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  1. Since we're posting schemes.. here's my first test. Don't think I care for the black/gray.. kind of want to go terra-cotta themed so maybe I need a clay/red-earth color but would prefer to have an ink/wash to not kill my zenithal, which I think this black Templar contrast did do. Ah well, I love the Jade so that will definitely be sticking.. but yeah that power ranger comment above has me thinking the same..maybe I need to use something other than copper/gold 😂 I just got an airbrush too, so I'm trying to learn that.. could be worth spraying the bone with it for a nice glaze once I find a better color.
  2. I zenithal prime, so yeah I think hitting them with a 2:1 Black Templar\Medium mix would be good for the highlights to show through. Really like that red leather suggestion too.. I may have a good ink for that I can airbrush on. I think I may throw together a test model later once I'm done magnetizing this ludicrously large terrain piece. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Well... I mean....😉 For 60 points, sure... but to me I would only use 1 as a tax for that Coven and no more. Aside from the random movement, weak save and 3 wounds the worst thing to me is just how easily they can kill themselves compared to other weapon teams like Warpfire Throwers\Ratlings thanks to it happening on a double or if you roll a combined 7 and neither is hard to do on 2d6. Assuming they even make it to combat in the first place.
  4. I like it, great job. I'm still struggling to find a scheme. I know I'm doing jade weapons\shields with copper or gold as the metallics throughout, but thinking of a complementary color to use for the bone is what's getting to me as I don't want to use a standard bone color. Maybe I'll go with gray...or a mars red.
  5. @gronnelg Sure, going to be a late night at work but I'll dig them out tonight or tomorrow and post some up. I did some test schemes on a couple before I settled with my desaturation scheme so some are 'painted'. To get an idea, I really just used the clothed Clanrats rather than the armored ones, cut\ filed downthe left hand where the shield goes and attached witch aelf hands to give them the whole 'dual-wielded daggers' look. The Gutter Runners are really just 3 different poses of the BB team with some Deathrunners RIP thrown in.
  6. I just dislike these setups because of the abhorrent summoning it allows, but that's their niche so I'm okay with it as they couldn't compete without it. New hotness always invites waves of complaining, so all you need to do is ride it out until they move on to something else. Again, as has been stated, if you're that concerned that they're unfun then you need to narrow it down to some things. Is it the player? Are they just running a competitive Petrifex list against your casual -insert army- list? Then yeah, it probably will be unfun for you compared to them bringing something softer. I understand the arguments here is that specific units are 'broken' but it isn't anything close to some of the stuff Slaanesh, Fyreslayers, Skaven, etc can do. Personally, getting T1\2 charged\shot\magic'd off the board or having to fight last while they fight twice is far more 'unfun' than playing Petrifex in my opinion. If your army has tools to deal with it and you just don't like using them, then I don't think you have a right to complain. If you don't have the tools, then understand that's a specific army problem and I will go back to my previous example of some armies having bad matchups and that's just how it is. Not every army can be 100% balanced between each other army. I'll leave my side of the conversation at that before this goes further downhill.
  7. @NinthMusketeer What exactly are you getting at? All armies (regardless of the list composition) have matchups they're good and bad against. OBR's happens to high shooting\MW\High rend and high damage output armies if I had to put a face to it... that isn't to say that it's unbeatable by other armies despite your claim that they auto-lose. Hell, my Seraphon player will likely have easy wins because he can simply out-objective our low model counts.. all he has to do is keep putting skinks around the objectives or teleport to less contested ones and grab it from me by staying out of combat. Build it another way if you think Petrifex is OP and broken. Some of you need to understand the separation between a "Competitive\Tournament Petrifex" list and a more casual one. And sure, you can go back to talking about Crawlers and 2 Harvesters + 40 Mortek... but I would rather this not turn into "OBR IS OVERPOWERED" thread 2.0
  8. I would say you can make Eshin work well enough too however. I don't disagree that Moulder doesn't have things going for it but it's obviously on that lower echelon of choices and I think it's nearly tied with Moulder, but yeah... Moulder is slightly ahead. I wasn't telling anyone not to play Moulder, just answering his lack of numbers question... then I went off on my own little tangent about Eshin\Moulder being the worst options, etc etc.. doesn't mean they aren't fun to play. I really only play from a competitive standpoint which is why I can't generally give good "fun" recommendations 😉 Give people newer sculpts and I promise you would see both of those trash-heap sub-factions go up in playtime. I converted 40 Gutter Runners and 100 Nightrunners around a year and a half ago and they've only seen one game before the tome... since then they've sat unpainted in my hobby closet which really is a travesty.
