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  1. Small (in every sense of the word 🙂) update: Cape, beard and shield done, a lot more to do, really enjoying painting this piece. Next project in the background!
  2. Looks great, the cooler colours are a good contrast to the warmer plaguebearer.
  3. Something like this? Great painter, videos are very clear and easy to understand, if not easy to achieve!
  4. Haha yes, could never commit to one army, random is the best word to describe my collection! Cheers, painting definitely feels faster/easier with more practice, whether the quality is getting better is another story! Uruk Hai was very quick, apart from the skin, it's mostly washes, armour just leadbelcher followed by thin washes of nuln oil mixed with agrax and runefang highlight. The square bases were just already glued on, and I didn't want to risk breaking the plastic models, I've no excuse for the metal minis, sheer laziness would be the best answer. A lot of what I have is from way back around '04/'05, had bought some of the newer plastics a few years ago that sat in a wardrobe until recently, goal for this year is to start a real AoS faction of around 1000 points, still procrastinating over which one!
  5. Love the blends on the armour, well done! Base really complements the model without drawing the eye too much, good job
  6. Small update this week, after a long time procrastinating finally picked a colour scheme for my corsairs. Background is that they are a company of privateers operating out of a free city, acting as a mercenary navy for the city's government, raiding coastal settlements and attacking trade rivals on the open sea. Went with a brighter than usual scheme, with a polished bronze armour, off white cloak and white banners. Rough WIPs below, also painted up an old lotr uruk hai while trying colours for the corsairs, I'm very easily distracted!
  7. Prediction/personal wishlist: Slaanesh mixed mortal/daemon Nurgle Idoneth Scourge Privateers (captain, corsairs with beast handler and beasts - personal wishlist, highly unlikely!) Stormcast Ogors (hopefully!) Soulblight (vampire with human/zombie thralls) Probably go with orruks for the last choice, can't see a season being made without greenskins of some description Would be nice surprise to see a FEC warband too, a Abhorrent "prince", some ghouls and one of the larger models
  8. Free Guild Captain completed and assembled. Went with a bright colour scheme for the classic fantasy look, complete with green wheel on base (a nod to the dwarf war machines in 5th/6th edition FB, when I first discovered Warhammer). Learning alot, namely that NMM is really hard! Need to work on faces, and may repaint sword to regular metallics as it looks off next to the armour.
  9. Free Guild Captain WIP, still a lot to do, but making progress. First ever attempt at NMM on the sword! Thought it came out ok, but definitely room to improve
  10. These are excellent, any chance of the recipe for the green armour or red leather?
  11. Calling the sorcerer finished, tried to keep the colour scheme simple to avoid the model becoming too busy. Still not sure on the colour of the staff, may go back and change it to a light brown leaving the top green.
  12. More done today; skin, staff and black lining of robe. Trying out the ethereal look for the staff, will be good practice if I decide to get some sylvaneth. Armour, cloak trim and feathers to go!
  13. Just some pics of a WIP Tzeentch sorcerer I started today, about 1.5 hours taken so far, robes and cloak almost done, onto the skin next.
  14. Hi all, creating one thread to post finished minis, mainly working on Ad Mech for Kill Team at the minute but have finished a couple of fantasy minis lately (but purchased long ago!). Intend to start painting Shadespire warbands when finished with the Ad Mech, might build up a small, regular AoS force all going well! Finally finished the Necromancer, carrying the Penguin Classic Book of the Dead Flowers in skeletons month may be taken out though, are they a bit gaudy? Old Bretonnian Damsel, first of a small, shameful pile of 2004 era Bretonnians to be finished... sometime Cheers for looking, and any advise/critique appreciated!
  15. Voted Bretonnians, but I'd like to see them back as a mortal and vampire Death faction, led by redone blood knights. Could give Death a fairly low model count army, which would suit my painting speed!
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