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  1. ATM im trying to move as a whole , after a week or so i may split then , sorry .
  2. Have a forge world warmammoth for sale , Looking for close to £350 inc P and P(within the UK) . Seen them go for alot more but i dont have all the extra troops to go with it , i bought years back and never had them . The Tusks are off but have pins to glue back on after painting , which like a lot of my projects never got finished
  3. Have a good sized beastmen army , most metal OOP models now , Would really like to sell in one lot if i can . I will list models without seperate prices for now , Please Pm for extra pictures . Prices are negotiable . Now willing to split , 2 Beastmen Lords (metal) £10 each 3 Shaman (metal) £10 each BSB (metal) i beleave hes rare - SOLD Lord One eye (metal) - SOLD Gorthor in Chariot (metal) (on foot - SOLD) £15 Morghur (metal) £15 DoomBull (metal) £10 Dragon Ogre Shaggoth (metal) £20 30 Gors £20 10 Ungors with bows £5 19 Ungors with spear and shields £10 18 ungors (metal) OOP £15 10 warhounds (metal) (4 - SOLD) £2.50 each 5 Warhounds (plastic) £5 6 Minotaurs (metal) £5 each 6 Minotaurs (plastic) £25 3 Chariots (metal) (1 - SOLD) £15 each 25 Bestigors (metal) with command group £40 5 Dragon ogres (metal) nicely painted £40 4 Chaos Spawns (metal) £12 each 5 Centigors - SOLD Also have loads of spare arms weapons for the plastic models
  4. really , thought i only needed 3 ?
  5. Looking at running a mixed order list , with models i have , advice would be great . Allegiance: Tempest's Eye Lord-Ordinator - General Archmage 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3x Light Skyhook 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3x Aethermatic Volley Guns 20 x Warriors - Axes or Hammers & Shields 1 x Gryph-Hound 1 x Gryph-Hound 6 x Endrinriggers 3 x Endrinriggers 10 x Irondrakes Celestial Hurricanum- Allies Cannon Cannon Total: 2000 / 2000 Allies: 380 / 400 Wounds: 103
  6. Just been looking at a new idea for a order list and while talking over with a mate a question popped up , If my dwarfs hit on a 3+ and reroll 1s and then they get a +1 to hit from another source , i hit on 2+ but do i still reroll my 1s . The reason i ask is , with ogres i get a 5+ save and a 6 does a mortal wound on the attacker (ironfist) but i have always played it that if i suffer a rend i dont get that mortal wound due to not being able to roll 6 . 6 becomes a 5 due to the minus 1 . I guess what im asking is , does the modifiers change my dice roll , or just the stats on the warscroll ?
  7. I'm going to try a list with atleast 1 Dread Maw in it as I face hunters a lot , on paper a great threat and it's got Maw in its name , so fits my ogres Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks , any chance you could point me towards where id find them ?
  9. Been considering a Order army (mostly high elves) but cant seem to find old spearmen and seaguard in any sub faction , Am i missing something ?
  10. I had Frost lord on Stonehorn Tyrant Butcher 6 lead belchers 6 ogres 3 ogres 3 ogres 3 yhetes Thundertusk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Ok going into SCGT I had no competitive AoS experience and very soon realised I had a very sub standard list and knowledge of armies . I lost 5 games and tbh I don't feel there was anything I could of done in 3 of those which would changed the out come . So what did I learn , stonehorns are great just not alone , and ogres on foot can't support a overly aggressive Stonehorn . Thundertusk are for obvious reason a magic/shooting magnet , so again not great alone . Ogres with ironfists are not as great in comps as I hoped , -1 rend deals with them easily . So back to the drawing board cos I have the tournament bug in a big way , must say I did have 6 great games , and feel I learnt a lot . So I will be posting list ideas and questions here for my fellow destruction brothers and sisters . Thanks for reading [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Well it's morning of SCGT and just wanna say best of luck to all my destruction brothers and sister . Can't wait for it all to start [emoji106][emoji846] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I do but can't upload from phone ATM , they go with my storm trooper itonguts and ogres with light sabers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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