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  1. Well, it isn't a huge deal. My personal preference is towards a 60 Clanrat list, with or without WLV (though it's hard to say no to that) similar to Jack's from LGT. Two different styles of using them however, so build what you like around that and what works for your local meta. Many players always opt to go 2nd (especially if a CC focused army) for the double, but many fail to see where that isn't always beneficial. My magic list for example benefits me whether I go 1st or 2nd and with it being ~9 drops, makes it difficult for people I play against to give me T1 so I can hit them with a bunch of spells and a SoJ Corruptor.... or give me 2nd and let me hit them with a bunch of spells and a SoJ Corruptor.
  2. In regards to Deranged Inventor, yeah that's generally always top take if you're rolling mostly Skryre as a solid backup to MMMWP not going off; Tzeentch, Nagash, etc. can bank on ensuring that. I briefly thought of the Grinder team, but really not worth it all things considered... at least not for Fiends. The bridge almost acts like another Gnawhole and it's utility for 80 points is astounding, especially in this specific case. Ratlings hitting T1 would be great, but as you're one drop with the above list, you can decide that a lot of the time (most competitive lists are running 1-5 drops on average) and if you believe them inching forward and giving them T1 is best then you will likely have them in range with the bridge.
  3. As you suggested, I think the Bridge is the perfect solution.. and it allows you to escape back if it's still around next turn. It had a lot of use (and honestly it's what let this list function properly) at LGT this past weekend. Here's some coverage on a game with it and 9 Fiends. I really do think it's the best solution as those buffs are critical to the output. Using a Grinder really has no benefit for Fiends in my opinion.
  4. @Congratz All the London GT lists are on tabletop.to but I'll post it below. He went 25th overall with it, Jack Armstrong actually placed 4th with his 9 Fiends\40 Monks list. Ben Savva's list:
  5. Eh... You could I suppose I just don't know that it will give you a return when you really want it. I would say your other good option is Suspicous Stone or another Realm artifact to make that Warpseer extra tanky, 4+RR with a 5+, 5+ annoys the hell out of people and is great for Hero\Wizard controlled objectives. Good luck though, look forward to hearing how it goes.
  6. I would rather run 2 WLC's. You've got a 27" threat range that doesn't care about Look out, Sir and on average focus firing a target should be able to do the same as 6\9 Jezzails. If you overcharge one of them, then you're doing even better in that regard. Those TG's are good at killing everything, not just heroes so you can easily aim that thing at backline support, elite units, other artillery, etc. Now I kind of miss my WLC's... I may give Ben Savva's list a go that includes one as tax. I used them all the time before the tome and now they're not great compared to other toys (Jezzails and 9 Fiends).
  7. Looking forward to doing them. But yeah, I had ideas a while back to try running 40 Monks +9 Fiends but couldn't feasibly see doing it with my 80-100 Clanrats. Seeing some games from the guy who went 2nd at London GT has made me see that 60 can be enough. Sure you're going to struggle on some scenarios a little bit, but when you're outputting damage like that it rarely matters as major threats are removed in the first couple of turns. I would advise watching The Honest Wargamers coverage of 2 of the Skaven games on Twitch when able... great stuff. Of course if you run more Verminous... maybe not up your alley 😉 I think you would benefit greatly from the Warpseer since your CP's are shared so that's a no-brainer to me, which leaves out the 2nd choice. Personally though, I would rather run 6 Jezzails over 3 Stormfiends and a WLV. WLV is great, but you will have to be careful about hitting his models as well since they'll be right up in there straight away. Hell, I'd almost be tempted to go with the Warpseer, 40 Clanrats and 9 Jezzails. MMMWP would be nice on them but I don't know that it's really needed; 9 on their own will be removing support pieces easily enough. All in all... I would say the 1st, or a variation of it. Just include that Warpseer since without Feast Day he'll struggle to get off a bunch of Feeding Frenzies.
  8. @Battlefury No worries... but yeah, ultimately it was burnout with them + playstyle, nothing else really.
  9. On another note, Skryre seems to have been a popular choice at the London GT this weekend. Ben Savva doing some great things with the Soulscream Bridge + 9 Stormfiends so I may need to give it a shot. As I said earlier, I've been rethinking my "required" amount of Clanrats (80-100, never less) and a few other tweaks thanks to some advice from a local celebrity that you all may know of. That and seeing some of these lists shifting heavily towards Stormfiends has made me think less about more bodies and more about heavier firepower early on to take objectives back with anything I have left, which I know has been mentioned here before, but I was a bit stubborn. Anyway, now that the local League is over with where I was playing FeC, I will be shooting for 1-2 games per week to get more practice in and test a few things out in preparation for a few larger scale tournaments next year.
