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  1. Another batrep up with 2 games from our monthly meetup at the LGS. Ran the Fiend\Jezzail\HPA list variant.. the Stormcast game was over in 20 minutes but that's got a lot to do with me getting a double turn if I'm honest; he played very aggressively his T1 and banked on getting priority. Anyway, enjoy everyone. List is nice.. I'll keep playing it for the foreseeable future:
  2. My List Game 1: Nurgle - Shifting ObjectivesNurgle List T1 Main Objective is right side. I go first and get MMMWP off on the Fiends and teleport the Jezzails over to the right.. and they manage to get the GUO down to 1 wound left. The Windlaunchers where out of range due to the Jezzails blocking their path, but they did manage to kill 1 1\2 Drones. His turn has the GUO heal back to 10 wounds which definitely pretty frustrating that I failed by 1 wound but.. nothing else really happened aside from him slowly moving forward. 5-0 Skaven T2 Objective stays right side. I get priority, and yet again fail to shoot off the GUO. I rearrange Clanrats on objectives to force him to have a longer charge and get the HPA up the center to engage the Plaguebearers. His turn has me unbind or him fail any useful spells but he manages to kill a Jezzail with Arcane Bolt. He charges the Plaguebearers into the HPA and do 2 wounds.. meanwhile it hits back and takes off 12. 10-0 Skaven T3 Objective stays right side. He wins priority and takes me off the left objective with his Harbinger and 5 Blightkings. HPA takes Plaguebearers down to 4 remaining but dies in the middle from the Blightkings that charged in, but I roll a 5 and it comes back with 4 wounds. On my turn I finally take off the GUO and drones. I get my middle Clanrats out of the middle to take care of the Nurglings in my backline as my hidden agenda was to not have any enemy units in my territory at the end of the game. 13-2 Skaven T4 Objective moves to the left side. I win priority and he calls the game as I'll easily take mid and he won't be able to recover from the points deficit. Skaven Major Victory _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Game 2: Stormcast - Scorched Earth (2018)Stormcast List (player didn't have list, so this is from memory.. not sure on artifacts\trait\etc) T1 He goes first, fails to get off the Comet and I unbind the Dias cast. A handful of Clanrats get shot off.. but the 10 Evocators came down on the right side, made a 12" charge and killed all but 9 Clanrats and the HPA.. which yet again came back but only on 1-wound. It swings back and kills 2 but he still takes the objective after BS with only 1 Clanrat remaining with the HPA. I get off MMMWP and reshuffle Clanrats to project a screen closer to the 20 Sequitors. Shooting phase has the Jezzails shoot off all but 2 Evocators on the right side and the Fiends kill around half the Sequitors. The rest of the Evocators run from BS. 4-2 Stormcast T2 I get the double turn, MMMWP goes off again and I prep 20 Clanrats to make a run towards his back left objective that's only being held by the 5 Judicators. The Fiends shoot off the rest of the Sequitors and he calls the game. We quick play a few things and I would shoot off the Knight-Incantor to shut off the comet and there isn't much he can do at this point to pull it back after I killed ~1k points worth. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall Thoughts I'm liking the list so far. I don't put a batrep up of every game I play, but this was the 1st time I played with the HPA and definitely loved it more than the Monks. More testing will need to be done.. I mean it didn't get to do anything against the Stormcast and I got lucky with rolling a 5 both times for it to not die. I hate GUO's and their inability to die, but my opponent rolled some monster FNP saves. Not much to say overall.. I have a variant where I swap Fiends for Acolytes, but I dunno. I really want to keep the 9 Jezzails as they're so incredibly useful\threatening against any army so I don't want to swap them for 30 Acolytes + Fiends (which, as I mathed out before works well enough with Deranged Inventor). The thing with this setup is that the HPA and Jezzails can both act alone and that's great to have. Also, I wasn't sold on Skitterleap but I don't know that I replace it... the only thing I would replace it with is Warpgale and I'm not sure it's a valid tradeoff for the utility of Skitterleap. Anyway, good games, but more practice required. I'm hopefully going to be able to bring my Hallowheart list to the next tournament, so if anyone is interested in seeing that be sure to check the blog every week or so.. I generally only post about a game in the relevant faction thread. Thanks as reading, as always.
  3. Sprayed vallejo black primer, then vallejo cold grey at a 45-90 degree angle.. so basically a zenithal prime without the white. From there I just used a thinned down Basilicanum Grey for the skin and that was pretty much it. Also, I know you didn't ask but the Vallejo Metal Color airbrush line is absolutely nuts. The metals were all brushed on with that paint and 1 coat over what was basically dark grey had perfect coverage... all without being tacky looking\feeling like other metallic paints tend to be. Highly recommend them.
  4. Not terrible, though I don't have much play experience with them. They're a cheapish "hammer" but you really need to field them in a larger unit of 4-6 to get use out of them in my opinion. Running them with a Master Moulder will have 6 of them doing ~18 on average vs a 4+.. without a Master Moulder you're looking at ~15. It's a 300-400 point investment either way but the added benefit of the Master Moulder is going to allow you to have the CA that lets you get the unit back on a 5+ if it gets destroyed.. though coming in from the board edge means they may get taken off again or you spend a turn just running to get in range of something to charge. Alternatively you just run a Packmaster unit with them for the +1 to hit for less.
  5. Yeah.. I mean it's worth using if they're in range to get one of the 3 Spark handouts but there's been just as many times that I've rolled no 6's but lots of 4-5's and it's done far more damage. Far too often have I seen things get to 1 wound remaining and I die a little inside everytime they do.
  6. First test model done. Going for a Duergar\Dark Iron look. And yeah, I did without the mohawks.. I think the helmet + mohawk combo looks... odd. If it was just mohawks like a traditional old world Slayer I'd be down but, ah well. This gives them a more traditional dwarf look (minus of course the runes embedded in their skin...) which I really prefer.
