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  1. A bunch more rules got leaked: https://imgur.com/a/TTavRPh
  2. Honestly, I'd do the following: Drop the Fiends (210). Drop the Seekers (240). You now have 450 (+10) points to work with. Add in a Keeper of Secrets (360), giving you 100 left. Get some Hellstriders and put those in, combining your Daemonettes into blob of 20. While they're unlikely to retain their "20 model" bonus for long (if at all), this actually lets them get access to it, and in 1000 points there's a high likelihood of them being able to get in on the alpha strike and get the first hit off to benefit from this, at least once. Alternatively, if you want to retain your "Pure Daemon" ideal and forego the Hellstriders, use that 100 points to grab an Endless Spell or two. Chronomantic Cogs boosts your Alpha Strike potential, and makes your summoning way more terrifying. Generally in low point games you want to be playing Pretenders, giving your Keeper of Secrets the following traits: Strength of Godhood and either Strongest Alone or Inspirer, depending on the role you want your Keeper to have. Moving to 2000 points, you might want to pick up the following: 1-2 Bladebringer(s), Herald on Exalted Chariot (You can actually magnetise this to be any of the 3 chariot types, but it's annoying). Thing is, this is the probably the best (in terms of damage per points) model in the entire Slaanesh army. I can present the math, but... A Fane of Slaanesh, if you don't have one yet. At least one Contorted Epitome, because they're one of the most cost effective tools in the Slaaneshi arsenal. Another Infernal Enrapturess, because if you're summoning something in on turn 5 (and your in-list IE is still alive) you might as well summon something that you can guarantee some value out of. Things I think are nice but might not fit you or your playstyle: 10-15 Hellstriders for flexibility in list creation. Syll'Esske, if you want to play Invaders The Masque, for an annoying piece of ****** that makes your opponent annoyed as all hell. A couple of extra Seeker Chariots
  3. Go to the app, toggle the "Matched Play Only" filter, and look for the GS w/ CF. It's still there. Therefore isn't it legal?
  4. That, RAW, a 180 point model can summon anything with the CHAOS and DAEMON keywords from a REALMGATE, which as of this year's GHB is whenever the terrain piece is on the table. They can do this ONCE PER TURN. Not once per battle. The above list includes: Archaon, all Greater Daemons, a max size unit of Tzaangor Skyfires/Enlightened, a max size unit of Beasts of Nurgle, any Verminlord... Etc. While I don't doubt that any TO with a brain would dispute this, the GW official means to determine the outcome of a rules dispute is: 1. Read the Rule (Addressed above) 2. Go Upstream (irrelevant) 3. Check Errata (Addressed above. The app is more recently updated than Errata) 4. Apply rules as written (big problem here) 5. Roll die to settle if still the rule is still unclear (or ask the TO) Thing is, since at step 4 we find a solution... The TO need not step in (technically). Ergo, RAW, this model is the pretty much the most powerful model on any table with a REALMGATE.
  5. In order to force a change ASAP, this PSA goes out to all Tzeentch Cultists. You can verify it on the official App, which is the most updated rules reference. The Gaunt Summoner on Disc was updated alongside the Gaunt Summoner with Familiars prior to the June update (in Feb). Also note that a Feb update means that it was update after the Errata (July 2018) and thus it is the most updated form of the rules. While the 'Book of Profane Secrets' ability of the Gaunt Summoner and Gaunt Summoner on Disc were updated to be limited to once/battle and only summoning 10 of any basic Daemon (Bloodletters/Plaguebearers/Daemonettes/Pink Horrors) from a REALMGATE, the Gaunt Summoner with Chaos Familiars was not. While, as a person who owns this model, I am excited to summon Archaon/Bloodthirsters/Keepers of Secrets/Great Unclean Ones/Lords of Change ONCE PER TURN onto the battlefield with a 180 point model, I would venture a guess that this is not how it was intended to function. While this wasn't so important when Terrain rules/warscrolls were optional, the 2019 update specifies that Realmgate Warscrolls are to be used.
  6. Why not combine SoJ (which activates on a 6+) with Icon of Infinite Excess from Invaders? If there's no malus to hits, SoJ activates on 1/3rd of the dice for a turn, perfect for an Alpha Strike.
