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  1. Kronak was still furious over the loss of his chimera. After recruiting his new lieutenant, Skarlak, he immediately put him to the task of tracking down another chimera to add to his army. To make up for the power he lost, he was able to recruit more of his Thunderscorn brethren. During their march, a disgusting sorcerer who obvious followed the god of disease aproached Kronak and asked to join him for the march. His purpose is unknown, but be brought a manticore, so Kranak allowed it. Cuchulag had kept following him and camping on the outskirts of his camp. Kronak had completely lost control of his former champion but if a fight broke out, he was sure Cuchulag would join, for his own glory if nothing else. His new apparent favor of those cursed choas gods had also brought him followers of his own. They will be unpredictable, but hopefully helpful in any case. While on the march, Kronak's scouts easily discover a shining host of elves on the march. "Skarlak, erect the herdstone and prepare for battle!" Kronak deployed his strength, the Dragon Ogors, on the left flank opposed to the enemies strong infantry. His monsters deployed in the middle along with Skarlak and his prepared sacrifices. Ungor raiders were sent to screen the monsters. Cuchulag and his followers were nowhere to be found. "Damn that unreliable beast!" The raiders move up very quickly and get right into the face of the large block of pikemen while Kronak and his thunderscron move up and scream a challange to the elves. "Come to us beast worshipers! Come face the true lords of the beasts!" The cygor hurls a huge anti-magic rock at the glowing mass of pike. It lands right in the middle but they all move out of the way. Meanwhile, the cockatrice screams at the large bull man, attracting his attention. Their eyes meet, and the beasts right arm and leg start to quickly petrify. A group of bestigors, followers of Cuchulag, appear behind the elves and charge their general, though they have a hard time fighting him with is brightly glowing armor. Kronak knows that Cuchulag must be close, "he didn't abandon us yet". Cuchulag, seeing Kronak's army starting to join the fight, notices a new hero on the left flank of the enemy army, along with what looks like that hero's follower, an archer. A third fighter appears out of nowhere between Cuchulag and his prey. Cuchulag laughs and morphs into his fighting state, bulging muscles, one eye larger than the other, him mouth frothing from fury, he prepares to charge the enemy. Following him is his latest shaman and another charioteer. The elf cavalry signal and charge into the raiders that are blocking the spearmen. The raiders are cut down and flee - their job done. The bull-man charges the cockatrice and is petrified further but manages to bring his huge hammer down and destroys it, though at much cost. The sorcerer lord charges his huge manticore into the elven cavalry and destroys them all, the manticore roaring. The cygor throws another large anit-magic stone, this time, when it hits the pikemen, their shining shields briefly lose their shine and many of them are crushed by the stone. Kronak and and unit of dragon ogors challenged the mountainous beast but found it more difficult to finish off than they thought. In addition, his great hammer crushes Konak and nearly fells him. "This is not happening like I forsaw!". Kronak holds his great loadstone into the air and calls down the lighting. As it strikes him, re-empowering him, it also hits the great beast and finally destroys it. The swordsman facing Cuchulag, whirls their glowing blades impossibly fast and calls to him, "you shall die today by my hand! Your reign of terror is over!" Cuchulag feeling the fury of chaos going through his blood, first commands his companion, "you take the puny hero there, let me show this mortal, for I no longer am, the true power of chaos!" He spurs his chariot at a full run past the lore seeker to his target. His chariot slams into the hero. The companion attempts to bring up a magical shield to help, but fails. Cuchulag cuts the hero down before he can even raise his swords and laughs as the companion attempts to Cuchulag with a bow. Behind him, unnoticed, his chariot companion is easily dispatched by the other hero that Cuchulang ignored. A general melee ensues across the battlefield. The manticore is brought down by the pikemen, the bestigors are finally dispatched by the general and the stoneguard, supported by a stonemage fight the dragon ogors and seem to be getting the best of them. Unnoticed this whole time, Skarlak performs his duties at the herdstone. He chants the words of sacrifice and smashes their heads with his mace. Following that, he holds his staff over the sacrifices and chants a much more sinister sounding mantra, and the dead, stand back up. Their skulls pieced back together, mostly, ready for him to sacrifice them again. As Cuchulag mocks the companion of the hero he has just defeated, the loreseker, ignored and underestimated swings his blade finding all of the holes in Cuchulag's armor and nearly killing him. Startled, Cuchulag turns in fury and raises his axe to destroy the elf that dared challenge him. Just then, the mocked companion screams in defiance and retribution, and