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  1. Excelsis' Stormcast Eternals with fortifications and Ironjawz with battering rams for 3.0 starter set?
  2. I can recommend Gamemat.eu as well. Sturdy mat that came with a bag.
  3. I am sure that would look great on you! Can't wait for your selfies.
  4. Didn't all Psychic Awakening books cover at least two factions? Craftworlds / Drukhari, Space Wolves / Orcs, Tau / Genestealer Cult etc.? I am pretty sure the first Broken Realms book will be about a conflict between DoK and Idoneth Deepkin corresponding to the artwork. So rules for angsty elves. There's a third artwork with Dark Elves'ish ships... so maybe Anvilgard aswell? They are edgy elves too and the weakest CoS army so why not throw them in the mix?
  5. I hate to ask it, but will Broken Realms publications be considered "older publications" in 11 months so we will need to ask our opponent for permission to play its content? Is Psychic Awakening still (matched play) legal in WH40K 9th Edition?
  6. The Khainite Shadowstalkers are Morathi's personal assassins according to the stream. So a DoK warband? I thought they were new shadow elves from Ulgu and part of Malerions gang.
  7. @Fairbanks This is a wishlist for 2.0. Almost none of this needs a new edition.
  8. "Guys, could please stop blaring Moooo all the time for Teclis' sake."
  9. Yes, with a glossary and a vertical timeline as fold-out centerfold so I can turn the book sideways and say "Oh my...".
  10. I am with @Beliman here. That's not what he said. It isn't helpful if you trivialize this issue. Furthermore it's not about the priority roll, but the consequences to the structure of the game.
  11. Nah, if they follow the same pattern as in Warhammer 40K then we should expect new Stormcast Eternals vs. Necrons.
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