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  1. Yes, I'm hoping for same options for AoS. I own the 2 "battletome" that were released in V1 for scenery (Dominion of Chaos and Chaos Dreadhold), they were really cheap at the end of v1. I dont regret, nice book, nice picture, some lore, ok for the price, but I found they are not usable in game. Too much game impacting with too powerfull aptitudes or rules. What I see here for 40k seems to me a good evolution. Not game breaking rules, narrative suggestions and also points cost. This may help to create more cinematic battlefield without giving a too big advantage to one side (or giving advantage but at a cost). I'm really interested to see where GW will go with this.
  2. You're right becaus AFAIK nothing was writen about it. Except about GW said that you have to use the more recent publication of any rule that could invalidate the re-writen firestorm alligence (now present in CoS), I dont know about anything officially said Malign portent. For mercenary you have the info in the GhB2020 Designer com' (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/66ywBB8J1iRGh4t9.pdf ) Q: Can I use rules from older publications in Pitched Battle (2020) games, such as Mercenary Companies from the General’s Handbook 2019? A: Yes, but only if your opponent agrees or a house rule permits it. Unfortunatly I dont have better than that to give to you. I reckon for Firestorm, it was simply in the FaQ (https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/age_of_sigmar_firestorm_errata_en.pdf😞 Page 54-55 – Choosing Your AllegianceThese rules are no longer used. Use the most recent core rules instead. So still a no a complet no with no exception
  3. Hi, 1. Can you still take your Grand Alliance Herald from Malign Portents? => beside this rules set were writen for AoS v1, I guess they could still work well. Also as adding options for both sides, this should not break balance. That said, I'm not sure this is still really a need. With all army having now BT and associated alligeance ability/spell lore/etc, I'm not sure it will add reall value (but will add extra rules and complexity). 2. Can you still choose a Firestorm City allegiance like "Tempest's Eye" or "Greywater Fastness"? => I Guess NO as some Firestorm alligeance we "re writen" in the Cities of Sigmat BT (e.g. Hammerhal that is far different between BT and Firestorm). Anyway, as far as I remember, Firestorm alligeance were not powerfull so I doubt anybody would really complain if you use them. 3. Can you still take Mercenaries from the General's Handbook 2019 list? => I would guess YES as first it was narative content, and also in SoB it was teased that some of the big boy may be taken as mercenaries (if memory is correct). Also nothing was writen saying that you cannot use them anymore. long story short, I would say, as usual, ask your opponent. For stuff like Malign portents, he may want to have a look at rules (that he may not own) before, for Firestorm allegiance that were not re-write, sit is like using a compriendium rules, for alligeance that were replaced by CoS, I guess it is more in your interesst to use Cos instead. For mercenaries, jst ask, but I've seen nowhere anything saying this is no more allowed.
  4. Or see it a different way... There is working 2 way to sell miniatures: 1) They look awersome and sell well thanks to look (for hobby only or just becaus they look cool in army) 2) They look terribly bad so only way to sell them is to give them "must have" rules for the faction I'm not saying this is what happening, but if I was in a video gamre about managing sells of a company like that, I may consider such strategy
  5. Hi, I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one against wasting leftovers parts (or that didnt think about magnetising Arkhan...) => For necro team mates, TBH, I would recomande more the Collegiate Arcane Mystic Battle Wizards, they allow you to have different flavor when defintively Mannfred and Neferata looks too much vampire for me to this job =>
  6. Definitivelly would solve some abuse/strange stuff like Orruk beeing Etheral. Coul also open to really cool faction specific stuff. I really see it as a perfect way to complet the PtG in the Battle tome (and mabe give PtG new breath)! I love the idea!
  7. This weekend preview solve at least 3 4 of them: the boot (1st line - 1st pic) The hammer (?) (2nd line - pic 3) The ward (Line 2 - pic 2) The pic (Line 2 - pic 1)
  8. I would definitively love to see something like the Silver Tower adventure book in this setting. This was really a great mechanisme in ST allowing interesting twist. Take Warcry and his mechanics, add the WHQ dungeon style and some Silver Tower narrative events/mechanics in a single box would be instant buy for me!
  9. Wow, this is really a breaking news for me. So far I did park the 3D printing idea because of the result I've seen (and had, a friend of mine printed some scenery for me). Definitively was ok for scenery but no more. Seeing this quality for this printer cost will make me having a new look at that soon! Merci pour l'info!
  10. This is stuning! look perfect. there is no trace of "aliasing" (stairs?). I was wondering if you were no a little "overkill" in the 3D sculpt versus what is possible to print but obliviously this whorst the effort! I've just had a look at price of printer you've used, is it around 300€ or do you have a higher end model to reach result like that? I'm definitively looking for pictur of him once you finished to paint him! impressive work anyway so far!
