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  1. But dont some new plans say objectives are held by battleline or leader? So a summoned unit cant score the objective as it loses the battleline/leader designation.
  2. I have never managed it! Separately what do people feel about min sized rat ogre units babysitting clan rats. I have had success with units of 6 but just thinking that 2 could provide a cheap secondary threat that might make non monster heroes think twice about charging, block with their big bases or help to reduce an attacking unit down so that the clan rats still have numbers to hold the objective.
  3. Its all flexible and as you point out used in matched play with permission. The way I read it was that if i was a unique character it would have the same restriction as a named one. Otherwise someone could make 3 vlads. I personally wont use artifacts/traits, nor would I agree to an opponent doing it. However, its a choice and you can enjoy your game any way that works for you.
  4. All of the heroes are created as unique characters so they cant take command traits or artifacts.
  5. It is 5 super save rolls and if they are failed it is one damage for each one. This is because they represent individual attacks. If you had a single hero that had 1 attack that did 5 damage it would be reduced to 1 damage if he failed his super save.
  6. Stardrake, gotrek and the prime in one list is going to leave you in a very difficult position to win most games before you even finish the list. Stormcast are expensive as it is so you will end up with so few bodies you wont be able to capture objectives. I would drop at least 1 of the 3. Or go crqzy and add in max sized units of aetherwings for bodies.
  7. @Skreech Verminking You may want to check out Doom and Darkness latest batrep. He runs his mawtribe list v a skaven force that rocks 3 doomwheels. It gets nasty very quickly, unless you are a fan of crackling green lightning, in which case there might be some cheering.
  8. ethereal should be limited to nighthaunt heroes. Hopefully the faq fixes that.
  9. But you have created a different model with regeneration and archmage. Those have to cost something. Why not have a grot priest, choose the 12" ward save aura, improv weapon, put 5 points into bravery and make it inspiring so everyone can roll v bravery of 9. Thats 9dp/90 points of very useful grot.
  10. It would be very cool to see some FEC models with elements of bret armour, clothes etc maybe even a few models representing the delusion and are 90% knight but one arm is a ghoul claw or something.
  11. Thanks, khorne keyword is a great shout. The idea was that it effects skaven because the warpstone engine is tuned to Visk's heart with magic and the explosion causes it to jump like chain lightning to other skaven because o the nature of the connection (unstable, key risk mitigations and cutouts ignored) Also I wanted a balance to the "every unit within 6 takes D3" because I could see that looking unfair to people if i charge it into their army. This way it causes chaos across the board which is very Skaven. Now if i could just find someone with a spare bloodcrusher juggernaut spare I could build it!
  12. Comes in at 220pts. I took the liberty of making up a couple of rules (dangerous ashes, legacy of khorne) so unlikely to get to use it outside of a narrative game but I couldnt resist the idea.
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