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  1. I have to apologise to everyone. I started this project with a lot of effort to get it going and I had so much hope for this but this last year has been an absolute overflow of overwhelming events in my life. Between some members of the family being hospitalized, surgeries and two other members passing, I've had to work more to aid our financial situation. I will not list all the things that have happened, there is some good but among them my brother has been diagnosed with MS... If everything wasn't enough, this took a tole on my family and I. It has been a real strain to keep up with my responsibilities and find small moments to myself rarely. I don't know when I will be able to personally continue this project but I am willing to hand the torch over to those who are able. I owe you all an apology for bringing us to this point, including all those who have worked hard to make this happen, only to have it come to a halt with uncertainty of it's progress. I hope you all can forgive me but I do hope this isn't the end of it. I am sorry. I am willing to perhaps guide over the project and get it going again but I don't know for how long and how much. If your interested, message me and we will go from there. I am very slow at responding too so please be patient. Best wishes. Sincerely, Henin.
  2. Hello everyone! So, as we were working on completing the next release of the rules, we were on track to release in the next two weeks or so but... There is something we keep coming back to and being very indecisive about (this is something we keep discussing since the beginning, when we started this project). We feel it's time we open this topic to discussion. Mount Rules/Traits(?) We know that Bretonnia is very cavalry focused with varying mounts across the units. We feel that in AOS, they will have more prominent focus on mounts with potentially, exotic mounts. Though our question is... How should we give this focus to the mounts rules? We have a few ideas but we are unsure. We are opening this for discussion. We have three ideas, one simple and similar to other established mounts rules, one more narrative focus, and the third being a sort of middle idea. Here are what we have come up with: 1. Have a selection of mount traits that give bonuses of varying types. 2. A list of mounts to chose from, potentially including exotic mounts options. 3. A list of customization options. Essentially options that allow you to make a custom mount for your mounted hero. (This being also simple options but should provide the unique aspect we are looking for just as the other ideas should. This could customise an existing mount.) What do you guys think? What other ideas do you guys have? We are open to suggestions and discussion. These ideas are all rough concepts and thus could alter of course. We really need to hear what you guys think? Cheers! -Gabe
  3. Update Here is a bit of an update. We have been working on some endless spells and we came to this! Hope you guys like them! They are not a 100% sure thing but this is what we have at the moment to add to the allegiance of Breton. The points costs are: The Great White Hart: 40 Sons of Breton: 60 Grail of the Lady: 60 The Warscroll drafts are attached here. If they don't work please let me know so I can make an alternative. Let us know what you guys think and how they test! Great_White_Hart.pdf Sons of Breton.pdf Grail of the Lady.pdf
  4. @Turin Turambar I don't know about Louen being a god but he is present in the form of the Host King of Breton (the king model in our tome currently) Is equivalent to being an avatar to a godly king entity/spirit (Louen or possibly other great kings ) through the process of Geist Bonding as we call it. A true and worthy knight who is powerful enough to be host for this, blessed by the Lady is capable of being the new King. (just to give an idea in general of whats going on here.) As for the daughter, yes she is here and she is in the pocket realm, now the realm given a proper name as Avelone. (the realm being protected in the heart of Breton society and under the watch and guard of the lady herself.) Nothing is stopping her from secretly going about if she wanted to secretly though
  5. We will be taking all suggestions and analyzing them first before I make a proper response regarding them but for you and all who might not know which file it is, here is the new file. I will start cleaning up old files through this forum as well so that nobody can get confused No worries! Sorry for the confusion! Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CMGcIhYmScjNXzD7QZdZFzeiD3Pt-F0d/view?usp=sharing Things are going well! We should have a nice update soon though we are going to be generally sluggish since now we are focusing on visuals. If anybody wishes to contribute art then please message me! Also more on the endless spells coming soon! There will be a major update soon I hope! Life is making things difficult but we are hoping to pick it up again soon!
  6. Thank you very much for your work with this! Also, for anybody who might be having issues with dropbox (as I seem to be having myself lately for some reason) I have also made a Drive link as an alternative. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CMGcIhYmScjNXzD7QZdZFzeiD3Pt-F0d/view?usp=sharing Cheers! -Henin
  7. And so with a lot of hard work and new help, the team has put together a much more polished set of rules. I wanted to get some more things together but I have had my hands full with a lot of stuff. Anywho, i am really happy with the results of this version as there was a lot of further testing and analysis done for this that we have expanded upon since the last version. I do hope you enjoy this one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0xfynmsdr8ngc2/Breton Battletome 0.6.pdf?dl=0 Comments are appreciated as always and please do share your tests and games with this!