  10. Long time no see (again) but I just wanted to stop by and throw a 3-game batrep to you all from the ending Tournament of the League I've been playing in the last few months. This is my final outing with FeC as I sold the army to the last Nurgle player I went up against, but it's been fun. I'll be using that money towards the Ossiarchs most likely so... I'll see you all over there.
  11. My list: Game 1: Nurgle (Daemons) - Focal PointsTheir List (from memory-don't know all traits\artifacts): T1 I elect him to go first, though not much happens other than tree's and some buff spells with barely any forward movement. About as expected. On my turn, I go ahead and summon in 6 Flayers and a Varghulf and make the right side Flayers charges to kill off some Plaguebearers. 4-2 FeC T2 I get the double. Manage to get 1 extra attack on the GKoTG but fail UV and everything makes it charges. GKoTG gets in with a regular GUO and only takes it down to 6 with FF and it strikes back to take the GKoTG to 5... the GKoZD into Rotigus is somehow better, doing 11 wounds and only taking 2 in return. Ghouls fail and do only 3 wounds to one Beast and 1 to another; Slimux takes 2 while the right side Flayers wipe the Bearer unit. His turn sees everything getting healed and he takes the GKoTG down to 1, killing him later in combat. All of the Ghouls are taken out with BS but the left Flayers take out a Bearers unit on the left but the ZD largely does nothing and gets taken down to 2 remaining but heals back to 8 with the Chalice (tucked behind the tower). I honestly could've done quite a bit more damage and likely killed Rotigus had I actually remembered the wound re-rolls and Feast Day. Oh well. 11-4 FeC T3 He rolls priority, charges and kills the AAR and Ghast Courtier with the Beasts\Slimux and summons in 20 Plaguebearers. I finally kill off Rotigus but not much else goes on aside from getting back 5 Plaguebearers top left to ensure he keeps that objective but I run my right Ghouls over to cap back top right. 13-10 FeC Victory ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 2: Fyreslayers - StarstrikeTheir List (from memory-don't know all traits\artifacts): T1 I let him go first, knowing he's in the more defensive setup than the stubby T1 charge setup, which he uses to inch a bit closer. My turn, I get all of my spells off, do the same summons as previous game and charge in the Ghouls, TG and ZD... but not before he spends 2 CP to make 2 units fight first. Ultimately. the 10 Hearthguard somehow only managed 1 wound to go through on the GKoTG after some nice saves since I got off UV for once in my life. Some Ghouls die, but the Vulkites are wiped out. (Forgot to take a picture of the T1 end) T2 Objective drops right on top of my 40 Ghouls I get the double, spells all go off again and combat has the remaining 10 Hearthguard get finished off by the GKoTG and the Grimwrath killed off by the Ghouls. I opt to pile in my Flayers towards the Runemaster who bring him down to 1, but he somehow manages to kill off 1 1/2 of them leaving 1 remaining Flayer while the Runefather kills the 3 Flayers that charged into him. He brings in 10 Hearthguard in the back and fails their charge, but gets the Magmadroth into the GKoZD and takes it to 2 in a fell swoop. 2-0 FeC T3 Next objectives drop on left side I win priority again and.. well, I forgot to move my Ghouls but in the end it doesn't matter. Anyway, the GKoTG charges into the Hearthguard, but I have to be careful to make sure they cannot pile around me in order to control the objective. I end up killing 5 with FF and in return they take the TG down to 5.. however, I managed to keep the control neutral as the Hearthguard couldn't pile in to have 2 models in range. His turn sees the GKoTG finally go down along with the GKoZD and he moves 10 Vulkite and the remaining Hearthguard to control bottom left, leaving his Runemaster to control top left. 5-6 T4 We're out of time, so we roll off and I win it. Quickly playing through, I run the 1 remaining Flayer and Varghulf top left to take control of that objective. Had he played out his turn, he wouldn't have been able to get enough in range in take back top left, ending 13-10 FeC Victory. Oh, did I mention I forgot to bring in my 10x2 Ghouls T1? So yeah, those would've been useful to have. (No picture of the end either...I'll get better about pictures one day) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 3: Nurgle (Mortals) - Total Commitment Their List (from memory-don't know all traits\artifacts): T1 He goes first, moves everything up in 1 giant blob and not much else goes on. I had my eye on his SoJ Corruptor since I know what I use it frequently myself.. so I charge it with the GKoTG and... only do 4 wounds with FF. I don't like to blame dice rolls, but man, my luck with dice had ran out on this game. Luckily, I controlled both of his objectives with summoned Flayers, with the back ones making an 11" charge to secure it. Back to combat; What was even more soulcrushing was the combined 239 attacks (+3 from FH going off) across 2x5 Blightking models to.... only kill 3 of them. Best part of that is the remaining Blightkings wiped out 34 Ghouls with BS taking the last 6. 