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  1. I've been on the fence about this army for a while but these new changes sound interesting. If they introduce an option for megaboss on gore grunta then I think I may just cave in.
  2. So the daemon prince of khorne.... Is it best now to take the sword as his main weapon instead of the axe? Hitting on 2's and -1 rend when he can potentially pile in twice seems far more useful then hitting on 3's with -2. I feel he's either going to be chopping up hordes by tagging a corner or going after hero's with the mortal wound sword so won't need the rend anyways.
  3. @Sneeto that does certainly sound like an awful lot of effort so I would love to see some pictures if you would be so kind?
  4. They are far too 40k in design. They have spinal attachments and vials sculpted into their backs and the boots they wear and trousers are also very sci-fi in design. You'd be better off using bloodreaver heavily converted in all honesty.
  5. Take some shavings of sprue and mix them into a spare plastic glue. It melts in the glue and becomes a thick plastic goo. Great gap filler.
  6. If you take him as an ally then yes he can use his command ability and no it will not break the ally limit as the unit is generated in the battle (in the same way as summoned units do not break the 2000 point limit) However, he can only use the command ability once per game. It states "that has this command ability and has not used it before in the battle."
  7. Exactly. Fight at the start of the combat phase is fine in isolation.
  8. As a mechanic in and of itself I think it's fine. The only reason we see it being complained about I feel is because of the additional mechanic of multiple activations. Either of them in isolation is fine. Both of them together at the same time with no penalty or "tax" as it were is not.
  9. Really interested on how this progresses. I will be sure to look out for it on the tables.
  10. Kurnoth hunters. They are lovely to build, have great character and look exceptional. And I don't even play sylvaneth.
  11. After seeing forgeworld update the keywords on gloomspite friendly units I'd be happy if they added the slaves to darkness keyword to the giant chaos spawn and skin wolves along side a darkoath/slaves to darkness book
  12. Well if we get the chariots pulled by pairs of dogs that appear in the warqueen novel as mount/unit options then I'm a happy gamer regardless of where the factions gets put.
  13. Evening all (or good morning by chance) As the game evolves and newer units are released, we are seeing a very wide range of sources to inflict penalties to the to hit values of units. I'm just wondering if anyone considers these modifiers when building an army or if they are simply something to be dealt with on the the table only. For example; The dankhold troggboss - 3+ to hit (amazing) however this will often times be 4/5+ or perhaps worse. Is this assumed to be the case when deciding how worthwhile he is or do you simply take him on the merit of his shown 3+? I'm a very narrative gamer at heart but have decided to try and attend some match play tournaments this year and am simply curious to the possible impact of such widely seen negative modifiers on list building.
  14. @Kaleb Daark thank you. The shield is the centre disc of a burning chariot of tzeentch.
  15. I'm considering; troggboss 300 Troll hag (converted from dankhold) 380 3 x dankhold (one unit) 660 3 x rockgut units 480 2 x fungoid cave shamans (made to look like miniature troggs)180
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