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  1. Only 2-3 Megabosses on foot, 2-3 Brutes, I'm afraid. So no triple Megaboss and no 5 Brute squads.
  2. Allegiance: Ironjawz- Warclan: IronsunzLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)- Boss Gore-hacka and ChoppaOrruk Megaboss (150)Orruk Megaboss (150) Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (140)- Pair of Brute Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (140)- Pair of Brute Choppas5 x Orruk Brutes (140)- Pair of Brute ChoppasUnits5 x Orruk Ardboys (90)5 x Orruk Ardboys (90)BattalionsDa Bossfist (220) Ironfist (160) Total: 1740 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 106 You can make a 2k list with both Bossfist and Ironfist. Just saying. Your article seems to imply that it's impossible.
  3. What Da Bossfist needed to be: Instead of +1 Attack, +1 rend to all weapons. Getting -2 rend on most weapons and -3 on the Mawkrusha fists would have been an amazing benefit against Ossiarch, especially Petrifex. +1 Attack is nice, but it's not worth 220 points, especially when you need to sink 300 into Megabosses on foot.
  4. Secret Mission is really easy to complete if you ally in Fungoids, since they'll spend most of the game far away from your opponent (meaning it's easy to run them off the edge in turn 5 or if you're going to get beaten for sure, so you can at least score 1 HA). Obliterate is great against MSU squishies, like against CoS, Arcanites, or Khorne builds. Onslaught is super easy with Ardboys. GGHOG into charge => complete.
  5. Assuming Dread Falchions/Spirit Blades are options that are by model/unit-wide, rather than "leader has X weapon, everyone else has Y weapon": Red underline means it's the best damage option between Falchions and Blades with those modifiers against that save. Orange underline means it's the best damage option for that weapon with those modifiers against that save. Blue means it's the better weapon against that save if you pick rerolling saves as your bonus for that combat phase. Underlines in two rows within a column within a modifier group means they're tied. Generally speaking, Spirit Blades with Precision are the best for damage. They're the best option in nearly every instance. Falchions are generally the better defensive option if you're using the Blade-Parry (reroll saves) stance. Fun note: IF you have a Stalker model with Falchions, AND they have -2 to wound, AND they're attacking a model with a 5+ save or worse, Destroyer is the best option. Otherwise, it's bad.
  6. My take on the Alpha Strike list. 1) Gordrakk buffs everyone with +1 to hit. 2) Ironjawz WAAAGH will buff models with +1 attack. 3) Warchanters will buff the 2 squads of 6 Gore-Gruntas with +1 damage. 4) Gore-Gruntas have +1 to hit and +1 to wound on the charge. (2 CP used, which leaves a reliable third and maybe Great Green Visions) Each Gore-Grunta deals 0.5 MW on the charge (3 on the units of 6) Each Jagged Gore-hacka, against Save of 4+ deals 3.7 damage Each Pig deals, against Save of 4+, 2.2 damage. A unit of 6 pigs can therefore expect to deal 37-43 wounds to a unit with a save of 4+ (36.8+Mortal Wounds) On average, you can expect to kill a big non-elite unit, or a medium sized elite unit, which triggers Smashin' and Bashin'. To get there, Gorefist allows all the 3 squads to move 9" at the start of the first hero phase, followed by a movement of 9", followed by a charge of +2, for a reliable threat range of 25", allowing for coverage of most deployments instantly. Gordrakk can move with Mighty Destroyers, giving him an effective movement of 24", on top of charge, giving a reliable threat range of 31". ASSUMING you trigger Mighty Destroyers off the 2 squads of Gore-Gruntas + Gordrakk, you can expect to do upwards of 70 wounds in one activation, assuming you're facing a tanky army where the weakest save is 4+, and there's some FNP. Full committal to the Alpha Strike. The Megaboss teleports himself to the front to Ironjawz WAAAAGH. Giving it to Gordrakk may be better, I don't know, that seems to be more a matter of practice, not theory. 18" is pretty big, all things considered. Gore-hackas because that gives them 2+ to wound, since Choppas don't benefit from the +1/+1 on the charge, making Gore-hackas better on the charge, even with fewer attacks (and with +attack, that gap widens further). Because of the teleport, the Megaboss can be parked in a piece of terrain hidden from shooting, or hidden behind Gordrakk, or something. Gordrakk has 28" movement with Mighty Destroyers, which also lets him be far away from danger. Either way, 1 "activation" (or chain-activation), where you do 70 wounds, is pretty ridiculous.
