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  1. I would imagine if the pound fell because of brexit and uncertainty in the economy foreign sales in dollars and euros would be worth a lot more once repatriated into pounds. Overall sales in the UK might slow due to reduced consumer spending but that foreign income would more than make up for it.
  2. Warclans is here andI think it has a real impact for the ratty hordes. They seem to put out so much damage and have so many movement buffs that even a 40xclan rat unit is going to be reduced down to tattered rags in one round of combat. (And their movement bonuses are going to make it much harder to just put 1 or 2 clan rats in combat range to tie them up.) I watched a miniwargame batrep last night big waaaagh v beasts of chaos and it was barely a game (however weak that army is). I think this will fuel more lists with 20rat units as speed bumps or even giant rats to screen. Anything that slows the waaaagh so we cab shoot it apart or blast it with sorcery. Interestingly they have a movement bonus that kicks in when hurt so WLV could be dangerous to use. If it goes off twice units caught could move 2d6 towards you! Opinions?
  3. You could of course just kill the heroes so they cant use a CP. It also fits the lore quite well. Clan rats are much less scared of the 8ft tall stormcast or blood soaked khorne berserkers than the 25ft tall physical embodiment of their god stalking across the battlefield. I bet dwarfs would run into battle a bit faster if Grungi or Grimnir was waving them on.
  4. Maybe. They will spend all week doing previews so there may very well be a new model or two coming.
  5. Either way, god or super powerful necomancer, Gotrek is going to be ready for a chat when he gets his Axe back.
  6. I agree with the ratling gun because that is a role for number of attacks but not the WLC. Its warscroll specifically says you roll for the power of the attack (singular) and then the 6 dice for mws. Those 6 dice arnt new or seperate attacks and its more like a single attack that does d6 damage. I'd say we will need an FAQ from GW to be sure either way though. Why they cant write a rule clearly I dont know.
  7. How did the WLC do 2 wounds to Gotrek in one turn? Avatar of Grimnir means the WLC attack (which is an ability) can only do 1 damage per turn.
  8. Have you factored that each successful attack against him can only do 1 damage?
  9. They have said already he is plastic
  10. I have found that white tack works quite well to mask fiddly areas.
  11. With the new Gotrek model up for preorder on Saturday what do you think his warscroll will look like? If they incorporate the lore he will have to be practically indestructable and have multiple attacks that can kill almost anything. 8 wounds, 3+ save (and a 5+ supersave) 5at, 3+, 3+, -2, 3 damage? Answers on a postcard...
  12. Am I right in thinking that they said these units are still ok for now as they have points in the GH but will drop out next time? If so they can still be played for 10/11months. That's a decent lead time of notice no?
  13. I dont think theres a doubt they are brutal on the attack but from what people have said (I havnt used them personally) they die too quickly for their points cost. They seem to only be really worth taking in units of 40 for450pts but you start losing buffs quickly. Its a different role to clan rats where you only need to care that there are enough to claim the objective.
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