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  1. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    Well if we get the chariots pulled by pairs of dogs that appear in the warqueen novel as mount/unit options then I'm a happy gamer regardless of where the factions gets put.
  2. Evening all (or good morning by chance) As the game evolves and newer units are released, we are seeing a very wide range of sources to inflict penalties to the to hit values of units. I'm just wondering if anyone considers these modifiers when building an army or if they are simply something to be dealt with on the the table only. For example; The dankhold troggboss - 3+ to hit (amazing) however this will often times be 4/5+ or perhaps worse. Is this assumed to be the case when deciding how worthwhile he is or do you simply take him on the merit of his shown 3+? I'm a very narrative gamer at heart but have decided to try and attend some match play tournaments this year and am simply curious to the possible impact of such widely seen negative modifiers on list building.
  3. BrocknerTheBear

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    @Kaleb Daark thank you. The shield is the centre disc of a burning chariot of tzeentch.
  4. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I'm considering; troggboss 300 Troll hag (converted from dankhold) 380 3 x dankhold (one unit) 660 3 x rockgut units 480 2 x fungoid cave shamans (made to look like miniature troggs)180
  5. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    For a 1000 point force we can have 3 fellwater troggs, 3 rockgut troggs, a troggoth hag, and a dankhold troggboss....I'm sold so count me in.
  6. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Enemy units are minus 1 to hit if they take damage from the road but don't die for the rest of the battle round. Attack sequence for his club is roll a dice on a 1 nothing 2-3 1 mortal 4+ D3 mortals. Regeneration / inspiring / magic resistance same as troggboss. Minion effects - when you allocate a wound or mortal wound you can instead remove a minion and negate the damage. One of them ignores this rule on a 3/5 up (doesnt get removed but still ignores the damage) One of them gives a ranged 18 shooting attack that on a (looks like) 3/5+ does a single mortal. One of them picks a unit within 3 in the combat phase and on a 3/5 up (they look really similar) gives minus 1 to hit.
  7. BrocknerTheBear

    Changehost Battleforce?

    It was a Christmas bundle from last year that sold out quite a while back. You will need to get lucky and find one in an independent stockist im afraid.
  8. BrocknerTheBear

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    Just started working on the "blood crushers" the dracoline will be blind too like the other daemons. They look like giant flesh hounds so they fit better then the metal rhinos and I can use them under stormcast rules too to gain benefits against chaos if need be for narrative gaming.
  9. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    There is a troll in the background 3 seconds in. Pause it almost immediately after it starts and you'll see it
  10. BrocknerTheBear

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    It's originally be'lakor with his head adapted and his eyes removed so he's got no facial features. The shield is the centre of a burning chariot.
  11. BrocknerTheBear

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    I've almost finished the daemon prince of malal. All the lesser daemons will be bloodletters with heads changed slightly to match. Mounting bloodletters on blind dracolines for cavalry. And the greater daemon is based on the elemental of fire from forgeworld.
  12. BrocknerTheBear

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    Currently building a Malal themed daemons of chaos undivided army using the blades of khorne rules and warscrolls but with heavily converted minis
  13. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    I'm just reading through myself too but I believe the "wolves" are actually hounds. So the large dog in the underworlds warband but slightly larger still paired and pulling chariots
  14. BrocknerTheBear

    1,000 Point Maggotkin of Nurgle List - Help Required

    Fair play taking a win first time out the gate. I like the list and am toying with something similar myself for a first foray into nurgle rotbringers. How Did you find the Lord of blights? I'm currently deciding between him and a harbinger of decay...
  15. BrocknerTheBear

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I would see the emphasis being on the wrong part. "All" would mean any such action. "Or" means one or the other. But you could charge multiple times before your next hero phase (blood tithe table effects or command traits etc) so the effect would count towards these results as well as one made in the charge phase itself. However. That being said, it's still run "or" charge. Other effects specify run "and" charge. It's certainly one for the rules guys to qualify in the next faq because it has a huge effect one way or the other with a gain or loss of 3" in the balance. Still, this is just a clearing up of why I see it this way and nothing more. As such, if happily play others using the other interpretation and I would still use my own and harbour no ill will. I wonder how some of the playtesters or TO's would rule it at a tournament though