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Introducing Skarlak the Grey...also Cuchulag's glow up

Kevin K



"Cuchulag has become unreliable", thought Kronak after the fight with the nighthaunt army.  "I cannot afford to that kind of insubordination.  Who does he think he is?  I MADE him!".  To make matters worse, we lost the chimera that has helped us so much.  I think it is time to find a new champion.  One who will do as instructed.  There is on I have in mind that has been delving into the necromantic arts and will help me fight against the power of those ghosts should I need it again."

Introducing, Skarlak the Grey,  breyherd arch-mage and master of the dead.  He fights alongside his tuskgor pet Bebop, who is especially ornery since he had the back side of an axe embedded in his forhead.  Skarlak "healed" him but left the axe to make him even more powerful in a fight.

skarlack_with_beebop.jpg.cce56bf06bb67921672cdb15e7c49e7f.jpg skarlack_front.jpg.13e08b7559af67de34defeebd2ee30e5.jpg skarlack_back.jpg.8f7423902de476db870387d4c156ae49.jpg

Our league this week adds a second AoA character at 20 points and the previous character moves up to 35 points.  For the new hero, I choose to add a shaman (i.e. wizard) who specializes in necromancy and is an arch-mage which gives him a +1 to casting rolls.  For offense, I gave him a tuskgor pet and bumped up his attacks and stats.  My thinking is that this character will sacrifice at the herdstone, then bring the poor ungors back for more sacrifice...brutal.  If the enemy gets close enough to stop him, Bebop will show them what's for.  I built him so he can be used separately as a normal shaman for matched play games.  My 2000 point army often has 2 shamen and I hate using identical models for characters.



Cuchulag ended the last fight in a frenzy.  Though the herd lost, he slew many ghosts and was able to regroup to hold the last objective.  Clearly the blessings of chaos were upon him.  Now, prior to battle, he can feel the frenzy build.  His back hunches over, one eye gets bigger than the other, and he glows in a kind of halo of rippling chaos.

With his additional 10 points he added Frenzy that lets 6's to hit pop to another hit, and Zealot that lets him run and charge.  I also bumped up the attacks from his tuskgor tusks.  He should be fearsome in combat now.  He is getting closer to his namesake all the time.




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