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  1. Not so mention it allows us to do the same thing that's being done to us; deepstrike 1-2 hard-hitting units in range to blast a couple things off the table and then hope you get turn priority. I'm still very keen on trying 12 Fiends; 1 unit with a Grinder and another unit with a Bridge... may try that tonight ๐Ÿค” I'm incredibly curious to see how the next couple books look, especially Gargants. With them being alliable into any other army they may really shake things up depending how those rules end up. Having some rules writers be very fluffy (partially our case imo) and others writing insane things that border on me wondering if things were actually play-tested like they said they were means it's pretty unpredictable. Vampires\Soulblight appear to be on the horizon along with Shadow Elves (our first brand new chaos army, if I had to guess) but plenty of other armies are now starting to have aged books (BoC, DoK, Nurgle, LoN, etc) so I kind of think we may get 3rd edition in 2021.
  2. I've used them previously to zone out things like KO, CoS and Changehost like you're describing and yeah, they work pretty well. I just had trouble fitting 10-20 into lists and still have 80+ Clanrats on the board with my other 2-3 threats. I feel that 80 is still too steep for them but if your local meta has lots of alpha striking, I 100% think it's worth finding somewhere to fit them in. That all said, I still find that things like KO are still going to be able to kill important units with their long ranges. For me, I'm looking more at taking 1-2 Grinders instead to keep my own threats off the board... and they cost the same.
  3. I definitely don't think it's a bad choice, but with only 1 cast available to him I would much rather use Arcane Suggestion or Wind of Chaos compared to getting him into combat with Infusion where even then he isn't the best thing out there. If I lose him I lose my RR aura and I would rather have The Blue Scribes casting Tzeentch's Firestorm and being my mobile summoning platform away from other hero's.
  4. Which is precisely what I did with this list and it's all now on order ๐Ÿ˜… I have no interest in running a Changehost+Flamers setup (although using Soulscream Bridge in that combination is pretty incredible and I recommend people try it if they haven't) after doing it myself and being on the receiving end.. so I just wanted to experiment with some other stuff. I wanted to run this as Guild of Summoners, but getting the free re-rolls from the General on top of summoned Horrors coming back and keeping things from retreating is far better in my eyes than summoning more chickens for them to do stuff the following turn. Plus I don't need to buy and paint 2 LoC's.
  5. I have no further comment on the ineffectiveness of our greater daemons ๐Ÿ™ƒ Yeah, I'll give it another shot for sure, I definitely fubar'd the first 2 games and the third just had a massive wrench thrown in with that Warpseer getting summoned T1 to start blasting Jezzails. When they did get to fire though, they were easily deleting 2 units a turn and if I split fire they would've been able to get 3 potentially. They were often rolling between 6-10 MW's for each unit of 12. I've updated the list to drop 3 Jezzails and 20 Clanrats in order to bring a Bell to avoid this situation in the future on top of having another hero for certain battleplans. Still, compared to Fiends + -insert melee threat here- + Jezzails type lists... I still think it's a bit memey. Especially if said "normal" list has a Warpginder and good Gnawhole placement like what happened in my 2nd game.
  6. @Nikobot He did about 4-5 MW's on the charge, gave himself extra attacks and then didn't miss pretty much any attacks and I couldn't roll a save to save my life. All in all he ended up killing around 20 of them, so without a CP to spend as he went first the rest battleshocked off.
  7. Honestly, you just need to search the steam workshop for your models and look for Deinoks table to play on.. he has all the battleplans and terrain among other things that you can select and it automatically sets the table. I would also say to join the following discord groups to find people to play and many of the people there (including me) will teach TTS to anyone just getting in. Tons of tournaments going on pretty often if you're into that as well. https://discord.gg/mxTX9A2 https://discord.gg/3yRWYsB And thanks for reading.. I enjoy making them and TTS has kept me sane after not being able to play for 3 months ๐Ÿ˜…
  8. For those interested, I just put up my batrep against another Skaven player using a heavily magic (and not Flamers) focused Tzeentch list. Painting up these models as soon as I finish my Fyreslayers (only 19 more models to go) so figured I would get some practice in as they're a refreshing break from playing Skaven.
