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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm completely new to the game and want to get started soon. I want to start off with a 1000 point army for Cities of Sigmar and thought of three lists so far: The first one would be dwarfs: 1 Warden King (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 1 Cogsmith (60) 30 Ironbreakers (240) 30 Longbeards (270) 2 Helblaster Volley Guns (240) for exactly 1k. The second one has even more artillery focus: 1 Warden Kind (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 2 Cogsmiths (120) 30 Longbeards (300) 3 Helstorm Rocket Batteries (390) for exactly 1k. The third one would be mixed and more mobile: 1 Freeguild General (100) 1 Runemaster (90) 30 Handgunners (300) 20 Longbeards (200) 15 Pistoliers (300) for overall 990. Could you please give me some feedback if those armies would be any good and which one you'd expect to perform better? I intend to upgrade whichever i pick to a Greywater Battalion with 4 artillery pieces, once i assemble a 2k army. Any input would be highly appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, i'm completely new to AOS and want to start with my first 1k army soon. I've been thinking about the folloing army list for starting off: Commander: Freeguild General (100) Heroes: 3x Battlemage (330) Units: 2x10 Freeguild Guard (160) 10 Greatswords (140) Helstorm Rocket Battery (130) Battalion: Hallowheart (140) This would bring me to exactly 1k points for a starter army. Would this be somewhat decent? I feel like it could be way to little infantry to protect the mages and the artillery. Should i drop the Helstorm for more frontline? How would you set Hallowheart up for a cheap 1k army?
  3. Greetings, I was looking over the warscroll of the Curseling and got into a little discussion with friends about his Vessel of Chaos ability. The warscroll states: If this model successfully unbinds a spell that is possible for it to cast, it can immediately attempt to cast that spell even though it is the enemy hero phase. If that spell is successfully cast, it cannot be unbound. "possible for it to cast" What limitations are we talking about here? Can he only cast like arcane bolt & mystic shield? Or can he cast anything apart from specific faction spells which are written down as " Only Faction Wizards can attempt to cast this spell."? Thanks ahead!
  4. Ok, this is going to be a long post.. very long (and my natal tongue is not English so it may be harder to read ) When I started painting I bought this Airbrush I bought it because I wanted to prime my minis using it, I also bought this Vallejo primer kit for airbrush My cheap airbrush got wasted after a few sessions so I bought another in my country , another cheap airbrush but he is alive now so it seems to be better A couple days ago I saw this video Painting Nighthaunt I love the results, they look 1 million times better than my dull green/white versions so I decide to get it a try, I tried to strip the paint using Isoppilich alcohol but It toke me forever so I just prime them again over the paint I found a lot of troubles to try to follow her, She makes Zenithal priming but I cant even get her results The Morghast primed picture is the results I want to get but I cant get those gradients even with the priming where I use the pre thinned airbrush paints from vallejo 1. It toke me a lot of time ti mix the proper balance of ink and medium glazing to get the paint flowing from the airbrush, I use Vallejo paints, Citadel paints and sometimes the Army painter paints. In my country there is no easy way to get good paints, I have to import every single one of them directly from Amazon, I wasted a lot of paint to get one mini painted. 2. It seems I lack the basic skills to use the airbrush because bo matter what I do I always end up with the paint being to watery that slips or the airbrush just "spot" the paint spitting uneven paint I clean the airbrush when changing colors but I always get that splash pattern you can see in my pictures above and I dont know if it is because I am bad, or my airbrush is bad or I wasn't able to thin properly the paints or other thing. The compressor does not have any indication of which PSI we are using so I assume left is less and right is more to adjust things. I watched several awesome tutorials like the Vinces Venturella Hobby Cheating series but I cant follow him, Because I am not able to do the proper zenithal priming I cant neither follow his glazes tutorials. I also love an follow Miniac but I wasnt able to found in his channel what I am looking for. All this long post is to ask if someone has a tutorial or can point to me one where I can get the basics skills of the airbrush, I do not pretend to be Sam Lenz but I would love to get my mini painting to the next level, to get better gradients, effects and colors. Thanks everyone in advance
  5. Hello everyone and thank you in advance! When building a list on the Azyr app, if you build a list that contains 3 of the same unit from a warscroll and a battalion that needs all 3 units from that warscroll. It says that its invalid, is this an error on there end? The GHB says "Your army cannot include more than 2 units chosen from the same warscroll, unless those units are part of a warscroll battalion in your army." When I read this I feel like it means you can have more than 2 units from the same warscroll as long as you take a battalion that allows you to do so. Thanks again!
