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  1. @SleeperAgent I think you may be mistaken. It's clearly a six eyed bug monster wielding some poor fools leg as a club. Its so obvious I can see how you missed it. 😁
  2. @Pitloze I'd run either two 9's of rockgut and two 3's of fellwater Or Three units of 6 rockgut and two units of 3 fellwater
  3. Well I'm a big fan of everything you've just reported @Charlo so thank you very much Gives the troggboss a rockgut save and improves our regen army wide. Also gives an advantage for big blocks of rockgut against spells that would rebuff them.
  4. Also diving in mega, box of mancrushers and battletomb (and some choice idoneth bits to sacrifice for bits and basing) I second @KingBrodd and look forward to all the wierd and wonderful creations.
  5. @KingBrodd its 10am UK time chap. Although it's usually 5 minutes or so before
  6. Or more accurately, it works loads of the time but you never roll higher then a 2 haha
  7. @Tropical Ghost General true, but in a taker tribe he counts as 30 models.
  8. I'm so glad the kraken eater is my favourite. The ability is essentially how I feel about the left over bits in my bits boxes. It was ment to be....
  9. @Ben how hard would it be to get a donation poll running on the site to get @KingBrodd a megagargant? The mans single handedly kept us all going with his unrelenting enthusiasm. Pretty sure if enough of us pitched in even just Β£1 each (or equivalent) it wouldn't take long.
  10. @Grimrock couldn't agree more. I love my khorne daemons but simply wont run bloodletters or heralds. They are comparatively worse then all the other god specific equivalents.
  11. @kingbrodd trying to find the motivation to do the final push on my troggs to get them done. They were originally going to the AOS doubles in june but that got cancelled and I slowly put them to the side.
  12. I'm more thinking the release time frame (price isn't a big issue for me as I only ever make 1K forces - easily distracted)
  13. That's the bundle of three? Its definately a good shout. I've all but resigned myself to them being my christmas army at this point haha
  14. @kingbrodd you've been waiting a while for those havnt you?
  15. Gargants are back in stock on the UK GW site. The banner says out of stock but once you click on the gargant it says add to cart
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