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  1. Fair point. Its the consistency that interests me and the points of differential. I.e. unit x and unit Y have 3 attacks, 4, 3, -1, 1 damage. Unit x has a movement bonus, unit Y better bravery. How are the points built up and why do very similar units in different armies have different points.
  2. Thoughtful and well considered article. Really enjoyed it. I think a crux of GW reasoning is that they just value abilities slightly differently to players. Perhaps many of us dont place enough value on flexibility in roles for a unit. For example Palladors dont have a great offensive ability but their movement is superb and defense decent. What is the value of snatching an objective early from across the board? I bet we all have different perspectives. Its a huge ask @swarmofseals but I'm sure many of us would be very interested to see your faction evaluations if you were willing to share them?
  3. The rules are generally fine but the way they are sometimes written is very poor. Grammatical messes, no clarity on options, sentences that can be interpreted multiple ways. It all leads to confusion or opportunities to use ridiculous loopholes. Talking of holes they just accidentally made skaven gnawholes illegal to use. (Explained perfectly in pic attached)
  4. I suspect monks will go to 80pts but wouldnt be surprised by 90 pts. Warpseer will def go up (maybe to 300pts). Not sure what they could do to stormvermin to make them a viable option. At 10-20 models they dont get the bonus or loose it almost instantly so you need min 30. Thats awkward as they sell in boxes of 20. They might drop the points but take away the horde discount or give them +1 attack on the charge like bestigors.
  5. Or the Horned Rat and friends (as the 5th chaos god) makes a larger appearance.
  6. Really? Whats the problem? You have a huge range of bonuses and allegiance abilities. Your heroes spit MW all over the place and units (which heal/ressurect) seem a decent price. Not to be funny but I think NH are in a decent place compared to others.
  7. If you are going to build one from a GW model you could use a 40k Lord Discordant as a base. Add in some hellpit abomination bits to rat it up and it would be awesome. 99120102100_CSMVexMachinator01.webp
  8. Lots of interesting different approaches. I personally try to paint incrementally. Get the first 1,000 done, then 1,500 and so on. I have found painting the same army continuously can lead to a bit of fatigue with doing the colour scheme over and over. @Dead Scribe out of interest do you pick a colour scheme and army look yourself or leave it up to the painting service to do the typical paints from the pic on the boxes?
  9. Hi. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on this? Do you wait to hit a certain points value before fielding an army? Do you lead a force of grey plastic? Or do you bounce from painting project to painting project and have several half painted armies you use?
  10. It has to be Nurgle. Multiple wounds, disgustingly resilient saves, healing, summoning and GUO. The blightking kits are also amazing.
  11. Stormvermin are also battleline for a mixed list.
  12. It does but my point is on 'extra chaff' to counter the extra pile in. Then something else to counter a different horrible ability. Eventually a list writes itself with counters and you dont have much left to use for your game plan.
  13. So I'll bring extra chaff to take the hit from the first pile in and enough to be a general screen too. Fine, I have potentially dealt with the problem for a round at least but in the meantime I may have had to spend 200pts on rubbish that my opponent didnt spend. That puts me 10% behind just to be able to play the game. My point is everything can be dealt with if you dedicate enough of your army to countering but eventually theres a line where you dont leave yourself enough to win.
  14. Hi Does anyone have an unpainted or on sprue model (prefered) available? Very few on ebay and those few are ridiculous prices. Thanks.
  15. Consider inferno blades from ashqy. 6 to cast. +1 damage on melee weapons. Its v scary on a unit of 40 clanrats with death frenzy
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