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  1. Right there with you.. despite people telling me Aelves and Dwarves would never be included in a combination tome with Humans. It made no sense to believe otherwise considering the Firestorm book. All in all I'm excited for it, but I have to see the full on shooting components and how well they work out; the fact that there are seemingly tons of combinations here is exciting. I imagine Ironweld will be great just in the sense that they will (likely) go the Ballista route and not have the crew separate anymore... which in itself would be a huge upgrade.
  2. For standard 1k played as matched play, yes you do need 2 Battleline. Meeting Engagements is a whole other ruleset and format that has it's own restrictions and this isn't one of them fortunately.
  3. @Coyote Right, the tokens only work "when this model attempts to cast a spell" so you got that right. Unbinds can be a fickle thing; even with my magic heavy list and +'s I struggle to roll above 5-6 when I try to unbind. Bombardier is generally seen as better just because of the longer range but, overall it's preference.. neither are particularly consistent about hitting and it's plink damage you shouldn't count on anyway. You're on point with maxing out the Ratlings but keep in mind they can be killed quite easily. Best bet most of the time is when they're used through a Gnawhole or defensively if you can keep them out of range.. but that probably means they'll be out of range as well. All in all it's a dice game so you'll see plenty of times where they do absolutely nothing and other times where you could pack 2 WLC's, overcharge both of them and they both roll a 1 on power dice and don't roll any 1's and your opponent calls BS. If you want reliability and range, as always I will recommend 6-9 Jezzails since they don't even need to be buffed. 20-30 Acolytes will remove literally anything they shoot at when buffed and act as close-medium range hammers while the Jezzails plink off at heroes\elites and this combo hasn't failed me yet.
  4. @Coyote That sucks, but it sounds like you did pretty well all in all. That warpfire thrower got about what I expected it to get.. I brought it for 2 games when we first got the tome and, well, even with almost no shooting my local meta knows to kill it before it can do anything... and that's pretty easy to do. What would you say you learned and what to try next?
  5. Absolutely, which is why I prefer Jezzails + Deranged Inventor\MMMWP for a 36" threat range. Most of the time I've played against a Slann, it's going up on a balewind and it can't hide. The best you can do is, like you said, get a Gnawhole with a good sight-line to their deployment and hope they don't put Skinks on top of it... but they will. Seriously, short of this your best bet is getting a T1 WLV off and hope you can kill it off right away with that alone. All of the arguments about them staying out of range and hiding can still be said for Gutter Runners. They can easily screen themselves off from them and then after the GR's kill all the Skinks, they just teleport away assuming they get the next turn.
  6. @Coyote I mean, Slann can unbind board wide so that's always a threat but.. with the 30" unbind range of everyone else I find that my spellcasting is almost always threatened regardless, but that's why the Gnawholes, re-rolls, Master of Magic, etc. help with this. There are plenty of other armies who can shut down your casting far easier than Seraphon. Between those 2 options, I would go with the WLC idea.. but I'm not certain your proposed Gutter Runner one will work. That really depends on the competency of who you're playing against. I know my Seraphon player would never dream of letting a melee unit like Gutter Runners get anywhere near it.. and even if they did, they would need to make a 9" charge at best when they come in from the edge. Sure, you can Skitterleap the Deceiver in on top of that and you may get lucky with rolls, but overall he won't put out enough damage to kill it on his own unless you bring SoJ and get a couple of nice 6's. The best advice I can give is just to try it out, see what works and then adjust for next time.
  7. @Nikobot Right, I play against Seraphon almost every week and the worst time has been at anything below 1750 due to what his summoning allows. It's probably the easiest army to summon with, next to Slaanesh. Definitely an uphill battle at low points. You can't win an attrition war against skink spam with Clanrats.. not until you remove the Slann (and EotG if they have one) from the table which needs to be done within T1/2 most of the time or it's likely too late, depending on the objective. I've got tired of him using Shadowstrike all the time, buts easy compared to a 2-3 EotG Thunderquake list potentially summoning in 60 Skinks per turn.
