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More More Rat Prints!





Welcome back to my blog- since the previous entry I have successfully set up my machine and run a few files off- in fact I now have enough parts for about 25 acolytes and 3 jezzails and more on the way!

For a first time 3d printer experience, the machine has been pretty smooth so far, with only a few failed parts...although it is both messy and unpleasant to clean due to the toxic resin, so I am learning a lot about gloves, masks and special filtration to keep myself from ending up looking like a plague monk! 

It has been interesting to correctly match to the torsos, which has involved many test prints to check scale and position of parts. However, allowing for the fact that some trimming will always be needed, I think I am at the best result I can achieve.


The next stage will be to assemble some complete kits and get paint on to see how they look, then produce enough for the full army!


Oh, and maybe make a skryre techno vortex spell pylon whilst I am at it...








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14 hours ago, Zephyr said:

Wow - you went Resin?  BRAVE

why brave? That's the only 3D printers with a high enough level of detail

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Posted (edited)

On 3/1/2019 at 8:26 AM, JackStreicher said:

why brave? That's the only 3D printers with a high enough level of detail

Not going to derail the man's blog this this side conversation, but its a bit more complex than filament - and we can agree to disagree.  I've seen plenty of tabletop worth bits printed on $200 filament printers.

Not going to win a golden demon with them, but good enough for my paint jobs.


My response to him was to praise and encourage - nothing else should come of it but that.  It is a documentation and celebration of this particular person's hobby.

Edited by Zephyr

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