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  1. I personally prefer a 40 man mob of raiders over the gors......40 shots, rerolling 1s AND 2s, 6s generating extra hits..... what could be better than that?
  2. So far, I, like you, struggle to fit them into a list. I really think the biggest fail is that they aren't even fitted into a single battalion (other than the W&R one). I can't even justify summoning them in, as there are better choices there, too. It's a shame. I REALLY want to put them out there......
  3. I'd probably go with ghyrestrike on the beast lord, but that's just me....
  4. The Ungor are obviously allies...... at least they can be.
  5. Sorry, maybe I'm slow, but please explain how you get to 30 fate points for summoning a LoC with 10 spells?
  6. I remember once, a while back, some dude told me I didn't have a musician in my unit of marauders...... casual game mind you. I simply pointed out that one of my dudes had a harmonica in his pocket.😀
  7. Oh well. I have re-based 120 marauders. I'll be damned if I'm not gonna use them now.
  8. I feel that they are best summoned, too. They are a slightly better than average battleline choice now but, with proper use can be a game changer.
  9. You only have one Bray shaman. How are all of your "blobs" benefitting from that?
  10. I'm hip. I was actually only replying to the statement that MWs don't generate DP. Guess I read it wrong. My bad.
  11. I think you are mistaken.... The FAQ says that wounds generated by a heroes mount cause depravity. Thus the chariot, [amount] causes DP
  12. Where does it say that you get no depravity from mortal wounds? That was laid to rest with the release of the new book, I thought. MWs do generate DP.
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