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  1. @Masake I think I would agree after today's game alone and I love having Grpyh-Feather on the GKoTG, especially if he manages to get off UV on himself. I don't know that I will try out Blisterskin until at least 1500. Speaking of today's game, now that it's 1k week for my league I will be doing batreps and posting them in my blog below. Have a few more games lined over this weekend and I'll report back once it's updated. Thanks everyone!
  2. I'll slowly add to this to keep all the games for 1k week in this same thread My list: Game 1: Seraphon - Scorched Earth in Hysh Their List: T1 I finish setup first and (for probably the first time in my AoS history the last 2 years) decide to take 1st turn. I make sure to setup screens so nothing can teleport behind\to the sides and ensure my objectives are held. Spectral Host + Unholy Vitality go off on the GKoTG but Chalice is unbound... but it didn't matter in the end. I run the GKoTG 19" and get a long enough charge to make it behind the Rippers and Skinks.. unfortunately I can't bite the Slann thanks to Doppleganger. Regardless, combat + FF kill 5 Rippers and 7 Skinks.. retaliation takes a wound off the TG. His turns teleports the Slann to the right side and summons in Skinks + a Salamander, proceeding shooting + combat phase takes off 2 more wounds from the TG but I take the objective by wiping out the remaining 3 Skinks and lone Ripper. We roll for priority and with a tie, so it goes back to me and he decides to concede. Overall Thoughts Yeah so.. GKoTG. It will likely be a tougher matchup against more combat heavy armies but the combination of getting off UV and Gryph Feather just made him a tank and being able to charge T1 (likely could've been done without even casting SH) was nuts coming from someone who's largely only played shooting\magic heavy armies. I summoned in a Varghulf and 3 Flayers on the right but... after that first combat we both saw that it was likely the end unless he could get a double and try to fight back.. even then I had my 2 objectives covered pretty well and was going to let the Summons + TG do all the work. I think I've decided on a 1250 list, but unless someone else brings some heavy hitting, I think this could be tough to fight back against. I have 1-2 games tomorrow and another this Saturday with Tzeentch so I'll update this weekend sometime. As always any feedback\comments are welcome. This is the 7th time I've played them so I'm still trying to get in the swing of ranges, abilities, etc.
  3. Thanks for the advice! I think I will probably go with list 2 per the suggestion.. I could proxy the ZD as a TG for list 1 but I don't really want to do that in the league. At 1500 I will have a bit more leeway to do something like that. Hopefully a FLGS has some Flayers available as I need another 1-2 boxes by next week. Hopefully not starting with a CP won't be too much of a hindrance, which was partly why I wanted to try Blisterskin.. but I think I'm just underestimating the innate return that Feast Day ends up giving you. Especially when you can do it for free once in each combat phase.
  4. Alright everyone, quick bit of advice needed if possible. I have my 1k list for this week done, but I'm being really swingy when it comes to my 1250 list for next week. I'll list the floating ideas down below... feel free to criticize and point out something obviously better all around that I may be missing. Most likely matchups are going to be Seraphon, Tzeentch, Khorne and Fyreslayers, maybe Nurgle or DoK as well. I have some extra thoughts under each, so let me know what you think. GKoTG + GKoZD: Blisterskin\Flayers: Ghouls:
  5. Because the Corrupter gets far more attacks which is great with the SoJ and the Deceiver...well it looks like you figured out the rest. The Deceivers average damage output is abysmal quite frankly, even if you count the shooting. The Corrupter is capable of more and Skitterleaping him into range of a high value Hero\Monster will likely also put him in range to get off Dreaded Plague (assuming he doesn't use the Spell Portal beforehand) on a nearby unit. The objective is for the Corrupter to cause as much havoc as possible and if he lives, great.. he can then be Skitterleaped elsewhere if needed next turn. If not then the Deceiver can step in as a pseudo-assassin type hero and still has the Skitterleap utility to use elsewhere.. which is the great thing of having 2 SKitterleaps available to use in conjunction with Gnawhole teleportation.
  6. No tourney this month thanks to a local escalation league (where I'm playing FeC) but I think next month the goal is to have another VL painted up to give this a run: Wary about not starting with a CP, but I think most players are going to be focusing on the VL's\Thanquol rather than target the Clanrats on objectives. Curious to see how it goes.. probably not ultra competitive but it would be fun. Then again, Dan's list going 2nd (albeit it had Screech + a Grey Seer) at BOBO shows some value to this style I suppose. I think this has a good amount of complexity to it when it comes to "order-of-operations" which is a big reason I've wanted to give it a try as there's a lot of careful placement to be had. After all, I have to get some use out of Thanquol to justify his paint job and overall purchase.
