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  1. Hey guys, A little later than planned but here is the full breakdown of results for the event; Tiebreaks in order were; Hidden Agenda Points > Sports votes > Kill Points. I was really satisfied with the way the Hidden Agenda scoring played out and I’m pleased to see that EGGS has adopted this method of scoring. It allowed the top three to be divided without need for any (sometimes) controversial tiebreaks! At some point I will do a PDF of all the lists, but honestly it’s not going to be until the week after next. I’ve returned from the event to a LOT of work! So....here are the winners; 1st Place Overall - James Tinsdale - Idoneth Deepkin 2nd Place Overall - Bryan Carmichael - Hedonites of Slaanesh @Bryan C 3rd Place Overall - Ben Johnson - Hedonties of Slaanesh @Ben Johnson Best In Alliance Trophies were done off highest Kill Points for each. I do this to spread the prizes but it didn’t particularly work out this year with 3 of them going to the highest places anyway (only Death went lower). I will re-evaluate these awards for next year Best In Alliance; Destruction - @Malakree - Ironjawz Best In Alliance; Order - James Tinsdale - Idoneth Deepkin Best In Alliance; Chaos - Bryan Carmichael - Hedonites of Slaanesh Best In Alliance; Death - Michael Browning - Flesh-Eater Courts The Paul Buckler ******-Out Powerslide Award - Andy Toben - Nighthaunt @Paul Buckler Best Sports - Owen Jackson - Sylvaneth @Ojay180 Judges Choice Best Army - Steve Smith - Gloomspite Gitz 1st Place Best Army - Steve Smith - Gloomspite Gitz 2nd Place Best Army - John Greene - Sylvaneth 3rd Place Best Army - Tom Fownes - Order @Korvak The Caledor Memorial Award - Tom Hewitt - Zombie Dragon @Tom Hewitt @Tyromancer I’d be interested in any feedback for the event. Both in terms of the pack, battleplans etc and anything relevant to the venue as I can refer it to Firestorm direct. Thanks again to everyone for attending and to @Forestreveries & @Rob Ellis for taking on the paint judging (and again to Aaron for presenting the trophies in the pics whilst I posed in my jazzy shorts) - the first time I’ve ever truly relinquished control of anything at one of my events haha 😅 Obviously big shout out to Firestorm as well for their great venue and staff. See you next time! Chris x
  2. Hey @Tropical Ghost General, was great to have you along. Thanks for coming. I will indeed post all the lists and the full breakdown of scores - I intended to do so today but have been completely different wiped out 🤦🏼‍♂️ Keep your eye on the forum though as I’ll have something up soon 😊 Chris
  3. Ha! Truthfully you were the star, not just for Ironjawz but Destruction full stop. It was nice to meet you too. I mentioned the camaraderie of Ironjawz players before the event and this was a great example. Me and Kieran were following your performances with a keen interest and both loved seeing you do so well, so congrats again man. When I’m running events and not playing I always like to live vicariously through others (usually Kieran) so it was nice to have another conduit to give me a buzz for Ironjawz. Also, I’m super jealous you’re going to the Rising Sun GT. I wanna play in that so much. Anyway, I had a good think about it in the car on the way back and decided that once the new book drops I’m gonna start a new thread like I had before and post regular updates after games etc. I’m so excited to return to the army that became my first (and truest) love in AoS! Also, it’ll be nice to converse with all of you on this forum again. The Destruction boys here were always a great bunch. Chris x 💚
  4. Round One - Starstrike in the Realm of Death, with Aetherquake Aftershock as the Realmscape Feature (+1 to casting rolls)
  5. Round One - Starstrike in the Realm of Death, with Aetherquake Aftershock as the Realmscape Feature (+1 to casting rolls)
  6. Hey guys, Firestorm will be open this afternoon/evening for pick up games of AoS & Warcry etc (as well as a shandy or two! 😘). If anyone wants to meet for some drinks later, we’ll get a group together in Walkabout (to make the Aussies feel at home) around 8pm
  7. Here’s the draw for Round One. If you’ve been drawn against a legitimate team mate, let me know and I’ll arrange a swap for this round only.
  8. Hey guys, This year’s dice are here; Each entrant will receive 2 dice with their scoresheet on the Saturday morning of the event. Players can then choose to upgrade to either a total of 10 dice (+8) or 20 dice (+18), whilst stocks are available. Extra dice are first come first served and can be preordered via PayPal friends & family. Please send either £7 (+8) or £16 (+18) to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com - include your name in the notes. Extra dice will also be given out during Registration at the event. Chris
  9. Great, look forward to having you there. I'll update the entrants list on my phone tomorrow. As for now though, I'm pleased to say that the updated rulespack can be found HERE - Please make sure you read it if in attendance. Don't forget the final cut off for paid refunds is this Friday - 12/07/19. Still a couple of spaces available due to drops. Many thanks, Chris
  10. The finalised rulespack for BLACKOUT will be released on Monday July 8th. As a heads up, Mercenary Companies will be allowed. Cut off for paid refunds is Friday 12th July. Had a lot of them recently. Currently at 98/100 players so still tix available. Please RT for visibility.
