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  1. Thanks, I thought it was only limited to nearby Spirit Torments. I might replace in this case. He was always very passive in my list.
  2. There's an upcoming team event in Australia in March with 3 LoG lists and only 2 Nighthaunt lists. Two LoG list run 2x Chainghasts but no Spirit Torment. What's the point of that? Are the Ghastflails so strong? Link to the announcement:
  3. This is something for a General's Handbook or a small supplement, you don't need a new edition for this kind of ideas. It also shouldn't be exclusive to one allegiance. If you want Great Game rules for CHAOS, then ORDER should have rules for a tournament, DESTRUCTION for a Royal Rumble-style brawl and DEATH for summoning duel between two necromancers. Each with different ressources and mechanics. But speaking of ressources: GW shouldn't waste much time on something like this to be frank.
  4. Could be a new Beastmen sculpt. I don't want to imagine the pose though...
  5. Does he really look like a summoner to you? He has the tools of a torturer and seems to either gather information or another useful extract like Illuminor Szeras in 40K. The extract's color is explicitly not like the usual ethereal energy, so I doubt that the summons a ghost from this skull.
  6. Most of the undead Cursed City will probably have the Deadwalkers, Deathlords, Deathmages or Deathrattle keyword. We can add them to our Legion of Grief army and run them with Nighthaunt units.
  7. You might be joking, but Gravelords could be a candidate for the AoS 3.0 starter boxes if we see a summer(ish) release. The next edition could be their initial launch with a 3.0 battletome from the get-go. The Soul Wars are over and there's no need for Nighthaunt to stay prominent.
  8. I didn't know that they are only 80 points for 7 models, interesting. I could imagine to replace them with one chainrasp horde unit to escort a hero. It's to much micromanagment with the weapons for my taste though.
  9. Lord-Celestant Gardus Steelsoul could be one of our announced lords on saturday.
  10. Nagash: *shuffles some bones* Settra: *appears* *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*
  11. None of this requires a new edition.
  12. That freestyle Banner... somebody is flexing at GW.
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