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  1. Does anyone know of anyone eho does something similar to this ive been looking everywhere?
  2. Agreed. To me this links to my previous comment. I like things to matter in the setting and an organised one you see a cause and effect. But if not then everything's just gets hidden under flimsy hasty plot devices. I love magic but it can make for lazy lore.
  3. I actually had a discussion with a friwnd of mine who introduced me to the Kings of War system. Now im not mentioning KOW to get into a debate bout if its any good or not but the fact is i played the game and aside from the stuff you hear about often such as it being balanced and easy to play one of the major things i found enjoyable.is the game is not so dice dependent and have mechanics that dont rely on dice rolls to function. The point im trying to make is. Randomness is great. It adds flavor to our games. But lots dice rolls or relying on dice rolls for every little thing dosent alway make for a fun game. KOW and other systems have discovered this and in my oppinion retain plenty of flavor maybe GW could learn a little by toning down the impact dice have in certain areas of the game.
  4. Most of what i could say has been mentioned already but i agree AOS needs grounding. The old world was.so exciting for me as you would have relatable people on a realisitc level of power so when a Bloodthirster showed up you could feel the terror and gravitas of the situation and it was amazing to read about now i feel like because we are in the realms where "anything is possible" everything is less impressive. Another example would.be Nagash. L love the character and love the model but there was something thrilling about this being that everyone knew the name of a legend from ancient times that everyone feared but ultimately we never knew in vast detail Now we have a god strolling about it ruined alot of the mystic. Dont get me wrong i like the AOS setting but i feel that now GW have cast the line out far they should start to reel it in until they find that perfect balance.
  5. That thing looks pretty cool . Have we already seen the thing riding the walking chair in the top right?
  6. My tantrum was met with well a well measured and resonable response. . . . . Im not show how to respond 🙄
  7. Well for those late to the party and want some bonereapers rumors i heard a "rumor" that a friend of a friend saw so e pictures of some other bonereapers units including: Some new hero models A stalker(four armed dudes) with shields And a monster with a cage of bones on its back kinda like a undead khorgorath.
  8. Also if you were to say its bad and the picture quality isent great then someone will poi tout this fact. Plus i was under the impression that sayi g that i dont like something isent frowned upon. Its those people that a needlessly argumentative and try and force their point that need censoring. I finally got excited foe this threads first ACTUAL rumor in ages and we cant talk about it?
  9. Obviously you guys make the rules. But isent it kind weird that people cant post comments on rumors on a rumors thread. Surely its part of the excitment to speculate. If we only go for what GW give us such as the "rumor" engine then perhaps the thread should.be named Tease/preview discussion.
  10. Thats ok i actually got a look at these ones 😋
  11. Not technically age of Sigmar but have you seen whos coming to total warhammer 🤩 Voiced by brian blessed to 😄
  12. With that profile he will murder pretty much anything in close combat. He also negates nagashs instant kill. Something not even Archaon or allarielle can do 😲
  13. Apologise for the wording it i did it on my phone is about 3 minutes . . . .
  14. This is what i was fearing towards and personally i think this is OPpdf.pdf
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