  8. We are currently looking at the end of next week will be the next update. I will post it here as soon as the WIP is ready! There was a lot to change and update with many things to consider.
  9. As of right now, we are unsure of when we will have the next set of rules up. We have been working hard to put it together so that it works well in the new AoS2. We have made various play tests and some more tweaks yet to come but we should have it out very soon. Also, if not with the new version, there will be some nice developments on the full tome soon! If the stars align perfectly
  10. UPDATE Ok I know its been a while but, of course, the first thing to suffer when life takes some turns is your hobbies, and it breaks my heart, and lately for a while now, various members of our team have been going through some changes and events in our lives though we have been managing. But no worries this project is not going down. On the contrary, thanks to the diligent work of every one of the members on the team, we are making progress regardless of whats going on, albeit slowly. We may have been slow lately but when the launch of AoS 2 came out we held off on things to be sure of what our next moves and changes were going to be. Though we finally made some strides and we are finalizing some of the rules and warscrolls to prepare for a major update. Ok so we honestly had not considered this before but we discussed this and we feel that fluff-wise, there is really no way to make any subfactions. All possible divisions of any potential factions, would have basically the same or similar roster across the board. Nothing too interesting. We did have an Idea for a faction of bretonia but in the state we are in, it is not possible and the next quote I address is also something that limits us. So the best we can do is having the various Orders represented by Battalions. I believe I posted here in an earlier post, fluff and that included fluff about the orders of Bretonnia. They are all different and unique thanks to our lovely fluff-guy. (If you guys want me to repost the fluff, let me know) For this model and any and all units we come up with, we consider the ease at which it is to obtain a model of said unit. If it is easy enough to obtain, we go for it but if its too difficult for an average guy to come up with the model then we will hold off from it. Equally though we consider what people may have already built. If something was made by the majority of the community of bret players then We strongly consider it. I do have a possible idea, post-tome completion, which will have a couple fun extra units that did not make it into the tome but were good enough that we think can be used for play and put them in a mini compendium of sorts for you guys. Anywho I hope I have addressed most of the questions here other than rules. What I can say regarding rules is that we take the rules seriously, and our constant question in our minds and actually brought to challange is "Is this balanced?" we think about this all the time. So just as a reassurance and as a thank you to all of you who discuss the rules, It is very much appreciated. I look forward to posting our updated draft and see what you guys think... If you have any questions go right ahead and ask! If you want to contact me privately for any reason, don't be afraid, I don't bite! Message me whenever and I will get back to you ASAP! Cheers, Henin PS. Here is a little example of the model for The Great White Hart. INCOMPLETE entirely and very unimpressive but its something and the plans for it are beautiful. (no grand antlers yet so its a doe at the moment I guess )
  11. A little experimental draft but indeed a new version! I hope you all enjoy! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Iyir3nveQC3_nvCE8Y4Sh1HllgYUJ-lK/view?usp=sharing
  12. Once again I bring to you a new revised draft! Hope you enjoy! let me know how it is https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qTi3W93x9GsVDeJSw9QcU6mwG5IxbI-4/view?usp=sharing edit: Missed the Defenders of the Realm
  13. Thank you guys very much for your comments in regards to the tome! We have made a lot of strides in such a short time with this last draft version and we should be releasing an edited new version by next week!
  14. oh and here is the original development page for those who want to check it out.
  15. Thank you so much! Well in order to help, simply by sharing this project with friends and fellow Bret players is enough but Tbqh, the lore and rules aspect are quite well established. We have fully planned fluff (which I will be posting soon too~) but the artistic aspect is unfortunately the weak side in the project... We really need an artist to create some artwork for the project or artwork that artists can give us permission to use.. also I can't seem to find images of models that would fit well for the book or someone who is willing to create those models. If you could help with that in any way possible that would be great. Any help at all is appreciated though. We do love hearing input and comments or ideas from the community as we've done so in the main forum topic~ Thank you!
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