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  1. Top one is a weirdnob shaman with a mask. Bottom appears to be a normal Savage Orruk with altered weapons and a skull mask.
  2. BoC is a bit tricky. They have decent-good units for sure, but it's not as "point and clicky" as other factions. Use movement and positioning to outwit and outmaneuver, but generally don't try to rush up the board and expect to grind out opponents. Unless you run them as slaanesh or something.
  3. While it'll only protect one thrister and take up an artifact, maybe Ragged Cloak?
  4. I'd imagine whenever their new book is. Which is probably 2-3 years out? Outside of some extra VS box. Maybe try to find creative ways to convert/kitbash?
  5. Delicious Hierotitan! I remember that conversion kit.
  6. Though that being said I can understand it seems strange that GW should be more attentive and responsive to this kind of stuff. Like old GW I get it, they really hated any criticism (I think I remember they tried to have a facebook or twitter but everyone used it to attack them so they deleted all the comments) but new GW appears to be more open minded with things like "the big faq" and yearly point changes. Yet there are very odd decisions with not much explanation, like how Rockgut Troggoths went to 140pts but Chaos Bullgors are still sitting at 160. (I still love you bullgors)
  7. No offense but isn't that kind of the entire history of warhammer? People find best army X then exploit the every living heck out of it. I mean I still remember 7th edition Chaos Daemons, that was like what 10 years ago?
  8. I think at this point it'd be easier to hope for a plastic hellcannon than a proper FW overhaul.
  9. To be fair the same could be said of AoS as a whole in terms of updating warscrolls, especially ones that basically have not change since the creation of AoS.
  10. Even 40k they are in an odd state with many of their rules being half dipped in the original Indexes. Though apocalypse has somewhat helped. (also for some reason the ork warboss on a bike...does not help warbikers?)
  11. Lots of expensive goods are made in china/asia that you would think consumers would get for cheaper, like brand name sports shoes. While it is a simplistic view of economics (sometimes I wonder how I got my masters), differentiated/brand name products provide some amount of monopolistic power of pricing. Thus gw can somewhat do as they please. This chart thingy
  12. My Ideas are a little tamer than others be but some weird ideas I had floating in my head
  13. Maybe chop up some parts from Plague Ogors/Troggoths? (also on a side note, rockgut troggoths went from 160 to 140. Must be nice....*stares at bullgors*)
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