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  1. Haven't done much painting in the last month, so I think a pledge is in order to get things moving! 1. Pusgoyle Blightlords (2), just primed 2. Putrid Blightkings (4), about 50% done Stretch target of starting a unit of bretonnian bowmen with some Nurgle conversions (still need to be based and primed)
  2. Not much painting done the last month, but I finished the first of the Stormcast ballista crew from the Mortal Realms magazine last night, after taking ages to settle on a colour scheme. Tried a simpler scheme first without the gold trim and blue pauldrons, but thought it was too plain, so ended up with Hallowed Knights by accident!
  3. Test Hallowed Knights Stormcast finished, took awhile before finding a colour scheme I liked, pretty happy how it turned out, although the hair could have been better. And it was pretty tedious individually highlighting the squares on the tabard, would love to hear a faster method!
  4. For an example the edges of the cloak and tabard have been painted as shiny black leather using the paints described above with just the addition of a tiny final highlight of white I leave the highlighted area fairly small to keep enough black to ensure the part still looks black rather than dark blue Edit: pretty much any bluish grey with white or black added will work for this method, just use thin glazes for the first few highlights BTW, good job on the model so far!
  5. I normally highlight black leather with Dark Reaper, then thunderhawk blue and tiny spots of fenresian blue to finish for a shiny, polished look
  6. Went for stone and metallic for the head crest, first I done a zenithal prime using black, grey (at 45 degrees) and white (straight down lightly). Then I drybrushed with white. Finished stone with thinned Sap Green oil paint (any green wash would do) around the bottom and anywhere thought water would collect, after a few mins I cleaned some of the green off with white spirits and a cotton swab. The crest was painted Balthazar gold, washed with agrax, then nihilakh oxide in spots, highlighted with scyorax bronze and finally runefang steel. For some reason, the green is way more intense on my phone camera than in person!
  7. Actually makes me like them more, if I wanted elves for Warlords of Erehwon, this is an good option for elves with long spears or, with a quick snip of the clippers, regular spears.
  8. Looks way longer than the Spears shown below, I hadn't seen it in other images
  9. Alternate build for the new elf infantry with pikes?
  10. Been a while since I've updated this thread, but the last month has been productive, so hopefully won't be as long between updates! Finished 10 Chainrasps, 4 glaivewraiths and most of the Warcry starter box terrain last month Work in progress: Thorns of the Briar queen, 4 Myrmourn Banshees and remaining warcry terrain. Started end of February, still WIP: 5 Blightkings fairly far along now and 1 converted Nurgle to finish painting.
  11. I had a very productive April, considering work is unreal busy, but with working from home and not allowed go too far I've painted: • 10 Chainrasps • 4 Glaivewraith Stalkers • Most of the Warcry terrain WIP: 4 Myrmourn Banshees and the thorns of the briar queen basecoated Rest of the terrain only requires painting of small details to finish (which will probably take longer than the rest of it!) Tried the loaded brush technique to paint the ghostly effect which helped speed things up. Also use oil washes on the metal areas for the first time, thought it worked well.
  12. Absolutely fine, these were the standard battlefield for years, GW used to sell their own. Quickly turns a dinner table into a battlefield and rolls away nice and neat too.
  13. Sounds good, I've being writing small pieces of background for my Nurgle army lately, would be good to try something new, you can put my name down
  14. That's not too bad, although I'm not gone on the older Mantic dwarfs, very flat on top! Will keep a look out for separate crew or convert my own 🤔 They look great! Might be good option for a centerpiece, thanks!
  15. Great thread! After getting the rulebook for Warlords of Erehwon last week, I'm tempted into starting a small force of old school Dwarfs like the below picture Does anyone know a good source of Dwarven war machines? Can't seem to find any outside of crazy eBay prices.
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