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  1. Partially sell? Does that imply you have a store of skaven goodies that might appear on another day?
  2. Sadly no. Skaven cant ally in other skaven units. The only keyword they can ally with is nurgle. If you add the ratling gun and warlock you will need clanrats for battleline.
  3. I think that will struggle. Only the giant rats are a big enough unit to hold objectives and much of the rest lacks a punch. Unbuffed Stormfiends are not worth taking in 3s and rat ogres dont do much in 2s. With Thanquol as your general you cant take a command trait. I would drop the stormfiends and a pack master for 320pts and use that to boost your rat ogre units so you have 2 units of 6. Use the spare points to give Thanquol the vermintide spell to cast.
  4. Laststand

    Is SCE OP?

    Oops sorry! Misread the heading.
  5. Laststand

    Is SCE OP?

    There are lots of different opinions and several threads on this forum about it. Broadly speaking I dont think too many people would argue with DOK, FEC, Skaven, Slaneesh, Fyreslayers are the top factions.
  6. Laststand

    Is SCE OP?

    The units are expensive though and vulnerable. SCE have great shooting but even with that, as an army they are not top tier.
  7. Its on page 2 of the core rules designers commentary notes.
  8. @davisefordThis is very useful indeed. Great work and deeply altruistic. I tip my hat to you sir!
  9. Hope noone minds this post but I know we all like battle reports. I played 1,500pts of Skaven v Stormcast the other day and instead of writing it up my buddy filmed it for his new youtube channel. He is just learning how to do this properly so the camera work is a learning curve but we had a blast playing and the Horned Rat smiled on the result (despite a couple of rule errors on either side!) Check it out if you have some time.
  10. If you have 120pts knocking around you could add 10 stormvermin?
  11. Hi I'm playing with the idea of putting together a small dispossessed force for some 500pt skirmishing/ME. I would be interested in the following if anyone has some spare. Hammerers Ironbreakers Irondrakes Longbeards Preferably on sprue but would also be interested in unpainted and built.
  12. Actually we mostly hate those models and wish they were plastic. Lots of people convert the bloodbowl team as proxies.
  13. Its been posted before but the GW TV scheme is quick and easy. I have done 80 clanrats with it and it was quick.
  14. You would have to add a third battleline and should max out the giant rat units at 40 for 200pts. After that it depends on how you want to play. You could add a warpseer, hellpit and another master moulder or 6x stormfiends + wolf rats. I confess I havnt used wolfrats, stats wise they do look good but the models are expensive at £35 for 5. The best thing about skaven is that there are lots of playable options and you can mix and match as you like.
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