  7. @5kaven5lave I suppose so.. may need to mess around with it a bit. Next list was going to just drop some Acolytes\Jezzails and throw in a Doomwheel but, I'll be honest... ...I'm more concerned with buying another VL and setting up something similar to Dan's list.
  8. @Saodexan Awesome, thanks. Really wish there was video of it because I would love to see how he plays that. I may need to give that list a shot as I've been dying to try it out ever since it posted awhile back. Grats on 4th, I know there's not much you would change but do you think it would still greatly benefit a shoot-heavy list (like I usually run, 9 Jezzails + 30 Acolytes) to tone back Clanrats or some of the shooting and bring 40 Monks? Even if unsupported by a Furnace? This way you at least have a little bit of everything. I think in the end I'm going to see if the GHB drastically drops Stormvermin or increases Monks, but I haven't felt the need to have anything in the combat phase since I put so much into shooting that can (often) delete whole units each turn. Granted, not getting a double-turn really can hurt such shoot-heavy lists that I run.
  9. Anyone have the BOBO results? Really curious to see how Dan Bradshaws Verminlord\Endless Spell list did as I really want to give something similar a shot next month.
  10. Well, just finished playing Fyreslayers at 750 (10 & 5 Hearthguard Berserkers, 10 Vulkite, Runefather and Grimwrath I think?) playing open war with what was essentially KttH but we place our own objectives within territory and it can be capped from any turn, not just T3. Anyway, won't do full reports until 1k next week.. but 2 Archregents is pretty great, if anything for the 4 spells since we utilize realm spells. I ended up winning the game by getting the double on T2 and bringing in 3 Flayers to get his obj. from the 5 Hearthguard and the 20 Ghouls just went to town on everything else thanks to FF. His Grimwrath shredded the Varghulf and capped my objective.. but the best part of this game was him killing the 10-Ghoul unit, and then bringing them back thanks to the CA for Morgaunt and I got them within range of my objective to take back control, deciding the game. 1k list? Probably gonna go GKoTG, 2x AA and 2x10 Ghouls with Feast Day. Curious to see how it goes.
  11. Nah, for a way to get started it would do just fine. You're still getting a great deal as the Bell\Furnace on it's own is ~$60 so if you intend to use it in the future then I would definitely go for it and spend the extra $30 to get all 3. Just from a min\max standpoint, I would definitely go with the AW as suggested, but the Bell can still do just fine until you buy (or convert) one. Rambling aside.. I think you'll do just fine with one, especially if you get it moved up in the first turn or so with the Acolytes.
  12. @Sometimes You asked for opinions and someone gave their opinion. You should keep in mind that a battalion (likely Ghoul Patrol in this instance) would give you another artifact and CP to start with. Problem is that you wouldn't be able to run it without dropping something as it's 180 + 60 since you would need a Ghast Courtier. You would start with less drops, +1 CP and an extra artifact in exchange of 4 extra CP to start with. I would take Aetherquartz Brooch to potentially gain CP's back and it's a popular choice. It really doesn't take much to make a "top FeC list" as it currently stands; what you have there is a list that is going to capitalize on getting a T1 charge with help from cogs and FF'ing the hell out of everything and hoping you get a double to do it all over again. Always be aware that seasonal FAQ's and GHB's change things. What works well now may not in a month, or be impossible with points changes.
  13. I think Warpseer is generally the type of thing that fits in anywhere well so personally I would go with that. Bell could work well too, but I think the CP generation, spell-casting and huge BS bubble CA work out better in the end when comparing the two in this regard.
  14. So.. why even bother having an escalation league? What defines a players skill is those objectives and not having them just gives blatant advantage to lower model count armies in my opinion. Anyway, Thanquol is pretty great, especially with that +3 next to a Gnawhole. But I agree in that I'm not too certain he's worth it in the long run. Curious to see what lists you come up with!
  15. I got both of mine for ~$45 but.. they're really needed compared to the Bombardier that I rarely use in my Skaven lists. They've already said they will be coming out separately but I mean.. who knows when that will be. Most people will have bought them off eBay at that point for twice the price.
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