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  1. I actually like Khorne's summoning but the points you raise are exactly the costs and things that keep it balanced. That was basically my point. Free summoning is never really free and does not automatically make an army better than one that doesn't summon. In the case of Khorne, you are either getting only small benefits from it or you design your army around it, which has serious opertunity costs. In any case the specific summoning rules are simply one part of the overall army power/balance. Summoning can make balancing more difficult (in both directions) but is interesting enough to be worth it IMO.
  2. They have built in costs for all of what you are calling "free summon". I actually really like the summoning systems that are in the game now. You say that somehow this chart shows that "free summon" is unbalanced but there are summoning armies all through the list including true free summoning in Nurgle and Khorne both in the back half. There are also plenty of non-summoning lists near the front. I'm not sure what evidence you think that chart has that summoning in unbalanced. That being said, there certainly are areas where the system and points probably need to be tweaked, just like all aspects of the game. What makes AoS great is that they are doing that kind of thing on a regular basis.
  3. What I'd like to see is: 1. Clear definition/diagram of scenarios on a 4x4 table. Most aren't that hard now, but it creates a discussion and is not exactly obvious. Around here, this makes most people just do 4x6 for 1k games to avoid the confusion. 2. Limit max unit sizes. Small games play great when they are basically the same number of moving parts but fewer total models. 1k games can tend to just skew hard because of other factors that encourage big units. Units of 30-40 in small games make for less fun games. My first thought would be minimum sized units only, but there are probably units which would be too hard hit by that so maybe they could just have a separate max for 1k vs 2k games. 3. Some summoning probably needs to be adjusted, but not all. That is covered well in other peoples posts.
  4. Kronak has been fighting from realm gate to realm gate, desperately trying to find his way back to Azyr. He steps through the latest gate, the taste of metal in the air, Chamon, and it is cold, very cold. As his army makes their way through the freezing environment, they find their next gate only to find a bad moon shrine, and an army led by a huge Troggoth arrayed against them. He sends his expendable breyherd to encircle...he will not be stopped here. ------- I got my first game in since completing my 1000 points against a friend's Bad Moon army. It was led by the big Trogoth, had two units of grot spears, a unit of Trogs, squig hoppers, and a Shaman. We rolled for scenario and got Focal Points in Chamon with the realm effect that says it is so cold that weapons break. No rend from weapons. That was really bad for the trolls whose biggest advantage is -2 rend. We ruled that it didn't effect the stone's effect because it says "on the weapon". He gave me the first turn and I ambushed in the raiders, beastigors, and beast Lord. The only charge I made was the raiders (after shooting) into a small unit of squig hoppers that were on an objective. That was probably a bad idea but ended up working out. They only lost three but I underestimated how bad their leadership is. Thankfully I rolled a 1 for battleshock and they stuck, scoring the extra points. The big Trog attacked my Dragon Ogors in the center but without rend, they fought him off. Same with the unit of Trogs that charged the Beasts behind them. They didn't do much vs Trogs and Grots because of the -1 to hit (from nets), but they also didn't die very fast. The Ghorgon and Dragon Ogors on the right flank wiped out the Grots on that flank and started rolling through the battlefield. He tried to Hand of Gork a bunch of grot behind after I moved everyone up but failed the spell. It was a fun game that I won on points. The dice were definitely in my favor in this one. I was happy to see the Dragon Ogors and Ghorgon perform well and the Breyherd were a great distraction.
  5. Finished the Ghorgon just under the wire. This brings me to 950 points so I'm calling the first 1k complete. I'll either keep it there for the command point or add geminids. I think I'm going to take a break from building the army for a bit to work on other armies. I'll keep posting battle reports here as I learn to actually play this army.
  6. Finally time to build a real monster. The Ghorgon will bring the army to 950 points so far fun to build. Painting will commence soon. I decided to leave some of the detailed hanging parts off for now. I will definitely add the bell around his neck. I may not add the other pieces. Sometimes I think GW models get a little to busy.
  7. Finally completed this months set of models that sees the Brayherd reinforcements. I went with a fairly straightforward paint scheme, partially because that is what I like and partially because of time. This competition really helps push to finish things. I know a bunch of "not quite finished" parts of these models but am still pretty happy with them on the table. Definitely better to be done. I tried a bunch of different skin colors and a couple hair colors on the Ungors. Let me know what you think of them. Do they look good mixed? Should I stick with one? If so, which? I couldn't really decide.