  7. The nerf is that it's impressively hard to take a battalion in Living City... And that battalion is impressively bad. To pull off the Double Durthu, you need 2 CP, and that's pricy in a high model count army with terrible CP generation (even with an adjutant, it's still bad). Also, Durthu isn't really fantastic without woods giving +2 sword attacks.
  8. True, hydras heal once per turn unconditionally, but Kharibdyss heal each combat phase, which occur twice as often as your turns do. Also, the two deal almost identical amounts of damage with nearly identical profiles, except the hydra has one at range but doesn't have the bravery aura. Two dealings because of the command trait. Steam tank for no real reason tbh. It's just cool. Could easily be subbed out for another model. Hell, you could drop it + a set of corsairs and grab a Frostheart Phoenix to toughen up the initial strike with another big monster that also produces a -1 wound bubble to protect your guys... Or maybe even drop both, swap the general to the Freeguild general and foot and the adjutant to the fleetmaster, and take a phoenix and cogs to help the slower elements of the army speed up. Plenty of options.
  9. So a somewhat (very) different list to my earlier Phoenix list: On average, a healthy Kharibdyss gains around 1.8 (before saves) from a Fleetmaster's command ability. That's... including average saves etc. around 1.3. That's not really that great, which is why I abandoned my initial versions of this list. However, what the Kharibdyss offer are a pair of big bodies that're excellent at holding flanks pretty independently. The idea is to have the Demigryphs and Griffon do most of the forward damage, and have the General on foot, the Fleetmaster, and the Greatswords catch up later, with the Kharibdyss holding flanks. The Mages and Corsairs can hold the rear. Honestly, the Corsairs can be swapped out for Freeguild Guard, but I figured that Corsairs work better for hanging back since they actually have a ranged attack. Any opinions?
  10. Oh wait the Phoenicum's in Ghyran, not Aqshy. Well. That changes things. I'll need to reconsider. I expect Battlemages will be able to pick both their realm and their lore. In either case, they fulfill their purpose of being a +1 save battery for the phoenixes.
  11. I feel like this would be a pretty solid (Maybe not A-tier, but solid) list. Your Phoenixes have 13 wounds each, with a 4+/4++ base, and the Luminark grants another 6++ in its bubble. With the Thermalrider Cloak, it can hopefully keep up with the Phoenixes and provide support while the Phoenix Guard protect it. Edit: scratch that, wrong realm. Will figure second artefact out later, or if it's now worth it to get more models instead of a battalion. The Battlemages are there to make sure there're enough casters to keep the +1 to save benefit up on the Phoenixes, and there's two Frosthearts to ensure they can cover enough ground with their -1 wound bubbles. The main question is whether (to maximise the benefit from the Phoenicum vengeance trait), I should drop some Phoenix Guard in favour of Freeguild Guard... and what to replace that with, if anything. (There's a lot of duplication of Golden Mist because quite frankly that's the only spell in that lore worth taking, even if I can't cast it more than once per hero phase, it's still totally worth it)
  12. Skyre from Skaven, Anvilstrike (Anvils of Heldenhammer Chamber for Stormcast Eternals running a battery of Longstrikes), arguably some weirder Tzeentch builds (though those won't work against most armies so I'd discount them), Freeguild, any Order army grabbing Ironweld Arsenal as allies, Legion of Azgorh (though they are kinda weak in general).
  13. Seraphon are quite flexible in how they play, even if they're limited in terms of competitive options. I haven't seen them on the tabletop since GHB2019, so I can't really say specifically, but I'm guessing the primary 3 lists will still be: Skink Saurus focused Shadowstrike Engine of the Gods summoners The issue with playing against Seraphon is that while they're fantastic spellcasters, it's rare to see them really cast spells in turn 2-3 unless they're desperate or penned in. Two main ways of dealing with them: Just run a list with anti-horde capability, but you also want a fast, MSU army with a few small blobs of units you can scatter around to prevent them from teleporting and summoning. Go hard, go fast with lots of MW (Exalted Chariots are great for this) and give your Keeper of Secrets the Thermalrider Cloak from Aqshy in order to let it get into their backlines and smash the Slann (and any Engines of the Gods). Having an Infernal Enrapturess or two (summoned in, in all likelihood) helps a lot with keeping the casting to a minimum, too.
  14. *cough Flesh-Eater Courts cough* Behemoths aside, of course, but those match the lack of Avatar/Doomfires. I'm hoping that Snakes are actually good, because they're criminally underrepresented in AoS, even after GHB2019.
