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A Couple Matched Play Battle Reports

Kevin K



Here are a couple games I played with my beasts.  These aren't part of the league so no narrative on these but use a lot of these same models.  These were my first "real" games of v3 and the first time I've used the BoC in a couple years outside of the escalation league.

First battle was 1000 pts vs Gravelords.  I brought two units of Dragon Ogors, a Chimera, Ungor Raiders, Ungors for sacrifice, a Shaggoth general, and a shaman.  I used Gavespawn.  He played Radukar the Beast, a character that can summon in wolves (don't remember the name), a necromancer, and a couple blocks of zombies.  We played Survival of the Fittest

My plan, if you can call it that, was to back up a unit of DO with the Chimera so it could shoot when they got charged.  I really wasn't sure how to play it or what to do.  We had a lot of terrain and it made moving and deploying difficult.  I ended up putting a DO unit to take the left objective, the herdstone, ungors, and Shaman in the center and the Shagoth, Chimera, and other DO unit on the right where he had deployed most of his army.

He almost immediately charged my DO on the right with a super buffed up Radukar the Beast (who can run and charge).  The Chimera unleashed hell for 4 mortal wounds and the DO all out defensed and only lost one and did a couple wounds back.  This being my first game I decided not to get too tricky here and just went for it.  After healing Radukar was down to 8 wounds and I had a Full Chimera and a Shaggoth with the Gavespawn axe (+2 damage) right in front of him.  It was tight so I had to retreat the DO unit so I could fit them both in.


Sadly...the Chimera only did 1 mortal wound on his shooting and the Shaggoth completely missed all attacks.  The Chimera's melee was pretty decent so I got him down to 1 or 2 wounds at one point.  This was also in the week that you could stack wards and that mystical terrain saved 4-5 wounds after failing his undead ward.  I think I figured out that they should have averaged 17 wounds or so on him and only did 6-7 but oh well, that's why we roll the dice.

Over the rest of the game he brought the other character and the wolves in and they finished off the Chimera and Shaggoth.  In addition, Radukar completely healed...sad.

While that was going on, I actually summoned in a couple units behind and rand the DO back behind.  The ungors left the herdstone and took the center, and the other DO easily destoryed a unit of zombies (I unbound the VDM they they didn't hit hard).  So I was actually winning at that point and we had to call it for time.  We called it a Gravelord victory though because I didn't have much left and he still had Radukar.  Who knows though, I might have been able to pull it out.  Fun game in any case.


Next game was 2000 points against Slaanesh.  Battleplan was Savage Gains.    He played an interesting list with Synessa, a Bladebringer, a bunch of chariots, and a couple units of small seekers and a couple units of big seekers.  I played with the Shaggoth, a beastlord with Gnarlblade, a couple shaman, 2x3 DO, unit of 20 Bestigors, 10 Bestigors, 2x10 Raiders, 2 Tuskor Chariots, a Ghorgon and a Chimera.

He gave me first turn and I ran most of my army up led by the Raiders and Chariots.  My hope was to pin him in his deployment, which mostly worked.  I've been very unhappy with Bestigors so I tried something different that mostly worked.  I ambushed a unit of 20 with a Beastlord.  My thinking was that the 20 would be able to take a hit and still be useful.


This plan looked like it was working.  He got some good charges off with his big seekers and generally just put everything in combat.  With the new slaanesh summoning rules, this gave him a ridiculous amount of summoning - which we'll see later.  The Dragon Ogors actually held their own pretty well.  The 20 Bestigors worked pretty much how I wanted.  They took 9 wounds and returned 5-6 when they got charged.  They would have done exactly what I wanted but I got too aggressive on the 2nd turn and decided to kill Synessa with my Chimera and Shaggoth.  Although it worked, it was an obviously terrible idea and I shortly lost both of them.  It made a cool picture though :)


He completely disrespected my chariot on the right by charging past it but the chariot eventually killed a few of the small seekers and helped hold the objective (1 DO, plus Chariot, plus Ghorgon = 9) gotta love the new 5 wound and monster objective bonuses.  He eventually sent his whole army to kill the Chariot and Ghorgon.  Notice the new Keeper of Secrets...yeah...he also summoned another one behind it just to flex, lol.


Meanwhile, the Beastlord went off twice and killed the rest of the big seekers and charged the 2nd new Keeper near his objective almost killing it and somehow living (my opponent wiffed on the attacks).  I summoned raiders onto his objective and my shaman both turned into spawn at nice times to hold him back from taking mine.

At this point, I had 4 summoning points, a unit of raiders, a few ungors, and the Beastlord.  The Ghorgon failed a 3 inch charge and was later charged and killed without fighting back.  I lost the priority going into 4 which might have allowed me to kill the Keeper.  He had most of his army, two extra keepers, and enough summoning points to bring in 30 daemonettes.  I was actually winning at that point by a fair amount though.  If I had won the priority roll, it would have been very close.

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