stabs bow under Cuchulag's raised arms and Cuchulag collapses. His tuskgors, startled and now uncontrolled dart off, dragging Cuchulag's body behind them. Just as the battle looked like it was turning against the Kronak, Skarlak's sacrifices were answered. A call of the wild came through, the now well known tri-scream call of a chimera. It appeared behind the enemy and it's dragon head sent lighting breath into the stonemage. It then charged, stomping the stonemage to death and attacked the now unsupported stone guard. As the dragon ogors finished them off, the enemy general gathered the remaining pikemen, rallying even more to his flag, and charged the cygor and dragon ogors in the center. The elf heroes on the flank moved in and shot the remaining sacrifices from the herdstone. They were now supported by a new unit of Dawnriders who hunted down Cuchulag's shaman. Skarlak, with no more sacrifices and wanting to join the battle, sliced himself, giving up some of his own blood and then charged into the melee. He was quickly cut down for his trouble by the enemy general but shortly after, the elves were run off of the battlefield. ------------------------------------------- Overall a very fun battle and a BoC victory. We used a set of custom AoA and environment event cards made for this campaign instead of battle tactics. They caused some cool but really random things like the Lumineth getting an extra unit at on point, Cuchulag had a special healing power that never worked, etc. They gave extra damage and VPs depending on what is done. My rolls for sacrifices were really good which let me get the Chimera on turn 3 I think, which was huge. Being able to heal the unit that was being sacrified was pretty useful tos, though by the end he was able to shoot them all off. The Cygor might have been the MVP. He stopped so many of the little spells by the Lumineth and put damage back on them. He also hit multiple times with his missile shot and rolled good damage. Reroll on every unit (his units are wizards) certainly helps. The Shaggoth with scales and loadstone is so good and survivable. I might have to drop the Gavespawn in my normal games to keep using it. Two games in a row, the scales kept him alive and the loadstone not only helped heal him back but fnnished off an important unit. His AoA character (we are at 35 for one, 20 for another this week) was such a strong melee character. I'm really lucky that Cuchulag was able to charge and killed him off. I used my all out attack to help make sure. I think he had 4 attack, something like 3+/2+ -2 rend, 5 damage. My opponent basically just put everything into making him a crazy attacker. Cuchulag had failed to heal twice and so had a couple wounds on him and then failed almost every save to get down to one wound. I probably made a mistake and attacked next with the DOs because I was worried about them surviving the stoneguard and all he had left was that archer with terrible attacks (improvised weapon) but he got one wound through killing him. In fact, though it was a victory, both of my AoA characters ended up dead. I charged Skarak in because I wanted to see how he did but was killed before I had a chance. Overall, super fun game.
  2. "Cuchulag has become unreliable", thought Kronak after the fight with the nighthaunt army. "I cannot afford to that kind of insubordination. Who does he think he is? I MADE him!". To make matters worse, we lost the chimera that has helped us so much. I think it is time to find a new champion. One who will do as instructed. There is on I have in mind that has been delving into the necromantic arts and will help me fight against the power of those ghosts should I need it again." Introducing, Skarlak the Grey, breyherd arch-mage and master of the dead. He fights alongside his tuskgor pet Bebop, who is especially ornery since he had the back side of an axe embedded in his forhead. Skarlak "healed" him but left the axe to make him even more powerful in a fight. Our league this week adds a second AoA character at 20 points and the previous character moves up to 35 points. For the new hero, I choose to add a shaman (i.e. wizard) who specializes in necromancy and is an arch-mage which gives him a +1 to casting rolls. For offense, I gave him a tuskgor pet and bumped up his attacks and stats. My thinking is that this character will sacrifice at the herdstone, then bring the poor ungors back for more sacrifice...brutal. If the enemy gets close enough to stop him, Bebop will show them what's for. I built him so he can be used separately as a normal shaman for matched play games. My 2000 point army often has 2 shamen and I hate using identical models for characters. Cuchulag ended the last fight in a frenzy. Though the herd lost, he slew many ghosts and was able to regroup to hold the last objective. Clearly the blessings of chaos were upon him. Now, prior to battle, he can feel the frenzy build. His back hunches over, one eye gets bigger than the other, and he glows in a kind of halo of rippling chaos. With his additional 10 points he added Frenzy that lets 6's to hit pop to another hit, and Zealot that lets him run and charge. I also bumped up the attacks from his tuskgor tusks. He should be fearsome in combat now. He is getting closer to his namesake all the time.
