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  1. bottle

    Age of Sigmar Triumvirates

    Introduction One of the things I really like about the latest Warhammer 40,000 releases for 'The Gathering Storm' is the idea of a Triumvirate. This was a word I had not heard before and as well as sounding very cool I also liked the meaning behind it: I have also recently been thinking about backstory writing for my Age of Sigmar mixed Order army, and as I recently finished my third centre-piece model for the army (A Freeguild General on Griffon), it seemed the perfect chance to add my own "Triumvirate" into my army. The Roots of the Story: When Age of Sigmar first came out, I put together a backstory for my army called 'Siegfried's Desperados'. I had a blog on Dakkadakka which was quite popular at the time, perhaps because it was one of the safe havens away from the heat the game was getting from some disgruntled veterans (especially on Dakkadakka). You can check out the thread here if you are interested: https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/663727.page To summerise, the initial background I created for my army was that they were a mercenary outfit (called the 'Desperados') operating out of Azyrheim. I wanted to add a bit more grey and a bit more low fantasy into the backstory (as it was something Age of Sigmar didn't really have at the time), so I came up with some hooks and ideas of the dark side of aelven society in Azyrheim (lots of intrigue and assassinations among the nobles), the ideas of slums in the city, and that a mercenary outfit might employ a necromancer in their ranks. This was also an excuse to add in Aelves, Duardin and even Death into my army which was all a lot of fun to play with before the General's Handbook came out. But since the General's Handbook came out the narrative and story behind my army has taken the backseat. I have been focusing a lot more on Matched play and my narrative outlet has been with Hinterlands. As the recently finished Freeguild General on Griffon was meant to be Siegfried Stormhart once more, I thought it would be fun to update the story of the Desperados, and so the Triumvirate was born. The Triumvirate of Mistmire; Master Geppetto, Siegfried Stormhart and the alchemist, Massym Al-Izzar Creating a Triumvirate: I want to throw out the question to all of you, what cool Triumvirates could you add into your collection? All you would need are the following: 1. 3 Cool Models 2. A Cool Story that connects them For me, I had my 3 Centrepieces. The Griffon, the Steamtank and the Hurricanum. I wanted them to have some sort of purpose other than being in an army together, so I decided to bring back the old Necromancer I used to run in the Desperados pre-GHB. He goes by the name 'Cornacaprious'. I decided that he has since betrayed the Desperados, and has resurrected an ancient vampire (with the title of the "Blood Queen"). This gives me a reason to finally paint my Neferata model and also gives the triumvirate a goal to accomplish (they of course seek to kill both the Necromancer and the Blood Queen). So with the scene set, I put together a 4 pages as if they were from a campaign book and detailed my Triumvirate of Mistmire. I would love to hear what you think, but more importantly I hope this inspires you all to go off and create a Triumvirate for one of your armies too. My Triumvirate:
  2. bottle

    Freeguild General on Griffon

    My Freeguild General on Griffon. Siegfried Stormhart on his twin-headed Griffon named Darktalon. painted by bottle.
  3. Hey everyone, I am planning to get into Warhammer Quest (Hammerhal) this autumn big time. Once I have played through the main adventure in the game I want to have a go at penning my own custom adventures as well as provide a load of rules for running games out in the wilds of the Mortal Realms (a Hinterlands style fan supplement). In preparation for that I couldn't resist taking a shot at designing my own Adversary table. Take a look: The rules are untested and so will likely need some tweaks, but I think I got some cool mechanics for them. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Bottle
  4. Hi everyone, I am retiring Hinterlands for the time being now that we have not only the fantastic AoS Skirmish but also lots of exciting fan made content being made for it too. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project, helped it grow and gave feedback along the way. The AoS community is really one of the best things about this game and why I love this hobby so much . Who knows if Hinterlands will ever come back, but for the moment I am going to keep it on the down-low. Doesn't mean you won't still be seeing me around here though . Cheers, bottle.
  5. bottle

    Band of Wizards

    A band of wizards. Wouldn't this be fun to run in a small narrative game? Painted by bottle
  6. bottle

