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  1. Saw these bad boys and had to get myself some start collecting boxes for them! Hopefully ko will see a release like this in the near future but for now the hunt for ur gold is on! Looks like I may have my battle line all sorted for the next book and 2 heroes on foot as well as 2 magmadroths. Do you guys think this will be more of a defensive army given their extra wound and perhaps a point increase? Not sure how to flesh the collection out from the scs.
  2. I personally have fully enjoyed the introduction of AoS 2nd edition and really don't have a problem with armies getting more terrian. As far as mortal wound spamming I guess that's a thing? I've always been afraid of the units that pump out 60+ attacks rerolling over mortal wounds as mortal wound out put can be strong, but it doesn't feel as spammed as before. That's just my take from playing in my local area and not seeing outside of it just yet. Things I would like to see updated are silly combos with 8 nagash spells and his ability to shrug off everything tossed at him. Some of the magic rules and realm scape features just really have knee capped the other army that I play. Which is kharadron. It's a balance that takes time when the brand new toys come out and I'll just stick with stormcast in the meantime. The only other thing i would like to see brought in a bit more is command point spamming. Units getting +4-5 attacks or getting an auto charge in just make other choices for your army kind of pointless (looking at you gavriel).
  3. Yeah most of the sacrosanct chamber outclasses what existed before pretty handily. Just the way it goes with books that also sell models. It may be something no one wants and I understand this, but stormcast could use a new tome or at least a good faq update. Preferably without a new model line so we can mix and match units, but that's in a perfect world.
  4. The biggest example I've seen for power creep to sell models has to be evocators. Newer players and veterans looking to get the most out of their purchases would never consider paladins over evocators. Newer books in general are much stronger as previously mentioned where tools are given that were not provided before. Sometimes it is a power creep or just feels like it. I'm not overly concerned when a strong combo comes out because that means other armies get to use tools usually considered not as good.
  5. My game on Wednesday made me think of this thread. Opponent brought in a khorne list from some event in aus after I said I'm practicing for adepticon give me your best shot! So on the bottom of turn one he put his blood thirster of insensate rage into my sequitors and proceeded to kill my lord arcanum, a 5 man sequitor unit, a Knight vexillor, a lord relictor, and 6 sequitors from my 10 man unit with 5 attacks and outrageous carnage. If that was an event I'd call it right there. I still had enough to hurt him a little. But with the three places of power scenario it was gonna be a not so fun slog of watching me remove models every combat phase.
  6. Honestly if that truly is Settra that's the best way to bring him back. From what I have read of Nagash in AoS he has full control over the undead, and to assume that Settra would just magically show up as a tomb king feels lacking. I hope not too many people are upset if it is him, but you can get people frothing at the mouth with the mere mention of stormcast. As for another hilarious stormcast legend taking Vlad Von Carstein would be funny. Give him some silly azyrification of it too. Vladius Carstornian.
  7. As with most situations it depends. With my KO last year at adepticon this applied to most of my matches. I only conceded once in a match where I had one man alive facing down a star drake and some judicators. I generally attempt to play the game to its entirety, but if all I have to work with is a crater where my men were once standing it's time to throw in the towel.
  8. I'd be more happy with an aethermatic rune navigation system than a terrain piece or some "endless" spells.. Using the aether to its full effect with more buffs dished out.
  9. This is looking to be a pretty good update for aos. I thought for sure elves would be focused on heavily as well as slaanesh. Nice to see them go over other factions and give them quick updates as AoS evolves. Now how about that new KO tome gw?
  10. Evocators are just too good man, I love 'em. Wonder if we're going to see any change ups with paladins and evocators in the coming months.
  11. Ah, I'm just seeing it as 140 in azyr so I assumed. For me i was just gonna line up gors for the herd stone summon points because that's all I see them for. I have 2 units of 10 ungor raiders for chaff as well. I admit I didn't consider a jabber at all, but the discussion here had me take a look at some initial considerations if I were to take it.
  12. I suppose it's worse but 140 points for a speed bump that works better than gors and hits harder seems kind of nice to me. I'd summon one just to see what it can do.
  13. Started with storm cast went to ironjawz then popped into KO. Now back with storm cast again. What a wild ride. The sky fleets will sail again someday.
  14. That's actually what I do without the battalion at the moment! Running anvils and trying to make out what's good currently. It sucks to see hammers discussed heavily from my position, but I understand that's going to be the hotness for now. Threads like this one are helping me form a better idea of what SCE do well right now and its pretty encouraging to see were in a decent spot.
  15. I can see the artefact and drop reduce points. I'm just not big on taking units of evocators on foot unless they are in groups of 10 so it's probably just preference.
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