  3. This is a narrative from my last game from my opponents point of view that I thought was cool and he allowed me to add here: Night falls and the specters rise. As always in this realm, death has no true meaning here. Death is only just the beginning of an eternal service to the dark lord Nagash. Tonight, was to be another for these specters to rise. Another night to haunt. The Beasts of Chaos, a name they call themselves rather arrogantly. With the new realm taking shape, Ornath, the banshee of the Nighthaunt, found herself wanting a beast for herself. Monsters take much of the land, much of battles, invigorated by the realm itself. It was not right for death to be so lackluster of such a beast to call their own. They will find a way before the break of dawn. Ornath rose, her trusted knights in tow. She rose with the intention to receive these beasts, battle and engulf them in her own trap. But behooved to them, they did not engage. Did the army of her spirits not entice these beasts to fight? To live up to the name of chaos? Did these beasts see through her ruse? Looking to the beasts, she couldn’t tell if they were brave and smart, or scared and stupid. To her, those beasts stood there, reflecting her own plights. Come and get them. Such an insult to her pride. To be alone, and then stand mocked as if not worth the trouble? She would have none of it. Her eternal servitude is already damning enough. These insults would not stand unanswered. She called her knights and pushed forward, make it look like her ghosts were slow, as is the nature of death. But she knew these lands. These beasts did not lie about their nature. With the power bestowed upon her from Nagash, she could feel the dead that littered this land. Their torn and tattered bodies, disrespected and treated as nothing but entertainment and nourishment for these beasts. So she offered, the dead to seek vengeance, and the land answered, they need not their bodies shredded beyond recognition, just their souls to fight. And so forth, the chains grabbed the spirits, pulling them from the astral planes of the afterlife, back to the land of the living, rising to grasp at these beasts, and drag them under. She cackled and laughed, these spirits being relentless and hungry. They rose and immediately lashed out at the beasts out of anger and spite. None would be spared, as every one of those beasts would feel the touch of death on them. Ornath reveled in her taking of the beasts, but they seemed cheeky as a horn could change her own fate. Behind her, she could see the beasts bring in more, troops from far away coming to corner her. The insult to injury, treating her to her own plan. She growled in disgust, this would not stand as she let loose on the beasts. One by one, they go down. They surround her, but only to feel weak as their blades fly harmlessly through her. Ornath slashed with fury and let them know one thing is always true. Death is always inevitable. Scaring away some, but also ripping them till there was nothing left. Looking back, she could see the chains of the spirits breaking and then pulling more from the lives past to fight on, leaving that beast with more than it can ever handle. Eventually, the beasts sacrificed a troop of their own to return the spirits to the grave, leaving them gravely wounded. Gathering as much as they could, her knights soon swung in. Ferociously taking down the beast, finally grabbing her a new beast to control, to make her own to fight these battles. As she did take in her victory, she fell to the blasts of a new beast coming. She was glad regardless. The night was coming to an end, she had grabbed what she wanted, and took more of the damned beasts with her troops than they could afford. She will be back, with more to crush and haunt these dreams that belong to these chaotic beasts.
  4. The tongue is actually purple but probably too dark. Yeah, there are probably a couple skulls that I missed. The big stuff that is missing are all the things that I didn't even glue on. That kit comes with so many dangly skulls. I do think I'd like to add the bell hanging from his hip. I actually primed a bunch of them but just didn't add them I also really want to add a green glow to the rock. I'll come back to it at some point
  5. As darkness descended, the army prepared to eat what little was left of the last village they raided. Cuchulag, still feeling smug from his last victory, the breyherd amusing themselves, the thunderscorn off, away from the others as normal. Suddenly a chill came over the camp. This wasn't just the normal chill of night coming on, but something much more sinister. Cuchulag could feel the excitement building and sensed something else, another challenger.... The glow in the distance alerted the army. Kronak deployed most of the army in the center. "Prepare and huddle together. I've seen these before, and they will come from anywhere." Cuchulag seeing his rival separated from the rest of her army, ignored Kronak's orders. "You do not command me any longer! Bestigors, with me!" Kronak held the line while the ghosts in the distance moved up slowly. "We shall wait to see where they go and then strike with the speed of lightning!" Suddenly, a large group of specters with chains clanking appeared on his right flank and with extreme speed were on top of him relentlessly fighting. At the same time another group surrounded the Cygor with no warning. This would be a fight for their lives! Severely hurt and dragon ogors down, Kronak was also looking down at a large number of large sword wielding ghosts coming from the front. He attempted to slow them down with a storm but the winds of magic were not with him tonight. Between the mighty Chimera, the Dragon Ogors, and the himself, they nearly destroyed the first onslaught but not without serious wounds. The swordrasps then crashed into him and his dragon ogors immediately killing them all and nearly killing Kronak himself. On the other flank, Cuchulag, cursing Kronak's poor planning that would