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  1. KHHaunts

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    Oh dont get me wrong i agree completely. Id be happy with something similar to Space Marine. perhaps with a few tweaks. The dream would be an actually decent MMORPG or atleast something open world
  2. KHHaunts

    Anyone play against themself?

    Certainly playtest against myself. Along with my other supplements I started making a NPC sheet. Never finished it but itnworked pretty well!
  3. KHHaunts

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    You guys all know there is a mobile game coming right . . . . .
  4. Wasebt Sigmar trapped by Tzeentch in the vortex? Althou he seemed to be able to influence events throughout the empires history I doubt he had the power to prevent something as dates as Archaons rise. You could argue it's Archaon aka diedricks fault for giving in to his fate rather than fighting it. Although if you read the novels you see that wasebt as easy as all that Teclis is the one responsible.for the world being destroyed when it was but things seem to be heading that way long before then. I think Teclis merely gambled time for his gambit. Archaic still would have taken middenhiem eventually the artefact would have been activated nd there would have been no incarnates to even attempt to reverse. I blaim manfred because he had a real choice to make that could have changed the course of history and made a terrible one for pretty petty reasons.(that an I'm an arkan fan)
  5. KHHaunts

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    Take a look for yourselves. Its is a rough copy however and you may see some abilties and such missing (Including any sort of points costs for the majority of it) Also i havent proof read completely so i aplogise for any mistakes. Again the whole thing is meant to be a take it or leave it element. you can use the whole thing for full on siege battle or cherry pick the bits you like. let me know what you all think. Siege rules.pdf
  6. KHHaunts

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    Gladly. I'm posting by.phone at the moment but I will post them once I'm at my computer. I've written a few add on house rules for stuff in AOS and I've tried to always make the modular so that you can either use the whole thing religiously or cherry pick the best bits. But it covers: Castle and fortifications profiles. Siege engines + defence weaponry war scrolls. Ladders and wall climbing. And more
  7. KHHaunts

    Gotrek in AoS

    It's never 100% clarified (although Gotrek showing up is a big one to me) Bit Gotrek didn't become Grimnir but instead inherited his "doom" to fight chaos endlessly so that Grimnir could rejoin his people during the end times.(though he never seems to show up) The Grimnir that was shattered appears to be the original one. Personally I reckon Gotrek will get a power boost. Or retain his current one(beating a bloodthirster for for for and owning Belakor) But I don't think he will be a doomseeker. I think he will be driven my a different path perhaps to find his friend who he unintentionally left do his death during the end times. I am hoping for an awesome Grimnir chosen warrior model though.
  8. KHHaunts

    Anyone Tried the Siege Rules?

    I played them a couple of times. There is nothing wrong with the rules and they are ok. But when I heard Siege rules I was expecting something a little more comprehensive and focusing on the terrain and forts etc. Me and a friend have a series of house rules that have evolved into an add-on that work really well.
  9. KHHaunts

    Army Transporting - show/detail yours

    I'll try and send domes pics of mine. It's a little time consuming but effective and not difficult. I have a large tool box I buy sheets of foam roughly 2" thick which I cut into squares that can be arranged 2 side by side and about 6 high. I will but either generic slots or model specific once and number them all. The foam slots then come out.of the toolbox and go into a set of.hobby draws. I can get about 25 -30 man sized.models on a single sheet. For anything larger I cut out a few squares so it's just the outline. And stack them. So you have an open space. And place the large models in. I will then scatter/place off cuts to stop them moving/rubbing against each other.
  10. KHHaunts

    Downloadable Warscroll Cards

    There are some I'm the downloads section. But not currently for the new edition
  11. KHHaunts

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    When was it 're written?. Up until the end times The horned rat was a denizen of the realm of Chaos. And the Skaven were essentially chaos mutants of a particular kind. How are they not "chaosy"
  12. KHHaunts

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    In my oppinion The alliances do not need altering at all. I will admit there is a little grey area between some factions. Not Chaos that ones always been clear. Death admitedly you can argue that Nagash is an empire builder so technically he is Order and that While Orruks might be a force of Nature suiting destruction Beastclaw raiders are still an ordered people however Savage. I think that ultimatley the emphasis and significance of those alliances needs to be removed. People keep mentionig what alliance they were in in WHFB but they never existed. Wood elves were considred pretty damn evil by brettonia and the undead were just as bad as chaos. but as mentioned previously they all had there own lands and history to explain the relationship to each individual faction. Really i think that the grand alliances were a needed when the game started out and have since become dead weight. There shouldnt be restrictions anyway and i think that having more faction crossed allies would be liberating. Keep the alliances by all means but by promoting more cross alliance rules and battalion and Allies etc it will take the emphasis and break the wall down. One primary example is that Fyreslayers should be Allies of pretty much everyone as they are Axes for hire and have been shown in the lore to have worked with Chaos. If someone wants to take a mixed slaves of darkness and fyreslayer army that should be established in the game (In more than open play that is)
  13. KHHaunts

    Rethinking the Grand Alliances

    I get why some people wish to subdivide some the more destructive or less rightious order factions (although i dont feels its nesscary) But with all the descriptions ranging from clear and concise to vastly in depth i dont get how people STILL dont understand why each faction belongs to the grand alliance it does . . . . .
  14. Am currently in the process of making a supplement that will detail (concisely) the full history of the world that was through to the destruction. Including all major events and some hero back stories. All sections and events will have at least one battleplan to reinact the event or parts of it. The whole thing is being written in AOS speak (Orruks,Aelfs that sort of thing) and may contain some warscrolls for old forgotten characters.like Ariel. I'm writing it as a lasting memorial and as a way of people unfamiliar with the setting to appreciate it from the current point of view. If people think it's a good idea in would love some help.