  6. Hi dear TGA Community! I want to ask you about your opinion and personal experiences on a topic that bothers me more and more in the last time: Frustration. And how to deal with it in the best manner possible. I am feeling quite unhappy right now with my temper after some frustrating situations, but often feel also overwhelmed n how to handle this. What I am actually refering to are situations in that a pretty nice game turns into 2 hours of simply beeing crushed. I have this quite often when playing against two friends of mine who like to play board and card games in a rather competetive mindset . We have good games, but they end often in becoming salty because of some rules of the enemy that seem unfair or due to the feeling that the powerlevel of the game was ****** from the early beginning on. In the aftermath we often talk about the games and about what could have been done differently and come always to the conclusion how good (close/tense) the game was actually. Therefore I guess it is also about my frustration and how I deal with it. I would love to hear your stories. Do you have any tricks or tipps how to keep frustation away from the table? Or Anectodes which somehow match the topic?
  7. Hey mighty TGA Community! I've stumbled upon this Desert Terrain Piece on Warhammer Community. This is the exact type of stone i wish for my desert terrain, especially the very bright, nearly orange type of spots on the stone. Sadly, the article only explains how to do the weathered bronze and i just cant find any colour recipe that immitates this type of "orange" sandstone. The picture and the article is from june 2017 and im eager to achieve the same desert stone effect. Maybe someone here has any ideas how to achieve that? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi there, after a long time i was able to get myself a copy of WQ:SoH. Currently i read through the manuals to be ready as the GM for the first games night with some friends. Now my ideas and questions to the veteran GMs out there: As an ex MMORPG player first thing which comes to my mind was adding "interesting" bossfights cause the adversary part in the manuals sounds a bit boring (group of x acolytes, then group of x reavers, then group of x reavers again). I own a good number of different Models (Skaven, Khorne, ....) and bought the "chaos adversary pack" which is, if i'm not wrong, also the same thing with group of x blood warriors, tzangoors, .... My idea was to add to every layer of the dungeon one bossfight (maybe hidden portal in one of the dungeon rooms to not break the GW designed flow?): Something like on layer 1 a bloodstoker with two reavers as guards. If the players kill one reaver, the bloodstoker becomes "frenzy" and gains extra damage ... layer 2 a slaughterpriest which leaves a "boiling blood" marker on the field where he hits a player with a prayer so the room is getting smaller .... Maybe something like a boss which opens a portal, so the players needs to decide how many of them stay in the boss room to fight some adds and how many go through the portal (different room) to fight the boss. Do you guys think this is possible and could work or is the adversary part in SoH is that good that something like this is unnecessary ? Another thing i was thinking about adding the ability that heroes and adversaries with two-hand weapons (Lord-Castellant and Reavers with big axes) are able to fight over 2 fields. So the positioning of the models plays a big role. I know that the balancing will be also a difficult part (hoping that the stats from "chaos adversary pack" is a help). Some reviews mentioned that the replayability is not that great, so i don't want to destroy the "first" atempt for the playgroup with too much of my own stuff. Just want to hear your thoughts and opinion. Thanks :)
  9. Hello. I Have a question about Gift of Change. If I make 5 Mortal Wounds to a unit with 1W Models, (Kairic, Stabbas...) How many Chaos Spawns can I put into play? I think I can only one. Thanks in advantage.
  10. Tentative question: why are there no good hubs for AoS posting? There's stuff like Grimdank or FB pages for 40k, but nothing really for AoS specific. Is there room for a meme thread on TGA? I know that a lot of people hear that and think toxicity. Yeah, there are plenty of fan communities online which are just the worst. But I'd argue that this isn't CAUSED by jokes, but that regressive ideologies expressed through jokes are more eye-catching to normies. I was checking the forum ToS, and this jumped out: "Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums". And that's common sense, something I agree with. I DO NOT want TGA becoming 4chan (not that there's a danger of that, considering the more hands-on approach to moderation the site operates under). I follow comedic groups for other fandoms on FB (Star Trek, for example) and they aren't toxic communities. Speaking for myself, not everyone has friends who share an interest in AoS, so having an AoS meme posting outlet would be attractive. We've now got a thread for the Legends of the Painty Men podcast, which is (in a good way) the wargaming equivalent of the town podcast. I like the show, many seem to, would it be a disaster to have some more of that sort of tone sequestered in its own thread? The forum proles should benefit from the same freedom to meme. Seize the memes of production from the podcasting Bourgeoisie. Posters of the realms unite, you have nothing to lose but 'best painted'! I suspect the mod answer will be 'no', which is why I haven't started posting JPEGs, but thought I'd check. Maybe a meta-meme thread is worse...
  11. I’m getting ready to paint Magore’s Fiends and want them painted using a variation of the paint scheme I use for my regular Blood Warriors but with a ghostly effect. Does anyone have any advice how I could achieve this? My first two ideas were to A) paint them with normal paint scheme then cover the entire thing with either nighthaunt gloom, nihilakh oxide or/and hexwraith flame cut 1:2 with glazing medium or B) do the exact opposite and base it with the ghost colors then paint the normal scheme diluted 1:2 with glazing medium. However I’m not certain either of these would give me the effects I’m hoping for (or if those effects are even possible with my skill level). Third option C) paint the normal scheme but make all of the fleshy bits ghostly. Seems like the simplest way but I was wanting the entire model to look ethereal including the armor. I also wanted to basically carry this concept across all of the different warbands as ghostly versions of the core game army. Does anyone have any ideas or tried anything similar and willing to share what they learned?