keep him from his prey, for now, he crashed his mighty chariot into the swarm of chainrasps attacking the Cygor, for here there will be glory! He slaughtered many of them, but they kept coming back. The Cygor went down attempting to trample the ghosts and Cuchulag fought on. Cuchulag felt the power of chaos come over him and the speed of his slaughter increased. The bestigors meanwhile had found their way around and surprised the lone, pitiful ghost caster. "Cuchulag said to be careful, but look at her", yelled Fellhorn. She turned and charged the group, holding merely a small, glowing dagger. The Bestigors fell on her for the slaughter! To their surprise, she deflected or let pass through all of their attacks, then with startling speed, her dagger extending to massive length, slaughtered nearly all of them. They ran, yelling for help. Help came in the form of a cockatrice, called in from the wild, but too late to save them. The battle ground down to a stand-still. Cuchulag and Kronak both fighting viciously but making little progress. The cockatrice finally made it and with petrification and slashing claws eliminated the spectral hero but too late to matter. Cuchulag finally finished off the ghosts and withdrew to a corner of the battlefield where his shaman had called in reinforcements. He cursed that monster had deprived him of his prey and that those ghosts had held him up so long. As dawn came, the ghosts that remains disappeared back to wheree ever the had come from, clear in the knowledge of their victory. -------------------- This was a very weird battle for Beasts of Chaos. I figured, give him the first turn, figure out where the reserves come in, and deal with it. Generally, I like to go second and had the choice. My opponent got crazy good rolls for his two units of chainrasps with charges of 11 and 10 giving them extra attacks and then had great attack rolls. The Shaggoth actually was down to 2 wounds left after the first round and that was with the Command Trait to give him a 3+ save. I basically never moved the entire game with almost any of the troops. That being said, the Shaggoth with the 3+ save in v3 is really survivable. I was able to heal him up almost fully by the end and with save stacking (should defiantly be removed) I was usually at 2+ save and he just tanked the rest of the game. His damage is soooo swingy though, made worse by the ethereal. Some rounds he'd kill 6-9, other's he'd do nothing. It felt like there were always 3 left at all times and they'd just come back. The Chimera was also weird. My current tactic is to back up my front line (DOs in this case) with the Chimera for "unleash hell". It did it's job with that. Usually, against melee armies, I get one round of good solid attacks from it, then it goes down. This time, for some reason, it didn't so much damage but survived for a really long time. My opponent was putting a lot of attacks into it but didn't roll great and I rolled really well for armor saves, but then it did sometimes no damage back anyway. It was strange. It did keep a ton of attacks off my Shaggoth until I could knock them down to a manageable amount. I helped my opponent put together a 25 point AoA character prior to the game and he gave her 6 damage 2 attacks but not much defense. That being said, the 4+ ethereal is almost enough by itself and she was super strong. I got pretty lucking with the cockatrice. This was the first time playing it and it did well. We didn't use battle tactics and instead used environment cards and AoA cards that were built for this campaign. Cucuhlag got a card that let him attack first in combat at the cost of 3 VPs. Gamewise, probably not smart to take, but I thought Cuchulag would want that. It totally matched his namesake that I based him on, the Celtic hero Cuchulain, May opponent pretty much took all the VPs but burned them early to stop me from summoning onto them. I ended up holding one until the end of the game plus I got 3 VPs from an AoA card to offset the 3 I lost. Final score: 8-12, spookiy ghosts win
  6. Finished the Cygor a little while ago. Wel...I mostly finished the Cygor. I think I'm calling him done for now. I have a bunch of little dangly things that probably should be added but I kind of like it how it is and ran out of motivation. I'm worried it will be little busy with too much more but he probably needs a few things on his left hip which looks a bit bare. I do also have a head and arms for a Ghorgon which I can swap out if I need to.
  7. Totally agree on chariots. I haven't played many 3.0 games yet, but I'v been taking 2 chariots in 2k games and they've earned their place for sure. I like putting them on separate flanks and pushing then hard forward to take objectives and screen. They are good/tough enough to survive incedental contact and weak enough to be ignored.
  8. Kronak looked out at his enemy, "So the followers of the blood god have found this amber deposit as well. He will be happy with the blood flowing today, but it will not be ours. Cuchulag, we will handle the brunt of this. Go to the right flank and deal with his lesser followers and try to stay in the fight this time." Cuchulag grumbled at the disrespect but followed the orders. He sent his group of Bestigors to sweep around and attempt to outflank the enemy. As he looked out, he saw what appeared to be a new champion of Khone who he'd not met before. He rod a giant Manticore and had the smugness of all of these followers of these so called chaos gods. These are simple pretenders of chaos. He swore that he would would show the blood god who the real champion is. He would show them what true chaos is. Predictably, the followers o Khorne immediately charged forward throwing all of their might in a reckless pursuit. The huge bloodthirster, who appeared to be in command hurtled himself into the Dragon Ogors and although the newly bound Chimera severely wounded him with the lighting breath the general killed all of Kronak's Dragon Ogor guard. In response, the bloodthirster paid