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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, I have been a TGA member for quite a bit, loving the really healthy and supportive community, been watching and looking at various plogs, and decided to start my own now that I have gotten enough models to justify it. Starting off is a just a big WIP shot of my entire army that was hastily made, I don't have a lightbox yet, nor was the lighting good, forgive me. Not quite up to date, got some of the thunderers painted and shaded, however I am waiting for a paint to arrive to continue (new silver because the old one sucked). Also have Thundrik's warband but i just have to get them all primered and ready to go.
  2. I have a Dispossessed army. Now that Cities of Sigmar has come out, is my army obsolete? In particular, Warriors, Quarrelers and Thunderers are not in the new Battletome. Does this mean that they are out of the game? Or can I still field these units in a Dispossessed army using the Allegiance abilities from the General's Handbook?
  3. With the new Gotrek model up for preorder on Saturday what do you think his warscroll will look like? If they incorporate the lore he will have to be practically indestructable and have multiple attacks that can kill almost anything. 8 wounds, 3+ save (and a 5+ supersave) 5at, 3+, 3+, -2, 3 damage? Answers on a postcard...
  4. Ok yesterday our TV have broadcasted The Hobbit and I have been inspired by Thorin to do a new lord for my old dwarf army (that still need to be taken into the age of sigmar :D). Maybe this would be the sparkle I need to update and restart my dwa...ehm Duardin army The weapon will probably be the ghal maraz of valten, I'm still in doubt about the banner pole that come with the warden king , I don't know if I want to use it or not. C&C welcomed !
  5. I painted these up for a friend of mine a few years ago. He still refuses to play AoS but I'm slowly working him around. He's finding it hard to resist the overlords and their toys especially the frigate, so I've said to him that if he plays a game and he likes it I'll paint his first overlord model of his choice for him - and I'll pay for it- yes pure AoS bribery. I keep telling him how good this lot will look on rounds, the organ guns and cannons are modular, so he had the choice of either. hope you liked'em.
  6. It all started a couple of months ago, I dug out my old Battle for Skull Pass set and hit the town going to local shops to see if anyone in my town was playing AoS. Eventually I found a shop and the owner told me that they were starting a Path to Glory campaign. I got very excited, bought two boxes of Ironbreakers/Irondrakes, and I put them together in one night! At my first outing for Path to Glory I brought a list of : Warden King, Warriors, Thunderers, Cannon. I played 3 games my first day, lost all three horribly, but man I had a blast and I was hooked. I played against Fyreslayers, KO, and a nurgle list. My cannon missed every shot it took, except for 3, which all got saved on a 6 (back to back agaisnt an Ironclad), hence my cannon crew now has a reputation at the game store of being far to sober for any Duardin, and therefore can not hit anything. I played quite a few more games and the campaign finished up last week, I managed to make third place (even though I only won 3 games, my total record was 3/6, I just played more than anyone else and had 11 glory, to the winners 15). During that time I realized I had been sort of cheating, since I was using the downloadable Dwarf Compendium and not the warscrolls from the GA:O book! So in the compendium, it said the warden king could ride shield bearers, get 2 extra wounds and two extra attacks for free! So I bought an old dwarf battalion box that had been cracked open for a great price, and got out it of almost 20 models and an organ gun, and used it to give my warden king some trusty shield bearers. I also "converted" two dwarfs into a rune lord and a cogsmith, making these guys my first kitbashes! Either way, now I know that I didn't need to do it, but I am leaving him on his trusty shield bearers because I like the way it looks, even though it makes it him easier to see and blow up! I think now it's a good time to note, I am not a very good painter, I really only started a couple of months ago, but I am still proud of my little dwarfs. Since GHB 2017 came out I haven't been able to get them on the table yet, but this Saturday we're having a small tournament at the shop and I am bringing my entire army (I just barely have 1500 points) and I can't wait to play, but unfortunately I live right in the path of Irma and the tournament is down just to those staying in the area, afterwords I imagine we're gonna help out and finish boarding up the shop. Anyways here is the entire army I am taking: Leaders: Warden King, Runelord, Unforged, Cogsmith (400 pts) Batteline: 10 Longbeards x2, 10 warriors (320 pts) Others: 10 Irondrakes, 10 Ironbreakers, 10 Thunderers, 1 Cannon, 1 Organ Gun ( 780) (You might notice that one of those units of Long beards looks like it has some miners in it, it does, I am thinking of cutting off their pick axes and giving them axes so it's more indistinguishably but no one has had a problem with it, and I've already cleared it with the TO) My next hobby projects: First up I want to finish the Ironbreakers, I will probably has some time this weekend after Irma hits and I won't have much to do for a few days. Then I will do the longbeards, I've got on order another rune lord and some thunderers. Then I will begin my super project, which includes rebasing all of these dwarfs and have them standing on some round stone bases, then I will begin working on my big 4x2 Dwarf Fortress. A massive project I am planing to use it for siege battles and right now my plans include: A battlement carved into the mountain with a great gate, long hallways and rooms, and a throne room. I am really looking forward to tackling some terrain and stacking up my Duardin to defend it. I will hopefully be posting some post-battle reports this weekend after the tournament!
  7. So I am working on a list for the first two day event in my state in November. I was inspired by the image in Grand Alliance Order of the Freeguild, Duardin and Stormcast working together. I've stayed away from Stormcast in this list at the moment but will be buying some eventually. The list is as follows and I'm fairly sure it's what I want to run. Just curious if anyone has run something similar. HEROES Balthasar Gelt, The Supreme Patriarch Freeguild General Warden King Runelord Battlemage UNITS Freeguild Handgunners x 20 Freeguild Guard x 20 Longbeards x 20 - Shield & Axe or Hammer Longbeards x 20 - Shield & Axe or Hammer Demigryph Knights x 6 - Lance and Sword Irondrakes x 10 WAR MACHINES Steam Tank
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