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  1. @elfhead could we get a picture that skews more details of the mosaic? Looks awesome. And I hear you - I never thought Slaanesh was going to be gone for good. I certainly hope not, as I really want to do a vanity themed force. Thanks again for sharing your awesome work
  2. No one should make an issue. Common sense must prevail. Too much time is spent in this hobby trying to corner case the world or control other people.
  3. Zephyr

    Death rises

    “So dark. Are you sure you aren’t from the DC universe?” thanks for sharing
  4. First, I'm sorry for anyone who plays AoS or 40k and expects it to be balanced. Even in a pure situation where you are both rolling perfectly balanced dice (lol) or sharing dice, have a well set up table of clearly defined terrain, the game simply isn't balanced. Accept that before you play and the rest gets a bit smoother. My frustration is my problem - I agreed to play a game with a person, where the purpose is to have fun. I aspire to have fun regardless, and even if you are frustrated, you should aspire to do so as well. If you are constantly frustrated, find a different way to think about the game, as others have suggested above, or find a different way to play the game. If you still can't get to the point where you are actually having fun playing the game or getting SOMETHING worthwhile out of it, move on. Maybe try a skirmish style game, or one that is more lighthearted - I know much of my early frustration in AOS and 40k stemmed from the ridiculous setup time required for a game that is effectively over by turn 2. I didn't find myself nearly as frustrated playing Frostgrave, because I bought a bunch of those Wizkids preprimed models and a few D20s and I was good to go. Don't get me wrong, I love AoS and there's a couple of people I have a blast playing, win, lose or draw. Bottom line - I'm in the tabletop hobby for the FUN. Everyone has bad days or tough turns, but if we've played a couple of times and haven't had a laugh or shared amazement as some plastic nobody goes Rambo, then we aren't really getting much out of the time it takes to go to the store, set up, play, clean up etc, and I'll be headed to the gym or the range next time you're my only opponent. Edit: Sorry, one final thought: If I'm on the winning side, and some one is getting frustrated, I will look for opportunities to help my opponent get off tilt ("I'm thirsty, you want a water or a Coke?") Sometimes it is the little things.
  5. I guess I'm lucky, but even my very small community here is way more player-friendly than all of yours seem to be. I bought a couple of Spires of Dawn, and played them as generic order, and then with the GHB changes, I've used them as proxies for Idoneth. No one in my local group objected in the least, and I'm sure I could bring them to our FLGS' tourney and be welcomed there. I understand the frustration, but I think we'll get a lot further if we're enthusiastic about high elves rather than kicking rocks with the Tomb Kings fanclub. Adepticon is coming up, and NOVA's only 5 months away - plenty of opportunities for a nice AoS announcement. Personally, I'm eager to see what Warcry has in store for AOS players, as I'm eager to do some conversion work.
  6. A bit late to the party, I am, but wow - you should definitely share with the Forgeworld team.
  7. Not going to derail the man's blog this this side conversation, but its a bit more complex than filament - and we can agree to disagree. I've seen plenty of tabletop worth bits printed on $200 filament printers. Not going to win a golden demon with them, but good enough for my paint jobs. My response to him was to praise and encourage - nothing else should come of it but that. It is a documentation and celebration of this particular person's hobby.
  8. @elfhead absolutely fantastic work. I've been looking for a way to do a slaneesh cult that was dark but still would pass for 'PG" here in the states, as one of the best times to play AoS at my FLGS is on Sundays, and I didn't want to bring a giant list of naked monsters to a store full of young families trying to train a Charmander. Thanks for the inspiration and I absolutely love how unique the various models are. Great work!
  9. 1 - Love the renders. 2 - Always good to hear how people get on with 3d Printing. It is still trial and error, but the printers keep getting better. 3. Maybe look at putting together a little shapeways shop - you might get a few shiny things for your hard work.
  10. Really beautiful rats :) And your English is great. Let's see more, SVP!
  11. I've been saving spare change for a while, hoping we'd get to see a bit more for this army. If there's anything new or if they are usable allies or can use allies I may have to finally bite the bullet. The models are just too cool - even if they are blasted resin.
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