for his recklessness with his life, though the speed of thee great warrior surprised Kronak and his Chimera was severely hurt. Cuchulag led the right flank and fared very well. His outflank maneuver worked flawlessly and his bestigors made quick work on the reavers. At that movement, he saw the veins of amber break the surface in front of him. "Of course, I am the favored of chaos. Glory will be mine today!". But the champion of Khorne would not let it be that easy. He appeared out of nowhere on his terrible beast and slaughtered the bestigors where they stood. His manticore put it's paws on the amber vein as the chaos champion looked over with an evil smirk. At the same time, Kronak was being beset by wrathmongers of Khorne but his adamantine scales protected him and his great axe did the work he expected it to do. Though he was taking damage, he held up his loadstone and called down the lighting. He felt rejuvenated and his enemies perished. Cuchulag, not to be outdone, call forth to the champion of Khorne and spurred on his great chariot. He crashed headlong into the great beast and his huge axe cleaved it in two while his tuskgors crushed the champion underfoot. "This vein is MINE!" At that point more ungors came in on all sides of the battlefield and the field was fully controlled. Kronak became emboldened by the success and charged the last remaining bloodthirster to finish the battle once and for all. It was at this point that his scales failed him. Though he did great damage to the bloodthirster, every flaw in his scales were found and Kronak went down. Seeing this, Cuchulag took command of the battle. He pressed forward destroying a priest of Khone and brought his remaining beasts forward to protect the amber. Daemons came seemingly out of nowhere and that bloodthirster slowly healing from the wounds Kronak had inflicted. In the end, he held the field, and the glory. He fought the great daemon, and though he needed to leave the battlefield, he left as the victor. If Kronak survived the day, he would have to respect Cuchulag, for it was he who won the day! -------------------------------------------- We played a 1000 point game using the GHB2021 battle "The Veins of Ghur". We each had a 25 point Anvil of Apotheosis character in addition. His army was two bloodthirsters (Incessant Rage and Unfettered Fury), a unit of Wrathmongers, a unit of Bloodreavers, a Bloodsecrator, and a Slaughterpriest. He was a tad over 1000 pts so I just took a Triumph in compensation (reroll charge). My army was a Shaggoth general, shaman, ungors for slaughter, 1x10 bestigors, 3 Dragon Ogors, a Chimera, and a Cygor which come to exactly 1000 pts. Since it was the first time using the new Dragon Ogors, they of course were removed from the table before ever doing anything :). I shot and then charged his general, thinking it was an easy kill but totally forgot that he attacked first in combat. Somehow, the Chimera survived though and killed it. I was using a tanky version of the Shaggoth after watching the Bartoz on AOS Coach. I was able to keep him in a 2+ save most of the time and he did great until he didn't. took the second bloodthirster to 12 damage (our of 14) but was done 6 hits back with a -2 rend and d3 damage. He failed every save and just barely died. It I'd have made even one save, he'd have lived. Overall, it was a fun game and very BoC victory. I got really lucky with objective placement and dropped some ungors in his back lines that he had to deal with, keeping him busy enough, and far away enough that I was able to hold the other two for the rest of the game. The Cygor did fairly well. I rolled really well to hit on his rock, though never did more than 2 damage. I mostly just held him in the back waiting for a chance to use a monster on something. He did help out with a couple battle tactics. End score was 38-20 BoC.
  9. I completed the Dragon Ogors right on time for my first 1000 pt fight. I ran into a bit of a conundrum here. It has been a couple years since I painted my last Dragon Ogors and I couldn't decide if I should try to match them or just do what I liked now. Some of my paints and tools are different and I had some different ideas. It first came up when I put a very different green paint on them. When I saw then next to each other, I was a bit worried. I decided to lean into the difference and just didn't worry about it. I made a lot of different decisions on them and am happy with it for now. The warscroll for Cuchulag got updated for this month, going to 25 points. I just made general improvements to him. Raised his to hit to a 3+, gave him an extra wound and bumped up his bravery so I could heal him easier. Maeve didn't get used this time but I also bumped her up a bit. The big change was giving her 2 damage on each sword to have more offensive power. I also gave her an additional wound to make her a bit more survivable
  10. Here are a couple games I played with my beasts. These aren't part of the league so no narrative on these but use a lot of these same models. These were my first "real" games of v3 and the first time I've used the BoC in a couple years outside of the escalation league. First battle was 1000 pts vs Gravelords. I brought two units of Dragon Ogors, a Chimera, Ungor Raiders, Ungors for sacrifice, a Shaggoth general, and a shaman. I used Gavespawn. He played Radukar the Beast, a character that can summon in wolves (don't remember the name), a necromancer, and a couple blocks of zombies. We played Survival of the Fittest My plan, if you can call it that, was to back up a unit of DO with the Chimera so it could shoot when they got charged. I really wasn't sure how to play it or what to do. We had a lot of terrain and it made moving and deploying difficult. I ended up putting a DO unit to take the left objective, the herdstone, ungors, and Shaman in the center and the Shagoth, Chimera, and other DO unit on the right where he had deployed most of his army. He almost immediately charged my DO on the right with a super