  7. I think the amended list ( ) is more accurate. I also think HoS is going to float around low A to S tier depending on how the meta moves (assuming 0 updates to points/scrolls/allegiances etc.); by virtue of countering DoK, FEC, IDK, Nurgle, and SCE, not to mention having reasonable counters that don't require you to go out of your way to build (Infernal Enrapturess, maybe summoned Fiends) to counter caster rosters (Skaven, LoN, Tzeentch) alongside the ridiculous number of spells HoS can throw out, HoS is going to be good in any meta. That said, it's currently in AA tier because it's a good answer to the dominant DoK and FEC builds, has decent responses to Skaven and LoN, and steps on almost all of A tier. On the other hand, people have said that Fyreslayers are hard to beat as HoS (no experience with that, personally), we won't be top dog.
  8. Look, the initial "a" is an indefinite article, which is used to introduce "a model", and then the definite article "the" is used to refer to the same "model" that was introduced, which is why it's a "the" rather than another indefinite article such as "any" or another "a". Since "the" is a definite article, and has no other possible frame of reference, it must be referring to the prior indefinite "a" article. Go run it by a linguist if you must.
  9. Please specify what game states you are referring to and how exactly "the" is no longer a dangling participle under the understanding you are working under.
  10. The commentary also clarified exactly how end of phase combat works. Treat the following such that Player A is always the player whose turn it is, regardless of who activated last in the "normal" segment of the combat phase. End of Combat Phase where it's Player A's turn. Player A selects unit. Player A selects unit. Repeat until player A has no more units eligible to fight, using abilities/command abilities as normal. Then Player B selects unit. Player B selects unit. Repeat until player B has no more units eligible to fight, using abilities/command abilities as normal. Battleshock Phase So this is something to keep in mind for mirror matches and against BoC I guess.
  11. Errata and FAQ out. Designers' Commentary: http://bit.ly/2Ij1uBR Errata: http://bit.ly/2I4R2h8
  12. 95% complete, with the glazing on the mirror and the gems undone. See my entry on the Keeper of Secrets for an explanation on that. Dreshnosa and Ezkha play the Guzheng as a pair, the pentatonic scale a unique counterpoint to the rest of the polyphonic sounds of the rest of the Symphony. To be honest, I originally wanted to mount the Guzheng across their knees, as seen in Kung Fu Hustle with the two blind harpists. Unfortunately, that plan didn't work out, so I had to go with it on the ground. All things considered though, I'm pretty proud of it. (
  13. My Keeper of Secrets is around 80-85% complete. Weapons aren't fully done. Gems aren't done because I don't have the gem paints (local shop has a $5 for unlimited access to paints for a day deal, so I'm finishing every model that wants gems painted before I get them done to get my money's worth), but the left hand is fully magnetised for whip/hand/dagger/shield and the right hand is magnetised for spear/sword. The head is also magnetised, with the ponytail head being in two parts so it can fit over the collar. The large robe isn't attached because of the difficulty of applying it with magnetised pieces, so instead I attached the jewelry of Shalaxi on the back of the model with the collar so that the back wasn't quite as boring. My stanchions for the red carpet are currently primed and drying, so that'll be done later this week. The concept for Lomora was just a star walking down the red carpet, blocked off from the rest of the people around. I'm considering placing two daemonettes as "bouncers" of sorts on the outside of the stanchions, but whether I actually do that is still in the air. If I did, I'd probably use the extra daemonette models from my Exalted Chariot kits, since you get one extra per Exalted. I'm also thinking of giving her a saxophone to match the rest of the army, but I'm unsure about that. Lormora could also just be walking ahead of the orchestra behind her, the glory of her stature manifesting around her in the form of an endless red carpet, with the orchestra being the eternal fanfare of her arrival. Any thoughts? C&C appreciated.
  14. 24" on the disruption means that if the Fane is dead centre of a 4x6, you can hide her and still cover everything but the side edges and the rearmost bit of the opponent's territory. This is for Head to Head deployments more than Conquest deployments, but in nearly every plan, her aura covers almost everything if she's hiding in the middle.
  15. How did the Masque fare? I'm curious and I've heard of/seen relatively few examples of it being played.
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