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  1. I don't have my book yet so I don't know how you can mix Bonesplitters and Ironjawz. But is it possible to go more Bonesplitters but still have the Ironjaws goodies? And if so how would you do that best? 😊
  2. He is in this picture so I guess he well be in the book πŸ€”
  3. I wonder if we will have several battleline units. Or just different ones depending on the general.
  4. I love everything about this army. It's going to be an expensive month πŸ˜…
  5. I'm so glad that I have laid low since the Skaven release. Because this army is right up my alley 😊
  6. These heads are also shown in the second video 😊
  7. Greetings. Is it possible to build a competitive mortal list including Skarbrand? I prefer mortals but really love the Skarbrand model.
  8. Bought 12 Bulls, 12 Ironguts, 7 Leadbelchers and 24 Grots. All Bulls had Ironfists so I will try to change arms... But the lot was so cheap that it was worth it anyway. I basically got the Leadbelchers Bulls and Grots for free 😊
  9. Have the chance to buy 18 Bulls 7 Leadbelchers 12 Ironguts 20 Grots 1 Ironblaster Is that a good starting point? I dont see Leadbelchers or Ironguts that often. And what weapons works best for the Bulls?
  10. Wow. Thanks a bunch 😊
  11. I would like to start to invest in some units before the update and the Ogor frenzy is a fact. What units would be "safe bets" 😊 My biggest hope is that BCR and Gutbusters get merged.
  12. How are we after the ghb19? Still bad? 😊
  13. Thank you for the reply. Sounds great 😊
  14. I bought two sets of Looncurse and then the bomb dropped that the battletome has been delayed 😭 I have not yet dared to glue anything except for the Arch-revenant. I'm scared of building something I will regret after the book is here.
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