavalry Halberd + Freeguild General) A question I came up with: As long as the Standard Bearers in Bretonnian Knight units just give you reroll battleshock, there seems to be no reason to actually take one in a unit as you already get that bonus from the order allegiance abilities. Is there any reason or advantage for having a standard bearer I missed?
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