  8. Assuming they're going with the heavy summoning route, they will have far better board control than you can ever hope for.. especially at 750. Any good Seraphon player is going to put Great Rememberer on the Slann and keep in the corners of the board as a summoning battery (or teleport to an objective and summon on top of it), meaning you won't be hitting him with much of anything besides maybe Jezzails or a WLC. If you bring WLV and can get it right on top of the Slann and other core units T1 (Skitterleap), then I would definitely take T1 and do just that and hope for the best on your casting rolls. Another staple is either a WLC or 3-6 Jezzails... obviously at least 60 Clanrats. With whatever is left you could throw in warpfire or ratling guns.. hell even a Doomwheel if you get good rolls on movement, that thing could have a chance at catching up to it and shooting it down. But until you kill that thing, you'll likely always be playing on the back foot.
  9. I really don't think either of those are worth losing for 30 Stormvermin. If you were making a list that focuses wholly (or mostly) on CC then sure. There are plenty of horde clearing spells\artifacts going around so nothing is particularly safe anyway if that's what you're worried about. I'm also biased and love my shooting\magic. Losing that for some fragile(ish) CC is... meh.
  10. I spoke a bit highly of the Rat Ogors potential (with at least 6 models) early on but I'm not 100% on it.. I never did get around to testing them properly. I think at that point I would rather just have an HPA. I messed with 10-20 count units of Gutter Runners for awhile and they did well with their solid melee profile and bonus shooting.
  11. I don't think you're going to be seeing much change. Many are already taking Skitterleap for utility and you can just Skitterleap to get the WLV in range; worse case scenario you throw it in front of something to discourage it from walking in that area. You may see people drop it, but I doubt it. Monks are still too cheap for what they do so... overall, no, I don't think the meta will be affected. Some sacrifices will need to be made, but that's easy to do.
  12. Sad I couldn't go this year.. was going to be my first time there and in Germany but I started a new job last year and had to part with my PTO. Say hi to Sabaton and Powerwolf (and the countless others I would love to have seen) for me. I imagine a few of them could inspire some vamp\werewolf list ideas...
  13. Yeah... happens to the best of us. I've ran my magic heavy list and got off every spell, other times I only got 1-3 off.. my FeC almost never get spells off. The points increase to Monks wasn't enough; people are definitely still going to be taking 40-80 whenever they can. Vermintide is.. finicky. I take it for the large base to control where they can move, but Shackles is generally better so you get that 3+. Bombardier is better than the Engineer simply due to range of the rocket, but.. you shouldn't be doing MMMWP on himself anyway; that always needs to go on Acolytes, Stormfiends, etc. You shouldn't expect them to live, their purpose is to buff and maybe get a lucky rocket hit. You just have to keep playing to practice, which you seem to have figured out. We aren't generally straightforward and requite some thought to do well with... and yeah, commit to 3 Ratlings or don't bother if that's the route you want to go.
