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  1. Yeah, a lot of work explaining something that was pretty obvious from the get-go. This is clearly what the designers are after.
  2. I put Sliverslash on my Shaggoth. He made a real mess out of Khorne.
  3. Yeah, Revellers is kinda 'Meh' as far as I'm concerned, especially since D'nettes have gone from what was once, arguably one of the best battleline units in the game, to a mediocre one, at best. Losing the -1 to hit banner on the Hellstriders really impacted the Nettes. Unfortunately, they'll be relegated to summoned troops, at least until I can figure out how I want to use them. I mean they've still got some good stuff going for them, but losing the re-rolls took a little more away from them as well. Of course they'll be included.... they're battleline. But I'm going to be trying some other builds where maybe just one unit of them, hellstriders for the other two, and then work in some fiends. I don't know yet. I've only got two games in so far and I'm still trying to figure out my best build with what I've got.
  4. Anyone else just a little underwhelmed by our Battalion choices? Also, did the Fiends really deserve such a huge point boost?
  5. My KoS. I had thought that she'd be able to make them pile in twice.🤨 When I removed my casualties, they ended up not being wholly within range of the keeper. Moot point, as they don't have the 'hedonist' keyword anyway. Just one of several blunders I made that cost me the game.
  6. Played my first game with the new tome v SCE. I lost this one, unsurprisingly, mostly because of errors I made getting to know the new rules, and a massive first turn mistake in which I charged a big unit, (30) of bestigors in before I remembered the 'wholly within 12" stipulation. Oh well, lesson learned. I also got caught out of position........more than once. Next game v Nurgle was a slaughterfest. He never knew what hit him. I had over 50 DP by the end of turn 1, and he conceded as he realized that he'd never get any objectives back. Brutal. His list: GUO w/ Bell and blade Sorcerer Blightlord Gutrot and 10 kings 30 plagueboys 6 drones kept points back for CPs and endless spell, Cogs. I brought: Helaxi KoS KoS IE 30 dnettes 5 striders x2 To be fair, he played poorly, turtling up around one of 4 objectives, so I jumped on 3 of them and took the fight to him with 2 KoS. Game over.
  7. Yeah, again, it sounds fun..... and workable. Desolating brayherd is my go-to formation. Love all those exploding hits, especially on all of the raiders shots! Good luck.
  8. Looks like it could be fun, but I'm thinking that it could be problematic ambushing all of those units. A canny player will do his best to deny tabletop to you although the dark walker ability may mitigate this somewhat. I just feel that you're spreading yourself a little thin for any first turn shenanigans your opponent might throw at you. You have 5 drops, so first turn is not guaranteed for you. You can expect some kind of Alpha strike. Let us know how this worked out.
  9. If I was a betting man, I'd say that this is the most likely with perhaps one more caster/hero thrown in there for sales
  10. I'm going to guess and say June-July sometime in there.
  11. Well, he brings free foliage, has a decent save, good attack profile, and, with proper positioning he can kick off the locus for the drones [thanks in part to the large base]
  12. Hmm. Weird that after all this time I never noticed that....
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