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  1. To anyone who's built the Fane and magnetised the giant moon bit: How did you magnetise it? Send pictures if you can. I would greatly appreciate it!
  2. Unlike Feeding Frenzy, the KoS' command ability does not state "Immediately". So you get to activate a second time whenever you like, but it consumes one activation. Feeding Frenzy has to be activated immediately after the first pile in, but does not consume an activation. I hope that clarifies things.
  3. Start your Epitome WAY back maybe? Maybe it won't get in on turn 1, but everything else will. And subsequently when you summon... Those get the boost too if you can keep a wizard near it/can get a wizard to it. Especially since you're building a low drop list, you should semireliably be able to get turn 1.
  4. I'd say if you really wanna engage turn 1, pack a set of cogs too. They're gonna be in every competitive Slaanesh list I ever field.
  5. Also, the Fane is absolutely enormous; especially in terms of Los. You can deploy it and block off an entire foot hero or two (I think I managed to fit 2 Enrapturess behind it)
  6. Rentar

    Small update

    Pictured: Conductor angrily gestures for harp solo to be louder. (1924, colourised)
  7. Wow. Really? People are that desperate to generate DP? Jeez, what, start a 2k game with 6 IE (only 840 points!) and instantly generate a Keeper and still have 6 points left over.... or generate 3 more IE, then the turn after that you'll be generating 81 points, on top of whatever else you get from shooting etc. Of course this is how it's intended. Turn 2 we'll just casually summon 3 Keepers, or 120 Daemonettes. Naturally.
  8. I'm starting work on some musically-themed Slaanesh, having been struck by how similar the Daemon Prince's pose looks to how my old conductor used to stand right before a piece started, combined of course with the fact that Slaanesh has the Infernal Enrapturess. So I built the Daemon Prince a podium and stand (pictures are before priming, will upload part 2 once I've painted) as well as a booklet with his score (unfortunately I don't have enough fine control to paint the scores onto the page, but we can imagine that for now). I also "improved" a base with toothpicks for the Infernal Enrapturessess, making her look like she's on some sort of stage (I hope?). Camera quality is terrible because I'm using a cheap phone. I'll borrow a friend's the next time I bring this army out, hopefully for a good picture of the complete army. CC welcome for anything other than the camera. Unfortunately, I don't have any ideas on how to theme any other units beyond these two, so any suggestions and/or feedback on that front would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Rentar

    Unpainted base.

    Using cork for the lower bit, topped by a piece of coaster (from a bar). Stand is made from coaster material, connected by a bit of cut sprue. The middle of the stand sits on top of a tiny piece of cork to give it a little raised section so it's not so flat.
  10. Reference for how the Daemon Prince will stand
  11. Rentar

    Score Booklet

    To place on the stand after painting
  12. I think the reason people are calling Fiends bad is that they work best against multi-wound units... but don't generate depravity points. We want our heroes killing those multi-wound units, not our units; we want our units killing hordes and chaff. Fiends are anti-synergistic with one of our primary mechanics.
  13. Currently considering the following two 2k lists for a tournament next month: The first is a 7-drop with 6 heroes, generating CP solely off the Rod of Misrule: and the 2-drop variant, with 2 battalions and Supreme Sybarites as a source of CPs. I'm also considering the following Depraved Drone-based build, but I don't have that many Ungors painted and... well, I don't think I can get everything done to a standard I'm comfortable with by the Tournament. Effectively, the first has The Masque as a unit to harass enemy support heroes. Cavalry speed (10"+D6) and low profile (25 mm) lets The Masque squeeze around the edges of enemy lines to hit a priest/wizard/sniper unit, and those typically have 5" movement. Of course, the points are wasted if the opponent lacks any such units, but those are units that Slaanesh would have trouble reaching/dealing with. Admittedly overlaps a little with the role of the Infernal Enrapturess (24" sniper?) but The Masque is a little more tanky and less troubled by line of sight shenanigans. The second drops The Masque in favour of a Supreme Sybarites Battalion, giving me a 2-drop army (effectively guaranteeing I get choice against most armies), which is essential against stuff like DoK, which is almost guaranteed to appear (there's a regular at that particular FLGS that pulls out his DoK for tournaments). Also, it gives me a third artefact (Whip of Subversion, though this is of course subject to change). All my Slaanesh lists run Cogs, mostly for the +2 run/charge bonus, though the additional spell might be used at some points? The bonus is there to more than double the chance summoned units get into battle the turn they're summoned, of course (27.8% to roll a 9+, 58.3% to roll a 7+). Skintaker and Sinistrous Hand give the Keepers some pretty ridiculous staying power, especially coupled with both Born of Damnation and Progeny of Damnation. So: What do you guys think? Any opinions on which list to run, artefacts to change, etc?
  14. Also something to note is that most people have a lot of Daemonettes and Seekers and possibly also Infernal Enrapturesses (those that were playing Slaanesh even before the announcement, mostly), and... Few have that many chariots. To run a decent Godseekers army, you'd need at least 8 kits (each SC box counts as 2), maybe even up to 12. The most worthwhile hero chariot is the Exalted, and you want normal non-hero Seeker Chariots for your battleline and the only non-hero unit that can retreat/charge, so a minimum of 3 plus as many heroes as you can muster. You also want Cogs for the charge, an Epitome to almost guarantee that the Cogs go off (83% vs 58% is no small jump), an Enrapturess to sit on the Fane, and a Keeper so you can actually use your CPs to maximum effectiveness... Also POSSIBLY a Seeker Cavalcade so even if you retreat and your charge fails, you can pile in and continue attacking (though I wouldn't recommend it). So, in short, you want at the very minimum: 1 KoS (360) 1 Enrapturess (140) 1 Contorted Epitome (200) 1 Seeker Chariot (120) 1 Seeker Chariot (120) 1 Seeker Chariot (120) 1 Chronomantic Cogs (60) For a minimum of 1120. If you pick up a Seeker Cavalcade, that's an additional 320 minimum, but let's put that to one side. add 3 Bladebringers on Exalted Chariots for 660 and another Seeker Chariot, pushing it to 1900... That's 10 kits, which include no Daemonettes and no Seekers, which leaves a huge number of people's models on the side. I don't think it's so much a case of people thinking Godseekers are bad, but more a case that... people... don't... have enough chariots.
  15. So I asked around, and a friend of mine has some (5) spare Javelins from a Marauder Horseman set which I can make use of as spears. I'm also thinking I can probably grab a helmeted head (or two?) from him for leader(s) and use some spare heads from a number of other kits for the normal Hellstriders. Problem is getting another 10 spears/javelins, but I'll see if anyone in my area can spare me a couple. I'm sure there's at least a few kits that'll work.
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