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  1. Maybe? Hard to say because we know their plans got all messed up.
  2. I didn't get to visit the GW in Paris when I was in France, but I did swing by the one in Versaille. There was some beautiful painting going on there.
  3. I'm not sure I agree. I mean, I haven't ever had the pleasure of assembling this kit from scratch, but I was under the impression that mostly it's just got a lot of options and the only real question is what's in the right hand.
  4. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I picked up the core of my Sylvaneth army as a used lot, and the tree Lord that came with was missing his left arm. I've had plenty of luck replacing the forearm and building a new elbow out of green stuff, but I'm afraid that sculpting a new left hand from scratch is pretty much beyond me. The trouble is that in all my Googling, it seems that you can't get a spare tree lord left hand for love or money. Can anyone suggest either a replacement claw or a hand that's about the right size that I could use as a base to sculpt a new one? TIA
  5. FWIW, it's pretty easy to magnetize a tree lord. You just need to magnetize the right hand to hold either the staff or the sword. Presumably you could also magnetize in an empty hand. The left hand is a bit harder because you either put in the vines or you don't and they're slender and difficult to magnetize, but it's probably doable. Or you could just magnetize the right hand with all three options, do the left hand without the vines, and say that you've modeled your treelord not currently shooting vines at people.
  6. Yes it has all the bits to make either.
  7. Giant multikit of a lizardy-dragony-thing that can be customized for several armies!
  8. Keep in mind that wargroves are probably going to change the most. The pattern we've seen is subfaction battalions turning into straight-up subfactions; case in point, stormhosts. So I wouldn't make too many decisions based on wargroves.
  9. I take it back. It's not a magmadroth. This one has square scales on top and wide band-like scales on the bottom. The magmadroth has thicker, armored-looking bands on top and squares on the bottom.
  10. Re: rumor engine. It looks reptilian to me. I'd be tempted to say Seraphon, who definitely could use some new kits. But doesn't it look a bit like a magmadroth tail? Maybe the mercenary Fyreslayers are getting a special character kit?
  11. No! I mean, yes, of course. Sorry. I got carried away.
  12. I feel you. Sometimes I'm tempted to apply myself. MOD EDIT: Please can we keep TGA a politics free zone
  13. The dude who was going to buy my gits ghosted on me but it took about three hours for someone else to pick 'em up. So now I can afford to buy Forbidden Power!
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