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  1. Thanks for this. I've been avoiding chiming in directly without more info from those with actual legal expertise, and this goes a long way towards establishing context for the document within a practical legal perspective.
  2. Another +1 for OPR. I'm just hoping we get just 1 or 2 big cool rules per faction, to help differentiate them a bit more, because the game is so elegant that it could absorb that bit of added complexity very well, and so well-maintained that any kinks that get introduced by adding these times will be quickly ironed out.
  3. I'm already a few years into AoS, but a big part of why I play any game is "how easy will it be to grow the community?" Not every area will have a pre-existing gaming community, but if I can get my friends playing, then I'm guaranteed to have opponents that I know I'm going to enjoy hanging out with. And a big draw for those folks - as it was for me when I started AoS in summer 2019 - is the free and easily-accessible Warscrolls. Having official support for that sort of thing goes so far for getting newer players on-board.
  4. Absolutely. I'm planning to run OnePageRules with my current GW models and am getting my SAGA Shieldmaidens painted up for an Age of Vikings warband. And hey, I'm always up for more of the Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game, GW's most-accessible, best-designed, and best-maintained game. I'll happily buy that new Witch-King model - heck, that's reminded me that I need to pick up Gondor at War for the Ithilien Rangers Legendary Legion. Ooo, and the Scouring of the Shire supplement has some lovely, smaller narrative scenarios!
  5. Yeah, all this shift to W+ has done is make me not want to go to GW for my game rules at all, or use their stores for play. And it's actively made me feel worse about W+. I just subbed to OnePageRules' Patreon for the same price, because I'd rather my money go to a small creator who has a fast update time for a cleaner, more-balanced game and a focus on an open community with free materials than to a massive corporation engaging in classic "lock them into our ecosystem with sunk costs" practices.
  6. Welp, time to get into OnePageRules! In all seriousness, removing the free warscrolls frustrates the heck out of me. A big part of the games I choose to play is accessibility and ease of entry for other new players, since getting new people on board is one of my favorite parts of any hobby - and that in turn ensures you'll always have someone to play with. The free warscrolls were the reason I got back into Warhammer through Age of Sigmar!
  7. My thinking is the lore can change and a new kit could fit the aesthetic better. And heck, that alternate take on Brutes you mentioned could work just as well! Give them a trophy-laden banner, a giant effin' drum, and huge spikey tower shields that they can use as bashin' weapons, and that's basically what I'm pitching - powerful Ironjawz Brutez with a higher sense of in-unit camaraderie and longer-term finkin'. You don't have to personally like or use them, but there's a space for expansion within the Ironjawz as a broader super-culture that adds the variety and nuance that many fans have been asking for in Ironjawz and Destruction as factions. There's an entire space for "culture clash" within the Ironjawz regarding the "mukkin' about" and how different clanz feel about it - again, more nuanced and less one-note. Besides, lots of people don't like the "Cows" aspect of Lumineth (including me), but there's options for them to run the army without them and I don't equate my not liking them with it not working for the faction as a whole. I don't see why that can't be the same for Ironjawz!
  8. No, I'm not. I'm describing a new unit for the Ironjawz. Something heavily-armored and all about open warfare, but disciplined about it to the point of professionalism. Is it really so difficult to imagine "Hey, these 'Ardboyz won a bunch of fights and decided to refine what they were doing to become even better at it," as something that a number of Orruks might do, especially in the context of the legacy of the Black Orcs, Age of Sigmar's propensity for doing things a bit different, and Games Workshop's general "eh, is it cool? Then do it and retcon the lore a bit" attitude? It's a bit one-note and dull to say "every 'Ardboy wants this," and I thought the Ironjawz playerbase (and Destruction in general) was kinda feeling "We want more unit options and to be less one-note smash-everything."
  9. I first started playing Warhammer in The Old World with Orcs and Goblins, and the old Black Orcs/current 'Ardboyz kit has a tonne of nostalgia attached to it for me, as well as the concept of the black orcs in general. What I'm trying to say is, I'd really like to see Ironjawz get a more-elite version of 'Ardboyz, or something like that. Lean into some Old World black orcs disciplined-professional, march-in-ranks-with-banners-and-drummers vibes! I'm not talking Brutes, who are described as being about smashin' and finding da biggest enemy on the battlefield, and certainly don't have banners or musicians or any real semblance of discipline. This is more like an updated, bigger 'Ardboy model that more-closely matches the Ironjawz aesthetic. And to clarify again: - Not Brutes. Again, Brutes are an undisciplined bunch of brutal destroyers - the iconic one-note "smash everything" Ironjaw. They don't have a real sense of unit cohesion, discipline, or banners and drummers. - Not Kruleboyz. Kruleboyz are, so far, lightly-armored skirmishers and ambush raiders. They lack the "professional" vibe of the old black orcs. This would be a new unit and a new addition to the lore, saying "look, a lot of 'Ardboyz love to smash and become Brutes as they grow. Others are more complex as individuals, and take pride in their discipline, their gear, and the bonds they've forged with their mates." It adds a new facet to the Ironjawz as the most well-equipped Orruks, as well as Orruks as individuals with their own personalities, without detracting from the Ironjawz' emphasis on resiliance through the heaviest armor and weapons or the "there is only the Waaaagh!" vibe of Orruks in general. Each unit carries their banner with pride and attaches trophies of the units they've slain to it. They use drummers to keep a beat because they know it works to make them stronger and better at fighting by keeping them marching together. In battle they're watching out for their mates and working as something like a cohesive whole. Their kit may be beaten, but it's always well-kept and maintained as a matter of pride - and these Orruks takes something akin to professional pride in their work not just as fighters, but as soldiers. The Ironsunz, with all their "clever taktiks," would love these guys. These fighters might be able to appreciate the fighting of different Orruks even if they look down on them ("swampy boyz can't hold da line in a good fight, and doze painty boyz freek me out"). Their bosses would even care about things like supplies and logistics as part of keeping a good Waaagh! going for as long as possible. For example, where other Warbosses would look down on a contingent of Grots tagging along, these Warbosses would recognise the Grots' usefulness as a self-propelled food supply. A perfect combo of Kunnin' and Brutal! Dunno, would be a nice detail to add onto the standard "what if orruks... but with armor!" Add some nuance to the Ironjawz, you know?
  10. Yeah, this whole thing might be what pushes me into OnePageRules. I'm just hoping the dev comes out with a few extra special rules per faction - after that, it'd be the perfect game for me.
  11. Yeah, for me, it's a personal preference, but it all focuses around the social aspect of the hobby. Do I prefer playing against painted armies? Sure, but that's because it's a point of discussion and bonding, where we can compliment each other, learn about why we each chose the schemes we did, and swap hobby tips. But as far as actually choosing opponents go, "having a painted army" is so far down my list of priorities that it might as well not exist. Again, I play for the social aspect, and I don't play against people I wouldn't enjoy hanging out with in the first place. If someone is a lovely human being, I will actively go out of my way to play with them, all other standards be darned.
  12. First time I've ever done this, but here goes! I've got some Kurnoth Hunters that I've started on, but I need to bite the bullet and get the airbrush work done on them. Then I'll get them finished and based!
  13. That list is something else. It's four huge flipping Hero Monsters, and under 300 points of anything else. It's ballsy as hell.
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