  9. For those interested, I just put up my batrep against another Skaven player using a heavily magic (and not Flamers) focused Tzeentch list. Painting up these models as soon as I finish my Fyreslayers (only 19 more models to go) so figured I would get some practice in as they're a refreshing break from playing Skaven.
  10. My List Skaven List T1I outdrop him and let him go first. Not much happens other than him getting right outside of my spell-range and getting off Vermintide for a free FP. He kept his Acolytes back a bit, which will come to hurt him later. Skaven end of T1 On my turn I get off Spellportal and kill enough Clanrats on the left to BS the rest off the board while ensuring that nothing is range of his 9 Jezzails other than Kairics if he ends up going next. Skyfires knock a few wounds off the Bell but not much else. 2-2 End of T1 T2 He wins priority and goes first. He clears off 10 Kairics with the Jezzails and charges in 40 Clanrats. Luckily, none of his Acolytes are in range to do anything on the right, but the left side ones take 4 off of Be'lakor. After combat he has a little over half the Clanrat unit left and saves them with a CP as they were outside the range of the Bell. He ends up having 1 more model on my objective to claim it. Skaven end of T2 I put pretty much everything into those remaining Clanrats to take them down to ~10 remaining.. but the Changecaster whiffs horribly rolling 3 MW's total across Pink Fire and Bolt against the Bell, bringing it down to only a couple remaining wounds. Be'lakor runs straight past the Acolytes on the left to take his unoccupied objective. Skyfires shoot off 4 Jezzails and charge into the 20 Acolytes and wipe them while both remaining Clanrat units get counter-charged by Kairics to keep him off objectives. 7-7 End of T2 I win the next roll off and he concedes. At this point I would easily be able to table him (except for maybe 2 heroes hiding around the building in the back) and he would have no way to catch up. Tzeentch Major Victory Overall Thoughts So yeah, playing not Changehost is pretty fun. It definitely feels light not having any Pinks on the board and just 30 Kairics, however it should be able to somewhat reliably get 10 FP on T1 to at least get some Blues out if needed. Definitely need more practice with it as it's the first time I'm running it, but I see a lot of potential. While Be'lakor didn't get to use his ability (I wasn't going to use it until T3 if his Jezzails or Acolytes had potential to get closer) I think his usefulness is perfect, even though Enfeeble was obviously useless against an all shooting Skaven setup. His biggest downfall was not having his Acolytes trailing the asses of those Clanrats really; he needed to be very aggressive against this list but he only managed to be aggressive with Clanrats, which were no threat to anything.. especially with the anti-horde spells I was able to throw out. Planning to run this list along with some other ideas for awhile (with a scattering of Fyreslayers ๐Ÿ˜‰) to take a bit of a break from Skaven. Thanks for reading, as always.