8-2 FeC T2 He gets priority. Kills the all the Flayers and the GKoTG with the Glottkin who made a great charge in. 8 Blightkings charge into the AAR, 10 Ghouls and Ghast, but I keep the objective for now. GKoZD is still stuck fighting an other 7 or so Blightkings and gets taken out with 4 Blightkings still standing. My turn is largely irrelevant and I should've called it there but wanted to see if I could at least kill something which I didn't. 10-4 FeC T3 I win priority, but it doesn't matter as everything is dead. We decide to call it there obviously as he'll have ~2 turns worth of getting that last objective from the 10 Ghouls on the right side. FeC Loss No pictures of last 2 turns as I really wasn't thinking about it and we were all having too much fun talking about the rave that seemed to be going on next door. Overall Thoughts Welp, that will do it for FeC. I actually sold the entire army to that last Nurgle player. All in all, I definitely had fun with them over these last 4-6 months, but they really just don't fit my playstyle in the end. I took 1st place in the League and 2nd for the Tournament, which I'm happy with. I made a lot of mistakes throughout these 3 games since I haven't played this army since the beginning of July out of pure burn-out and distaste, but I'm still happy with what I managed to pull off as those 1st 2 games could easily have swung the other way, but I think that had a lot to do with winning priority when I needed it... but that's a conversation going on elsewhere. I think the most incredible thing was that I've never played Nurgle in my 2+ years of playing until now, and I got 2 of them. Re-rolling 6's is obnoxious when most of your damage comes from 6's, just so you know. Anyway, now that I've moved on from this project, I will be using that money towards the Ossiarchs with my next choice between CoS and BoC; time will tell.
  12. I don't think you can compare them really as they serve different functions. If you want a punchy unit that isn't Monks, I would go with 40 Stormvermin and it has the added benefit of being your battleline, if you only want to bring 60-80 Clanrats... of course you can bring more Clanrats if you want but that's dependent on if you want to run mostly Verminous or not. I've reconsidered my stance on the amount of chaff I bring lately.. some future testing may have me running only 60 Clanrats so we'll see how it goes.
  13. Yeah... I wouldn't say it's necessary at all but it can be a nice boon. When I run him it's with my magic list so I have access to Dreaded Skitterleap which is infinitely more reliable than the 9" charge required from standard Skitterleap. It's almost always a guaranteed Hero\Behemoth deleted per turn and can delete\cripple a horde unit all in 1 model, so I'm a big fan. He generally gets thrown in with reckless abandon so if he die's I'm generally not too upset so long as 1-3 units die with him.
  14. @Aelford Considering your investment in SV and Monks, I think a Warbringer is a no-brainer to take along. I would also give yourself more Clanrats but, if you aren't aiming for competitive play then I guess it isn't a big deal... but I would be taking at least 60-80. If you aren't going to go with any shooting, you could always add in more Monks and a Corruptor isn't a terrible addition either, though he's best used with SoJ. Barring that a Warpseer is always a great take, especially with Stone or another defensive realm artifact for hero\wizard controlled battleplans like places of arcane power. And you know, WLV is always great but your use of it is more limited without a way to Skitterleap an AW\Grey Seer closer; definitely great area denial or good against armies that are in your face T1.
  15. If you want a magic heavy list, look at some of my previous builds. I run a magic list occasionally using 3 Verminlords, an Arch-Warlock and a Grey Seer on foot with 100 Clanrats and 4 Endless spells (WLV, Vermintide, Geminids and Pendulum). It tends to do alright, but that depends entirely on how good your dice rolls are as magic, even with +'s and re-rolls can be a fickle thing. Luckily, the list also weighs on the Corrupter having SoJ and he goes after the heroes\monsters and can also do a lot to hordes with Dreaded Plague. It's fun, but I don't know that I would bring it to a tournament (despite a similar list doing quite well in the past at one and the inspiration behind my list). Of course, that's all at 2k.. for 1k, I don't think you'll do too great at a magic heavy list, but I would recommend an AW + Grey Seer\Bell and at least the WLV and fill up with Clanrats\more wizards if you really want to. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Also, sorry to say no batrep today; game was cut short after only getting in 1 turn so... maybe next time. Monks weren't going to do anything and 6 Fiends are still great but... obviously I'm not going to count this game as a proper test field since I only got 1 turn. Should be the monthly 1-2 games coming up in the next couple weeks if I don't get anymore in. Also, they look great @Hagbean... I really should actually post up everyone. May do that this weekend.
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