  11. And also I forget about the language issue. Just for sharing Anvil of Apoteotys creation (in another thread), I have to go in a complet process of translating and rebuilding warscroll in English as material I'm producing for my games are in my (and my group) natural language (French). For AoA it already imply more than I suspected translation time (with only result to be able to share it on TGA as I won't use this material in English), so I dont even think about translating our campaign progression logs or battle reports... I see this language issue beeing less a barrier on matched play as matched play generaly is less wordy productive (I'm definitively not talking here about Guys writing complet home-made battletome, I'm not even sure where work like this sit on the "narrative spectrum")
  12. This is absolutly amazing! Did you print it already? I'm curious to see how it will look like printed (and obliviously what hardware your using to print it). So far anything I've printed was not really great due to 3D printing limitation, especially when curvy like this. So I'm curious to see what would be possible!
  13. Yes, on top of that I see a couple of other point that make narative "less visible" online: 1 - All question about rules and what is legal or not definitively not a such big deal in narative. In case of doubte, you take what make the most sens or MG/organisator decide but definitively an environement were we may be less focus on rule as write. 2 - Narrative is also a lot more personal. It may be only me, but this is a really more "private part of you" when you publish your own fluf, campaign, etc... than when you are just talking about rules, point and list. This is definitively something that, for old folk like me (aka "not the social network generation"), is less expected, especially when there is not a lot of other sharing. 3 - definitively that. I was even thinking, following a question on the forum, to create a representative "spectrum" of narative play. IMO, narative go from "matched play like game with story and name on your caracter" to "almost role play game campagne" and over many variable level including Path to glory, campagne package like Firestorm and also using books like "the realmgate wars". in the midle of that I would also fit Silver tower, skirmish etc. and even here, depending if your using rules/product "out of the box" or adding narative element, this could lead to different "narrative level". So definitively, my point here is there is 1 unique "legal" way & rules at a point in time to play matched play when in Narrative it will vary a lot depending of player group (and expectation). I would not say there is "hostility" against narrative (if you exclude the 3 weeks after GHB release where many people complain about book content and that they would expect the book to be 100% matched play only...), but I definitively agree on fact that narrative dont get amount of inputs (file, home made material to share, etc...) that it deserve!
  14. Nice skin, he really look having spend lot of time over hot places I love idea to add missile weapon that are magic (this definitively make sens to me) on top of spellcasting. definitively something that I'll do as well.
  15. Really cool stuff man, I love some of the convertion ! be careful on the Gutter Fiend, there is still lot of Khorne sign
  16. Hi, step 3 you have to choice your hero loadout: -1 single 1 hand weapon -2x 1 hand weapon -1 single 1 hand weapon and 1 shield -1 single 2 hand weapon (... and then the loadout combo with ranged weapon) If your caracter have 2x single hand axe, you'll have 2 mele weapon entre, one for each axe. You will have to pay 1 DP for each of them for base state. Then in step 6, where you'll be able to pick improvements, if you pick stuff improving, for exemple, damage of 1 of your mele weapon, you'll be able to improve stats from only 1 of your axe with this (single) improvement. Obliviously, you could take (and pay) 2 time this improvement to upgrade once each of your 2 axe if you want them to have same stats. I hope this bring clarity to you!
  17. Not really a rumour, but I just notice that some battletome did not get theire FaQ translated. I think it may have been a mistake done during upload of the FaQ, but after checking other language, it appear the both Cities of Sigmar and Orruk Warclans dont have any translation for last FaQ (07/20/2020). Is it possible it to be a first sign of limited support of this factions?
  18. Hi @Emmetation, any news regarding translations?
  19. RedMax


    Correct, warscroll have been completly reworked last year to make it more behemot standard. So @Louzi, if GW changed completly warscroll, this is probabl that you were not the only one strugling with it.
  20. I first read "I ran out of blood (for the blood god)"
  21. I agree with you. I can undestand they removed for matched play rules of the Chaos Dreadlord (in v1) that was completly unbalanced/game breaker depending of faction of if you have terrain in your side (or near obj). even in narative play I didnt used them (so impacting that they should have cost in point and be treaten as you treat faction terrain...). But this terrain warscroll set was looking to me absolutly "neutral" and almost taste-less. So this is a surprise to me that they are going this way.
  22. Hi, good news! FaQ confirmed this is a typo : https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/YlH5dYMq3VCRtmgb.pdf Page 13 – Legions of Nagash, Hexwraiths Change the points value to ‘130’. Page 13 – Legions of Nagash, Morghast Archai Change the points value to ‘190’. Page 13 – Legions of Nagash, Morghast Harbingers Change the points value to ‘190’. So FaQed point of OBR were intended to by apply to LoN as well as Nighthaunt one. So we are still in a system where a single unti have always same point cost no mater the army (as expected)!
