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  1. Specifically, Languille and Brionne probably were the ones with the most reason to dislike druchii, since they were the 2 most important port city dukedoms in Bretonnian lands, languille as a major mercantile power, and Brionne for its Naval forces. Before the freefall of moussilon from dukedom to damned wasteland, they were also a fairly important mercantile port city, though also the likeliest location of illegal activity(buying and selling of stolen goods, drug trafficking, etc.). Couronne, being the capital dukedom, was likely too big a hazard for piracy targeting. And Lyonesse had the longest length of coastline, so they were more likely to be targeted for raids
  2. Brionne was a coastal city, they basically controlled the southwestern corner of the shoreline in the old world. Parravon would work, other options that would as well include Montfort, Quenelles, Gisoreux, Bastonne, or Artois
  3. Gotcha, though a point to consider, brets also disliked dark elves due to their habitual piracy and raiding of the brets armada and coastline, so you may want to make them descendants from one of the inland provinces of Bretonnia in your lore
  4. While I approve of anyone who tries to keep the Bretonnians alive in any way, lorewise im kinda unsure how you were able to combine bret q knights with aelves. Most Brets are less than friendly with those of a pointy eared persuasion(not outright animosity more like intelerance and contempt).
  5. True, they have lots of modular possibilities in these minis. And thats how gw minis used to be, not so much anymore. Now, to kit bash gw minis requires a lot more work.
  6. Most GW minis are modular to one degree or another, im not saying there is no variation between mini sculpts. What I was saying is that in recent game editions and with the more recent sculpts, there is less “wiggle room” for variations of weapons, angles to glue arms on, stuff like that. Just as an example, using some examples from 6th edition, between various arms, heads, torsos, and legs, one could make 100’s of thousands of variations of a mini from bits in the same kit roughly estimated 8-10 head variants, 8-10 torso variants, 6-10 right arm variants, 6-10 left arm varients, 4-8 leg variants, 12-16 extra detail variants(packs, coils of rope, food items, pouches, etc) and different angles you could attach all of these to each other. A kit in most aos sculpts could provide maybe 400 assembled variants(many of which requiring cutting and swapping weapons from one arm to another) versus the old sculpts several hundred thousand variants(requiring only cutting from the sprue).
  7. This is true, but i would also point out that of the examples you listed, only 1 is based on new sculpts, the kharadron. The rest are holdover sculpts from whfb which was still more customizable and modular friendly than most of the new sculpts in aos
  8. I would say however that 40k has a much more interesting modular aspect that allows for easier modification of armies, most new aos sculpts take a lot of work to modify and still look decent. for example, space marines often have limbs separate from hands and weapons, which when combined with micro magnets allows for on the fly army adaptation(though the recent edition seems to be undoing this somewhat by making the space marines more....fixed in design)
  9. Buddy, i’ve been a fan of fantasy in general since I was a toddler, before warhammer minis were even a thing. Going strictly by definition, low fantasy is fantasy taking place in our world, not a similar world, not a parallel world, our world, for example, harry potter is low fantasy , however, a series like howls moving castle is high fantasy due to the fact it is not our world and has illogical aspects regardless of the addition of magic. Warhammer fantasy (which includes both whfb and aos)is all high fantasy by this exact same definition, because while there are similarities between our world and the old world, there are entire continents that exist there that dont exist in our world, illogical species and places that do not fit in a rational world even accounting the inclusion of magic. This isnt a debatable point its actually the specific definition of high vs low fantasy. And I hate to break it to you but all high fantasy is inspired by low fantasy. So please try not to act as though you are more knowledgeable about a subject than someone you have never met, they might be much more informed than you know.
