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  1. We could also imagine the grave guards sculpt to remain but being "downgraded" as skeleton warriors. Today, looking side by side Cursed city skeletons warriors, grave guards and currently sold individually plastic skeletons warriors, those who blend the best together are CC skeletons warriors with Grave Guards. I admit it would be odd to have 3 sculpt for same warscroll (and that current skeleton warriors are still OK), but as they all have same base size and blend well together, this technically remain possible.
  2. Isn't it best reason to make an expansion and try to improve popularity of the faction? new cool model and new powerful rules? I say that because I already heard "don't expect improvement for faction xxx as it is selling well as-is, so why trying fixing what is not broken?"
  3. We should wait to have complet picture before worrying. If all this info turn as being reliable, I doubt battallion would be removed without any conterpart addition. Also, I don't think not perk would be released for Khorne. Everybody did worry when endless spell were announced and final we get something equivalent (if not better...) for Khorne too. Let's keep cool until we know all part of the GW plan, maybe we'll have good surprise.
  4. correct, this is "broché" mean paper back version. But anyway I suspect they all be released in same time.
  5. So Cursed city box would be scheduled for 14 of May? Amazon refer the book to be released (at least in French version) for the 14th of May. This is far away but at least a good news to know the book will be translated!
  6. Before his bio, I would have bet on CoS Battlemage of Shyish (or a new CoS wizard warscroll), but now more think he's part of Death GA. So either as current necro warscroll or a new one or even something new within Soulblight. In any case, I'm happy as his design make him perfect proxy for CoS battle mage as well as LoN necro (I do already use some CoS battle mage as additional necromancer proxy anyway...) !
  7. you don't get it. This request was written with in mind the world that was, a look like realistic world. Here we are in the mortal realm, and the wolf in the mortal realm, like many other animals (that we could think that are similar than in real world but are definitively not) sheds its skin. So this skin had belong to an beast that is perfectly fine, there is no reason to worry for it
  8. I agree that pre-year 2000 FX are pretty scary 😜
  9. Yes this is the point. I've found them only in English, even in the app they are in English only. I'm definitively looking for them in FR.
  10. Hi, I did but only for adversary from silver tower (so just used the card to avoid flipping in the book). Obliviously it worked fine even if some card seems updated/corrected versus the original book. We played many games and reach conclusion that silver tower is correctly balanced at 4 player. At less, things can go crazy (too easy as well as too hard) really quick (just be unlucky on a couple of unexpected event and things goes mad). So we end up using always 4 hero, if there is only 3 player, one player will play 2 hero or the "extra hero" will be played by the torch light carrier. For info I have adversary card but not the hero cards extension (so I'm always using the 6 basic ones). If anyone have them in French, I would be really interested!
  11. Or the opposite: You no more "pay" for endless spell but select one per wizard instead (or in addition) of the faction lore spell. I love the idea that the one getting second turn having an advantage as counterpart, but as said, I don't like paying for a Endless spell that may benefit to the enemy, so it end up by not using some of the ES at all.
  12. Yes absolutely. If you remember the "Warriors of The Great Cities - Hammerhal" box that was sold some years ago, this is perfect example about what I'd like to see and yes including Stormcast so not breaking with having SCE in starter habit. Also with a couple of new unit for Ironjaws(and a new book?) could be really a cool and charismatic box. Remembering what GW did with Nighthaunt with V2, so refresh of an army (that was just some month ago getting a soup battletome with LoN) with many new cool mini, if they apply same recipe for Freeguild/devoted (out of Cos) and Ironjaws (out of Orruk warclan) it could be awesome. This is definitively wish-listing from me but I'm pretty sure it would have success!
  13. AoS V3 box: Human (Devoted of Sigmar / Freeguild new faction) Versus Orcs ! ... A guy can dream 😜
  14. wow should be amazing on the table! Take (and poste) some pictures if you have opportunity, this should make really cool looking games!
  15. Hi and welcome, I love this model and enjoyed painting mine. Anyway... 5 of them? really? what do yo intend to do with them?
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