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  1. I remember once, a while back, some dude told me I didn't have a musician in my unit of marauders...... casual game mind you. I simply pointed out that one of my dudes had a harmonica in his pocket.😀
  2. Oh well. I have re-based 120 marauders. I'll be damned if I'm not gonna use them now.
  3. I feel that they are best summoned, too. They are a slightly better than average battleline choice now but, with proper use can be a game changer.
  4. You only have one Bray shaman. How are all of your "blobs" benefitting from that?
  5. I'm hip. I was actually only replying to the statement that MWs don't generate DP. Guess I read it wrong. My bad.
  6. I think you are mistaken.... The FAQ says that wounds generated by a heroes mount cause depravity. Thus the chariot, [amount] causes DP
  7. Where does it say that you get no depravity from mortal wounds? That was laid to rest with the release of the new book, I thought. MWs do generate DP.
  8. I've got the old pewter command group of Chaos Chosen. They may fit in pretty well with IGs. Also the big axe slauterpriest comes to mind......
  9. While I love using the Depraved Drove, the downside there is: A. There will be no double pile in for any of the Bestigors, ungers etc, as they lack the Hedonite keyword, and, B. The large footprint of most of these units [unless running MSU], will also interfere with the double pile in, and this applies to Daemonettes as well. Wholly within 12" can be problematic at times factoring in things such as terrain etc. I've usually found room for Daemonettes in my starting force, as well as using them for summoning. They really seem to do some good work when they're dropped in later.
  10. Daemonettes are ok. The only real problem as far as I'm concerned is that when the built in re-rolling ones was removed, their points went up. Further taxing a unit that now is just average. Well, maybe slightly better than average. Having to rely on a spell for the re-rolls is not in any way making them as good as they used to be, and surely doesn't justify a point hike.
  11. Truth. In a couple of games I've played, [notably v Nurgle and Khorne] I amassed 60+ DP by the end of turn one. Never got the chance to summon anything, as he pretty much rage quit at that point, but it was spectacular. That being said, horde armies are a much bigger threat, as many have already stated here. Skaven, with their good mobility and shooting, Gloomspite gitz with their shenanigans, to name a couple, have been more of a challenge. The Thermalrider Cloak is very nice v these type armies, especially coupled with Godseekers. The Speed-chaser trait is especially fun against those huge screening units of clan rats or gitmobs. I can divert them, pile in on them twice, and if they are still there after all that,[even in a diminished size] move on to juicier targets, leaving them to be mopped up by daemonettes. I've actually never summoned a unit thus far, although I admit that's because I haven't been able to get in many games.
  12. I wonder why no second command trait? Just forgot, maybe?
  13. Yeah, a lot of work explaining something that was pretty obvious from the get-go. This is clearly what the designers are after.
  14. I put Sliverslash on my Shaggoth. He made a real mess out of Khorne.
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