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  1. Yes absolutely. If you remember the "Warriors of The Great Cities - Hammerhal" box that was sold some years ago, this is perfect example about what I'd like to see and yes including Stormcast so not breaking with having SCE in starter habit. Also with a couple of new unit for Ironjaws(and a new book?) could be really a cool and charismatic box. Remembering what GW did with Nighthaunt with V2, so refresh of an army (that was just some month ago getting a soup battletome with LoN) with many new cool mini, if they apply same recipe for Freeguild/devoted (out of Cos) and Ironjaws (out of Orruk warclan) it could be awesome. This is definitively wish-listing from me but I'm pretty sure it would have success!
  2. AoS V3 box: Human (Devoted of Sigmar / Freeguild new faction) Versus Orcs ! ... A guy can dream 😜
  3. wow should be amazing on the table! Take (and poste) some pictures if you have opportunity, this should make really cool looking games!
  4. Hi and welcome, I love this model and enjoyed painting mine. Anyway... 5 of them? really? what do yo intend to do with them?
  5. Yes, I'm hoping for same options for AoS. I own the 2 "battletome" that were released in V1 for scenery (Dominion of Chaos and Chaos Dreadhold), they were really cheap at the end of v1. I dont regret, nice book, nice picture, some lore, ok for the price, but I found they are not usable in game. Too much game impacting with too powerfull aptitudes or rules. What I see here for 40k seems to me a good evolution. Not game breaking rules, narrative suggestions and also points cost. This may help to create more cinematic battlefield without giving a too big advantage to one side (or giving advantage but at a cost). I'm really interested to see where GW will go with this.
  6. You're right becaus AFAIK nothing was writen about it. Except about GW said that you have to use the more recent publication of any rule that could invalidate the re-writen firestorm alligence (now present in CoS), I dont know about anything officially said Malign portent. For mercenary you have the info in the GhB2020 Designer com' (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/66ywBB8J1iRGh4t9.pdf ) Q: Can I use rules from older publications in Pitched Battle (2020) games, such as Mercenary Companies from the General’s Handbook 2019? A: Yes, but only if your opponent agrees or a house rule permits it. Unfortunatly I dont have better than that to give to you. I reckon for Firestorm, it was simply in the FaQ (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/age_of_sigmar_firestorm_errata_en.pdf😞 Page 54-55 – Choosing Your AllegianceThese rules are no longer used. Use the most recent core rules instead. So still a no a complet no with no exception
  7. Hi, 1. Can you still take your Grand Alliance Herald from Malign Portents? => beside this rules set were writen for AoS v1, I guess they could still work well. Also as adding options for both sides, this should not break balance. That said, I'm not sure this is still really a need. With all army having now BT and associated alligeance ability/spell lore/etc, I'm not sure it will add reall value (but will add extra rules and complexity). 2. Can you still choose a Firestorm City allegiance like "Tempest's Eye" or "Greywater Fastness"? => I Guess NO as some Firestorm alligeance we "re writen" in the Cities of Sigmat BT (e.g. Hammerhal that is far different between BT and Firestorm). Anyway, as far as I remember, Firestorm alligeance were not powerfull so I doubt anybody would really complain if you use them. 3. Can you still take Mercenaries from the General's Handbook 2019 list? => I would guess YES as first it was narative content, and also in SoB it was teased that some of the big boy may be taken as mercenaries (if memory is correct). Also nothing was writen saying that you cannot use them anymore. long story short, I would say, as usual, ask your opponent. For stuff like Malign portents, he may want to have a look at rules (that he may not own) before, for Firestorm allegiance that were not re-write, sit is like using a compriendium rules, for alligeance that were replaced by CoS, I guess it is more in your interesst to use Cos instead. For mercenaries, jst ask, but I've seen nowhere anything saying this is no more allowed.
  8. Or see it a different way... There is working 2 way to sell miniatures: 1) They look awersome and sell well thanks to look (for hobby only or just becaus they look cool in army) 2) They look terribly bad so only way to sell them is to give them "must have" rules for the faction I'm not saying this is what happening, but if I was in a video gamre about managing sells of a company like that, I may consider such strategy
  9. Hi, I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one against wasting leftovers parts (or that didnt think about magnetising Arkhan...) => For necro team mates, TBH, I would recomande more the Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards, they allow you to have different flavor when defintively Mannfred and Neferata looks too much vampire for me to this job =>
  10. Definitivelly would solve some abuse/strange stuff like Orruk beeing Etheral. Coul also open to really cool faction specific stuff. I really see it as a perfect way to complet the PtG in the Battle tome (and mabe give PtG new breath)! I love the idea!
  11. This weekend preview solve at least 3 4 of them: the boot (1st line - 1st pic) The hammer (?) (2nd line - pic 3) The ward (Line 2 - pic 2) The pic (Line 2 - pic 1)
  12. I would definitively love to see something like the Silver Tower adventure book in this setting. This was really a great mechanisme in ST allowing interesting twist. Take Warcry and his mechanics, add the WHQ dungeon style and some Silver Tower narrative events/mechanics in a single box would be instant buy for me!
  13. Wow, this is really a breaking news for me. So far I did park the 3D printing idea because of the result I've seen (and had, a friend of mine printed some scenery for me). Definitively was ok for scenery but no more. Seeing this quality for this printer cost will make me having a new look at that soon! Merci pour l'info!
  14. This is stuning! look perfect. there is no trace of "aliasing" (stairs?). I was wondering if you were no a little "overkill" in the 3D sculpt versus what is possible to print but obliviously this whorst the effort! I've just had a look at price of printer you've used, is it around 300€ or do you have a higher end model to reach result like that? I'm definitively looking for pictur of him once you finished to paint him! impressive work anyway so far!
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