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  1. Solid list for 1500. Only concern would be that your blocks of 10 revenants might die a little easily if there are only 10, but I don't know if that's actually true. I like to have grimghasts in my NH lists as a separate threat to the bladegheists, but hard at 1500. Overall again though - looks good. Love the Craven King
  2. Can you sign Jp Ganis and Philip McGuinness up? ❤️
  3. Might struggle to find useful spells to cast for your mortal wizards.
  4. Arcane Bolt is baseline just 1MW now. Just a thing to consider.
  5. Can you sign Jp Ganis and Phil McGuinness up please? Thank you!
  6. I'd still say this is contested. There's one FAQ that says Special Characters can be used in formations as long as the special character has they keyword (Kairos does) There's a second FAQ that says when a formation is referring to a specific unit it won't be in bold, otherwise it will be. Imo there is no conflict between those two FAQs. But some people think there is.
  7. I don't think there's any way to make them good in melee. Just let em die and then split them into smaller horrors to tie people up forever.
  8. I think the point of pink horrors in a Tzeentch army is their super reliable casters. Their shooting/melee is sorta just a little random extra. I don't think it's ever worth bringing blocks of 30 pinks for the +1.
  9. I largely agree with your post, but this isn't true. 1) you lose the extra champion you would get two units, and more importantly 2) battleshock 3) reliability. with separate units, I can see how much damage each unit did before choosing a target with the next one I'd always rather my opponent took one unit of 12 hunters and split his fire than 4 units of 3.
  10. You don't know anyone who plays a Disc of Tzeentch? You don't know anyone who plays the Blue Scribes? Or a Herald on a Disc? Or any Enlightened or Skyfires? Even discs aside, Skinks are as fast as an Ironclad. :^) Hardly silliness.
  11. This, and also how many ships does one plan on bringing? I see one or two mainly. Discs of Tzeentch are mobile, 16" move, KO are flexible rather than fast imo.
  12. I think you actually can. But not 100% sure.
  13. I really would love to see spells that aren't just "do mortal wounds" or "give a buff that could easily be a generic ability." Scintillating Simulacra is the best example I can think of this, and would love to see more reasons to bring wizards instead of cannons. Especially since even in matched play you get to pick your spells at the start of the game. Would love to see a "Lore" that allowed you to choose between sniping spells, debuff spells, etc. Without being too powerful
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