  11. Alright, finished up the 3 game tournament using the meme-list of 24 Jezzails last night. Short summary; it should stay a meme and not be taken seriously ๐Ÿ˜…. While I think it can do pretty well against some armies, I think overall it doesn't perform super well but.. then again I didn't expect it to anyway. To further summarize each game since I didn't do full batreps on any of these: The first game was against a meme OBR list (Nagash, Katakros, Zandtos and 3x10 Mortek). That was really lost from me due to target priority of aiming at Nagash for 2 turns rather than killing his scoring units in the Mortek as well as not being aggressive enough to push out with my 120 Clanrats.. of course I mis-deployed and Zandtos charged T1 and deleted a unit of 40 alone with BS casualties. Next was a mirror match with Skaven using a similar Grinder + Stormfiend list I've ran myself. The biggest mistake here was me placing a Gnawhole that allowed him to use it against supremely well. The SV used the Grinder this time but failed a charge and the Fiends killed a Clanrat screen.. but when he got turn priority for a double that pretty much sealed it as the SV and Fiends finished off 80 Clanrats and 12 Jezzails. So yeah, that was on me for not knowing how to deal with 6 Gnawholes being placed down ๐Ÿ˜‰ Last game was yet again another mirror match, this time vs 2 DW's and 2 WLC's in a double Arkhspark battalion. ON T1 the guy summons a Warpseer and puts it right in my face.. and honestly, this massively swung the game. I was pretty certain I had nothing to worry about and the Jezzails could easily delete 1-3 units a turn with split-firing carefully.. but that Warpseer instantaneously turned the game in his favor. I had 12 Jezzails blast at it only missing once or twice for him to roll eight 5's and 6's for his DPR save.. took it down to 2-3 wounds left and that hurt my soul. I ended the game with only 9 Jezzails left, but let me tell you those 9 pulled their weight. On my T2 I split those 9 shots in such a way that the single unit killed a DW with 3 wounds left, a WLC with 5 wounds left and the other WLC with 6 wounds left (just barely). I couldn't believe it... but I think that is what won me the game and ended up being the turning point. That last game was probably the best game I played out of the 3 as I continually held the objectives to get about a 10 point lead on the guy going into T4.. but I think it would've been lost had those absolutely mad-lads of Jezzails not split fire and kill 3 units. I wouldn't try that at home unless you really had no other option, which was the situation I was in; if any 1 of those 3 things was left alive he would've been able to finish off the Jezzails and that would've been it. Anyway, here's what I'll be running as my competitive list going forward, in case anyone was curious: Alternatively I could drop the WLC to a DW, and go down to 40 Clanrats total. That gives me enough for a Clawlord and an upgrade to the AW if I wanted.. at the very least I may drop to a DW just so I can grab an AW for the hell of it. Another alternate take would be drop the SV and run minimum Clanrats with 80 Monks instead. Also, I'll have my first Tzeentch batrep up later for anyone interested. I ran a heavily magic based list I got from someone rather than the "standard" Flamers + Changehost ones that are popular... definitely a lot more fun and challenging to use.
  12. It's rough. It's going to depend on the battleplan\deployment and your ability to put heroes\important stuff far away but a lot of the time it won't be possible with the guns having the range they do. Sometimes there's just bad matchups and not much can be done without a lot of luck (or your opponent having bad rolls). I still think a Warpginder with 6 Fiends is really a good way to go to keep a major threat off the board. Alternatively you give them plenty of choices to shoot at, but if each of their threats can wipe one of yours then.. yeah, it can be difficult to deal with. Here's to hoping they're fixed with the Winter FAQ, but I doubt it since they aren't keeping track of TTS tournament results which is where a ton of data is coming from right now.
  13. Odd, isn't it? I don't think they should've been able to take other factions endless spells, personally... just being able to auto-cast whatever you want was fine. Things like what you're describing, Changehost with 12+ Flamers and Seraphon with Run + double shooting Bastiladons and\or Skink (buffed units of 30-40 can do a lot of MW's at range and melee) Salamander spam are all very top tier in the meta. It's a big reason why I'm really thinking my 21-24 Jezzails lists may have some legs but I also think that 6-12 Fiends and warpgrinders as @Verminlord mentioned are looking to be necessary to keep our big threats off the board for a turn. KO's "weakness" is that they want to blow up as much stuff T1 and hope for a double. If they don't do that, then generally they will lose if you get priority and can start taking out those ships. Again, hiding units off the board greatly increases those odds.
  14. Eh.. it can't really include much else honestly. I have a Bell with Plague along with the Bridge to throw the Fiends forward, but you could drop both and take a Warpgrinder (not worth having 2 unless you plan to bring them in during a different turn) and another foot hero (Grey Seer with Skitterleap ideally) or Clanrats.
  15. Shields in nearly all cases I would say. MSU's are generally holding objectives or taking lightly guarded\free ones.. the shields lend well to either scenario. I believe the Pick vs Handaxe situation actually maths out about the same on average vs a 4+ save, but the Handaxe is better vs 5+ and 6+ saves.
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