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  1. Yup Gitmob grots went oop a long while ago, even before Greenskinz. A bit funny since their artillery were actually pretty great allies and gitmob grot archers were better and cheaper than moonclan shootas. Though on the topic of beastgrave to be fair one warband is a completely new race of alves (unknown where they fit either in their own army or eventual 3.0 sylvaneth?), and the other is beasts of chaos.
  2. EXCUSE ME? WHAT? GITMOBS LIVE (in Underworlds)
  3. New preview up. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/09/02/monsters-mercenaries-awesomeness-for-everyone/ Man they went crazy with the allies/mercenaries. FIFTY to choose from (examples include Skullgrinder, Grey Seer, Bray Shaman, every member of the Gobbapalooza)! But for non campaign games (so matched/open), you only get 1 to balance it out. As for monsters it appears to primarily (if not only) campaign based, with warbands embarking on hunting quests kind of like Norsca in total war.
  4. Since GW already gave us the Bad Moon ES, the Evil Sun is the next logical evolution!
  5. I love me some thunderscorne! Too bad GW doesn't really feel like updating the official shaggoth, it doesn't even look right with the modern ogors (like the T Rex fore legs on the dragon part!) So it's always good to see 3rd parties pick up the slack (especially when you need a good Kholek stand in!)
  6. That lines the problem though, there are many interpretations on what that means. Should it be from where their head is currently facing? Or their torso? What if they look like they're looking behind? Theres a reason why True Line of Sight was loathed in warhammer, especially when it massively interfered with modeling, for example crouching or crawling models. I think to solve that, do a Warmahordes (or a more modern example, X Wing) and clearly define on the base the front of the model, then use that reference point to create facing arcs.
  7. I do sort of agree it seems a tad early to have extra warcry stuff, I mean people are still trying to figure out the game methinks! Either that or GW got PTSD from the Necromunda drip feed strategy! Heck even Imperial Aeronautica immediately released a campaign book with extra rules. (plus seems odd they JUST announced this book, yet the 2 upcoming "faction reshuffle" AoS Battletomes are still nowhere to be seen) But it is good they are vested in warcry. I also wonder if the upcoming Warcry event at warhammer world will include warcry announcements.
  8. Oh yea, I guess it is actually Tyranids (especially dem Carapaces) + Necrons.
  9. So basically Fantasy Necrons! (Well in a sense they're constructs, rather than revived.)
  10. Huh how interesting, so theres new game called Conquest Last Argument of Kings and they got dwarfs on the way. One of which is a regiment called Flame Berserkers which are dwarfs...on fire. (though if I'm honest they look like you could use them as chaos dwarfs rather than fyreslayers)
  11. Well Perry makes historicals which have much more reasonable sized proportions, which do tend to look a tad small for warhammer. Though it's much less noticeable if you don't mix in. Though they don't have Dark Age/Early Medieval minis anyways so thats moot for the OP. That'd be the likes of Victrix (they have some really nice looking vikings), Warlord, Conquest, or Gripping Beast for plastics. Then theres dozens of metal makers. Though most as mentioned won't be as chunky/heroic as warhammer. I suppose if you don't mind monopose, Blood Rage board game minis might work. I think someone on TGA uses them.
  12. Probably the closest you'll get is Mierce Miniatures. Their stuff should be near warhammer scale. For example their infantry come supplied with 30mm bases.
  13. Been itching to try out Bonesplitterz. It's great you get so much out of a single box, essentially you can make nearly any combination of warband you can think of outside of Totem spam (which you can easily fix with conversions)
  14. I imagine it is similar to other combat based point generations like getting x units in combat, kill heroes/monsters, etc.
  15. No matched played points means no matched play.
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