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  1. Björn Malmborg anmäler sig!
  2. Suprised to see so many saying "saves don't matter anymore, too many mortal wounds". I guess you guys don't face a lot of Fyreslayers 😛 Also, I prefer brutal games were models fly off the board, it makes for quicker and more intense games.
  3. Both yes and no, it's just that GW randomly decides that some units/entire books should be amazing, while others.... not so much. I mean, compare Gloomspite to the new FEC, they're dimensions apart in terms of power, yet both are new books. Of course, power comes and goes. I played Skryre back in the first GHB. It's the only army that I've ever played that was so OP that I sold it, because I felt like an ass-hat playing it They later got pretty nerfed, then got boosted back up a bit in the new book. The new FEC however, seems to be crazy powerful. A few competetive friends of mine have tried out FEC vs DoK, and the DoK player gets destroyed everytime, despite the FEC player making mistakes/rolling poorly. So I'd say there might be some powercreep, but it seems to be somewhat unintentional.
  4. This thread made me so glad that the Swedish tournament scene has moved away from killpoints alltogether. Being forced to play a game where it's obvious that you've lost is the biggest waste of my time I can think of in Warhammer. Play against a slow player and you will be able to see me crawling and shaking in my chair. I'd MUCH rather concede and then just chat with my opponent, or walk around and check out other games. Of course you learn a lot from playing games were you lose, but I usually learn all my lessons in the events leading up to the loss. Grinding through my opponents meatwall for 2 hours while he ranks up points isn't gonna give me any enjoyment. I just think "okay, I need some way to deal with durable tarpits like Fyreslayers in the future." and move on. All of that said, if there are points my opponent could get from us continuing to play, then of course he can have those. Take my 2k kill points. It's why I'm glad I'm no longer in the 40k tournament scene, as that scoring system (ITC) essentially FORCES you to play the game as it doesn't use a fixed point system (20 pts for a win, 0 for a loss, etc), but instead gives you points depending on what you achieve during the game, meaning that it's often hard to "predict" exactly what's gonna happen. Yeeesh.
  5. I want to use assault dice as it's the official dice rolling app, but it dosn't exist for Android yet Rolling 100 dice every time a plague monk unit attacks is getting a bit tedious
  6. But the Plague monks only allows you to take 1 banner per 20, while the kit allows you like.... 4?
  7. Björn Malmborg anmäler sig självklart. Skickar mail ikväll.
  8. Where are People seeing the grot knights? Community page only has the culture article. Or do you mean the new hoppers?
  9. It's very simple actually. Mephiston red, Agrax earthshade, Terminatus Stone drybrush
  10. I'm so happy to see my precious spiders included into this book! So glad I hold on to them. Now to finnish off their bases.
  11. Yeah most things seems to point towards older battletomes getting updated, rumours of new Ironjawz-models has been floating around for a while. If true, It'd make make my 200 plague monks very happy, lol.
  12. As others have pointed out, don't go all out in the besinning, you'll trample him and put him off the game. I'd also avoid kharadron, they're just to hard to play now, especially in a local meta where summoning-seraphon is a thing. He won't last long in the hobby. Hell, direct him here while you're at it. Also remind him that there are no Castellants in AoS.
  13. I'd say it's the opposite, actually. That's why we're getting the Ghb and FAQs. 40k 7th edition was bleeding players like crazy due to it being an unplayable mess, then 8th edition rolled around and made GW one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. Good rules and balance sells models. It's why the Nemesis dreadknight sold like hot-cakes even tho the community agreed it was the ugliest model ever. Of course fluff is important aswell, but Good rules are mandatory for the long-term health of the game.
  14. Of course, I'm not saying I want this game to be Tzun zhu-level of tactical planning. Just saying that the Cloak and Amulet take things way to far in the other direction. Take Durthy with a cloak. Unless you have good shooting, the ONLY way to beat him is this: Charge him with 2 units. You activate the first unit, which cannot harm him in any way, due to the Sylvaneth players masterful strategy of writing "Cloak" next to Durthu on his list-sheet. Then, the Sylvaneth player activates Durthu, absolutely destroying the 2nd unit due to him dealing 6 damage per attack, meaning that only the strongest, most OP units can survive. Can it be beaten? Sure, but the cloak gives the controlling player such a MASSIVE advantage that it simply isn't fun. There is nothing satisfying for either player in the above scenario, it is simply not fun to play against, and frankly, I don't even think GW thought the cloak through all that much to begin with, given how they specifically nerfed it now.
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