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  1. An now this is official, StD battletome for really soon. Not a surprise looking for last leaks and SC box announced in Blood & Glory but as far as I know no date were officially confirmed so far. Now this is: " You’ll have a chance to learn more about the Varanspire and its inhabitants in Battletome: Slaves to Darkness, available later this year! " (https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/22/what-is-the-varanspire/) So "later this year" dont let lot of options
  2. ORDER Stormcast - LC on Stardrake / Celestan Prime / Vandus Hammerhand (depending on budget ) Cities of Sigmar - Freeguild General on Griffon / Demigryph Knights / whitch hunter (if you can still find one) Sylvaneth - Alarielle / Spirit of Durthu / Drycha / Arch-Revenant (depending $) CHAOS Blades of Khorne - Skarbrand / Korghos Khul / bloodsecrator / Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut Disciples of Tzeentch - Kairos Fateweaver (amazingly pleasant to paint model) / Ogroid Thaumaturge (maybe too much muscle for Tzeentch but really cool model) / Changeling Slaves to Darkness - Archaon / Chaos Lord (depending $) DEATH Nighthaunt - Reikenor / Lady Olynder / Black coach (maybenot perfect representat, but model is awersom) Legions of Nagash - Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade / leader of the sepulchral guard DESTRUCTION Gloomspite Gitz - Fanatics! (cant resist how in distress they look)
  3. Or as for Fireslayer, do a start collecting box with them. I would be happy to buy 6 of them packed with... why not... Archaon, for a SC price 😜
  4. I suppose you are looking for mercenary options. All that is in GHB2019. I don't have it with me but this is what I'm remembering about it. Like Allie but could be across different GA. Anyway, this is really specific set of warscroll only that could be used as mercenaries when allies could be any warscroll but from a precise (allied listed) faction. as example, any army ay take a necromancer and some skeleton as mercenary. Mercenary count into allied points, prevent you to get 1st round command point but give you a special ability for mercenary "battalion".
  5. HI Insomniacfalco, nice collection, didn't warhammer TV made a video about it: Fifty shelves of grey PS: no offence here, your pic just make me so much thinking about this ad !
  6. This is not a valid excuse! remove the table and pic them all on the floor! we *need* to see them 😜 !
  7. Ok... so now we know who is the lichemeister a who are his sons when enrolling them into a stormcast army
  8. yesterday on the FR site it was definitively unavailable. Now it is back available for order. I wonder if it is not same as for the digital battletome... scheduled operation they forgot to cancel. So sad...
  9. And with Citadel wood definitively unavailable on GW site, I start to believe!
  10. Same as you. but I would be surprisrd if it would be a different app. Look really to be same base. I expect that there will be sample and some example with new contrast paint... At the moment I'm waiting for contrast to start painting my grot army. so will probably buy contrast as soon as available... I hope having some tuto / hint for contrast color in updated app!
  11. new citadel color site. video choise your painting scheme: https://citadelcolour.com/playlist/6038720982001/6038119923001 between 1:04 and 1:11
  12. Did any one spot new version and feature for the Citadel Paint app into video published on new "Citadel Colour" site? can be seen on this video https://citadelcolour.com/playlist/6038720982001/6038119923001 between 1:04 and 1:11. This look great and far more detailed than current version, including video and complet how to.
  13. Sorry, not answering your question at all (I'm missing cultural knowledg about Skavens ), but if you create material for this scenario (map, story, etc...) could you share it after? I'm definitively interesed by any quest or additional scenario for both Silver tower and SoH.
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