  14. Yes, it would still benefit and since it's treated as a single model, you measure from the BW. One of the best things you can do is string out something you don't care about to take those charges and then shoot\magic everything off and hope you get a double; give them no way to get into anything you care about as it will definitely melt through that 20-rat unit in 1 go. Really maximize the 1" cohesion to shut off as many areas as you can against the teleporting\deepstrike armies. A Bell + 40 Clanrats up front is great bait. You probably would have the hardest time against Nighthaunt since they don't care about rend, but Warpfire can usually fix those giant Reaper blobs. Overall your opponent may they may take early points but you should be able to beat them back early enough and get them back. Ultimately you can play this army aggressively or defensively and Gnawholes help with the latter, speaking of... Against these armies in particular, yeah I can see them easily denying those. You definitely want to place them more centralized where they would have to move forward (and potentially out of their way) to commit to clogging them which puts them in range to deal with them if needed. Jezzails (at least 6) and Acolytes (20-30 for a longer lasting hammer.. MMMWP + Vigordust, etc will slowly kill them off) are great, but it invokes a different playstyle. I don't run any Monks or Stormvermin, so I rely more on careful movement and pre-measure everything to ensure my fragile stuff won't be touched, but will be able to remove 1-3 units per turn with shooting + magic. For Verminlords, I love the Corruptor with SoJ, but I typically only do this with a Deceiver in the list as well to teleport him 6.1" away from something that needs to die and he can also be in range of and clear out hordes with his spell this way. Otherwise, the Warbringer is a definite include with Stormvermin\Clanrat\Monk heavy lists. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As for the WLV discussion, using it as a roadblock is nice and definitely still worth it, but I think if you can pull off the Skitterleap + Gnawhole trick to get it in their deployment then I would still aim for that if a good opportunity arises. Some people are going to feel a lot safer with clumping their deployments together now if they aren't aware of this combination.
  15. Yes, but whether or not it's worth it is debatable in my book. I suppose if you don't have any Skryre units to buff, I would definitely go with 2 Grey Seers (or 1 on foot and another with Bell for it's amazing utility). But if you have anything to buff with at least MMMWP, the Arch-Warlock wins out on casting WLV due to his re-roll and also getting the +1 from Gnawholes on top of that, which the Grey Seer does not. Last I recall, the actual math was putting the AW in the lead with Thanquol and Grey Seer close behind. All in all... the chances are probably close enough it doesn't matter. The survivability of the AW is honestly great for Objectives as well if all else fails. It absolutely is, most lists across any army will try to take at least a single unit to nab late game objectives quickly.. or have access to a teleport, like Seraphon. Other than maybe wolf rats, the fastest thing we really have is the Doomwheel with an average of 14".. but I've also rolled 7" and 22" on it before so it isn't always reliable like good old Skaven tech should be. It's worth noting that I get a lot of objective wins late game by either auto-running Clanrats 6" (making them move 14" with the +2 from the Bell-ringers) or using their retreat + charge to slingshot them around to another objective that is lightly guarded. Anyway: I try to start with an extra CP but that's harder to do now. What armies are you playing against? Are you sitting right on the edge of deployment? Most armies can't get to me T1 unless they deepstrike in (Fyreslayers, BoC, SC) so you have to read and understand what they're going to do and deploy accordingly. It's worth noting a Screaming Bell's 13" BS immunity bubble is nice for sitting up front, taking deepstrike bait and BS immuning the Clanrats that are around it. Where are you placing Gnawholes? I've never had an issue unless I'm putting them in their deployment.. which is why I don't do that anymore. Against a low model count army, this is definitely something you can do, but anyone that has cheap screens has no issues sacrificing them to watch duty the entire game. Again, you just have to be able to see where they're going to move to T1\2 and if they will cover them up, and if they do how badly does will effect you early and late game? Do you think you can shift them off with shooting by late game so you can send something over? If you're aiming to place them near objectives so you can snatch them later on that's fine but no smart player is going to see you put a Gnawhole down next to an objective and not send something over there to keep you off it. If you can't clear it off with shooting, then you usually just have to hope they forget about them or are whittled down enough elsewhere that their cheap unit needs to move to contribute to the fight. Master of Magic is great, but if you don't want your Warpseer dying then yeah, Suspicious Stone. I've had a Warpseer with Stone hold an objective for 3\4 turns (Duality of Death, the perfect objective game for this) to only ever take a total of ~4 wounds against probably 25+ that were thrown at it. Again, if you're running more Skryre I would do Vigordust, otherwise that artifact can be used elsewhere. Rat Ogres... yeah, you aren't wrong.. but I could find better uses for those 200 points in shooting or more Clanrats\Monks\Stormvermin.
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