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  1. As @GrimDork said, this list would be illegal for reasons pointed out. As for your games.. yeah, I mean Eshin isn't in the best place but pure Eshin can be okay; nothing top tier of course. Obviously, if you start adding in Skryre and other things, you will lose your Gutter\Night Runner battleline and would have to include 3x20 Clanrats at a minimum to have a legal list with 3 Battleline. I know that many of us run 1-2 Eshin units (usually 1-2x10 Night Runners for zoning out deepstrikes or 10-20 Gutter Runners for a cheap backline threat) in our standard tournament lists that usually consist of mostly Skryre, buffing heroes for them and Clanrats.. sometimes the occasional 40 Stormvermin or 40 Plaguemonks. Worth noting that you may get more responses if you post in the overall Skaventide thread rather than one of the specific Clan ones, just for future reference 😉
  2. I like the idea, however I don't think the Deathmaster is worth it for his points right now. That isn't the type of the thing I would just "sacrifice" and would be much more inclined to bring even the WLV. I've yet to have anyone place a fragile hero by themselves to guard a Gnawhole; especially when 90% of heroes like that need to be up near the action for buffs they provide. 20 Gutter Runners on their own have a decent shot at killing stuff without the need for another 100 point hero that isn't on the board until they're in combat. If he goes down to 60-80 points, then sure, I could see that being picked up a bit more. The key is in the wording; "At the start of your movement phase, you can use 1 Gnawhole to transport 1 friendly Skaventide unit". 1. Their is no wording present to suggest each Gnawhole can only be used once per game and never again; it's just saying you can only use 1 per your movement phase. If you use Gnawhole A to transport a unit to Gnawhole B, on your next movement phase you can do the exact same thing or vice-versa. 2. No, you could not use a "Gnawbomb" Gnawhole as well as a regular Gnawhole in the same turn as the Gnawbomb one still counts as a Gnawhole and you can only use 1 per movement phase. 3. This happens in the movement phase, not hero phase... just wanted to clarify 😉
  3. You aren't wrong. The handful of time's I've played against Nurgle (2 of which were Thricefold) the GUO's were the real threat and need to be taken care of. Those 30 Plaguebearers will just sit on an objective and aiming everything at them should do well enough to clear them.. aside from that though he doesn't seem to have a ton of other board presence for objectives.
  4. Honestly at 1k, I don't think there is much that any combat focused army can do about Legion just summoning in Pinks every turn. Even shooting oriented ones can have trouble with it. Another potential solution to Horrors that I see would be to make it so you only get 10 Blues rather than 20, cutting total wounds down to 30. I've been really curious about running a big unit (say 9 to ensure you get d3 MW impact hits for longer) of Bloodcrushers in place of the typical K'Daai that many run. You'd have a large blob of 36 wounds on a 4+ this way that can do reasonable damage on the charge. That said, 2 Exalted Chariots are the same price, and while they have less wounds they have the potential to put out more MW's. Of course, this is when I start going back to Skarbrand who can easily just throw out 8-16 MW's every turn. Been thinking a lot about the Epitome myself recently.. though I don't personally want to replace it with my Corrupter. Having it around along with the Mesmerizing Mirror seems like it could work exceptionally well in a casting based list, which is what I've been planning:
  5. Yeah, kind of what I was worried about. I think the value in them isn't killing potential, but that combined with their staying power with the 5+ ethereal on top of the 5\6++ FNP. At this stage I'm really just waiting out for the GHB for increases before investing into it.. so lots of theorycrafting for now and always curious to see how games are going for others.
  6. Only 1 thing can go through a Gnawhole at a time: "At the start of your movement phase, you can use 1 Gnawhole to transport 1 friendly Skaventide unit"
  7. @Blisterfeet I feel like Slaanesh hurts the most from it's allegiance abilities due to losing exploding hits and AFL.. outside of that though, yeah I feel everything fits in well. I like the idea of running a KoS but I'm not sure how well it would do compared to bringing along Flamers or K'Daai. How did the BT do for you? I've been considering Skarbrand a lot, although I think running a large unit of Flamers + Exalted or K'Daai would work out better in terms of damage a lot of the time. Rotigus was in a few lists as well but.. really that was due to the board wide spell; he wasn't bringing much to the table aside from that.
  8. I like it and have planned on doing something similar.. but I feel the Fearfold Blade would be better here since it doesn't discriminate against Heroes\Behemoths if I recall?
