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  1. It's a really great idea. I actually even like the wings for some reason.
  2. Don't forget that you are allowed to take five.
  3. GW did a great job to normalize bulky and impractical rule books to create more profit. Now people are shocked that they get their rules in a convenient booklet.
  4. But that's not relevant for a beginner guide. The guide already lists a lot of Nighthaunt units that are a bit too expensive to ever include in my lists, but they need to be mentioned.
  5. I was surprised, too. But @EnixLHQ asked for help to create a list of the allies and only @Landohammer seemingly wrote a list that fitted the guide and he left Mannfred out. When you paraphrase your argument, he'll probably include it as well. Radukar the Beast woudn't be "the most expansive entry" in this list anymore.
  6. Gloomies, Lumies, Oggors, Klords, O-Bones...
  7. I mean, we all are spitballing lists here and I am not impressed with any of them. Even in my own list I supplement a good chuck of points with a MONSTER hero ally to compensate deficiencies in NH's roster. I don't own Mannfred yet and am very hesitant to invest in this army. Tier lists like those aren't very encouraging either:
  8. I found this screenshot on Reddit. Did we talk about the Chaos-flavuored battletome for october already?
  9. Right, allies are just acceptable, because NH battle traits are subpar and they don't have a hero MONSTER. That's why I guess Mannfred could be a great option to fill a gap in the roster and you don't have to babysit him while he's doing his thing. Similiar for Lauka Vai for fewer points. Radukar The Beast seems surprisingly fast with Bounding Charge, has good weapons and is resiliant. He can summon Dire Wolves and can buff them when they charge. So he comes with a 135 points discount. I mean even Fell Bats could have a purpose with 14" move for 75 points. They are at least mentionable.
  10. You need to correct the mininum size for Bladegheists in your "Cheap Hero Hunting" trick to 10. Furthermore you should at least mention allies. Their restrictions are negligible and they can be part of core battalions.
  11. It's about typography. Several factors contribute to the readability of a document and font size is a significant one.
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