  15. Hit hard and hit fast sums them up well, but there's another dimension that most people are ignoring: Half the models have a 2 inch range. That means, for most of the Iron Golems (especially them) and Untamed Beasts, on the first turn where you get into combat they're going to have to spend one action to get into range, cutting damage taken in half on the turn you engage. And if you're engaged with other factions with 2-3 inch reach, most of those models aren't going to have to disengage.
  16. First and foremost: it's the Contorted Epitome, not epiphany. 1) I run a single Epitome, but tend to hold it in reserve rather than leave it on the front lines. At the most, it's supporting a flank, but I only run one KoS even at 2k, which factors into my positioning decisions. I've noted it's not a particularly fantastic combatant, but it is our best SoJ carrier (though Slaanesh honestly has little need for one). 2) I primarily use it to cast Cogs, then have it hang around my Cogs where possible. 3) It's specific to Acquiescence. It's rare enough for GW to defy the ruling on repeated spells, but I believe it's because there are no less than 5 heroes with the exact same spell. Overwhelming Acquiescence, on the other hand, only has one. 4) Yes. Some run 2. I find one is sufficient. I don't have too many uses for them, and my Enrapturess serves as the other half of my anti-magic. 5) Minor perk that makes it resistant to spells but little else. Admittedly hilarious once when my opponent fired 6 Longstrikes at it, rolled 4 6s, and found out that while it'd have died instantly to normal hits, it shrugged off the Mortal wounds. He was fairly upset (but won anyway on points). Solid 200 points, probably could cost 220 and still be run but 240 would be pushing it.
  17. A bunch more rules got leaked: https://imgur.com/a/TTavRPh
  18. Honestly, I'd do the following: Drop the Fiends (210). Drop the Seekers (240). You now have 450 (+10) points to work with. Add in a Keeper of Secrets (360), giving you 100 left. Get some Hellstriders and put those in, combining your Daemonettes into blob of 20. While they're unlikely to retain their "20 model" bonus for long (if at all), this actually lets them get access to it, and in 1000 points there's a high likelihood of them being able to get in on the alpha strike and get the first hit off to benefit from this, at least once. Alternatively, if you want to retain your "Pure Daemon" ideal and forego the Hellstriders, use that 100 points to grab an Endless Spell or two. Chronomantic Cogs boosts your Alpha Strike potential, and makes your summoning way more terrifying. Generally in low point games you want to be playing Pretenders, giving your Keeper of Secrets the following traits: Strength of Godhood and either Strongest Alone or Inspirer, depending on the role you want your Keeper to have. Moving to 2000 points, you might want to pick up the following: 1-2 Bladebringer(s), Herald on Exalted Chariot (You can actually magnetise this to be any of the 3 chariot types, but it's annoying). Thing is, this is the probably the best (in terms of damage per points) model in the entire Slaanesh army. I can present the math, but... A Fane of Slaanesh, if you don't have one yet. At least one Contorted Epitome, because they're one of the most cost effective tools in the Slaaneshi arsenal. Another Infernal Enrapturess, because if you're summoning something in on turn 5 (and your in-list IE is still alive) you might as well summon something that you can guarantee some value out of. Things I think are nice but might not fit you or your playstyle: 10-15 Hellstriders for flexibility in list creation. Syll'Esske, if you want to play Invaders The Masque, for an annoying piece of ****** that makes your opponent annoyed as all hell. A couple of extra Seeker Chariots
  19. Go to the app, toggle the "Matched Play Only" filter, and look for the GS w/ CF. It's still there. Therefore isn't it legal?
  20. That, RAW, a 180 point model can summon anything with the CHAOS and DAEMON keywords from a REALMGATE, which as of this year's GHB is whenever the terrain piece is on the table. They can do this ONCE PER TURN. Not once per battle. The above list includes: Archaon, all Greater Daemons, a max size unit of Tzaangor Skyfires/Enlightened, a max size unit of Beasts of Nurgle, any Verminlord... Etc. While I don't doubt that any TO with a brain would dispute this, the GW official means to determine the outcome of a rules dispute is: 1. Read the Rule (Addressed above) 2. Go Upstream (irrelevant) 3. Check Errata (Addressed above. The app is more recently updated than Errata) 4. Apply rules as written (big problem here) 5. Roll die to settle if still the rule is still unclear (or ask the TO) Thing is, since at step 4 we find a solution... The TO need not step in (technically). Ergo, RAW, this model is the pretty much the most powerful model on any table with a REALMGATE.
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