  9. I would honestly like to see it get something similar\the same as the Tenebrael Shards abilities: on a 4+ (or maybe 2-3+) remove and setup within 3" of an enemy and it gets +1 to hit for the rest of the turn. Having the 8" move to get out of combat (and behind some Clanrat screens) if you slay a model works out well too. Of course you would see a very sharp rise in the use of SoJ but I still think within reason. Everyone uses the Corruptor for this type of role because of the 10 attacks and extra MW's on top of being able to RR all hits; the Deathmaster doesn't have any of that going for him would be an ever looming, low cost threat.
  10. I feel Clanrats have a bit of an identity crisis in that regard. They want to be used as chaff that can stick around at least 2 turns but when so many units can easily put out 30+ damage in 1 turn it's just not possible.. especially when it comes to alpha strike shooting armies that you largely can't outrange unless you get lucky rolls with Night Runners. Even then I feel you'll be playing at a disadvantage with deployment or they have an opportunity to get a double and it's all for nothing. Having 60 as an option would definitely help with this, but I feel the only reasonable way to play them currently is to ensure they charge a unit to tag it and minimize pile-ins. Even then, I've had 5-6 HGB get in range (anything with 2"-3" range this works out less against) and kill 15 Clanrats.. the double pile in meant he ended up killing the whole unit for the most part, even with only 1/4 of his unit getting in. Of course, then there's shooting armies, who can shoot you at full strength regardless.
  11. I don't think I can add much to what I want to see come down.. I feel we have had a lot of reactionary nerfs over the months which may be a reason they've been so keen to keep Stormvermin priced so high. I feel like a lot of things were "kept safe" and points were never looked at so as to not cause some of us to take a couple of podium placements at tournaments 😅.. a main culprit of that to me is obviously Stormvermin and Rat Ogres. I mean, people are still calling for the WLV to have never been created, when I don't really see it as being much more powerful than plenty other things knocking around.. and the CV is still difficult to cope with unless Thanquol is casting it. The range being what it was I agreed was far too strong, but I feel with it being halved it's still priced correctly at 100 points.. if you lower that anymore I think you will find a lot of people crying out; especially with it being used by other armies more and more. If anything on that warscroll changes for the worse, that's when you need to start lowering the cost. I'll just agree with most of what @Skreech Verminking has said but I have a feeling we won't see Stormvermin go down that low, as much as I would like for that to be the case. At the same time, they do have a habit of making some drastic points changes and it could be a "way to sell more Stormvermin models".. I think I'm just soured by how they've stayed so high for so long. The bottom line is that points decreases would be great for things like Rat Ogres and they would be taken far more often... but for a large majority of our units that wouldn't be enough and they're really just in need of warscroll re-writes which I doubt we'll get for the foreseeable future.
  12. I imagine they will as I see the HGB going up at the same time. At the very least losing their horde discount at 20 or lowering the amount of the discount.. seems to be a popular opinion floating around at least.
  13. Podcast with @bitchparty: https://notoriousaos.podbean.com/e/notorious-aos-episode-28-skaven-ft-mitchmp3/ AoS Coach video with Dan:
  14. @Skreech Verminking You're insane, but I guess that's a good quality here. In other news, you all wanted something different? Here's something: Backline threats with GR's, fast shooting\MW threats from 2 Doomwheels, a Horde threat with Thanquol and the Warpgnaw can really just hit what he wants of course.. and 140 bodies out front. Ghyrstrike + Malevolent give him a 2+/2+ RR 1's to wound and to hit if you spend a CP. Even against a 2+ save that should net you ~12 damage on a full bracket. I'll be honest, it's a bit more aggressive than what I normally do but.. hey, I think it's time to change things up as we've discussed. Monks are still nice in that they're 280 points worth of average killing power when it comes to hitting 4-6+ saves and they don't need anything like MMMWP or a CP to do what they do. Having so little shooting is giving me anxiety but.. I think this is worth 5-10 practice games.
  15. Nah man, I want everyone to experiment, write up reports and post them.. I love seeing what works for people and what doesn't. I play a certain way (reactively) so inherently some stuff I just don't like to do.. like aggressively being in a potentially compromised spot. That isn't to say it's a bad idea by any means.. just giving my 2 cents 😉. Even if you're insane 240 Clanrat lists work, you can bet you'll never catch me moving, painting or transporting that many. Ever... like, ever. As for Stormvermin.. I'll be cautiously optimistic. I can't really predict GW's design\points decisions but I have 40 on order regardless.
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