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  1. Can a single unit of Sneaky Snufflers use it's abillity multiple times per turn? Seems like it's only once per turn, but it's not super clear.
  2. Not sure where to post this. Feel free to move it mods if you know a better place for it. Flying to England for the Grand tournament and on the plane I realise I've forgotten my freeguild general >.<. So basically , this a hail mary, an open question to any gamer in Nottingham that happens to have a freeguild general to med me over the weekend? Horse or on foot, both work altho horse is preferred. The eternal love of this clumsy swede would be the reward (and probably a beer) for any gamer who saves my ass lol.
  3. My plague monks look forward to fighting him. Altho I won't be able to cram 40 monks around him, I'll probably get like 15, + more with stick attacks, probably over 100 attacks there, 3+ 3+, some with rend. Bring it, stunty. That said, Slaanesh and Khorne armies will be sweating balls.
  4. Sadly I doubt we'll see either CoS or the Orruk book before September. If it wasn't for the fact that GW needs to cram in a Ogor and a Death book before the end of the year, as well as more 40k stuff, I doubt we'd have seen them before october.
  5. I've done both the Corruptor and the warbringer and both were fairly easy to build Painting the mane can be a bit annoying tho, depending on the level of quality you're going for.
  6. Alright, there we go! 30 more Crossbowmen finally finnished, putting the total number of crossbowmen I have to 90.... and the total number of freeguild infantry models I have to 200. NO MORE Now we wait for the book.... which will probably make me buy more stuff lol.
  7. Maybe I'm way late to this, but I just realised that GW is using the 2-headed griffon with a general. New option, I guess? Also R.I.P Freeguild general on horse. Just as I was starting to make lists including you, you get the axe. Farewell, my friend.
  8. Good to hear about the surge of inspiration! I've struggled with similar things in the past and it can be a real b*tch (I'm struggling with painting now as well, but now it's just lazyness :P). I'm worried about my general on horse being removed, would be so stupid of them to remove him but we will see. My Freeguild will march with your aelves in spirit when the book hits!
  9. I really don't get GWs hate towards the general on horse. Good, plastic kit. Was in one of the firestorm Boxes. Popular in freeguild armies = it sells.
  10. Trying to summon up the hobby-mojo to finnish my last 30 crossbowmen. I now have like 4000 pts of old Empire and I'm still sure the cities book will make me buy more 😛
  11. Fyreslayers are the top book right now. Nothing even comes close. The reason we don't see them that much is because most people find them boring to play 😛 But no other tome comes even close to them in sheer power. Maybe ever in the history of the game.
  12. Would really suck if the General on horse left us... and kinda weird, don't really see why they'd do that. We can hope that it's just a reboxing tho.
  13. Thank you so much! Why only on Twitter and not on Facebook? >.>
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