buffed up Radukar the Beast (who can run and charge). The Chimera unleashed hell for 4 mortal wounds and the DO all out defensed and only lost one and did a couple wounds back. This being my first game I decided not to get too tricky here and just went for it. After healing Radukar was down to 8 wounds and I had a Full Chimera and a Shaggoth with the Gavespawn axe (+2 damage) right in front of him. It was tight so I had to retreat the DO unit so I could fit them both in. Sadly...the Chimera only did 1 mortal wound on his shooting and the Shaggoth completely missed all attacks. The Chimera's melee was pretty decent so I got him down to 1 or 2 wounds at one point. This was also in the week that you could stack wards and that mystical terrain saved 4-5 wounds after failing his undead ward. I think I figured out that they should have averaged 17 wounds or so on him and only did 6-7 but oh well, that's why we roll the dice. Over the rest of the game he brought the other character and the wolves in and they finished off the Chimera and Shaggoth. In addition, Radukar completely healed...sad. While that was going on, I actually summoned in a couple units behind and rand the DO back behind. The ungors left the herdstone and took the center, and the other DO easily destoryed a unit of zombies (I unbound the VDM they they didn't hit hard). So I was actually winning at that point and we had to call it for time. We called it a Gravelord victory though because I didn't have much left and he still had Radukar. Who knows though, I might have been able to pull it out. Fun game in any case. Next game was 2000 points against Slaanesh. Battleplan was Savage Gains. He played an interesting list with Synessa, a Bladebringer, a bunch of chariots, and a couple units of small seekers and a couple units of big seekers. I played with the Shaggoth, a beastlord with Gnarlblade, a couple shaman, 2x3 DO, unit of 20 Bestigors, 10 Bestigors, 2x10 Raiders, 2 Tuskor Chariots, a Ghorgon and a Chimera. He gave me first turn and I ran most of my army up led by the Raiders and Chariots. My hope was to pin him in his deployment, which mostly worked. I've been very unhappy with Bestigors so I tried something different that mostly worked. I ambushed a unit of 20 with a Beastlord. My thinking was that the 20 would be able to take a hit and still be useful. This plan looked like it was working. He got some good charges off with his big seekers and generally just put everything in combat. With the new slaanesh summoning rules, this gave him a ridiculous amount of summoning - which we'll see later. The Dragon Ogors actually held their own pretty well. The 20 Bestigors worked pretty much how I wanted. They took 9 wounds and returned 5-6 when they got charged. They would have done exactly what I wanted but I got too aggressive on the 2nd turn and decided to kill Synessa with my Chimera and Shaggoth. Although it worked, it was an obviously terrible idea and I shortly lost both of them. It made a cool picture though He completely disrespected my chariot on the right by charging past it but the chariot eventually killed a few of the small seekers and helped hold the objective (1 DO, plus Chariot, plus Ghorgon = 9) gotta love the new 5 wound and monster objective bonuses. He eventually sent his whole army to kill the Chariot and Ghorgon. Notice the new Keeper of Secrets...yeah...he also summoned another one behind it just to flex, lol. Meanwhile, the Beastlord went off twice and killed the rest of the big seekers and charged the 2nd new Keeper near his objective almost killing it and somehow living (my opponent wiffed on the attacks). I summoned raiders onto his objective and my shaman both turned into spawn at nice times to hold him back from taking mine. At this point, I had 4 summoning points, a unit of raiders, a few ungors, and the Beastlord. The Ghorgon failed a 3 inch charge and was later charged and killed without fighting back. I lost the priority going into 4 which might have allowed me to kill the Keeper. He had most of his army, two extra keepers, and enough summoning points to bring in 30 daemonettes. I was actually winning at that point by a fair amount though. If I had won the priority roll, it would have been very close.
  11. Cuchulag sat contemplating... "It's true that I just barely got away from the reavers, but we did accomplish our mission and discovered the amberstone ley lines, so why is the boss coming here. Kronak hasn't come down from the mountains in years, since his last attempt to find a way to Azyr. This is my fight, not his! He recruited me. He recognized the talent. I will show all of these lesser being the true meaning of chaos! My new shaman thinks he's detected a cockatrice in the area that we could bring to our cause. The Chimera we found seems to be sticking around. We don't need those Dragon Ogors that Kronak brought and that Cygor is just disturbing. I've never found them useful for anything but disrupting our own senses. In the inevitable battle that comes, I will be the one that brings gets the glory!" ----------------- The league has moved up to 1000 points for September. For my 1000 pt list, I've added the Chimera and a Shaggoth which will be the general now. In addition, I'm building/painting a Cygor and a new unit of Dragon Ogors. I also am building/painting a Cockatrice which will probably be used for summoning. The new list will drop one of the units of Bestigors to stay under 1000 pts. The Cygor I'm building mainly because I already have a Ghorgon and I just wanted to do something new. I've always loved the look of the Cygor, even if they aren't very good. Just having a cheap monster might be useful, we'll see. I decided to magnetize the arms to he'd fit in my box. Because of that, I also went ahead and built and magnetized a couple Ghorgon arms, because, why not at that point. So he could transform into a Ghorgon if I decide to try a 2 Ghorgon list at some point. I can actually even swap his face, though I'm not sure I'd bother. For the Dragon Ogors, I built them with glaives, mostly because that is the only thing I don't already have. The two inch reach might end up being useful if I decide to run them in a group of 6, I'm not sure. In any case, I really like the glaive look and the DO weapons don't change all that much in any case. For the Cockatice, I found an old Marauder Cockatrice new in blister for a reasonable price. I really like the old one and I just wanted to be different. It just seemed like a useful figure to have for possible summoning and to fill in points on some of the lists I was working on. A reasonably fast, flying, cheap monster should prove useful. He's a bit smaller than the new one so I built up his base a bit to give him a little more height. Also coming in this new month, the Anvil of Apotheosis characters go up to 25 points. I'll update their warscrolls and put them up here soon
