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  1. @KingBrodd could this be a teaser for a King Gargant?
  2. Maybe an Ogor version of a falconer. 5 vultures perched or flying round an ogor bird trainer. The model would be a ranged hero that send the vultures to attack.
  3. If they were going to reflect the lore stormcast should be immune to battleshock and probably rend -1 as well. Might be an idea if those hammers the size a car axle and swung by a hero of the old world singled out by a god were more effective than a pillow on a stick.
  4. There are siege rules in wrath of the everchosen arnt there? They include rules for every faction i think.
  5. About as long as it would take someone to say "There is a skull on that, must be the return of tombkings"
  6. fantastic! How did you make them? Is that a mix of mechanicus and spare dwarf bits?
  7. @Overread @Maddpainting good points but the fact that it would mess up certain armies badly doesn't necessarily mean GW wouldnt use it as a new ability. For example the Lumineth thing that forces you to use 2 command points each time is awful for some armies. I'm not for or against, just pondering on the idea.
  8. I wonder if this might be something they give to a new faction. 4+ the faction terrain doesnt work this turn, 6+ it is destroyed. Might even be a thing for gargants. There arnt many buildings that will withstand one of them swinging at it.
  9. Again dude? Do you have to trash Cities every single time? If you dont like the faction thats fine but dont pour negativity and try to scare people off them every single time they are mentioned.
  10. Bring a rally roll into battleshock so if your guys run there is a chance they stop and you can move them back next turn. To balance that remove most of the BS immunity and bravery stats of 10.
  11. But dont some new plans say objectives are held by battleline or leader? So a summoned unit cant score the objective as it loses the battleline/leader designation.
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