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  1. Ooh then that's a new change... The nighthaunt example validates out in the app and builders just fine and I've seen it at events. Interesting... Skaven really are a race apart!
  2. Yes, if you pay the points and meet its requirements. This is actually even broader in its application because you can take battalions in different alliegances in those cases where there's crossover models... For example it may be possible to take the plague ones in a Nurgle army if all thr pestilens models can be used in Nurgle, just as several of the nighthaunt battalions see use in Legion of Nagash armies due to those models being available for LoN.
  3. yeah I was pretty much there too, this was an academic exercise really! I've gone with one of the battalions, and fit in 40 acolytes and a warpseer to round it out along with the six fiends as you say...looks like a fun list and still only five drops so a really good chance of going first, which would enable a lot of damage output, or weathering the storm if I go second with ablative front line and a warpseer in a doppelganger cloak which is hilarious on a model that can scurry away
  4. interesting heads up for those of a tournament mind- the great team behind the South Coast GT just confirmed that as far as they are concerned, if a battalion has pitched battle points, it is useable in matched play and at events- which is also GW's stance. Therefore the (much more viable) skryre formation in the Carrion empire set is available for list building... for those who have not seen it, it's found in the carrion empire booklet, requires you to take the box contents as a formation, costs 140 points and gives all models in the formation a 5+ death save for turn one, helping mitigate alpha strikes. More than that, it's an extra artefact and a much reduced drop number for getting that essential pew pew first turn priority. Consequently my list is now built around this formation and I am wondering the plausibility of taking it twice! It would cost about the same as a warpcog convocation and is potentially way more useful to have this in your list twice... it would look something like this and is a three drop list. Allegiance: SkaventideLeadersWarlock Bombardier (100)- General- Trait: Deranged Inventor - Artefact: Vigordust Injector Warlock Bombardier (100)- Artefact: Aetherquartz BroochBattleline3 x Stormfiends (260)3 x Stormfiends (260)15 x Skryre Acolytes (180)War MachinesDoomwheel (160)Doomwheel (160)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)BattalionsSkatchnik's Warpcoven (140) Skatchnik's Warpcoven (140)Endless SpellsWarp Lightning Vortex (100)Soulsnare Shackles (20)Total: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 93 Not sure how viable it is tbh, I think you're better off only taking the formation once but it's an interesting exercise nonetheless.
  5. Exactly this, making skaven their own allies is a super elegant way of getting a system of limited clan cross pollination in place without it affecting the overall intent of the book.
  6. Regards Skaventide allying with themselves, Sadly, I dont think this is the case- there's a new way of presenting ally charts in the recent books...I checked my Nighthaunt book and the way the chart is presented in the skaven book is the same in nighthaunt- it lists the grand alliance, then lists the actual allegiance of the army being discussed then the allies in the next column, so you read the chart as 'chaos- skaventide: Allies- Nurgle' Also you can't seem to do it in the app either
  7. HI! Welcome back to my blog- since the previous entry I have successfully set up my machine and run a few files off- in fact I now have enough parts for about 25 acolytes and 3 jezzails and more on the way! For a first time 3d printer experience, the machine has been pretty smooth so far, with only a few failed parts...although it is both messy and unpleasant to clean due to the toxic resin, so I am learning a lot about gloves, masks and special filtration to keep myself from ending up looking like a plague monk! It has been interesting to correctly match to the torsos, which has involved many test prints to check scale and position of parts. However, allowing for the fact that some trimming will always be needed, I think I am at the best result I can achieve. The next stage will be to assemble some complete kits and get paint on to see how they look, then produce enough for the full army! Oh, and maybe make a skryre techno vortex spell pylon whilst I am at it...
  8. Hi folks posted this in the main thread too but my skryre acolytes and jezzails project has progressed to the point where the parts fit the plastic kits and I'm now batch printing enough to set up the army! I hope to have some better pics and painted samples later this week 😁
  9. Hey all, just a quick interjection to show an update on my acolyte and jezzail project! After a few test prints and adjustments in have now got the scale and design of the parts locked and am in the process of printing enough to build 45 acolytes and 6 jezzails... I apologise for my bad photography and hope to have better, painted examples sometime this week!
  10. Zbrush for the backpacks in fact ZB fro mos tof the work, just a little blender to get a nice shape for the jezzail stock. Working on options for files once I have them all sorted
  11. made backpacks for my acolytes today- aiming to print the first kit tests off by the weekend
  12. Thanks for this, I'd joined the AoS specific group but this one looks more active!
  13. Hi and welcome. I'm Russ and I work in miniatures design for tabletop, rpg and boardgames. I've been working in the industry for seven years and I am currently the studio lead for a UK based minis and boardgame producer. I'm also a big hobbyist, and I am currently working on a new Skaven army for AoS. However, let's be honest, some of the minis in that range are less than ideal. I fact I remember selling a few of them when I worked at GW myself. And I left in 1999... So, to make my awesome new Skryre list look as good as I can, I'm harnessing my experience in minis design, and my new 3d printer, to update and modernise my list using current plastic kits as a basis, and creating parts to turn them into whatever I need. I'm going to blog this on here and on my gmsibg group page as I thought the process might be interesting, as it'll show a lot of the stuff that happens behind the curtain with minis manufacturing. And it will hopefully lead to some cool pictures of skaven bad asses. To begin! My skryre list is not totally locked but I've immediately identified the issues with acolytes and jezzails as my first target. For both, I'm going to use storm vermin as the torso bases and create arms, heads and accessories to change them up. My initial work is shown below... I aim to have the complete kit done in the next few days.. And on Thursday I'm setting up the new 3d printer I just bought! I'll detail that too, in case anyone else is thinking about getting one! Until Wednesday...
  14. Playing with the app, I should like to provide valuable Intel that Azyr is not auto updated but has an update you can xsb manually apply from your phones app store 😁 Sadly this doesn't magically make storm fiends 200 for 3 but I can dream....
  15. You're absolutely right! I should have explained those are my base heads to match the style of clan rats. That's not the final ones I'll use though!
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