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  1. Sure, you're probably smarter than me about it, as it was borne out of total laziness
  2. I love the new night gobbo look, but agree the flying stand/mushroom isn't so hot. I don't like the connecting things to the base like swirly bits and whatnot. I'd rather just the clear stand. Kinda kills the sense of movement for me. Looks like a squiq got impaled on a tree ?
  3. Awesome Kuma. I have seen a few variations of the scheme on Facebook now too. One looked quite nice with snow. Didn't think my supreme laziness would catch on at all. Cool to see the legion grow worldwide ?
  4. Surprised to see that. I find I have to clean every piece of every kit I buy these days. The joy of assembly from when I was a kid is totally gone with the new releases. It's just work now. (Then again, as a kid, I didn't even know what mould lines were) Ears on gore gruntas were a pain. I find the terrorgheist/zombie dragon pretty easy actually except when it comes to putting him on the base. If the feet didn't line up properly you have to play with it. Same problem with celestant prime. I'd love to like prosecutors but between assembling their wings and the horrible experience of painting them, I have sworn off those models. Every single wing I put together broke in some place.
  5. I'm just responding to the original post, not following the rest of the thread so much. I don't think it's "deep psychological problems," but maybe something people should consider about themselves if lighthearted comments about their interests bother them so much. From my perspective, it's obviously insecurity. Most of us have topics we've been like that about, myself included, but most of us get over those hangups with age. I stutter, and it used to make me extremely insecure. I couldn't joke about that when I was young. Even hearing the word sent a chill up my spine. But I matured and find a lot of humour in it now and can joke and discuss it in a lighthearted way. I would have difficulty hanging out with someone who couldn't talk about Warhammer in a lighthearted manner. I don't believe in coddling overly sensitive people. They're the ones who need to change, for their own sake. And I'm talking about a younger version of myself with that comment. Doesn't mean I'm advocating negativity. I'm just not going to walk on eggshells because calling Warhammer toy soldiers triggers someone.
  6. No offence meant by this, but I think if the toy soldiers line bothers you, it's because you have a hangup/insecurity about the whole thing. Most people can make fun of their hobbies or at least have a lighthearted perspective about them. That doesn't mean debating rules or that sort of thing isn't important. I'm just talking about the emotional response to that kind of comment.
  7. Haven't kept up with this thread, but on the subject of printed rules going out of date, in the massive sea of great stuff GW has been doing, one thing that bothers me is still selling products like the grand alliance books. I think it is fairly egregious to keep those on the shelves when they are full of completely wrong information at this point. I think most rules should go 100% digital. Overwriting printed products turns those awesome publications into worthless items. The difficulty is it certainly reduces interest in buying physical books. But hopefully they could think of a way to entice people enough besides the rules. It's also not clear where errata is or when to look for it. It's a massive chore to go through that stuff and casual players don't even know it exists. You shouldn't be expected to need an errata if you're paying full price for a new book from the store.
  8. The spell things look awesome and such a cool addition to the game. The beast one is amazing, fire one pretty cool, death one neat. The lightning-ish one looks a bit cheap and the Idoneth one looks really bad, but I'm not sure if that's just a bad paint job.
  9. I think it's a nice box with pretty big savings. Gunhauler was inevitable because it got overcosted in the game so probably not a good seller.
  10. Wow the background video on the realms is just what I've been waiting for. Explains them perfectly.
  11. After stringing death fans along, maybe this is the release of a brand new and super powerful Troll faction.
  12. All I know is that website makes my Macbook sound like a plane taking off.
  13. Can't wait to learn more about the Blight Tree. Seems like such a cool and unique new model.
  14. I like the GUO because it looks easy to paint. Not super busy with detail like some new models. That nurgling hero on the bottom is a classic.
  15. Blight Tree is one of my favourite new models in a while. I wonder how much it is a unit (does it move?) and how much it's scenery, or a mix of the two. Really like the quasi unit/scenery idea.
  16. The scuttler things from Silver Tower seem like a mix of the two factions too so could be something to it.
  17. He's pretty awesome. I'd love a Moonclan reimagining where they're half fungus/mushrooms.
  18. Back when I was a kid playing Warhammer, I sucked. I lost to my friends all the time. I've always been defensive-minded in everything from sports to board games. But AoS and I think specifically one of Russ Veal's podcasts taught me to be aggressive. I became a much better player with AoS (maybe also because I'm an adult now) by being just balls to the wall aggressive.
  19. Yeah I meant the Drill Cannon. Though the range on it was changed for the Gunhauler too I believe to 24 inches. In a sea of great things the company has been doing, I think it is pretty bad for GW to be selling outdated products. Same thing with the Grand Alliance books. They border on scamming the customer.
  20. The warscrolls should definitely change with the FAQ changes. Stuff like changes to the weapon ranges on Kharadron models needs to be on the scrolls. The FAQ should only remain for questions of technical aspects of the game, ambiguous wording, tricky situations etc. A lot of players wouldn't even know to go to a FAQ to find out their warscrolls are incorrect.
  21. I think the new model is okay but seems a bit generic, kind of like the Death hero before too. Maybe they will all be a bit like that. New logo is nice.
  22. I think the wording is ambiguous enough that you could technically argue in favour of multiple hooks, but the spirit of the rule seems much more to me like a single grapple.
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