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  1. If things start looking to homogeneous, mix it up with the banners! Maybe have some ogors that have stolen totems of their fallen enemies, or using the banners as spears. And have instruments instead of bellowers, a full on ogor marching band!
  2. On the other end of the spectrum you have chariots. A weapon of war that IRL quickly became obsolete as people figured out how to make proper heavy cavalry (plus the issue of controlling 2 horses vs 1), and essentially disappearing after antiquity. But it looks pretty cool in warhammer (granted AoS doesn't really have any).
  3. If the word is Bolded, it's the Keyword. If it's unbolded, it's the exact unit entry. As an example, Spoilpox Scrivener affects only the Plaguebearers, not Plaguebearer (keyword). On a side note how the heck does the Fatemaster still exist. It amazes me that 2 of the 4 God Mounted Chaos Lords still exist in 2020.
  4. Neat! Are the normal skeles from that new company Atlantic?
  5. With the pretty significant point cuts, anyone running Doombulls, Bullgors, or Ghorgons in slaanesh?
  6. I imagine it's similar pricing scheme like bonereapers. I'm curious though if phoenix guard are at all going to be involved.
  7. I think that's what most non Tzeentch players will see. It's more obvious when a unit of pinks keeps on splitting vs tallying up blue points and having the blues pop up somewhere else.
  8. For chaos, anything goes! They may have an axe hand, or spear feet, or mace shoulders! Except magic, khorne doesn't give out magic. In the warhammer fantasy MMO, the chaos marauder (oddly enough) changed weapons on the fly. And by change weapons, as in his arms into other weapons.
  9. From the review spoilers, DoT is more of a sidegrade/streamline of most rules rather than "X rule is now Y rule". Not that it's a bad thing imo, you don't want people on a forum complaining about your army for months on end now! Other than the Horrors of Tzeentch thing though. I'm sure that might be a hot topic for a long while.
  10. Well as I speculate, it could be "Funny Grand Allegiance" rules like the previous book. Maybe it's going to be a way to have different god mortals and daemons since thats so far not possible outside of GA Chaos/allies.
  11. Teclis and his army is coming spring 2020! Let the speculation begin!
  12. Hmmm looks like theres going to be even more chaos stuff coming in soon with Souls War Wrath of the Everchosen. Though I get the feeling it may be more like Legion of Grief where you "miss out" on most allegiance stuff, unless they learned their lesson from the last book. Legion of Grief is actually fine due to a few good tools, but Lethisian Defenders is almost a waste of Ink and Paper.
  13. Imo at this point GW doesn't have any rhyme or reason on who gets cut and who doesn't.Perfectly great 8th edition plastics like the War Altar of Sigmar or the Skycutter Chariot get cut, yet 6th edition Metal Centigors and Tuskgor Chariots are still around. And I would think that Beasts of Chaos are very low on the totem pole of getting new models, not counting tzaangors. I'm not saying multipart new chaos warriors aren't coming, but there does appear to be a bit of a weird "backlog". Especially since the book is already out, and GW likes to use books to highlight the new models (like all of the warcry models, some of which still aren't out yet). Unless they're pulling off a Chaos Space Marines...but that took like a year. As I mentioned, it's mainly their Build out of the Box mentality that I find very odd. I mean you can't have Chaos Marauders with Flails and Shields since you can't build flail+shield (well you can, but it's not intended). Also the Chaos Lord does exist, it's this guy from the Chariot. The chariot kit was originally meant to also make Chaos Lords on Chariots, who now have been demoted to unit leaders.
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