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  1. Bro, this is the Bretonnia thread. We’ve been neglected since 2016 so rest assured we’re immune to bitterness at this point. On a different note, happy 2021 everyone! May the new year bring lots of interesting conversion opportunities!
  2. I’d say that rather than going there (to legends) to die, it’s a way for GW to keep factions alive without upsetting hardcore competitive players. But if we consider tomb kings, they seemed destined to be confined to legends but were then reborn as the Ossiarch Bonereapers. If all else fails, the release of new Bretonnian models could open up opportunities for new conversions (I, for one, have long dreamt of making a cavalry heavy Stormcast army speckled with as many Bretonnia conversions as possible). In any case, my personal opinion is that a big part of this hobby is to always lon
  3. @Drakilian! Fancy seeing you here. It’s funny that you would write here today. It’s been a while and I was actually randomly scrolling through this topic yesterday. Do you plan to try taking your Brets to tournaments again once the world is back to normal? And @Greybeard86, I too would answer yes. Personally, I’ve actually sold my whole collection but the guy I sold them to seemed to have every intention of using them competitively. That being said, I think some players are transitioning over to 9th Age Fantasy Battles where Bretonnia seems to be on even ground with the other fa
  4. I would love to hear all your tales about this after you try this out! And photos of your Ironweld army would be cool!
  5. Haha this list would have been amazing to see on the table! Do you own any Steam Tanks?
  6. Thanks for the answer! I took a look in that thread but didn’t find anyone that had gone all in Steam Tanks, but then again, you’d have to be a little bit crazy to be willing to spend money on such a lackluster unit
  7. Do we have any pictures of anyone crazy enough to make an oldschool Ironweld Arsenal army with three Steam Tanks filling the battleline role? (I don't care if it is legal or not - I still want to see it)
  8. Hello there! Fancy seeing you reviving this thread again! Since I last wrote here I've sold all my Bretonnians, which is why I've been less active. I am in isolation since more than a month back so keeping safe over here - hope you and your loved ones are doing well too! I definitely think most players will allow you to proxy your Bretonnians as Empire/Freeguild units and add them as allies. But to be completely honest with you: my biggest hope for Bretonnia to become relevant for real again, is for them to be one of the central armies once Warhammer: the Old World launches.
  9. Hi friends! I've been very busy lately so I'm sorry for not taking part in the discussions. I do want you to know that it's been making very glad to see you all continue to make this little Bretonnian community thrive. For me, however, the journey has come to its end, and I've recently transitioned over to another miniature wargame. For this reason, the time has come for me to sell my beloved Bretonnians. Please check the eBay listing here. Furthermore, I even made a YouTube Video showing off the models. Please have a look and share this with anyone you think would be interested in b
  10. A great answer! Things couldn’t be clearer. Thanks a lot!
  11. I actually think the new command abilities can prove quite useful! Now we don’t need to bring a million squishy heroes just to get the rerolls we need in order to do some damage. Just pay for the extra CP (or to strategic genius) and use the CP on the unit about to bring some pain to the enemy Looks nice! The poor enemy unit that gets sandwiched between 5 Grail Knights and 10 Blood Knights is going to get obliterated But don’t you think it could be worth it to cut down a bit on the big battleline units so you can afford 10 Grail Knights?
  12. You can indeed use mercenaries for matches play. Check what @Sir Valiant de Quenelles wrote on the previous page: (Page 46.) - One army can only hire one Mercenary Company. - If a Company is hired by your army, 1 of 4 of your units could be one of the units of the company. (In case of the Bloodknights, for instance, you can have a Knights of the Realm unit, a Men at arms unit, a bowmen unit and then you can choose 1 Vampire Lord or 1 unit (3 max) of Blood Knights). This units from the mercenary companies have the trait <Mercenary> -T
  13. Hahaha! It’s a well earned title I’m assuming you have insight in the system of this forum. Could you confirm that these are the ranks, or possible let me know if I’m missing one? 1. Liberator (1 dot) 2. Judicator (2 dots) 3. Prosecutor (2 dots) 4. Decimator (3 dots) 5. Retributor (3 dots) 6. Protector (3 dots) 7. Dracothian Guard (3 dots) 8. Lord Castellant (4 dots) 9. Lord Celestant (5 dots) 10. Megaboss (5 dots)
  14. @ilaxu 'Minute' haha I love your hype!! Awesome Congrats on your army getting started. I’m also lucky enough to have a significant other who likes to paint. Good luck on the future progress!
  15. I also love the visual look of Mousillon and I happen to have a screensaver on my phone reflecting this (by "Kookri" on DeviantArt, that catches that Mousillon undeath feel! http://kookriart.tumblr.com/post/165555105543/a-toast-to-your-health-one-of-my-favorite) But when it comes to themes for an army, I actually prefer to build it around the Enchantress. The 6th Edition Enchantress has some cool forest-y almost elvish features about her, and I think it would be cool to make an army hailing from Carcassonne and being allied with the elves, adding branches and leaves on the
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