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  1. What makes you think it doesn't need line of sight? All its special attacks are listed as separate missile weapon profiles and thus according to the core rules it needs line of sight like any other regular missile attack. If it wouldn't need line of sight, it had to be explicitly mentioned in the Mortek Crawler's warscroll. Like the Trebuchet for example:
  2. Think of the following: You play against DoK and your opponent has the 6 wound model Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine. You have the first turn and Morathi is in range of your Mortek Crawler. You use the Cursed Stele attack and have a 28% chance to instantly kill her as the Iron Heart of Khaine rule doesn't protect her from being slain.
  3. Me too. For example I reviewed the battletome 0.6 rules for mistakes and corrected them. I also took pictures from a lot of models from my miniature collection that were intended for the warscrolls and sent them to Henin about one year ago. Almost nothing happened since then. Sadly he seems to have no time or at least not as much time as the project would need. I offered my help more than once, but he insisted to create the AoS 2.0 style warscrolls himself. I don't expect anything to happen anytime soon. So I fear SpiritofHokuto is right.
  4. Time for an update. My collection has grown more than the numbers reflect as the General's Handbook 2019 had a lot of point reductions. Warscroll changes where options were removed also reduced numbers (for example no Freeguild General on horse any more). I almost lost 10k in this way (values are rounded to hundreds or thousands). The second number is the change since April 2019. Grand Alliance Order 129000 +1000 Aelves 45000 +1000 Bretonnia 29000 Cities of Sigmar 45000 +45000 - Anvilgard 32000 +3000 - Greywater Fastness 32000 +2000 - Hallowheart 35000 - Hammerhal 32000 -87000 - Tempest's Eye 35000 +2000 - The Living City 39000 +10000 - The Phoenicium 32000 +11000 - Collegiate Arcane 3800 -1900 - Darkling Covens 5100 -200 - Devoted of Sigmar 1400 - Dispossessed 5100 -200 - Freeguild 3400 -3500 - Ironweld Arsenal 3600 -100 - Order Serpentis 3000 +500 - Phoenix Temple 1500 -300 - Scourge Privateers 800 - Shadowblades 1400 +200 - Wanderers 4400 +1300 Dark Elves 2700 +100 Daughters of Khaine 4200 +1100 Duardin 14000 +1000 Dwarfs 2700 +500 Eldritch Council 4800 -300 Empire 7000 +1700 Fyreslayers 2200 +800 High Elves 2300 Idoneth Deepkin 4400 -100 Kharadron Overlords 2900 Lethis 16000 +16000 Lion Rangers 900 Lizardmen 800 +100 Monsters of Order 400 Order Draconis 4700 +100 Seraphon 8400 +1200 Stormcast Eternals 8900 +1800 Swifthawk Agents 5100 -200 Sylvaneth 7400 -2400 Wood Elves 4900 Grand Alliance Death 41000 +1000 Deadwalkers 600 Deathlords 2400 Deathmages 1500 +200 Deathrattle 4000 +200 Flesh-Eater Courts 6200 +200 Legion of Grief 15000 +15000 Legions of Nagash 20000 Nighthaunt 7200 +500 Soulblight 6600 -200 The Wraith Fleet 18000 Tomb Kings 12000 Vampire Counts 400 Grand Alliance Chaos 81000 +9000 Beastmen 400 Beasts of Chaos 8800 +400 - Brayherds 4900 +1200 - Chaos Gargants 500 - Monsters of Chaos 3100 +300 - Thunderscorn 400 - Warherds 1600 +400 Blades of Khorne 12000 +1000 Daemons of Chaos 27000 +5000 Disciples of Tzeentch 13000 +1000 Everchosen 31000 Fist of the Everchosen 47000 +4000 Hedonites of Slaanesh 8100 +2900 Legion of Azgorh 500 +300 Maggotkin of Nurgle 12000 +1000 Skaven 1100 +100 Skaventide 9600 +1400 Slaves to Darkness 18000 Warriors of Chaos 2700 +100 Grand Alliance Destruction 35000 Beastclaw Raiders 2000 -200 Fimir 400 Firebellies 100 Gitmob Grots 1700 Gloomspite Gitz 11000 +1000 - Aleguzzler Gargants 1700 - Moonclan Grots 5600 +900 - Spiderfang Grots 2500 +500 - Troggoths 1600 +500 Greenskinz 5000 Gutbusters 5000 Maneaters 1200 Monsters of Destruction 2800 Ogre Kingdoms 300 Orcs & Goblins 600 Orruk Warclans 4800 +4800 - Bonesplitterz 2200 -200 - Ironjawz 2600 +200 Stoneklaw's Gutstompas 21000 Total 286000 +11000
  5. You are not alone. It's similar here. I have 10 Tomb Banshees and 13 Cairn Wraiths for the same reason.
  6. https://wizkids.com/attackwing/bahamut-2/
  7. I expect my Cities of Sigmar force to be at least 80,000+ points and 3,000+ miniatures, so I won't be able to post a picture that shows all of them as the miniatures won't fit on my table... 😆
  8. Right, but their profiles got removed again by GHB 2019 errata (except Master with Battle Standard).
  9. of course I would save my wife and my two children first, then my Green Knight and the Bretonnian 5th edition army book cover converted Knight (which is my avatar here).
  10. Time for another collection update: The total just passed the 88% mark. But today I achieved a milestone as Grand Alliance Death is at 100% now! This means as of now I own everything from the Death Grand Alliance, which includes all Flesh-Eater Courts, Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt and also the compendium units from Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts. Grand Alliance Death total is more than 40,000 points currently. There is also a Youtube video from some weeks ago that shows my whole collection (even though it's in German you can still enjoy all the miniatures):
  11. Right, I use him as a Dragonlord.
  12. Short answer, I hope so and I am quite sure we will benefit from it more or less. Long answer: Cities of Sigmar will include 7 allegiances. We can be quite sure that these will be one for each of the 7 cities from the Firestorm expansion. But what does this mean to Bretonnia? Hammerhal, one of these 7 cities from Firestorm, currently allows you to use any ORDER unit (except SERAPHON) within their allegiance. This means you are allowed to use all Bretonnian units in a Hammerhal army. When they don't change the prerequisite, then Bretonnia could possibly get a fully usable allegiance ability. This would be the best possible outcome. But to be honest, I doubt that they don't change that. But even when they change faction keywords that are allowed in certain city armies, there is still much room to play Bretonnians as FREE PEOPLES or ORDER DRACONIS for example. So there will be something usable whatever they do. Question is only to what extent. This really makes me hope that with the battletome release cavalry will perform as well as it is supposed to which is good news for us.
  13. Just wanted to share this picture of my rebased Bretonnian force: I even converted a Bretonnian Lord on Dragon to be used as a Dragonlord:
  14. There's no difference between higher damage characteristic and higher chance to hit. Both inflict more damage when calculating average damage. The Field Trebuchet for example does double damage on average against 7+ models compared to a single model. 7+ models include 20+ models, so it's even better.
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