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    @Goblin-King Thanks! The snow is made from a mix of PVA glue and baking soda, with another layer of watery PVA on top to set it all solid.
  7. bottle

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Awesome work everyone, really fun to see everyone's take on these fantastic models and some really inspiring warbands in this thread! (I might do my Sepulchral Guard with glowing eyes too now. They look so cool! @Turragor) Here are my Garrek's Reavers. I went for a fairly standard paint scheme but made new bases for them to suit their dynamic poses (leaping off rocks).
  8. The Mortal Realms podcast is my top pick for lore and narrative play! ?
  9. bottle

    Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Yeah, let's get them up here! ?
  10. bottle

    Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    This has got me so excited! It'll be a really fun painting project to complete a unit or two in between armies. There's gotta be some quick rules one could throw together for randomly generating dungeons with these.
  11. bottle

    AoS Skirmish Warband

    Here's my AoS Skirmish warband that will be appearing on Warhammer Live this Wednesday (the 17th of May)! One of dozens of warbands I have planned... AoS Skirmish is gonna be a blast! - painted by bottle
  12. bottle

    Warscroll Builder updated for GH2017

    Great work as always, Tony! I was having fun cooking up a Greywater Fastness list earlier today
  13. bottle

    Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Can't wait to get these! (And the Blanche deck of cards, oh my!)
  14. bottle

    Black Coach

    This is so cool!
  15. bottle

    Tzaangor Skyfires & Shaman

    Fantastic work Terry! I can't wait to see more of the stuff you've been working on slowly revealed.
  16. bottle

    Exotic Adversary - Spirit Hosts

    Oh yes, a tavern layout seems to be a must! If only I still had that White Dwarf mini game from my childhood!
  17. bottle

    Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    Great topic! I've been pretty lucky this year with my hobby goals. Got to go on Warhammer Live, won a few painting trophies at tournaments and got chosen for White Dwarf's Facebook model of the week. Would love to get my minis into White Dwarf print though! I absolutely love the current White Dwarf. Maybe I can dream of getting to do a White Dwarf battle report some day? For every hobby goal you complete though, there are a dozen more I dream of doing. Here's what's top of my agenda: 1. Play though all of Shadows over Hammerhal as the Game Master. (Currently painting my set up!) 2. Fully paint a destruction Skirmish Warband (the last GA I don't have any painted force for). 3. Create a Freeguild town. I have 2 Tudor style buildings and half a Sigmarite Mausoleum. I want to get a couple of Lake Town house kits to finish it off. 4. Collect and paint everything that comes out for Shadespire. EVERYTHING. -edit- 5. Oh, I forgot. After reading Spear of Shadows I also want to do an Ironclad to cart my heroes around for narrative games. I could be especially awesome when the AoS RPG comes out - it'll be like Final Fantasy disk 4 across the Mortal Realms.
  18. bottle


    Oh man, this is glorious! I am loving your Warherds so much.
  19. bottle

    WIP Wight King crypt

    Thanks, I will give it a shot!
  20. bottle


    Oh! Well that's a race I will surely lose, can't wait to see yours!
  21. bottle


    Great work as always! I am building a Cygor right now and might try doing a similar skin colour to your choice. It looks awesome
  22. bottle

    WIP Wight King crypt

    Looks fantastic man! Do you have any tips for painting the roof? I ran into a stumbling point with my Garden of Moor but I might try and do a few roofs in that style.
  23. bottle

    Shadespire Terrain

    These look fantastic for Warhammer Quest Hammerhal and for AoS Skirmish! The big thing for me would be knowing if tiles of 1.5" squares were available (rather than the standard 1") which is needed to accommodate for models on 32mm/40mm bases in Quest. For Shadespire what would be cool would be laser cut/printed individual hexes which you could stack on top of each other to create daisies and platforms. This could give the board a 3D effect without disrupting gameplay.
  24. bottle

    The Rumour Thread

    My new hobby goal is to Anvilgard Stomp an Ironclad. Can you imagine the glory!! These allegiance abilities look lots of fun to me.
  25. bottle

    The Rumour Thread

    @Double Misfire We can be Greywater Fastness bros! ? Oh man, I cannot wait for all these allegiance abilities.