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  1. Cant you tell that evocators and retributors is too huge of power gap? Compare the warscrolls side by side, then tell me again that the playtesters dont realize this. Seriously a company this huge and has a lot of resources cant realize this? This is intentional. as for liberators and sequitors, i can somehow try to believe that the playtesters missed this. Because sequitors is 20% more expensive + has to take arcanum tax (but proved to be not a tax). But personally i still think its still intentional because of the greatmace cap is absurd! 3 greatmace in a unit of 5? Find me another unit in the game that is able to do so while being priced for 120. Back to retributors and evocators, evoc is faster, same durability, a wizard, killier, longer ranged (grandstave) AND cheaper. GW is not sabotaging their game, they are simply playing with us in their business game. Im sorry if i offended someone or any parties, just expressing my thoughts on how GW running their business.
  2. I have been telling this on facebook group and going to tell it here too. Games Workshop is a ******** for doing so. I mean to sell models by ultimately create imbalance to the rules just because they are the owner of the game and that makes them the game master. Power creep is fine but do not clearly invalidate older models. Pricehike is also fine as price is previledge of the product owner. Nobody is forcing people to buy GW products. What is not fine is that completely nerf older models just because it was already selling well! This hobby was not just about the money to purchase the models, but the commitment and passion to finish modeling and painting the army. How many hours of work and compassion has been poured to an army only to know that i) your minis sucks now, ii) please purchase more to catch up again, iii) rinse and repeat! I think many people (like me) is having love and hate relationship with games workshop due to their business policy.
  3. Well if its me, I would rather get 1) bloodthirster (centerpoint model), Or 2) Add 3 more skullcrushers (and lord on juggernaut), Or 3) some sort of shooting from slave to darkness.
  4. My tally so far : about 3500pts of old dwarfs 5000pts of tomb Kings 1250pts of brayherd + doombull 2000pts of khorne bloodbound Not including a huge 6000pts of space marines and two huge faction of PP game.
  5. Terry, what do you think of Ungor Raiders? They have been mentioned by other, but would like to have your opinion on them. They have an amazing range for first turn shooting so will definitely hit their targets. Unit of 30 without buffs, they are going to do 11 damage on average. or 7 damage after common 5+ save. If you get double turn, they are also quite devastating for 240 points. Just saw this amazing thread after being resurrected by you.
  6. Can you tell the list based on memory?
  7. Is the torso come in two set? wrathmonger set and skullreaper set? If yes, then can we just magnetize them?
  8. I know most people doesnt consider Furies. Any chance using them to hunt war machines? Flying, move 12" + run, bravery 10 (wont flee even after receiving some damage). Or find some cover from cannon's line of sight with terrain. Harpies is faster, but usually flees before doing anything because of below average bravery.
  9. Hi Guys, Im one of those guys coming back to GW fantasy with Age of Sigmar. Left the game at mid of 8th Edition. with only two aos games under my belt so far, im thinking to join my LGS tournament. Its 1250 pts with GHB. Royal Warsphinx - Tomb Blade, Ruler of the Night Liche Priest on steed 3 Chariot - battleline 3 Chariot - battleline 5 Skeletal Horsemen - battleline 3 Ushabti 2 Tomb Scorpion Screaming Skull Catapult Advices is very appreciated. So what do you think?
  10. Thanks All, good stuff shared here. Including @Iradekhorne @Dolomedes @Goodwin advises. From here, i can assume beastmen battalion gets better with bigger games and not the best in smaller games. I do agree with Goodwin best, ambusher without actual hitting power is not going to do much. Beastmen does need their character to buff the army and brayherd character buffs are really good like 3" extra movement from bray shaman and +1 to hit from beastlord and +1 to wound from battle standard bearer. Formations at their best when all three combined. btw anyone tried Kazhrak, the one eye? is retreat and charge benefiting for brayherd units ? What tactics actually works for him?
  11. btw, i havent listed my beastmen (Chaos) models. Maybe it will help with army development advises : 1 doombull 1 bray shaman 1 kazhrak the one eye 1 malagor, dark omen 1 wargor battle standard 40 Gors unbuilt with 2 full command set (maybe hws or two gor blades) 30 ungors unbuilt (maybe raiders or spears ungor) 20 Bestigors 1 Tuskgor Chariot 6 Harpies 6 Furies I think thats it.
  12. Thanks for the responses. @Taketheskull Err..... Isnt bullgores and doombulls count as one army: beastmen? I may try to include some chaos mortals like chaos knights and varanguard. What do you think? Go for heavy hitter cavs or just go with monsters? @Crispen Yeah i would like to try that. havent got the chance to make it work with only two games under my belt. @Iradekhorne I dont get it... How can you hold a sphinx with 10 ungors? one turn of combat and they are wiped out
  13. Hello All, Im an oldtime wargamer who has been playing wargames with WHFB starting 6th edition (not really that old to some people i guessed). Stopped playing around mid of 8th edition because of work and playing other game system. I have a huge collection of Tomb Kings (that i found out recently AXED!), medium collection of Dwarfs, and quite small collection of Beastmen. Lets ignore the other two as this is Chaos forum. So i have been reintroduced to fantasy or Age of Sigmar from a friend and gladly took the plunge again. I love beastmen models so this is why I decided to start AoS with Beastmen. I did my homework with the rules, youtube bat reps, and rebased all of my beastmen. Eager to play some fantasy battle again. So my first game was against the said friend with horde of skaven (1000 pts). His list is all about rats (100 of them actually) and BSBs so he had inspiring presence to all of the units. I never planned to win the game, in fact fully expecting a lost as it was my first game of AoS. Learned some stuff like never forget command abilities and grinded through about 60 clanrats, I found AoS is in fact quite balanced. Although I received minor defeat, it was still a fun game which i didnt care losing. The opposite was what i found with my second game. Against 1000 pts tomb king list below : Tomb King Liche Priest 10 Skellies X 2 unit 5 Tomb Guard 3 Sepulcher Necrosphinx Mine was : Doombull Malagor, dark omen 30 Gors 20 Bestigors 20 Ungor Raiders Tuskgor Chariot So he won the roll and gave me first turn. I ran everyone forward. His turn, all he did is move skellies slowly and full speed ahead with sphinx. Charged with sphinx to Bestigors (easy with the two highest dice from three rolled) and DECIMATED the unit (total 11 wounds). Retaliated with 7 bestigors and only did 1 wound (halving wounds rules from sphinx). The unit vanished because battleshock test (i rolled 6). Ok, this devastated me even more rather than the bestigor unit... Ok, as wargamer expert, I tried to get a hold of myself and continue with what i had. I planned to shoot all arrows at sphinx with ungor raiders and roll two more direct damage spells from malagor. Should do a few more wounds that would weaken the sphinx. Rolled the initiative round and he won so double turn for him. Sphinx flew to malagor, charged, and decapitated him..... Third turn, Sphinx helped skellies in combat with gors. Thats it... Im devastated and found the game was not fun... Okay i learned that AoS is so much monsterhammer and herohammer the hard way. In WHFB, you get ranks and combat resolution. AoS only battleshock from wounds. You either bring your own monster/artilleries or be in the receiving end of a monster. Okay im better after telling my devastating defeat and would like some suggestion for good monsters of chaos / anti monsters unit. Ghorgons may be the best but would like to have other opinions too. What do you think is best to grow my beastmen army? P.S. Last experience really encouraged me to play tomb kings again with two necrosphinxes because not a lot who really have two sphinx as they are no longer available from GW. At least my last opponent dont have two. <evil grin>
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