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  1. I reject the changes I don't like. If someone really has a problem with me using old warscrolls with my metal wanderer army, they can pick one of my other armies to fight. While I do pay them to write rules for me, occasionally GW goes a direction I can't follow. I'm going to complete my project anyways, with or without their support. I don't need their permission to have fun.
  2. They are asking for the pre-GHB 2017 compendium pdfs. If you follow your own link you will find that GW has replaced the old addresses with the 2017 versions, and the new addresses that they launched GHB2017 with are link dead. I would also like to get my hands on the original compendium warscrolls.
  3. Yeah, the mistweaver and the savage, sure. I'm hoping for something we haven't seen yet.
  4. As I understand it, Tyrion & Malerion ascended to godhood and went after Slaanesh. They emerged from the realm of chaos with *thousands of aelf souls* and then vanished. Slaanesh's throne is now empty. Cults of Slaanesh are descending on Ulgu because that's where they think he's being held. I'm super hoping that the Mistweaver faction of Aelves are a death faction. It would make so much sense.
  5. I think a big influence is how much plastic they are sitting on. So their update schedule is based on existing inventory. Elves for example, got an update in 2014, just a year before they sunset WHFB. My guess is that they are sitting on a ton of inventory for them, so updating their faction with new models would block these sales. Same with undead.
  6. They could fix all of this by giving the Verminus and Masterclan group a <clan> keyword so they can be included in all skaven clans.
  7. I'm not sure you understood my point so here's a cheeky metaphor : ) You get a 10 year warranty on your vehicle. On year 2 they call you to let you know that their legal team has changed the language on your warranty from words, to an actual photograph of a cat. Yet, they insist that it's still a legal 10 year warranty and every time you take your car in, they say "Lovely cat" and send you packing. They did precisely what you are saying and you are right, it's the opposite of respectful. For context, I'm a wood elves player - I had 15 warscrolls lose their keywords or otherwise have abilities that only work on themselves. Dwarves have it worse. My gaming group luckily had the old compendium saved offline and we are going to keep playing with them, but this whole business of deprecating old models by mangling their rules seems super passive aggressive.
  8. For all the people who are saying "stop moaning" or "don't be surprised" - this isn't a contribution to the conversation. For me, the problem is how GW handled the messaging and you should be worried about this behavior also even if you weren't impacted or don't otherwise care. They didn't actually make stuff go away, they just mangled the rules for them so severely, they aren't usable in game. It would be MUCH more respectful to us as consumers to just come out and say: "We regret to announce that the following warscrolls will no longer be supported in AOS: (List)" If you think this is salt, that's cool just scroll on. I'm honestly surprised and worried by this. It's really out of character for how they have been handling community stuff up to this point. For example, all of the 40k changes have been gradually meted out gently over the last several weeks leading up to the launch of 8th edition. Today we were slammed with "This model's rules are now garbage and we didn't say anything about it and we still aren't." It's really troubling.
  9. I think it's important to recognize that because GW is currently in a release schedule for wh40k, their team is most certainly working on development for the next big thing, which is more than likely AOS. Their actions have indicated to me that they are trying to alternate their ship schedules so one is under development when the other one is in production. The perception is a steady stream of content for players of both games, and a bust/boom for players of only one of their primary titles.
  10. I like the AOS rules, but the system feels like it's grown and stretched in some places, but languished in others. In AOS I would like them to completely decouple heroes from any kind of synergy, instead relate synergy abilities to battle line units. This boosts the importance of BL units and leaves the heroes free to go do heroic stuff, instead of hiding in cover. In addition, I really like the 40k rules. Bring them all over, that's fine with me.
  11. We might be talking about the same Minotaur here!
  12. Whenever I roll this result I chuckle. I imagine my doombull sneaking into the enemy camp and greasing up their weapons before tiptoeing off into the darkness, snickering.
  13. It worked initially but then recently, it didn't detect my Bullgor as Battle Line. Along with "locking" warscrolls that I already have downloaded, I'm going to wait for the app to mature a bit before I resubscribe.
  14. The best feature of the summer campaign was the ability to look at stores in your area and figure out who has active players. I went 6 months wandering from Warhammer groups on facebook, getting snubbed by both salty WHFB players and 40k people alike, looking for active AOS players. Now that AOS isn't a dirty word, I would have loved for GW to leave us with the ability to log worldwide leaderboards. See who's logging wins at stores, see what faction dominates the region, etc.
  15. My hobby room's must have: 1. Computer Area 2. Painting area that I don't need to tear down In my hobby room: 1. 3 Computer Stations (for Minecraft LAN parties with the kids) 2. Display cabinets 3. 4x4 table (collapsible) The closet has heavy duty wire shelves in it for storing things, mostly in plastic tubs. I can post a photo later when I get home.
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