  11. All good man, book away. I think my team has your team on Saturday morning at Kirton 😊
  12. Currently I am still offering refunds, however when the pack goes live I’ll have to issue a cut off date. What is your full name and I’ll get it processed for you this week. Sorry you are not able to attend
  13. There’s been a number of refunds so there are still some places left. Once I put out the finalised pack there will be a cut off date for paid refunds as I’ll need to confirm numbers for the event. What’s your name? I’ve updated the entrants list in the first post so your name should appear. As per above, there are still some places left if you want to join the party! It’s £45 sent via PayPal friends and family to lunatic_pandora@btinternet.com Many thanks, Chris
  14. Evening all, It's now time to start discussing and looking forward to the 2019 season of the Dorset Masters. Like the regular Masters (hosted on the Bad Dice Rankings), this will be an 18 month season instead of the regular 12. This means the event will take place in around a years time from now. I will be purely tracking the rankings here based on the current season (from 09/12/18 onwards) as this is what we are working towards for the next Masters event. If you want to see your current position based on all results over the last 12 months at any given time. click on the link above and select 'Past Year'. In terms of the people eligible for the Dorset Masters; this is open to anyone living or playing in the Dorset area, as well as any members of the Dorset Doggers club and affiliated individuals who have since moved afield. Obviously I can only include people I am aware of, so if you think you should be added, drop me a DM and I can get you involved. Remember only the top 4 scores during this season will be counted towards this and anyone playing less than 4 events will have that number next to their name in brackets. So....how do you get into the Dorset Masters 2018? There are 8 spots available and they will be allocated as follows; The winner of the 2018 Dorset Masters - Laurie H-W @Lhw The 6 highest placed individuals in the Bad Dice Rankings as of the season close (date tbc) - If these 6 places include either Laurie or the winner of the Dorset AoS Cup (see below), then invites will be past down to the next highest individual(s). This year I will count myself in the running! The 8th spot will be decided later in the year via a knock out cup competition run over club nights - The Dorset AoS Cup. Further details tbc. I think that is all we need to know for now. Please ask below if there are any questions. This year rather than posting updated rankings in subsequent posts and cluttering the thread, I will just keep them listed in this first post and include the date of the last update; Current standings - Updated 28/06/19 12 - Laurie H-W - Best in Race: Blades of Khorne 14 - Michael Wilson - Best in Race: Hosts of Slaanesh 20 - Paul Buckler - Best in Race: Seraphon & Spiderfang Grots 35 - Matt Lyons 39 - Richard Buckler (3) 47 - Andy Talbot 53 - Chris Tomlin - Best in Race: Phoenix Temple ----------------------------------------- 61 - Steven Phillips 71 - William Philpott 91 - Tom Hewitt 116 - Aaron Bailey (3) - Best in Race: Legion of Night 121 - Ricky Mee (2) 125 - Wayne Rendell (3) 145 - Richard Morley 159 - Dominic Hook (3) 220 - Matt Clarke (2) 240 - Jenny Lyons (3) 281 - James Eveleigh 306 - Ben Diesel (2) 328 - Paul Petford (1) 408 - David Fulbrook (3) 468 - Matthew Arnold (1) 500 - Wayne Holt (1) If I have missed you off the list, please give me a poke. I know at the original time of writing the scores don't mean anything, it's more for me to just do the original bit of admin getting the names listed - all a bit of fun anyway! Cheers guys, Chris
  15. With the new GHB out, I’ll be looking to finalise the pack for everyone in the next week. Not long left now!!
  16. What can I say guys, there can only be one Megaboss 🤷🏼‍♂️ 😘
  17. Entrants / Grudges updated. Just a few spaces left now. Will have a proper pack out once the new GHB drops. Chris
  18. Hi Phil, Sorry I did receive your payment, many thanks. I’ll update the list this week. There are still a handful of places left. Many thanks, Chris
  19. Thanks for all the extra ticket purchases. Entrants list updated. Less than 10 left!! 🙌🏼
  20. Hey guys, Entrants updated, up to 87/100 tickets sold now. We’ll be at capacity in no time! Heath do any of your mates have PayPal? You could sort them the cash and have them fire it over. If not we can try and sort a bank transfer. We’ll be able to get you on the list so not to worry 😊 Chris
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