  9. Where's the rend coming from? Petrfiex CA is only combat phase if that's what you're referring to. I really don't think you can look at "average damage" from this thing like you can with other units. You really just have to look at it as a gamble to get 1-2 of those 5 damage shots through and looking at an average doesn't convey that well. I still see worth in them, but I lean towards having only 1 and thinking of it more of as a support piece. I think @Emissary's way of using it seemed to work well in that it could finish off units hit with plink damage done by Arkhan or against low save hordes. This army already struggles a bit against deepstrike\teleporting armies and those could easily shut down it down. As much as I would like to bring one against my local Seraphon player, I don't think I ever would because I know he would just teleport near it with Skinks and keep it occupied the entire game... and that really boils down to not having enough bodies to screen and I would rather (read: need them) on objectives rather than guarding a 200 point model.
  10. @Cosmicsheep I don't think that's really the overall problem with them; Giant Rats (or Clanrats if you bring them anyway, but that would defeat the purpose of it being a "pure" army) do that well enough. I think a lack of newer models and over subpar rules\units compared to, say, Skryre\Verminus\Pestilens stuff just makes them the worse choice up there with Eshin. I mean sure, if you're running nothing but Rat Ogres and HPA's then I could see that being beneficial, but the reason Mawtribes get it in my mind is simply due to the fact they don't have access to a unit of 10-40 bodies within their own allegiance like we (and many others) do aside from Gnoblars. If I recall, there was a question on the survey about making certain units count as more models... so we could see more of it in the future. I think they would have a lot of work to do as you would need to re-evaluate the killing\staying power of said units or else they would dominate and kill off cheap hordes like Clanrats as they tend to be much more powerful by comparison.
  11. @Riff_Raff_Rascal Please stop. I've been done with all my Skaven stuff for a while now and I didn't intend to purchase more anytime soon. The more you talk about this the more I'm really really considering buying 2-3 more Doomwheels for this insanity.
  12. For me it's generally weekends, ah well, hope to see you there. Anyway, I think I'll likely be picking up and running this as a start: It's a solid enough base to work from. The great thing with Ossiarchs in my opinion is that there doesn't seem to be a reason to have unused models sitting around when so many different lists can work well. So even though this is mostly a test list, it can all find use in another (unlike a lot of my Skaven stuff sitting around) which is nice for me and my wallet. I think the 1 Crawler should be enough for me to gauge it, though you've really got me thinking about 1x6 Stalkers. I feel that getting all that RD is very needed so we'll see how it goes.
  13. Considering I recognize those tables, I would gladly play next time you're around to test it out (or you can come to our monthly meetup the 23rd)... definitely don't think I'd want to mirror match though 😉 I'll be getting my stuff tomorrow, likely going to be running a bit of everything as tests. If you get another game up with 1-2 Crawlers I would love to hear how they go.
  14. That's kind of the thing people should be looking out for. This thing is a big threat to 5-wound support characters and having 3-4 shots coming at you means you only need to fail 1 of those 4-6+ saves and you're done while the thing is at full wounds. Which, with it having a 40" threat range, they will have to hide things if you're given T1 with these and they will always be hitting something. Horde-clearing potential is nice too, and I think this is part of the reason we see people always wanting to include 2 in lists so you can spread the love between targets easier.
  15. Suppose that could work, just remember that Gnawbomb is opg however whereas bridge can be recast as needed. Though... yeah, you'll typically only need to use that bridge once, decimate their army (or 1-2 key units) and then you're generally in a good board position to walk to any remaining targets. Something to keep in mind as well is that the bridge can take multiple units at once whereas Gnawholes cannot.
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