  23. Yes definitively. An this is something player need to agree and be aligned with or they will be frustrated. Anyway, this is sometime a goos source of inspiration. If a player want to test a specific "trick" or "theme" (e.g. just finished to paint a specific new unit and want to have it playing central role or specific task). This is usually great opportunity to ensure that unite or hero will do what they are designed to do the best. If a player want to play in this unit that is obliviously a "hero hunter", let's ensure that in th ebattle plan, there is a goal to reach for him to hunt an ememy hero. This way, even if this player "loose" the battle from narative point of view, he can win some of his goal making both player having successed in what they have to do (breaking the "I win so you loose" case). On top of that it can lead to really epic situation! Yes definitively a good source or reward. I also spot some interesting artifact in Forbiden power. Now all the subtility is in the power escalation. I see alligeance artifact as minor impacting improvement (at hero level) so if a player will play a lot of game, this sound to me good type of reward to avoid him progressing too quick. Another player playing less often will require either more artefact as reward (bot then loos a litel the feeling of earning something good) or having more impacting reward. Also, some player may switch faction during campain. So that what I love with granting them Destiny points. They can move to another faction and keep something like equivalent of progress on theire hero. I also try to see if there is oportunity to have visual impacting chage. E.g I prepare a game where a bande of gloomspite will be involved. Leader is a Loonbos on giant Squig. There is on way it think about where event may lead him to get a mangler squig in the futur (we already own the mini obliviously). Many opportunity in most range like Mighty Lord of Khorn moving into DP or Bloodtrither (that could even movel into a Skarbrand after some difficult battle to reflect how damage he suffer). In any case, it link back to what was say before by B&P Gamer, GM neet to have last word on list (and I will even add on army balance). a 1k vs 2k game may be great with correct goal balance. As some game 2 vs 1 (2 player that naratively make no sens to fight against could be coalition agains the GM).
  24. Hi, how do you organise the narrative part of the games? In my case, and I dont state this is the norme, I organise the narrative for games as a GM in a role playing game would do. 1 - I confirm who will be next players. if only one is avaiable, I'll be opponent, if 2 player are available they will encouters. Also confirm with them what they will play as army. 2 - I will, as GM, elaborate the story. Based on previous event of the campain, previous decision taken, and finding a good reason to put the 2 opponents in conflict somewhere. 3 - Elaborate also the battle scenario that will match the story and involved forces. anyway, unlike in a matched play tournament, in the battle plan, opponent on the battlefield may not especial seek victory (over victory points) but more to achieve goals (killing a specific caracter from other army, reaching a specific point of the battle field to find item/path to somewhere/information...). My objective in this battleplans is not to try to elaborate a symetric or equilibred play, but to provide to both player ability to make story progress the way he may prefer by actions. So by this way, players will intend to win or dominate the battle to make the global story going "theire way" (or presenting theire faction as "the good" in this chapter of the story). I usually already provide outcome options to players befor the game, so they have an idea about what they have to acomplish and decision "winer" of the battle will be able to take. => player need to definitively agree with the aproach as it can lead to battle really unbalanced, and even in some case, battleplan were on player will "lose" battle for scenario reason. Idea is to provide, in such case, goal achivable for him anyway (like surviving X round, killing x % of enemy army, ...) to keep player involved and motivated to fight (not beeing just here waiting for the end). Even "loosing" does not prevent beeing rewarded for what have been achiev on the battlefield. 4 - an idea I got, but I was not yet able to implement, is to enforce for all player usage of a hero, build using the Apotheosys Anvil. This way, I could implement in scenario some perks to allow player to make theire hero progressing. E.g: all player have to take in theire army a 10 DP hero (counting for 100Army pts as we try to keep using army point system to help to balance battle), but I'm considering implementing a system of "XP" allowing for exemple, for a win or specific acomplishement, the player to use more DP (adding a capacity) but while keeping hero "costing" 100 army point (e.g wining battle arewaring your hero of 2 extra DP to use in the Anvil to get new aptitude making hero 12 DP but still counting as 100 Army point for futur battles). Same aproche possible with artefact that player could find and keep. In short, idea is to create a climat where players come and participate not intending to "win the campain" but more helping the narative to progress. Also "rewarding" player to participate (XP, artifact, choising way story will go next step), even if player, due to scenario, will not win the battle (as traditionnaly intended in matched play battle plan). I admit that it may be a really non common aproch as I didnt find material of such sort of campain/story online for AoS. I may have this approach only because I played a lot of "paper RPG" in the past and really try to recreate this experience but with cool mini in AoS context. Obliviously, this bring also lot of constrain, like not having too many player involved (or it is hard to keep track of everything ans story will go in to many direction with to many faction). You also have to keep all player updated about story progress (implying keeping notes, and eventually try to consign everything in a file, adding picture to make it nice looking ). I hope it help and may give you some idea!
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