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  1. I imagine a good black orruk or chosen are probably decked out in heavy enough armor to handle most guns in the game for at least a couple shots. Granted, in the book that released recently “gloomspite” that involved goblins n stuff, the engineer girl had 2 pistols with multiple shots that she used to litter into an arachnarok spider and annihilate it. Granted, i think that was a one and done thing lmao, but it was pretty cool. No orruk or chosen would have survived that hahaha, but outside of those “technical marvels” i bet they could survive pretty well against most guns to.
  2. I’ve considered this possibility as well. It would make sense to me that given how volatile it was, in a world with magic permeating the air and what not that could also be an issue perhaps but i dont know if there is any lore supporting that theory.
  3. That second point while perhaps true, is kinda what i try to avoid. The “just because GW said so” makes for a bit of immersion breaking for me personally. WHich is why i go so far to try and understand the lack of it from a practical perspective rather than a cultural reason or diversity reason, granted again that doens’t mean you are wrong. Your first point definately makes sense though from a practical perspective. I can definately see the lack of need for a stormcast. Their crossbows with lightning or w/e seem more than enough for their purpose. It may be something that to some degree i have to accept “just is” but i enjoy the thought experiment nonetheless.
  4. This makes a lot of sense, in particular i find it interesting the notion that a bowman is actually MORE useful (if trained very well) than a gunner due to how long it takes for them to build up the muscle and dexterity as opposed to any group of people being able to point and pull a trigger of a gun. That’s an interesting point I never considered. Another that I like is the idea that other races/factions have weapons that are good enough to be the job done and the need just isn’t there for gunpowder weapons. I kinda dont like to leave it at “they just dont like them” due to their culture or w/e because i feel like if they are outmatched enough, they WILL use them. Seeing as that isn’t the case, i think there is merit to the idea that other less technological weapons (like the bow or crossbow) is just as good for their purpose. I like to imagine someone trying to gun down a chosen or something, i get a feeling it wouldn’t work out that well anyways. Thus the necessity of old fashioned steel and skill would still be a necessary part of combat.
  5. Greetings! I’d like to start a discussion hat has probably been discussed to death over the years but nonetheless I think it would be fun to see everyone’s opinions on why the use of guns and other gun powder weapons like grenades aren’t more prevalent in this universe. I like to try and make logical reasons as to why things in my fantasy universes are the way they are. I am not the biggest lore buff there is so perhaps this is something that has been answered and I would love to hear why, but I have my own theories based on what lore I do know. For instance, I know that from an economic perspective gunpowder and ammunition is very expensive and hard to find comparably to that of arrows/bolts so from a purely economic perspective that COULD explain why there aren’t more of them being used. I have also seen mentioned that what technology we do have is very unreliable leading to “to many soldiers to often’ being killed or maimed by their own weaponry backfiring. Or perhaps there is to many opportunities for sabotage when it comes to gunpowder being transported/stored due to how volatile it is and easily blown up, further leading to economic issues. I have also speculated myself given what I have seen of crossbows, the necessity of gunpowder weapons isn’t quite that high considering that crossbows have some really good armor piercing capabilities themselves. So outside of the heaviest of armors, a crossbow could probably do the same job. Magic is probably a likely contributor as well, considering you can enchant arrows/bolts to do even more, perhaps going beyond the capabilities of a bullet. I can’t say for sure, and most of what I am doing right now is pure speculation but that would seem to make sense. Or just using a fireball on a team of gunners or artillery could result in a catastrophic issue for the gunners lol. All in all it seems to me there are a multitude of practical reasons why we dont see more widespread usage of gunpowder weapons in the fantasy/AOS universe. But, are there any others that you think exist that I missed? Do you have any speculation as to what you think is the reason? Do you think the reason is simply “because GW says so”? Are there any lore specific stories of fights that demonstrated their shortcomings or superiority as weapons? I know in the Gloomspite book they got some good use getting rid of trolls. Anyways, I would love to see other peoples thoughts on this as it is something that always comes across my mind when playing Total war or painting.
  6. Hello! As I have been painting for a quite a while off and on I am slowly but surely getting a bit better at it and I LOVE how high the skill cap is. There is ALWAYS more detail you can put into your work, always more effort, always just...more. However I have hit a skill cap for myself that i can't get past without some assistance. I have given a search myself and have been unable to find anyone on youtube or any other medium that paints SUPER detailed greenskinz. That being said, i know they exist. Is there anyone that someone here can recomend to me to watch that can help me get better at painting orruks/goblins etc? Any help you can provide will be greatly apprecaited! Thanks!
  7. Yea I will definitely do that when I get home today, just so I can be easier to teach and not a pain in the butt haha.
  8. Sounds like greenskinz are the rejects hahaha. I notice they aren't nearly as armored which is a bit disappointing but has a charm of its own.
  9. Yep I have one with the banner made already but when I make the warboss o the pig ill put a shield on em. I think ill have a couple with 2 weapons but for the most part I would love to see a wall of shields and tanky orruks going at my enemy. One day ill add some grots and squigs into the fray as well. From a lore perspective are you or anyone else able to tell me the difference between Greenskinz and Ironjawz?
  10. So I am excited to get to go play my first Warhammer AOS table top game on Wednesday, and although I was originally going to play Ironjawz simply because I love Orruks and Grots and love the idea of playing the "biggest and baddest", I have ultimately decided to play the greenskinz as I hear they are a bit more complex in their gameplay and from a lore perspective a bit more open to grots being present. I bought the starter greenskinz kit and putting it together in order to get ready to take to play my first game. I have never played a table top game before but I love the Warhammer universe and really excited to have my boiz pick up some stuff and bash my enemies. Any tips or tricks to give me on how to play the greenskinz? I notice they have more shields in their kit than the Ironjawz which I like as I have always liked "tanky" orruks, especially from the Warhammer Online days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I am pretty excited about this! I LOVE WHTW2. Greenskins ftw! WAAAAAAGH!!!!
  12. Oh snap that seems awesome! Yea I am absolutely going to read that after class.
  13. Thanks so much guys I really appreciate the informative reponses!!!! You guys are awesome! Great forum so far hahaha.
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