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  1. I plan to run it yeah, because at some point the stars will be right and you will smash n bash most of their army off the board in one go 🤘🏿
  2. But now he can fit in Bloodtoofs or ironsunz with all the pts drops so it’s gravy
  3. Would love to see a BoC level book with all the ogor factions combined together with new abilities and scroll updates, but players were still able to run pure bcr or pure guts if they wished. Not personally interested in the army but many people are and love them so I would want them to be able to enjoy their favourite army same way I can mine 👍
  4. 6 mortals and an additional hit 👍
  5. Nah he fits fine: mawkrusha gordrakk 4x 3 gruntas ironfist bloodtoofs 1880
  6. Looking to go competitive with stormcast, I’m thinking a shooty pop n drop list will do nicely.
  7. Nice, I went for 2x10 vulkites as it can be based off two start collecting boxes really easily! I reckon I would pick up another 10 hearthguards in time to swap out for sure
  8. Looking to possibly run this list in a club escalation league starting soon. Ive not bought any models yet so am open to ideas for changes 👍
  9. I ran it a lot yeah, through pre and post battletome iterations of the army. Works really well not just as a distraction carnifex but also as a big hitter in the list, far better than the black coach in my opinion. Also, he’s on a small base given his power so can fit into far more places than a vlozd or a mortarch, and subsequently its harder to swarm him with enemy to try and get through his saves. Big fan 🤘🏿
  10. Always imagined they would take skaven down the castle wolfenstein / ****** / weird war trope more
  11. Actually, sod those extra cp’s, put in that spider Cauldron spell and the hag gets access to the Grot spell lore 👌🏻
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