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  1. Any chance of getting onto the reserved list for this one?
  2. Looking for a bit of advice on how to build Arkanauts and Thunderers. I have 10 Arkanauts 2 units of 5 Thunderers on sprue, how am i best equipping them all?
  3. Any chance you can translate to English?
  4. Hi All, I'm looking to pick up a couple of corpsemare stampedes from the Fleash-eater Courts endless spell set if anyone has spare? UK based
  5. Yes its from the glade guard kit, i had the whole kit but i'm sure you could find the parts on ebay or some of the bits websites if you wanted to do a similar conversion.
  6. Long time since my last post, but I have completed quite a bit on the Wolves of Ghur over the time. I'm attending the RAW narrative event next weekend which has given me a push to finish off the final units for the army, chariots, skull cannons, a sorcerer, chaos spawn and some knights. Will get some pics up this week of all the finished units, but for now here's a pic of my completed Aetherlab for RAW (will be used as a warshine/bloodthrone normally) Here's a full army shot. and finally a little GW style (though nowhere near as good) promo vid for the army, hope you enjoy (its my first attempt at video): Vid1.mp4
  7. Here's a little GW promo style video for my army The Wolves of Ghur, who are finally ready for RAW. Vid1.mp4
  8. Thanks, i've had a bit of a break from hobby over the summer, but now getting stuff done again so will post up some pics soon.
  9. Thanks, i’m Uk based though and would like to stick with the GW plastic bases
  10. As per the title I’m after any of the SCE moulded bases from the easy to build kits or the steel heart champions Shadespire set.
  11. Thanks Chris, would love of buy one but can’t justify that kind of spend on a model at the moment
  12. Really like the theme you have going on here and great execution.
  13. thank you, i've struggled for hobby time recently, but hopefully will have some more stuff to show shortly, both for the Wolves and the Stormcast project.
  14. I'd like to see them all in one battletome, but have an Chamber specific allegiance abilities etc. and then weaker generic SCE allegiance abilities if you take a mix of chambers. Just to give a bonus for taking a fully chamber aligned army.
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