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  1. Great to see that is useful ! Nice one.
  2. Hi there, long time without posting again but had a frenetic 40k painting ^^. So let's go back to the Mortal Realms and i finally finished a Chainrasp unit so now i will be able to play a full Nighthaunt army and to test the 2nd edition too. Never played it since the release.... So can't wait to play now :). Next will add some little units and heros to complete.
  3. Excellent love this character, very Del Toro style.
  4. Beautiful start ! Really lobe the theme and the colors.
  5. Wow just discovered your thread ! Beautiful paintjob ! Pure Eavy Metal style !
  6. Wow ! Bloody cool Nighthaunt army ! Love the color scheme 😀.
  7. Hi ! Just finished four Glaivewraith Stalkers this week. Will add four more to have a bigger unit later. Next ten Chainghasts.
  8. The way i do the base in the guide is the same as i do mine. Pigments are very good and easy to use, since i discovered them i can't stop using them. Yep maybe the colors are a problem on the Maelstrom ^^. I used an airbrush, it help to have a smoother effect.
  9. Thanks, to be honest i'm not sure about the Malevolent Maelstorm too and since i started it but i decided to finish it that way. For the Gravetide it was very simple, i paint the ghost part like the tutorial and the other part like all my base. I just put the white with airbrush to have a smoother effect and then finish with brush. P.S: You're welcome :).
  10. So ! Let's go back to the Nighthaunts to have an army full of them. Still on the corebox and on the Endless Spell and had a lot of fun painting them :). Next some troops.
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