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  1. It isnt a magic wand for every painting situation but it definitely has its place. Wood, fur, scales, areas of high relief detail and instances when you want a bloched effect. I have had fun with it and found the best thing for me is that it lets me jump straight to subtle layering, highlights, dry brushing etc. As others have said it also blends well. See it as a useful tool in your paint collection and use it when it works for you and the value is there.
  2. Finally, FINALLY! The Warlock Bombardier is on preorder next week! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/09/pre-order-preview-heroes-warbands-gangs-and-more/
  3. I'm working on my mawtribes at the moment so they will feature in the cabin v the ironjaws soon.
  4. Hi I don't suppose anyone has 2 plastic stormvernin models spare they would be happy to sell? One with shield, one without (or mounted on its back)?
  5. Sat in a low ceilinged bar somewhere underground. Feet up by the fire smoking a pipe and quaffing an ale while listening to Malakai Makaisson argue with Ungrim and Belegar.
  6. One thing GW is great at is fueling the chase for the new hotness.
  7. There should definitely be adverts on the site. As others have said this is probably one of the (if not the) biggest and best AOS forum(s) out there. It shouldnt cost a penny to run and should in fact generate revenue due to this. Subscription is a good idea but ad revenue is an obvious choice. My one and only criticism is that the ads seem to be effecting the way the site actually works. Go to a new page and it wont load at all, freezing with a loading sign and nothing else but an advert. You have to refresh to get it to work. I dont believe that is intended and I'm sure it will be fixed quickly enough. Growing pains basically from doing something new and in a week we will be back to focusing on grumbling about battletomes and Op models.
  8. Elegant, simple, intuitive, forward thinking and adjustable. Very little chance at all GW will do it because they believe the vast majority of the players wouldn't think of min/maxing lists outside of a tiny handful of tournament players. Barely needs to be said that this isnt the case and that the vast majority of people will go for the obviously much more powerful option even if they dont completely maximise the list tournament style.
  9. A few pages back there was a long discussion about lore and whether they are remembered or spawned or a bit of both. I'd love to see the remembering put into practice on a super powerful Slan. When it takes wounds it gets bracketed like a monster but instead of having less attacks or damage it forgets and a unit(s) in the army lose models that were forgotten.
  10. Wait, am I being dumb or can you not take skryre battalions if you have clan rats in your list? I thought you had to be pure 1 clan to get battleline and use the battalions?
  11. Anything in your list has to fully identified. I'm sure i saw an FAQ recently though that said if a new wizard is summoned in game then they can choose a spell.
  12. They are part of your list building so yes, they have to be chosen before the game starts.
  13. Realistically wont this just be an extension of legends into a book with some narrative campaigns and things?
  14. I would bump one of the rat ogre units up to 6 and drop the rest. I have fpund it gives you more punch and survivability. That gives you 100pts to spend on spells. Vermintide, palisade , geminids, pendulum are all solid options. Think less damage and more board control to allow your rats to flood objectives.
  15. Tell that to the skaven bombardier, arch revenant and other box set heroes. Its been almost 11months for the skaven and FEC, 6 for Sylvaneth.
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