  7. I like to recommend one if points are available. True, it does like to have a Warpspark and MMMWP, but they aren't necessary. It's actually quite a good tool to hit those backline\hiding support heroes with low wounds\saves. Games are often won and lost at deployment, especially against Changehost. As you said, you've learnt from it and that's usually the best way to learn is by experience rather than sitting here and theorycrafting ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also, yeah.. the Spellportal is particularly great for Tzeentch as they can "ignore" the 1 spell through it per turn due to the LoC being able to eat it. So essentially, they throw it out T1, and on T2 they can cast a spell through it, eat it, have it cast again, and throw another spell through it to essentially double-tap with it. Sounds like you didn't do too terribly though all things said, you learned some things so better luck next time. I said it in reply to your comment in my batrep post, but I'll say it here too. You really gotta take the army you're playing into account. Are they an elite army that can't afford to leave a unit behind to watch one in their backline and you think you can make use of one being there? Throw it back there. If you're playing something that can summon or with tons of cheap bodies like Seraphon... yeah, it will be wasted as they'll cover it without a second thought. Consider angles of threat; Jezzails are really the best things to teleport with them. I can't tell you how many times I've kept 2 in my deployment\mid table and setup Jezzails to shoot something squishy, only to have them setup another target on the other side of them out of range. T1 they can teleport to the other Gnawhole and get the angle they need to hit them. Of course, against people that are familiar with Skaven, they will see you deploying them within 6" of a Gnawhole and likely see this coming.. still, something to think about ๐Ÿ˜‰ All in all I don't find Gnawholes to be that useful after T1 in most cases. The casting buff and teleporting is nice, but it's likely never going to win you a game so I laugh when I see people claim you "auto-lose" games without them. Because of this, I usually setup 2 on my side if I'm playing an army that is going to threaten me with a T1 charge\double turn. Otherwise, I normally have 1 in my deployment and 2 mid-table. You can snag certain battleplan objectives with this but it isn't something I normally try to strategize towards. It only affects damage, not MW's. So you would just do 2 MW's and not 2 MW's + 1 MW\damage I believe. If Jezzails were worded "MW's in addition to normal damage" then it would work this way.
  8. Yeah, gonna be testing it a lot in prep for Nashcon and Nova this year.. though I'm currently working on swapping the Monks for a Hell Pit but also considering running Fiends\Acolytes\Jezzails or a Hellpit with no Bell. I really think if you're running Jezzails (or hell, even Fiends without Bridge) it's really the best use of the Gnawholes. Many overestimate what they can do and will always have a unit guarding a backline one.. so more often than not I place 1-2 in my deployment (or near it) or 1-2 in the middle-ish of the table.. by T2-3 people tend to forget about them. Typically I run the 40 Monks with the Bell because of Death Frenzy. That wholly within range for the BS immunity can actually cover 40 Monks and 20 Clanrats quite easily.. but I'll throw 40 around it depending on what is deployed in front of them.
  9. I won't be seeing you since I'm in the states, but I really need you to run this and let us know how it works ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Even then I think with the extra rend (especially if you get -2 rend) you're still obliterating that 2+ save RR'ing 20 PE Mortek Guard sitting in cover with that double pile-in on Broadaxes compared to Poleaxes. I dunno.. I'm currently building into Fyreslayers in place of OBR and I've considered having 20 of each. You never know what could be changed in updates that would directly or indirectly affect the choice between the two. Having both simply gives you options to deal with different situations if they arise. I agree though.. NH in general aren't really a 'frightening' thing to go up against anyway ๐Ÿ˜…
  11. Unless someone decides to run it at a national tournament, I doubt I will.. I'm the only Skaven player in my area ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Huh? I was saying that Broadaxes are better all around? I was simply saying that against un-rendable saves you can generally get more out of Poleaxes. I just did the below real quick to show some averages. This is with units of 20 with the -1 rend rune, RR wounds (Runesmiter) and RR 1's to hit either from the generic CA or from the Runemaster: What it doesn't show is how much of that Poleaxe damage is MW's, but I would think that hitting NH or an unrendable Stonehorn would give Poleaxes the edge. By how much though, I don't know.. I'm sure someone can\has done more advanced math on it ๐Ÿ˜…
  13. He sits at a weird point value. It both makes sense and doesn't at the same time. He's a great caster thanks to the +2, and also great in combat and can wipe units with warpfire.. I think if he was too much less it would be much stronger than a Warpseer in some regards which is why it makes sense where he's at. Bottom line is we have so many other units we need to bring in lists, like my recent ones where I run 3 threats instead of just 1-2. It lowers my hero count but I have more reliable damage sources which is generally how games get won.
  14. It really just comes down to reliability if you ask me. Obviously if you're up against something like NH you would probably want the Poleaxes but.. against almost anything else, Broadaxes (especially stacked with the rend rune) are just far more reliable at wiping anything they're engaged with. Not to say Poleaxes won't either, I think they're just better against certain things and a double-pile in won't be as beneficial.
  15. I really do appreciate it, seriously. We have a monthly "tournament" (quotes because it can be anywhere from 4-8 participants) on the 4th Saturday if every month and I try to attend each and get 2-3 games up the next day. I split mine 50/50, but I also don't really use him anymore. I agree with Cosmic though in that 4 Braziers can answer various units whereas Warpfire may only be useful against hordes. Could depend how the rest of your list looks. Corrupter/Grey Seer for Plague? Acolytes? Maybe you don't need Warpfire if you have those types of models.. without them and knowing your local/tournament meta uses a lot of 20+ model hordes I would say it's a reasonable investment to at least split them 50/50.
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