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How Large Is Your Collection?

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I was curious to see how large other people's collections are.

I've been taking inventory and counted mine up recently. I have just over 46,000 points of models spanning at least 2,000 points in nearly every old faction. Roughly 10,000 points of it is still NIB, but I usually meet assembled standard and don't do much painting.

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Thats a good hoard! :-)

Well, I've got 15 Warhammer Fantasy armies spanning models from 4th through End Times. My smallest army was about 4k naked points. Largest was over 16k.

Since 8th, Ive also collected a Bloodbound, Stormcast, Sylvaneth, Iron Jawz, and a 2nd Death army with even more models not including my 8th edition ones.

I have somewhere near 40 unopened kits and twice as many kits on sprue.

Thats also not including any terrain pieces ive collected from Fantasy or AoS.. which is quite a bit too.

So... thats just my Warhammer Fantasy AoS stuff. Still have 40k, Infinity, Flames of War, Star Wars X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Glory WWII, Hail Caesar historical, Malifaux, LoTR Battle, Necromunda, Mordheim and others.

- Cedric

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I started in 2015 with the starter set, and about 6 painted Warhammer models. 


3,000 points or so of Stormcast 

4,000 points of Skaven 

1,500 points of High Elves 

Sylvaneth Guardians of the Deepwood

3,500 points of Nurgle/Slaves to Darkness

2,000 points of Gutbusters

1,000 points of Warherd



2,000 points of Sylvaneth

1,500 points of Nurgle Mortals

2,000 points of Sylvaneth

Icewind Assault & Mournfang pack are in the mail :3

2,300 points of Wood Elves


So far, I have painted 351 miniatures this year, along with 68 pieces of terrain. (;-_-)

I tracked all the painting on my instagram. 

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I've played GW since the late 90's, and own the following;

  • 10,000 points of The Empire / Free People
  • 2,000 - 3,000 points of old Sisters of Battle
  • 2,000 - 3,000 points of old Daemons of Choas, Slaanesh and Tzeentch
  • 2 Mordheim Gangs (Human Mercenaries and Sisters of Sigmar)
  • 1 Necromunda Gang (18x Van Saar)
  • 2nd Edition Blood Bowl
  • 3rd Edition Blood Bowl
  • 2,000 - 3,000 points of Imperial Guard
  • 500 - 1,000 points of Undead
  • Random small forces, units or characters from old Space Wolves and Eldar

I really only play with The Empire, Necromunda and Mordheim though.

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I don't have 1 collection specifically. What I do have is a lot of smaller 1000 to 1500 armies, because I have friends that I buy for.

that being said I guess, combined order what with my friends wanting to play the lizar- I mean seraphon, sylvaneth, stormcasts and all being under order I guess I have a 3000 pointish general order.

I much prefer chaos myself so what we will do is have games where it's five on 1 with me having a bunch of khorne bloodbound and skaven working together to make one big super army.

my undead army is really fun to fight too seeing as I have a bunch of different old fantasy units with it because I played old fantasy.

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If I use scrollbuilder to add everything I could use to the list I have 7180 AoS points of humans

I have more old models that I can't list and odd numbers of models that I can't show in the scrollbuilder.... got about 1k (8th ed points) of Lizardmen, 5th ed starter box (lizardmen vs bretonnia)

and a total of 2300 points of Stormcast (more incoming with the new battleforce, I hope for xmass)

plus from starterset Khorne bloodbound and the free slaughterpriest

and Silver Tower models that are not in SE or Humans (already counted those towards their total)

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Got the AoS starter set in january this year which sparked a probably unhealthy obsession with the game.

Went from having no fantasy models whatsoever, to:

4 620 pts of Sylvaneth

7 620 pts of Stormcast Eternals

1 500 pts of Khorne (starter set + some boxes to round out the force). mostly painted, army for guests and introductory games.

1 500 pts Nurgle, mostly Pestilens (mostly painted)

??? pts Tzeentch - mostly Tzeentch daemons and 2 boxes of Silver Tower, and some Tzaangors.


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3320 Bretonnians (With a few empire bits thrown in)

2760 Dwarfs

4960 Sylvaneth & Wanderers (Old school wood elf Army)

2680 High elves

720 Stormcast eternals

640 Blood bound

800 Misc chaos & Daemons

3340 Death (Mainly night haunt and death rattle) still working on this one

19220 in total :)

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3 hours ago, MongooseMatt said:

Without, a word of a lie, and only counting a) models that are fully painted and b) done specifically for AoS (not counting the WHFB lot), I passed 70,000 points last month :)


But when will you put it all on a table for us to see Matt!! (Or maybe 4 tables. One for each alliance).

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I've got a spreadsheet for my Death army on Google Drive, so I can actually answer this question from work...

Right now I own...

  • Neferata
  • x2 morghast archai
  • x2 necromancers on foot
  • x1 necromancer on horseback
  • x1 mortis engine
  • x1 wight king on foot
  • x1 wight king on skeletal horse
  • x80 skeleton warriors
  • x10 black knights
  • x10 grave guard
  • x1 ghoul king on terrorgheist
  • x4 ghoul kings (one of them is actually a queen) on foot
  • x1 varghulf
  • x1 crypt haunter
  • x1 crypt infernal
  • x2 ghast courtiers
  • x80 ghouls
  • x6 crypt horrors
  • x6 crypt flayers
  • x2 caern wraiths
  • x4 tomb banshees
  • x6 spirit hosts
  • x10 hexwraiths
  • x1 vampire lord on foot (with wings)
  • x1 vampire lord on nightmare
  • x1 vampire lord on a dragon
  • x1 vampire lord on a manticore (ie. abyssal terror)
  • x1 coven throne
  • x5 blood knights (kit bash from dragon princes)


Holy balls, I have a lot of models.

And that's not counting my Seraphon, who are back-burnered right now.

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Don't know about points, but last time I calculated I got over thousand painted models, after that the number should have increased by couple of hundreds. I would say 1500 can be quite close. Two big old fantasy armies (lizards and dwarfs), chaos daemon army that I've just updated for AoS purposes, eldar, dark eldar, tau and csm for 40k (that I haven't played for two years, and from which eldar and csm are quite large), over hundred infinity models, a dropzone commander army, Arabs and Irish for Saga, an Algoryn and Freeborn armies for Gates of Antares and all sorts of more random forces (Batman, Frostgrave, etc.).

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6 hours ago, MongooseMatt said:

Without, a word of a lie, and only counting a) models that are fully painted and b) done specifically for AoS (not counting the WHFB lot), I passed 70,000 points last month :)


I'm in a similar boat (although mine aren't painted and mine included WHFB).  Mine was 65,000 points...last January.  I even did a video walking through everything.  I'm a bit afraid to do a recount but I'll probably do an update video again in January...

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