  12. Cuchulag surveyed the field. "My previous shaman failed to hold for even the hour required for me to arrive. You've done better Grimtoe. Now get me that Chimera". Grimtoe the shaman had found the next target, another nexus of magic. Cuchulag was searching Ghur for these nexus to corrupt for chaos and bring him power. This time, it brought them the legendary training ground of the gods which had been lost, said to only revel itself to the great heros. Across the battlefield, he saw arrayed against him a small vanguard of those bizarre elves that appear to swim through air and with them appeared to be one of Sigmar's pets. She looked somehow familiar, but the memory escaped him. There were two magic nexus which he must corrupt and consume before his enemy. He could take it no longer and signaled his Bestigors to move in and take the first nexus. Another group had swung around undetected to a flank and took the other nexus. For Cuchulag, the draw of the training ground and the power it would bring, overcame his control as he charged forward to partake in it's magic. The mistake was soon obvious. A group of screaming reavers started to swarm him, behind them came their leader, a Soulrender, and that Stormcast - with anger in her heart. Cuchulag was pulled from his chariot dragged away by the reavers. His Bestigors were beset by even more of these strange fish elves. Grimtoe thought, "well great....I guess it's up to me". He started the ritual of sacrifice to the gods. He made a makeshift herdstone from a tower and tried to summon a great beast it help them. Much fighting swirled around him. Suddenly, there were reavers on top of him, interrupting the ceremony and depriving him of his sacrifices, so close to completion. "No matter", he thought, and sliced his own flesh for the alter. The wound was deep and soon he heard the cry of the three headed monster. The Chimera is coming... Maeve sees her prey. She's joined this group of Deepkin in their quest to wield the magic of this land just for the chance to finally kill this Bestlord and he ran across the battlefield no no apparent care. "He's mine!", she screams, but before she gets a chance the reavers took him down and he was lost in the swarm. "No matter", she thought, "I'll take my vengeance on the rest". She could feel the power of Sigmar. She gave his power to the reavers with her but it didn't matter, they were cut down to the man by the Bestigors. She charged by herself into the fray of Beastmen but then heard the roar of a monster behind her. She was from this land, so knew that cry well but her fury was is front of her. Over and over she called on the power of Sigmar but something she had done had offended her fickle master. These beasts were defeated but behind her, the Chimera chased off the remaining deepkin and completed the corruption of this nexus. =================== This battle was on a 44"x30" board with 500 points per army plus an AoA character. There were two objectives and three special locations: Training Ground - Purple: Once per game with a leader unit only: Choose one of the following for a single weapon profile, "Attacks", "To Hit", "To Wound", or "Damage" and add 1 to the characteristic of your choice. Healing Fountain - Green: Once per battle round in the hero phase with a leader unit only: Roll a D6 - On a 1, nothing happens. On a 2-5 heal D3. On a 6, heal D6. Blacksmith - Grey: Once per battle round with a leader unit only: Choose one of the following for a single weapon profile, "Rend" or "Save" and increase it by 1. Points were awarded for objectives based on how many turns you held them. The beasts of chaos were in the red position. I was pretty dumb and ran Cuchulag right to the training ground. I wanted the extra attack and thought he could hold up for a turn, heal and allow the Bestigors to charge. He could not. I did remember after the third move that I could redeploy but that didn't end up helping. My opponent pulled off a long charge to get to my ungors to stop the Chimera from coming on, I still needed 4 call points to summon the Chimera. I won the priority roll and rolled a 6 (3 on the d3) to get the points I needed. There really wasn't much room to place the Chimera. I did get him on the far objective and took out one of the eels (tanky type) with his breath. He thought about charging but was worried about the breath attack. That new command ability makes the Chimera much more powerful. You really need to think about it before charging into d6 mortal wounds. In the end, he banked on taking the other objective and ran them away. We are using some custom cards built by the person running the league. We drew each turn for our AoA characters and for the environment. They provide buffs and potential VP + and -. He had one on Maeve that gave her a +1 to prayers and if she never failed, in this case roll of 1, he'd have gotten 3 VPs at the end of the game. While attacking the Bestigors, she rolled a 1 and took a mortal wound - and more importantly lost the potential VPs. I ended up winning 14-10 because the Bestigors were able to hold out for one extra turn and he lost the potential 3 VP. In all, it was a great game. It didn't feel like a 500 pt game because a lot happened. My opponent is very new the AoS. I'm old to AoS but new to 3rd edition. We didn't use Battle Tactics because there was already so much going on. Our armies were similar in a lot of ways. Both would do a tone of damage if we got the charge but also died very quick when we didn't. The Chimera was a big swing for a 500 pt game I was glad to be able to finally use it. Here are some pictures of the game.... Setup - Note: we both forgot our terrain, so I used the tower as a Herdstone and he used the building as a ship Cuchulag Goes Down Flank Bestigors Last Stand Maeve Readies Her Charge Ritual Interupted Chimera Appears Maeves Vengence