  10. While charlemagne is a person of historical fact, the multiple hippogryphs that appear in the stories involving him are obvious fantasy added to the story, making them fiction, as for king arthur, it is unknown whether he was a real person or an amalgamation of several britainic leaders, but he is still a work of fiction in that there is absolutely no evidence of his actual existence. You might as well try claiming that Atlantis is a historical fact, rather than historical third party mythical hearsay(and sidenote, ulthuan is based on Atlantis, so yeah there are ties to real world mythology in whfb and aos, as Malerion Tyrion Teclis and Morathi still exist and remember, further tying to a real world myth with the attempts of Teclis to recreate elves resulting in the idoneth and making them elves for after their Atlantis sunk. Throw in the whole dragon story of how arthur got his surname and its even more high fantasy. as for why gw didn’t continue with those lines, it didnt have to do with profits or aesthetics. It was because gw wanted exclusive trademarks on all their terminology, and the terms used for all those knights, skeletons, mummies, kosaks, and even the term elves, are not able to be exclusively trademarked. Thats why lizardmen became Seraphon, dwarves became duardin, elves became aelves, etc. because them if anyone makes similar miniatures and uses any of those terms gw has proprietary rights and can sue. this has backfired on them several times, many of those terms also cannot be trademarked, and they faced cultural lawsuits for them trying to steal copyrights to those terms(for example duardin and aelves are Northern European words from Norse mythology to describe dwarves and elves, so they are just as much open to public use, as for the word Seraphon, its actually a first name, and several people filed lawsuits against gw for that too. The loss of these suits are half of the inspiration to have forgeworld redo the old world. The other half being player demand. as for original poster, yes he whined about the fact his army has not been updated in a while, how is that different from the multitudes that whined for vc updates during 6th- 8th edition, and because they whined, they got them. Squeaky wheel gets the grease after all.
  11. You really think that Bretonnians dont fit high fantasy? They are a fusion of Arthurian legend and the saga of Charlemagne, two of the primary inspiration points of western civilization based high fantasy novels. Even lord of the rings takes quite a bit of inspiration from both of them. Just because it doesn’t match your personal aesthetic, it doesn’t render them less fitting in high fantasy. also, i wasn’t referring to strictly Bretonnian minis, though I suspect you checked my post history to figure which army I post about most. And while Bretonnians are one of my favorites, they are far from my only army, they are just the army that needs the most rebalancing to make worth anything for AoS competition. I also have a waaagh army(Mork>Gork, fight me), a seraphon army, a kislev army(doesnt even have legends warscrolls) and a vc army (Vlad>Mannfred, fight me). and as for the whining about faction updates, someone else in here stated the solution in here, never have just 1 army, because it can be years between updates for a single army, by doing several, the feeling of being left out is reduced.
  12. Im using the old terminology of lance formation, which admittedly I desperately miss from whfb, but rather than reverting to the actual lance formation utilized there(another issue that most my fellow aos players have issue with due to it “slowing down game” ) refer to it as Bretonnian cavalry training, permit the unit to do whatever width of unit, and apply the “3+ units in contact” caveat to the rule and you have a competitive but not broken cavalry unit
  13. This is some good stuff, i like the directions your thought processes are taking this, as they match bret play style but aren’t overly broken(lance formation has slight potential of it though, perhaps something along the lines of “as long as at least 3 units in lance formation are in contact, gain +1 to hit or(not and) to wound” instead)
  14. First, which specific units are you comparing? I base my statement off of the knights of the realm and the drakespawn knights from cities of sigmar. Their stats are similar, with the slight stat and point value leaning to the drakespawn, both are heavy cavalry without ranged, both hit on a 3+, both wound on a 4+, both deal 1 damage per attack, but drakespawn have rend -1, their mounts hit on a 3+ versus the brets 4+, and they cost 130 per 5, or 26 points per unit versus the 220 per 8, or 27.5 per unit. All bret skills only work during a charge, so they only affect first round of each combat they initiate. Drakespawn beat them in matched points also, drakespawn have higher bravery and a better save
  15. Buddy, if you spent several thousand dollars on your armies, only to have them rendered OOP, with shite legends crossover rules, and then had to deal with ridiculous ebay inflation prices to continue building said OOP armies, only to be replaced with the sigmarines(which are uninspired, and bland compared to other creations they have come up with)you would be just as bitter and enraged as we were. I don’t whine about the situation here much, I try to figure out ways of adjusting ****** warscrolls to be more balanced in gameplay, that would allow players of the old editions to convert to aos and reduce their pugilistic attitude. You complaining about their discontent just shows that you lack a sense of empathy for people who lost a lot. If it ever happens to you, I wonder how you will react.
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