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  1. You might like my other argument then.
  2. We can't take any allies anyway so this chart is not relevent for us. Legion of Grief ceases to exists when GW explicitly says it can't be played in Matched Play and removes it from the list builder. They seem to ignore both factions for Forbidden Powers.
  3. Wow, £3.99 is premium segment for an app... it's time to buy some GAW stock. At this price point an app needs to provide a substantial service and offer some monetary incentives and not just function as a paywall. Nevertheless I won't buy anything ever if my purchases stay locked to one single device and can't be linked to an account I have access to if I replace my smartphone.
  4. Bring Kurdoss Valentian.
  5. I want every army in AOS to have this ability! It's only fair.
  6. I just discovered that there are effect sprays for granit and marble looking surfaces. This must look sick on my MDF ruins. I have to finish those.
  7. Did.. did you just throw the wargaming-equivalent of Do you even lift? at him?
  8. I am pretty sure that the Blasted Hallowheart set is not 44" x 60".
  9. GW announced new battlefield sizes for Warhammer 40K for 500/1000, 2000 and 3000 points battles: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/06/05/four-sizes-fit-allgw-homepage-post-1/ So I'm sure we can all agree that the sky is falling as usual, but until than should we speculate about the possibilty that AOS will be played on this sizes in the near future and how it could influence the game? Could the next GHB already set those sizes as new standard or will we need to wait for AOS 3.0 for a change? I'd like to point out that these measurements correspond with the Kill Team and Warcry 22-by-30 inches boards and I speculate that WH40K players could see more terrain sets sold by GW.
  10. But please not just like mercs but with certain traits: A gigant with Ethereal in a Nighthaunt army for example.
  11. How much points would you recommend for playing on a 6'x3' sized mat? 1750?
  12. You'd need to ask https://twitter.com/jpganis for this. He created the AI. I am just dropping results here.
  13. Warscroll efficiency determined by an AI: (Source: https://twitter.com/jpganis/status/1259584385612947456)
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