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  1. @ilaxu 'Minute' haha I love your hype!! Awesome Congrats on your army getting started. I’m also lucky enough to have a significant other who likes to paint. Good luck on the future progress!
  2. I also love the visual look of Mousillon and I happen to have a screensaver on my phone reflecting this (by "Kookri" on DeviantArt, that catches that Mousillon undeath feel! http://kookriart.tumblr.com/post/165555105543/a-toast-to-your-health-one-of-my-favorite) But when it comes to themes for an army, I actually prefer to build it around the Enchantress. The 6th Edition Enchantress has some cool forest-y almost elvish features about her, and I think it would be cool to make an army hailing from Carcassonne and being allied with the elves, adding branches and leaves on the bases and elvish iconography on the models. But that’s just my two cents
  3. Thanks for the great answer! Right now I’m wondering if there aren’t any more 4 point ranks. Would make sense since the others ranks seem to have several levels. And yes, I also only saw the rank Megaboss in @Chris Tomlin’s profile.
  4. Cool insight. It’s going to be interesting to follow the discussions springing up from the changes in the GHB. To answer the question posed by @ilaxu 'Minute', however, I will actually not be running any of these mixed lists for the simple reason that I’m a die hard fan and a bit obsessive about consistency. But please note that this is my personal preference and that I have nothing against people with other views on it. Hi there! Welcome to the royal court! The King on Hippogryph and the Damsel on Pegasus are two winged units that are decent, although the King is overpriced at 400 points. There’s not much lore but as @Bosmer Nightblade pointed out, they are at least mentioned in the book The Red Feast. I guess Brets could be viable if it’s acceptable to you to consider it a success going 2-1 or 3-2 in a tournament. The only must pick units are the Enchantress (extremely good value for points wizard) and the Grail Knights which have a nice synergy with her and bring rend to an army that otherwise excels in mobility but lacks punch. Would love to see some pics of your good old goon squad if you still have any?
  5. Just returning on this subject. One of the guys at the Bretonnia thread checked out the mercenary rules and it will indeed be a challenge to include 4 or more units of mercs in your army. Here’s what he wrote: (Page 46.) - One army can only hire one Mercenary Company. - If a Company is hired by your army, 1 of 4 of your units could be one of the units of the company. (In case of the Bloodknights, for instance, you can have a Knights of the Realm unit, a Men at arms unit, a bowmen unit and then you can choose 1 Vampire Lord or 1 unit (3 max) of Blood Knights). This units from the mercenary companies have the trait <Mercenary> -This units can't be included on your allegiance, and any mercenary character couldn't be the general of the army. - If you use them, ONLY in your first turn you don't get your command point. - Any unit summoned by a Mercenary unit gets the Mercenary trait. - Mercenaries are not battlelines, but they units with traits "Leader" "Behemoth" and "Artilery" counts as that for the limitations of the armies.
  6. Hi! Welcome to the Bretonnia fan club The only reason I don’t use the Firestorm rules is that in my local competitive scene it’s not part of any of the rules packs. We focus on Malign Sorcery stuff instead. But since I always bring the King, and use an artifact that keeps him alive rather than buffing his attacks, battleshock is actually not that much of a problem to me. Do you have any Knights painted up? I always love to see Bretonnia collections being displayed! Thanks for sharing! So I guess it will be quite hard to include 4 mercenary units in your army. Unless someone is planning to do a men-at-arms horde army (not recommended!! )
  7. Can you please confirm the rules for matched play mercenaries? How many units of your main force do you need to have for each unit of mercs you want to include?
  8. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could shed some more light on the rank system here at tga? As I understand it the ranks are as follows: 1. Liberator (1 dot) 2. Judicator (2 dots) 3. Retributor (3 dots) 4. Dracothian Guard (3 dots) 5. Lord Castellant (4 dots) 6. Lord Celestant (5 dots) 7. Megaboss (5 dots) Have I missed any of them? Does anyone know more about how these really work? Thanks!
  9. I have double checked the footage and it is indeed strange. Is there any chance GW messed up and their real intention was to lower the helSTORM from 180 to 160? That sounds like a more reasonable change in my ears.
  10. I saw this video yesterday: At 31:10 into the video the requirements for mercenaries in matched play are mentioned very quickly, but it doesn’t really sound like he’s actually reading out loud from the book. I don’t know. But for allies there was always the rule that additional units had to be proportional to your main force both in points and in number of units. It’s possible that someone found some crazy way to “abuse” the rules and to deter this, the adjusted the points. All of this is just me making wild guesses for fun, though
  11. They aren’t actually leaks. It’s information from youtubers who got pre release versions of the GHB and made videos reading out the new information.
  12. @Drakilian, this is what our points looked like back in the first GHB. And sadly, the point values never changed (what has changed are the names of most heroes, that we no longer have legal battalions, and that no heroes are unique anymore, so we can take many of the same if we want)
  13. True! But to have 3 units as mercenaries, you would still have to have 9 units in your main force, I think.
  14. Hello again! I’ve been playing other armies for the last year so haven’t really been as active in this thread as I was in the old one. I do, however, bring some news. For 2019 the points for Ironweld Arsenal units will stay the same, except for: Cannon: 140 points (20 point discount) Helblaster Volley Gun: 160 points (now 40 points more expensive) Steam Tank: 240 points (20 point discount) Unfortunately still no indication that the latter will become a battleline behemoth unit Cheaper Cannons are always nice though!
  15. Hey guys! I just watched Ash at GMG read through all the point changes. My beloved Chronomantic Cogs were increased from 60 to 80 points (it’s understandable but still a shame for me, since I was the only one in the local competitive scene who was using them). You can see the video here: According to Ash all things legacy were kept the same in terms of point values. Oh well. The good news is that the GHB 2019 will provide us with even more options for command abilities, which is an area where Bretonnia was lacking. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for any other interesting news about this Last edit, adding screenshot of the order page. No asterisks mean no changes:
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