  13. The memories flash back like they are still happening, often at the most inopportune moments. Sigmar's forging techniques have become faster and the humanity of previous lives remain more vivid. Maeve can still see in her mind the first time she saw Thostos Bladestorm and his "Angels of Zi'Mar", our sky god, come to her village on the Roaring Plans of the realm of beasts. She thought they were saved, they all did. Their mission was elsewhere. That experienced changed her though, Zi'Mar, or Sigmar as she was corrected, was real. She was saw awed by his sky warriors, She grew to be a leader of her people, a priest of Zi'Mar, and in her world, that meant she had to fight. She fought the orruks who had taken over the land and the forces of chaos that were ever present. She became a great and inspiring leader and warrior. Then she heard the drums. A constant pounding, she knew not from where, but knew it could be good. Their wooden palisade and hardened warriors had held out before, but this was different. She looked out over the hordes or beastmen approaching. They were being led and whipped into a frenzy by a large warrior riding a chariot. Waves of these beasts smashed into the walls, repelled by her warriors but they came from all sides. She knew they couldn't last. The gates broke down and Cuchulag, leader of this breyherd road victoriously though the open portal. Maeve called out to him, "If you want to fight, prove yourself against me!". He stopped in his chariot, the pounding getting ever louder, the masses braying. Room cleared. He stepped down from his chariot, holding his huge axe. The hordes though did not stop. They massacred her village as she stood there. She knew she didn't stand a chance. She called to Zi'Mar, "Bring me know your power! Let my vengeance destroy this beast that brings chaos to this land!" At that she charged straight at Cuchulag, swords at the ready, but without the power to win. As she started to feel the blade of his axe cleave her side, she saw the gold light of Sigmar... ------------------ Our escalation league is allowing us to bring an Anvil of Apotheosis character. Because there are many new players, many don't have the extra characters to bring or don't want to deal with Anvil of Apotheosis rules while also learning the the game and their army. I really like the narrative aspect of building characters so I thought I'd make an enemy of my character to bring and offer to my opponents if they don't have their own. This is a model and character I built a couple of years ago for my Stormcast army. It is a very slightly converted Neave Blacktalon who I gave swords and made a Celestial Vindicator named Maeve Shadowblade. I built the following 20 pt AoA character to represent her: I'm not sure I'm doing the weapons correctly. In AoA you can take two one handed weapons. I think you then have to pay for enhancements to each. I actually bought them as axes because it saved 4 pts to get to the exact same stats - which I thought was dumb. They basically get free rend relative to "swords". I was going to list them together with just 6 attacks and I kept them the same. In the end, I just like the idea of naming the swords Riotousness and Fury so I put them on separate lines. I've been watching the show "Warrior Nun" lately so I'm sure I was inspired by that to make her a priest. Since the model is running, I had to give her run and charge. Some of the details here come from the book Bladestorm which I mention in my early blog entries was an inspiration for this army and my SCE army. I'm sure you'll be seeing Maeve in some of the upcoming battle reports as she come back from her forging to exact vengeance on Cuchulag. She is so single focused, that she'll join any army to defeat him, maybe over and over
  14. Since the escalation league I'm playing in uses Anvil of Apotheosis characters (building from a single 20 pt to eventually having a 40 pt and a 30 point) I thought this would be a good opportunity to make a real Shaggoth. I've been eyeing the Drakon model from Creature Caster (above) since it was released a couple years ago but the normal Shaggoth rules seem too small for it. I built an Anvil of Apotheosis character (35 points) to represent him. I need to slightly violate the rules because the best way to represent him is to make it a Dragon Ogor with a Gargantuan Beast - which is technically illegal - but it actually loses points if anything so its fine (also I cleared it with the other players). With another 5 points, I'd add tail whip, stomp, ferocious charge or the like. I think I've mostly talked myself out of it (I'm trying to build/paint what I already have, I don't need to add another huge model, lol), but I liked the idea so much I wanted to share. I think the model could be used as a "counts as" Mega-gargant for normal games. For those interested, here is the Creature Caster site with the model: https://creaturecaster.com/us/product/drakon/
  15. I think I've come to the same conclusion and will build glaives (only one I don't have). I did super glue the arms of my current ones so I could potentially change them out later if they ever become a real choice and even super glued the weapon heads on the shafts to switch between glaives and heavy weapons.
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