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  1. MarkK

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    Made a start with the base coats, dark reaper and rakarth flesh for the robes, gorthor brown for the skin. Quick question, does anyone have a recipe for light coloured wood?
  2. MarkK

    Darkling Coven Sorceress

    Thanks! Was hard to figure out where to place highlights as the face is pretty flat, I think the makeup was needed to add a little variety in the colours (and cover any mistakes!)
  3. MarkK

    The Painting Contract - October 2018

    For my first pledge I'm starting small, 1 Necromancer and a Freeguild Captain Stretch goal - Bretonnian Damsel on foot Trying to clear out backlog over a decade old!
  4. MarkK

    Darkling Coven Sorceress

    Thanks! Took a couple of tries I think the skin came out a little chalky in places, need more practice with thinking.
  5. First finished fantasy miniature since getting back into the hobby, note the square base, this has been on the back burner for quite awhile! Also some pictures of a Space Marine scout, part of a small force I'm painting for my nephew
  6. Hi All, Getting back into painting and hobbying after a long break, have been lurking on this forum for awhile, it's been giving me the push to get paint on the pile of shame! Into skirmish sized games generally (This is Not a Test, Mordheim, A Song of Blades and Heroes, Hinterlands). Hopefully will be posting acceptably painted minatures in the near future! All construction criticism welcomed! Mark