  8. I totally understand about Hunters but Liberators aren't much different in groups of 5. I only use Liberators when I need the extra points. Sequitors at the same 120 are probably much better, I just don't have any built right now. I agree with the units of 3 Pallodors but what I'm finding is that even with 6 they don't hit hard at all. As Celestial Vindicators they can become a bit of a hammer but without the extra attack and reroll they are only an annoyance. They can probably do that job just as well in a unit of 3 and then I can have 2 annoyances. That very much changes the army though and at that point I might drop the Aquilor.
  9. So if the Taurus was moved between turns (already on board) and a CA is uses at the beginning of combats that says to fight at the beginning of combat, they would fight first? (one of the realms does that - Hyish I think)
  10. That's great, but how do you decide which was "applied second"? It's nice that Taurus was their example.
  11. I've been running a very similar list for awhile. I really like the Pallador and Lord-Aquilor models and am trying to make a list where I can use the. The list is supr fun to play but my win/loss record is not great. Lots of close games against good players though. I use the same blocks of 10 Evocators and 6 Palladors with a Lord-Aquilor mostly there to move the Palladors around. I go back and forth between Celestial Vindicators and Astral Templars. With the Templars I've used 3-4 Ballista with an ordinator, I typically have 2 Ballista. I've never used the Comet, but I'd like to try it. Some thoughts on how the parts work: Six Palladors hit really hard as Cellestial Vindicators when buffed (reroll ones to hit on charge and extra attack from command ability). Without the command ability and reroll, they are usually disappointing. Still good for getting a medium hitting unit in the backfield or at least forcing them to prepare for it. I've been thinking of changing to two units of 3 when running as Astral Templars and just using them for disruption. Dropping in Evocators doesn't really work if you don't have some way to buff the charge. Even with Cogs (which I use sometimes) it still isn't really a great chance. I've been using them with a Heraldor. They work much better given a run and charge. They do great work but tend to draw all the fire and die pretty quick. It makes them tricky to use well because if you don't get the attack off on something useful, you end up wasting a lot of points. I usually use two units of Hunter as battleline. They aren't great but the shooting and coming it at 7 inches is good for disruption. They're only 20 points more than liberators and otherwise serve the same function.
  12. The Dragon Ogors need some help. We've recruited a local Breyherd. This months figures: a unit of Beastigors, a unit of Ungor Raiders and a Beastlord to lead them. Only need 250 points this month and after the last set of games, I figured I needed some bodies. Assembled and started to paint. If I finish these early, I'll probably paint a Sorcerer Lord on Manticore that I've been meaning to finish.
  13. Does anyone know the size base it is on in the picture? It says 94mm to the eyes which look to be more than the base length but it is hard to tell in the picture.
  14. Really small armies so it is hard to draw any real conclusions. I really should have just kept them together and close to the Shaggoth. I'm adding Ungor raiders to give oppenent another cheap target and roam for objectives. I'm also adding Beastigors for a hard counter punch. I think the Dragon Ogors could be a good distraction or reserve unit.
  15. Kronak takes a small vanguard of thunderscorn through the realm gate. Their first step towards finding a way home. They arrive in the realm of Ghyran and quickly discover five other forces to contend with. "To arms brothers and sisters." We had a small tournament with 500 pt armies we built for the campaign. We played 4x4 tables with a bit of narrative. Realm was Ghyran and each game gave benefits to winners. It was a bit rough for Kronak and his Thunderscorn. With only three units there weren't a whole lot of clever tactics. It didn't help that I don't think I got a spell off the whole time (at least when it matters) First game was against Beastclaw Raiders. He had even less models than I did. I think he had a Huskard on Stonehorn and a unit of two Mournfang. He basically ran across the table with both, destroyed one unit of Dragon Ogors. By the next turn I was wiped out. I think I killed one Mournfang. Game two was against Kharadeon Overlords playing Places of Arcane Power. I went second. My Shaggoth took a side objective out of LoS and the Dragon Ogors ran across the field and fought the dwarves. In the end I had a ton of points and won but all but one Dragon Ogor and all dwarves except the general were dead. Game three was against Moonclan. It started good. I got the double turn and charged his bounders on one side and his spear grots on the other. Unfortunately I out ran my Shaggoth and didn't get rerolls. Eventually the bounders slaughtered the Dragon Ogors charged and killed the Shaggoth (their charge is rough). Dragon Ogors on the other side did well but I lost on points. This was my first time playing DO. They are very medium. Kinda fast, kinda tough, kinda killy. I definitely need to figure out how to play them.
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