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  1. BangDoll

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    This army is stunning ! Very clean and bright painting i love it.
  2. BangDoll

    Nighthaunt mini madness

    Wow ! beautiful Nighthaunt ! Like how they feel frozen and all the textures.
  3. BangDoll

    AoS projects (Death army)

    Thanks guys
  4. BangDoll

    AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there ! As a Death player and a fan of the Nighthaunt i can't be more happy with the new starter box and all the new stuff. I decided first to paint the Knight of Shroud, a really beautiful miniature. I just change the base to have a larger one because i found it weird on the little one, i prefer to have the head in the center of the base. Next one the Purple Sun of Shyish. What a stunning idea to make magic alive ! I think this is one my new favorite thing in this new edition that's so much fun. I painted it like the light come from inside, like a "real" sun. And the army i will play soon. So next more Nighthaunt
  5. BangDoll

    [GA: Death] The icy touch of death!

    Beautiful army, love the color scheme. Can't wait to have mine ^^
  6. Stunning army !
  7. BangDoll

    Shadespire Steelheart warband

    Stunning 👍!
  8. BangDoll

    Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Very nice army !
  9. BangDoll

    Gotmork Redfist - An Orruk Saga

    Really nice painting ! Love the bright colors !
  10. BangDoll

    Shadespire Steelheart warband

    Simply amazing !
  11. Stunning paintjob and beautiful use of colors.
  12. BangDoll

    The Darkwood Court

    Beautiful army ! Love the colors.
  13. BangDoll

    AoS projects (Death army)

    Hi there ! So after some work the Sepulchral Guard is ready to fight in Shadespire and the in my Death army too. Great miniatures that was really fun to paint. Cheers.
  14. Excellent ! Love those conversions !!