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  1. There has been one plastic AoS replaced so far...the night goblin fantatics. However Chaos Space Marines finally got their old as sin plastic kits updated. It's really hard to tell, especially with armies like Beasts or Skaven relying on so many 6th edition models. Worse comes to worse could always take the upcoming Warcry warbands and kitbash them into marauders. Or if you're going nurgle theres poxwalker conversions.
  2. Or somehow end up with a dreadfleet situation. Thats a fringe case but it was pretty sad to see dreadfleet boxes around 3 years after its release.
  3. Would be nice if Hellcannon came back. And you know for FW to pay attention to chaos dwarfs....
  4. Thats impossible, it doesn't have phoenix guard! No one expects phoenix guard!
  5. Using on non GW miniatures! *hears the inquisition knocking on my door*
  6. From google, you got things like minotaurs, chaos spawn, trolls, even stormfiends with less weapons
  7. I think the lack of excitement for this allegiance as compared to Legion of Grief is evident in this forum. I mean it is a little odd the command ability is ONLY for Liberators who even within their own Allegiance are having a rough time. And you can't stack it with Staunch Defender since you can't take Staunch Defender! Too bad Dispossessed aren't included. Ironbreakers would love Warriors of the Grand Necropolis.
  8. I think Krox heads would fit a bit better. And really Kroxigors arent that much bigger methinks, maybe 5-10% bigger than saurus. Or maybe try to use Cold One heads?
  9. If people got angry at the bretonnia/tomb king thing, writing out Undivided Chaos I think would have actually killed AoS and we'd all be playing 9th age. Plus as seen by Chaos 8.5, they clearly love undivided chaos. When they put their mind to it! (now if only imperial guard/astra militarum werent hamstrung by old plastic infantry...) Then again it is funny how "opposite" 7-8th edition WFB is compared to AoS for chaos armies. In WFB, they separated mortals, beasts, and daemons (outside of Tamurkhan) and there was ZERO incentive to run Mono-God armies. You'd have Tzeentch 5++ warriors being flanked by khorne knights and a slaanesh giant hitting as fast as sonic the hedgehog! Now in AoS, not only are mono-god armies the main way to play, but people are complaining they can't play Mono-Daemon or Mono-Mortal without missing out on parts of the army!
  10. So are CSM to CSM! But they've had to put up with their old kit from 3rd edition to technically the first half of 8th! Methinks GW is slightly allergic to generic chaos. (and the Cultist issue but thats a gameplay thing) Well could be worse. Could be slaanesh mortals...that don't exist/piggy backing off of the eventual everchosen update!
  11. I think those would get rolled into one. Packed in a box of 5 like blightkings/skullreapers. While I would also love new dynamic chaos warriors, it's so hard to tell GW's AoS policy on replacing plastic figures. Yes, CSM finally got the update they needed, but AoS wise GW has been very reserved. You got the Night Goblin Fanatics, and thats basically kind of it for the past few years. Especially since at a minimum theres all the plastic kits from Warcry (6 warbands) and I'd imagine at least plastic chosen/vanguard. Then again somehow we're getting plastic Necromunda characters. Thats usually FW's job.
  12. I assume only "always" Battleline units. This is it's own allegiance, it's not Nighthaunt nor is it LoN (though the latter doesn't matter since that really only affects Grand Host of Nagash).
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