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Army Updates

Kevin K



I completed the Dragon Ogors right on time for my first 1000 pt fight.  I ran into a bit of a conundrum here.  It has been a couple years since I painted my last Dragon Ogors and I couldn't decide if I should try to match them or just do what I liked now.  Some of my paints and tools are different and I had some different ideas.  It first came up when I put a very different green paint on them.  When I saw then next to each other, I was a bit worried.  I decided to lean into the difference and just didn't worry about it.  I made a lot of different decisions on them and am happy with it for now.


The warscroll for Cuchulag got updated for this month, going to 25 points.  I just made general improvements to him.  Raised his to hit to a 3+, gave him an extra wound and bumped up his bravery so I could heal him easier.



Maeve didn't get used this time but I also bumped her up a bit.  The big change was giving her 2 damage on each sword to have more offensive power.  I also gave her an additional wound to make her a bit more survivable




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