  12. Hi all, not sure if this is the best place for this question so sorry if it's not right here. However, I was wondering if anyone had a rough estimate of the dimensions of the Forgeworld Merwyrm. I'm thinking mainly base size and height though other measurements would be great. I'm looking to add one as a Kharibdyss proxy for my Deepkin army (when will the Merwyrm get the Deepkin keyword?). As such, I'd also like to know the measurements of the Kharibdyss so I can know just how different they are. The Merwyrm seems the larger of the two but I'm struggling to find decent pictures that show the size. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help
  13. Hi guys had an idea of using grots from the gritmob grots faction on my gutbusters army. It's just because I think gritmob grots look better. What do you guys think, will I run into any problems? Is this an ok thing to do. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  14. I have some mortal nurgle units and am working on kitbashing some nurgle chaos warriors out of blood warriors and leftover blightking bits, but I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to "de-demonize" some plaguebearers. I'm not a huge fan of the super weird nurgle bits, nor am I a fan of the demon aesthetic, so I'm wondering if you all have an ideas on what to try and throw together for a "counts as" unit of plaguebearers. I had to buy extra bits to make sure my blightkings werent too gross, but still gross enough. I'm thinking of either getting a bunch of free people's and throwing bits from the plaguebearers on them, but I'm not sure that a mix between a unit of guard and bearers would work out. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  15. So i recently purchased Alarielle the Everqueen and played my first game with her this week. Then i came across a situation i found unclear and i was surprised to find no previous questions about this... nor any FAQ. So her "Living battering ram"-rule states that when her charge ends in 1" of a terrain feature, every unit within said terrain feature takes D3 mortal wounds. The way i read this is my units also take mortal wounds and seeing as i aim to always keep my battelline units inside my wyldwoods that usually means if i charge something my own units are always going to take mortal wounds... Is this the case and if so, doesnt that make her quite the nuissance for your own army? I'd love some feedback on this
  16. So I'm currently browsing ebay to try and pick up a bunch of cheap Gitmob Artillery, the more I play the more I get the feeling they are going to be mandatory allies for my Ironjawz. Where-ever I look though all the artillery pieces are unbased which not only looks ugly but feels unnatural to me. What sort of base sizes should I be looking at putting them on, should they be circular or oval? I know @Chris Tomlin asked this question a whole ago but I couldn't find any answers. Anyone have any suggestions?
  17. If I take the slaanesh invaders allegiance and use three Keeper of Secrets, can I use their command abilities once each?
  18. Thinking of starting a Ironjawz army, but I don't like the Ardboys models. I am not a fan of the rounded armour. It is possible to make a decent list without them? Love the Brutes and Gore-gruntas...
  19. Do to all new Nurgle stuff I'm wanting to do a new conversion, but I don't know what is a good website for bits. Got any advice or suggestions of good bits sites?
  20. Hi all, So I recently bought a Varanguard set while was drunk and have been figuring out what to do with it. I've been looking at the Lord of Chaos on Daemonic Mount and Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut (plus not really a fan of finecast) as potential ideas. The LoDM shouldn't be too much of an issue I think as a regular Varanguard is a chaos Lord right? The juggerlord seems like it'll take a lot of work? Does anyone have any experience or advice? Thanks!
  21. Hiya, I used to play a lot WFB before, mostly as Bretonnia/Dark Elves/Wood Elves and sometimes lizardmen. Recently I returned to Age of Sigmar as the rules to the game really looks neat and I like that battles are way faster than they used to be (and rules are way simplier to understand). I touched Khorne and build a small army of his, but I don't feel the army at all hence why I started looking towards Dark Elves/High Elves and wanted to ask.. Is the army viable at all? I don't want to pump money into something I won't have fun with, I don't play for winning but I don't also want to be stomped 20:0 due to my units being inferior. I am mostly wondering if Dark Elves have more than only one viable warscroll, or can I play one battle with X units then next week with Y. If this is written in wrong section, please excuse me, I am new to the forum
  22. I'm a big fan of square bases on certain units, mostly the archers that I keep tightly grouped and generally don't need to shuffle around much in melee. I was wondering though, with the GHB2 around the corner, are square bases likely going to be a problem? Should I just hold off on basing them for now?
  23. I've been inspired by the Lord of Chaos' Glory or Damnation ability that lets it transform into either a Daemon Prince (if you slay the enemy general) or Chaos Spawn (if you are slain). I'm planning a trio of matching models for it and I was wondering if anybody else has done this. If you have, pics? If you haven't, ideas?
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