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Narrative from the Ghost Side

Kevin K



This is a narrative from my last game from my opponents point of view that I thought was cool and he allowed me to add here:



Night falls and the specters rise. As always in this realm, death has no true meaning here. Death is only just the beginning of an eternal service to the dark lord Nagash. 

Tonight, was to be another for these specters to rise. Another night to haunt. 

The Beasts of Chaos, a name they call themselves rather arrogantly. With the new realm taking shape, Ornath, the banshee of the Nighthaunt, found herself wanting a beast for herself. Monsters take much of the land, much of battles, invigorated by the realm itself. It was not right for death to be so lackluster of such a beast to call their own. They will find a way before the break of dawn. 

Ornath rose, her trusted knights in tow. She rose with the intention to receive these beasts, battle and engulf them in her own trap. But behooved to them, they did not engage. Did the army of her spirits not entice these beasts to fight? To live up to the name of chaos? Did these beasts see through her ruse? 

Looking to the beasts, she couldn’t tell if they were brave and smart, or scared and stupid. To her, those beasts stood there, reflecting her own plights. Come and get them. Such an insult to her pride. To be alone, and then stand mocked as if not worth the trouble? She would have none of it. Her eternal servitude is already damning enough. These insults would not stand unanswered. 

She called her knights and pushed forward, make it look like her ghosts were slow, as is the nature of death. But she knew these lands. These beasts did not lie about their nature. With the power bestowed upon her from Nagash, she could feel the dead that littered this land. Their torn and tattered bodies, disrespected and treated as nothing but entertainment and nourishment for these beasts. So she offered, the dead to seek vengeance, and the land answered, they need not their bodies shredded beyond recognition, just their souls to fight.
And so forth, the chains grabbed the spirits, pulling them from the astral planes of the afterlife, back to the land of the living, rising to grasp at these beasts, and drag them under. She cackled and laughed, these spirits being relentless and hungry. They rose and immediately lashed out at the beasts out of anger and spite. None would be spared, as every one of those beasts would feel the touch of death on them. 

Ornath reveled in her taking of the beasts, but they seemed cheeky as a horn could change her own fate. Behind her, she could see the beasts bring in more, troops from far away coming to corner her. The insult to injury, treating her to her own plan. She growled in disgust, this would not stand as she let loose on the beasts. One by one, they go down. They surround her, but only to feel weak as their blades fly harmlessly through her. 

Ornath slashed with fury and let them know one thing is always true. Death is always inevitable. Scaring away some, but also ripping them till there was nothing left. Looking back, she could see the chains of the spirits breaking and then pulling more from the lives past to fight on, leaving that beast with more than it can ever handle. Eventually, the beasts sacrificed a troop of their own to return the spirits to the grave, leaving them gravely wounded. Gathering as much as they could, her knights soon swung in. Ferociously taking down the beast, finally grabbing her a new beast to control, to make her own to fight these battles. As she did take in her victory, she fell to the blasts of a new beast coming. She was glad regardless. The night was coming to an end, she had grabbed what she wanted, and took more of the damned beasts with her troops than they could afford. She will be back, with more to crush and haunt these dreams that belong to these chaotic beasts.

Edited by Kevin K



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