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  1. So i have enjoyed TGA since aos was brand new and have loved to see it evolve as a example of how forums should be done. And while i still enjoy aos since its latest addition and a number of new expansions and games i have found myself drawn to 40k again. My question is. Is there a forum for 40k that is similar to TGA And if not. Why not!!
  2. I love how she can't even reach to the middle
  3. In terms of matched play I and competitive settings I think it's dependent on your community. My local warhammer shop is very open to custom conversions providing they are made from.GW products. In my opinion a proxy is taking a unit of models that you already own and saying "these count as" just because you want them in your army without spending money. However if you by a model. Any model and repurpose it for your desired role then I say use what you like. Example before modifying came out. I collected modifying that was a limited army. So I decided to run blood knights but wanted to keep my ghost theme so I converted some chaos horses with bits of cairn wraiths and Newtonian knights along with green stuff to create something very much like the current dreadblade narrows. I called dread wraiths explained this to my opponent and obviously assured them that I hasent added any keywords I shouldn't have and every response I have had has been great with people praising my creativity. As above just be considerate of basing. And it's identification.
  4. Not being funny but if they make a model. That stupid tyre slayer axe is coming straight off in favour of Gotrek proper axe!
  5. Lots of details above but in short. No they don't. But they will. It's early days since they have realised this.
  6. Second method. Which I be live a lot.of people do in some variation. Still use the tool box. Cut a load of corners out with the foam at least 1" high. Get some thin met and cut squares same as the foam mentioned above. Get magnetic sheets and attach them to each square of MDF ALSO if you have any thin foam you can put it in between the board at the magnetic sheet as shock absorption. You then need to magnatize the bottoms of all it models.bases. You can then create "shelves" for models by stacking the foam corners to suit the models height. Placing the board on and then putting as.many models as can fit. You can then potentially put another shelf on top as needed. ADVANTAGES More diversity when it comes to storing models. Quicker storage Takes up less room Models are stored standing up. Disadvantage Requires a fair bit of prep Need to be made.precisley to avoid shelves moving.
  7. There are a number of homemade options it really depends on your space availability. How well protected you want the models and how you store them when you not using them. I have two ways. Don't have any pics on me so I will try a d explain. Both ways involve a toolbox I have a pretty large sturdy 1. My first method involves foam. Which I can get pretty cheap from a sewing shop. I cut the foam in to squares so they fit snuggly in the tool box 2 × 1. In each of these squares I cut out slots for each of my models with a Stanley knife and number each slot. Each of my foam blocks can reliably carry up to 30 human sized models. These foam slots stack in the case and when they are not in use the foam slots go into a set of hobby draws and I'll swap them out for a different army. As for big models I cut out foam squares and then cut the kiddies out so you just have the edge. I can fit 2/3 treelord sized models and I place foam blocks to stop them moving. ADVANTAGE Keeps the models very safe and very organised And have been able to survive very long journeys. Also you can customise it completely. AND It stops damaging models that perhaps can't handle a lot of movement while on their bases. Disadvantage It takes time to cut out the slots(Although I've found it quite therapeutic) It takes longer to set up and pack away your army. If you have more than one army it can start to take up a lot of space.
  8. I really dont see this being for brayheards. I know its a bull but Brayhears seems way to obvious. plus the fiery effect has nothing to do with them. Im suprised more people arent convinced its the Chaos Duardin in some form or another because i am. I can see no legitimate reason why it wouldnt be. As for what faction they belong to? im on the fence at this point.
  9. Continueing to review what you have said I have upped the rams power so that it can reliably get through even the stongest gate in a few turns. However for the largest fortresses i had written the rules with the mind that a ram alone wouldnt be enough to crack the defences in time and the attacking player will need to dedicated other forces to help whittle away the defences. The However i do not want the ram to be able to get through the stronger walls in a few rounds since as i mentioned before i belive that bringing a fortress wall down should be a very difficult task requiring a concentrated effort. which a felt was a key strategic decision for the attacker. I have therefore added more wounds to each wall and tower for more durability however if a player decides to try and take a wall down they should be able to do so with a sufficent display of magic monsters and war machines. I have also added a rule that i mentioned which doubles the damage inflicted by monsters and warmachines and also means that only mortal wounds caused be either of these types OR magic can inflict damage. (So nighthaunts cant scare a wall to death) i do however want it to be possible for strong attacks from some smaller units to be able to scratch the wall with enough concentrated effort. Regarding the benefits of ramparts the 1+ save only applies to the smaller walls. the towers and such also include ignoring all wounds and MW from ranged attacks on a roll of 4 or 5. do you think that is sufficent. I personally dont think they should get any major benefits from melee attacks on the ramparts as all attacks will be coming from units that get on the wall, flying attacks or Monsters. I will however tweak the garrison rules to make them more effective for towers, as for the 18 cannon shots . . . I have tried my best to add new rules or rules exceptions and not mess around to much with the core rules as i ddint want this to becomes overly complex. but. The double damage rules will obviousy help. The other thought that occured it perhaps reducing or even eliminating the to hit role for walls. certainly it makes sense for close combat and perhaps within a certain range for ranged attacks? I did a couple of quick roll offs, with these changes i managed to bring the Fortress wall down in 8 Shots. Admitedly tat was some good rolling but again i wouldnt expect a single cannon to be able to take down the wall. Its certainly a step in the right direction so keep the feedback coming.
  10. Thanks for that detailed feedback. Units scalding the walls as normal is something I had eliminated however in had forgotten to mention it in the supplement so good reminder. The idea is that all non flying non monster units HAVE to use a ladder or tower to scale the walls. I will have a look at the stats suggestions. Its a tricky one because there are quite a few units that I think should be able to damage walls that don't have the relevant keywords Perhaps increasing the wound counts but having a rule were attacks with units with certain keywords such as Monster and War Machine doubles the damage amount? However in my mind breaking a wall should be a particularly hard task and should require a concentrated effort. As a breech will completely turn the tables. The "easier"/"standard" options would be or break the gate or over run the walls. Thanks again for this. This is exactly what is needed to help me improve this. If anyone has anything else please let.me know and I'll post an updated version soon.
  11. Oh dont get me wrong i agree completely. Id be happy with something similar to Space Marine. perhaps with a few tweaks. The dream would be an actually decent MMORPG or atleast something open world
  12. Certainly playtest against myself. Along with my other supplements I started making a NPC sheet. Never finished it but itnworked pretty well!
  13. You guys all know there is a mobile game coming right . . . . .
  14. Wasebt Sigmar trapped by Tzeentch in the vortex? Althou he seemed to be able to influence events throughout the empires history I doubt he had the power to prevent something as dates as Archaons rise. You could argue it's Archaon aka diedricks fault for giving in to his fate rather than fighting it. Although if you read the novels you see that wasebt as easy as all that Teclis is the one responsible.for the world being destroyed when it was but things seem to be heading that way long before then. I think Teclis merely gambled time for his gambit. Archaic still would have taken middenhiem eventually the artefact would have been activated nd there would have been no incarnates to even attempt to reverse. I blaim manfred because he had a real choice to make that could have changed the course of history and made a terrible one for pretty petty reasons.(that an I'm an arkan fan)
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